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All Americans' Private Photos Could Be Leaked Thanks to the NSA, Not Just Jennifer Lawrence's

Everyone’s talking about personal privacy violations due to the recent leak of celebrity nude pictures, but the National Security Agency is missing from the debate; Americans have resented teachers throughout history based on moral panic; meanwhile, big Republican donors are considering spending their money to back Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. These discoveries and more below.

The Micro-Dwellings of Hong Kong
When I speak with Gary Chang, the Hong Kong architect is busy preparing to give a talk on micro-dwellings at a conference in Singapore. This is routine for Chang, who gained a measure of internet fame recently when a video tour of his “transformer home” hit YouTube.

Man Fires 9mm At Couple Who Interrupted Public Fellatio Because 2nd Amendment Remedy!
When the Founding Fathers sat down to write the Second Amendment, what they had in mind were situations like the following.

MSM In A Tizzy Over XXX Celebrity Picture Leak, Fail To Correlate To Larger NSA/Privacy Debate
Over the weekend the news broke that a hacker had obtained the nude images of over 100 female celebrities, and had released many onto the internet with the promise of much more to come.

7-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself in the Chest at Family’s Homemade Shooting Range
Family fun for one California family—firing at targets at their homemade shooting range—turned scary when their 7-year-old son suddenly clutched his chest and his Dad noticed he was bleeding.

Why Do Americans Love to Blame Teachers?
Healthcare has its critics, but few of them are calling for doctors to be replaced. Education is different—and as a new book reveals, it has been throughout U.S. history.

Republican Bigs Consider Donating to Hillary Clinton
On August 31st, the Republican political site Politico bannered “Wall Street Republicans’ Dark Secret: Hillary Clinton 2016,” and Ben White and Maggie Haberman delivered a blockbuster report about the big-money Republican donors they had talked to, who confided (not for specific attribution, though) that they might finance Hillary Clinton to become President, if Jeb Bush announces after November’s mid-terms that he won’t run for the Republican Presidential nomination.

A Shave, a Haircut, and a Blood Pressure Test
An experimental program is using “barbershop intervention” to bring health education to African American men.

The Best Job Markets for Young College Grads Now
The U.S. economy added 2.2 million jobs that require post-secondary education between 2010 and 2014. Here’s how they shake out.

Why Israelis Saw the Gaza War Differently
The Gaza war quite a strange one. It exposed Israelis to phenomena unlike anything they had known in the past.

Israel Holds First Conference for ‘Gingers’
“Having a conference for redheads on Kibbutz Gezer [Hebrew for carrot] is like having a conference for the elderly in Kfar Saba [literally Grandpa’s Village].”

Nasty, Brutish and Artsy? Neanderthal Hashtag Engraving Found
Belying their reputation as the dumb cousins of early modern humans, Neanderthals created cave art, an activity regarded as a major cognitive step in the evolution of humankind, scientists reported on Monday in a paper describing the first discovery of artwork by this extinct species.

Why Violent News Images Matter
A recent slew of situations resulting in catastrophic violence and death, including the Israel-Gaza war, the armed expansion of the Islamic State, the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in the Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and also the spread of the Ebola virus, has led to a renewed debate as to what kinds of imagery media outlets should be expected to show.

What ISIS’s Leader Really Wants
On June 29, 2014—or the first of Ramadan, 1435, for those who prefer the Islamic calendar to the Gregorian—the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) publicly uttered for the first time a word that means little to the average Westerner, but everything to some pious Muslims.

The IDF’s Real Face
In civilian life, anyone suspected of manslaughter or murder is immediately arrested, with an investigation coming later. In the IDF the opposite is true.

Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree?
In times like these, data points get wielded like cudgels.

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