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September 26, 2016
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines
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In Some Cases of Elder Abuse, Banks Facilitated Financial Exploitation
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Fit to Serve

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Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East

Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East

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Tag: Verizon

After Six-Week Strike, Verizon Workers Claim Major Victory as Tentative Deal Is Reached

“This proves that when we stand together we can raise up working families, improve our communities and protect the American middle class,” said the president of one of the unions involved.

Posted on May 28, 2016 READ MORE


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Nearly 40,000 Verizon Strikers Complete Sixth Week of Biggest U.S. Labor Action in Years

A Verizon tech and a rep of one of the unions leading the strike tell “Democracy Now” about the unvetted scabs the company is using to complete the strikers’ work and that it exaggerates the wages it pays.

Posted on May 25, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

American CEOs Make 335 Times More Than Their Workers

And Verizon’s CEO makes even more than that.

Posted on May 19, 2016 READ MORE

A Verizon Worker Tells His CEO Why He’s Striking

In an open letter, a technician for the telecommunications giant told his CEO that he and his colleagues are not “tools”—as one manager had hurtfully suggested—but men and women with lives, needs and dignity.

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 READ MORE

Some Things You Should Know About the FCC’s Proposed Privacy Rules

They would stop Verizon’s zombie cookie in their tracks but allow AT&T to keep charging customers extra for privacy.

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 READ MORE

Broadband Rates Are Too Damn High

Low-income communities are being stranded as everyone else catches a ride on the information superhighway.

Posted on Dec 30, 2015 READ MORE

AOL Chief: The Future of Media Is ‘Mobile’ (Video)

The future of nearly all media—and consequently, all advertising—is on our phones, said AOL CEO Tim Armstrong in a video memo to employees after announcing the sale of his company to Verizon.

Posted on May 13, 2015 READ MORE

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

What Will Verizon’s $4.4 Billion Cash Purchase of AOL Mean for The Huffington Post?

The surveillance state-friendly communications giant declared Tuesday that it will acquire AOL with the goal of expanding its video offerings. But the acquisition of the onetime king of media comes with much more than just videos; it comes with one of the biggest left-leaning websites online, The Huffington Post.

Posted on May 12, 2015 READ MORE

Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons

The companies that cruelly exploit prisoners will get the message only if it is delivered in the form of a sustained, nationwide economic action.

Posted on Apr 5, 2015 READ MORE

Verizon Will Now Let Users Kill Previously Indestructible Tracking Cookies

Verizon says it will soon offer customers a way to opt out from having their smartphone and tablet browsing tracked via a hidden un-killable tracking identifier.

Posted on Jan 31, 2015 READ MORE

Zombie Cookies Will Be Killed, Company Says

Tech company Turn said it would stop using tracking cookies that are impossible to delete. The decision came in response to a recent ProPublica article that revealed the controversial practice.

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 READ MORE

Beware of the Tracking Cookie You Just Can’t Kill

An online ad company called Turn is using tracking cookies that come back to life after Verizon users have deleted them. Turn’s services are used by everyone from Google to Facebook.

Posted on Jan 15, 2015 READ MORE


Zombie Cookie: The Tracking Cookie Verizon Customers Can’t Kill

An online ad company called Turn is using tracking cookies that come back to life after Verizon users have deleted them. Turn’s services are used by everyone from Google to Facebook.

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 READ MORE


AT&T Stops Tracking Customers but Verizon Remains Committed to Prying

Negative press coverage has forced the wireless carrier to reconsider selling customer data to advertisers.

Posted on Nov 14, 2014 READ MORE

NSA Court Judges Invest in Verizon While Surveillance Warps Law and Journalism

We must never be surprised when we learn once again that our lawmakers and law interpreters are in bed with the country’s largest corporations—this is how the American government now operates.

Posted on Jul 30, 2014 READ MORE

Bocman1973 /

All of America’s Wireless Carriers Suck, but T-Mobile Is the Fastest

According to OpenSignal, a company that tracks cellphone data speeds, mobile phone service in the United States is universally lousy compared with the rest of the world.

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 READ MORE

Sprint Chairman Says His Network Is ‘Horrible’

Mergers are all the rage these days, and in his bid to add a second U.S. carrier to his collection, Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son isn’t pulling punches.

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 WATCH & LISTEN

No More Net Neutrality

Posted on Feb 10, 2014 ENLARGE

Net Neutrality

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 ENLARGE


Internet for Sale: Federal Court Guts Net Neutrality

The Washington, D.C., District Court of Appeals just eliminated the FCC’s already-compromised protection of a free and open Internet and moved to limit the federal watchdog’s authority over broadband.

Posted on Jan 14, 2014 READ MORE

photosteve101 (CC BY 2.0)

Want a Faster Internet Connection? Try Any of 31 Other Countries

The United States has fallen behind competing nations in the speed of its Internet infrastructure. There’s more than faster movie downloads at stake. And yes, there are sleazy corporate stances muddying up the issue.

Posted on Dec 30, 2013 READ MORE

(AP/Francisco Seco)

Judge Richard Leon’s Anti-NSA Ruling May Not Be All You Think It Is

I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on the celebration, but at least two cautions are warranted about federal Judge Richard Leon’s surprising opinion declaring that the NSA’s telephone metadata program likely violates the Fourth Amendment.

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 READ MORE

Jamie McCaffrey (CC-BY)

Do Any Corporations Anywhere Pay Taxes?

U.S.-based corporations such as Apple and GE have come under fire for (legally) cheating the tax man, and such behavior turns out to be common beyond American borders.

Posted on Sep 1, 2013 READ MORE

Europe Spied On

Posted on Jul 5, 2013 ENLARGE


Posted on Jul 3, 2013 ENLARGE

Obama and NSA

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 ENLARGE

U.S. Bugs

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 ENLARGE

NSA Evolving Life Form

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 ENLARGE

Who Is More Miserable?

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 ENLARGE

Snowden and Putin

Posted on Jun 30, 2013 ENLARGE

Obama Climate of Leaks

Posted on Jun 30, 2013 ENLARGE

Snowden Game

Posted on Jun 29, 2013 ENLARGE

No Snowden Anywhere

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 ENLARGE

USA Hunting for Snowden

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 ENLARGE

Obama’s NSA

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 ENLARGE

Obama NSA

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 ENLARGE


Posted on Jun 23, 2013 ENLARGE


Posted on Jun 23, 2013 ENLARGE

Little Trust in the President

Posted on Jun 23, 2013 ENLARGE

FBI Drone

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 ENLARGE


Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE

Not So Super

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE

NSA Like Me

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE

In Search of Snowden

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE

Big Data Is Watching Out for You

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE

Obama NSA Little Ears and Intervention in Syria

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 ENLARGE


Posted on Jun 17, 2013 ENLARGE

Government Listens to Its Citizens

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 ENLARGE

Father’s Day Drone

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 ENLARGE

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