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A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Dispatches From Philadelphia on Day 1 (Multimedia)

The official program for the 2016 Democratic National Convention has Hillary Clinton's face emblazoned on it with the words "Madam President" written below. (Michael Nigro)

Editor’s note: Photojournalist Michael Nigro is in Philadelphia to provide Truthdig with photos and videos of noteworthy moments from outside the 2016 Democratic convention, where protesters and activists gathered to express their views. Check out coverage of Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4, or look at his coverage of the GOP convention, if you missed it.

The official program for the 2016 Democratic National Convention has Hillary Clinton’s face emblazoned on it with the words “Madam President” written below. (Michael Nigro)

Protesters in Philadelphia carry signs to show their refusal to vote for Clinton in the upcoming general election. (Michael Nigro)

A protester’s umbrella makes mention of the recent WikiLeaks revelation about the Democratic National Committee’s “betrayal” of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. (Michael Nigro)

There are still plenty of ardent Sanders supporters making their presence known in Philadelphia. (Michael Nigro)

Many, like the man pictured above, are shifting their support from Sanders to Green Party candidate Jill Stein now that Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. (Michael Nigro)

Michael Nigro
Michael Nigro is a leading photojournalist for Truthdig, known for his reporting from deep within major events. He was “on the ground” for the website at the infamous protest in Charlottesville, Va., when…
Michael Nigro

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