Alec Baldwin's Return to 'SNL' Playing Donald Trump Sets Off Twitter Feud With the President-Elect

One year after drawing big ratings as the host of “Saturday Night Live,” Donald Trump has turned against the comedy show and its portrayals of him as an unprepared president-elect.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday morning after watching Alec Baldwin deliver his Trump impression on the “SNL” stage for the first time since the election.

Baldwin responded from his foundation‘s Twitter account within hours, offering his own advice on what Trump could do for Americans as commander in chief.

In Saturday’s “SNL” opening skit, Baldwin plays a President-elect Trump who is stumbling through meetings during his transition into the White House. His “guests” include a military general, an unemployed Virginian who’s looking forward to building the U.S.-Mexico border wall, rumored secretary of state candidate Mitt Romney and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

After “Trump” is confronted with his secret plan to defeat Islamic State, he takes to the internet for advice. “Siri, how do I kill ISIS?” he asks his phone.

Baldwin’s Trump realizes that he doesn’t want to take on the hard work of fulfilling his campaign promises, such as continuing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, repealing the Affordable Care Act and deporting illegal immigrants.

“Scrap it. Scrapped,” he tells Pence (Beck Bennett) during a briefing.

In a final moment that perhaps hits too close to home, “Trump” asks his vice president, “You’re going to do everything, right?”

Earlier this year as a presidential candidate, Trump called the parody sketches a “hit job” aimed at “rigging [the] election.”

Watch the opening sketch from Saturday’s show below.

Posted by KiMi Robinson

KiMi Robinson
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