3 Reasons Eliot Spitzer Should Run Again

This is coming from the New York Post, so take it with a metric ton of salt, but the rag says former New York governor and “Client 9” Eliot Spitzer is thinking about getting back into politics, possibly challenging conservative Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Spitzer has repeatedly denied any interest in running again, but if the polling pans out he should. Here’s why:

1. As New York’s attorney general, Eliot Spitzer was the scourge of Wall Street while other regulators and officials were busy cheerleading. He knows the rot at the heart of the American economy better than most and could be a powerful force against it. With Obama expanding the Bush bailout and other Democrats on the banks’ payroll, we could use a voice like Spitzer’s in the Senate.

2. Speaking of that body, the passing of Ted Kennedy underlined a disturbing trend: There just aren’t that many liberals left in the Senate. We’ve got a socialist in Bernie Sanders. Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse make a nice trio. Anyone else? Kirsten Gillibrand has moved to the left since she took over Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, but she’s a former Blue Dog and a conservative at heart. As in she’s got a perfect record with the NRA and wants to make English the official language. Can we get an upgrade?

3. Making it with a prostitute is grounds for divorce. It shouldn’t kill your political career and it’s certainly not our business. What is it about Americans that they want to be kings of their castles but live in everyone else’s bedroom? A majority of New Yorkers would rather have Spitzer in office than his successor, according to a recent poll. Maybe he could have weathered the storm. Maybe we’re evolving. Maybe not.

Spitzer probably won’t run. If he did, he would delight Republicans. Why risk a safe seat? Because not risking anything hasn’t gotten us very far with this Congress. If he doesn’t run — a near certainty, whatever the Post says — he should find another way to re-enter the political realm as the rebel we so desperately need to fight the Wall Street junta. Working in his dad’s real estate business is a waste of Eliot Spitzer’s talents. — PS

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