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Tag: Political

Macklemore Fights Homophobia With ‘Same Love’ at Grammys

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna together performed the anti-homophobic bigotry song “Same Love” live at the Grammys on Sunday.

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 WATCH & LISTEN


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Russell Brand: ‘Socialism Is Christianity Politicized’

Comedian-actor-writer Russell Brand took on a range of topics including spirituality, materialism, politics and revolution during an interview at Cambridge University’s student union in England last week.

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 WATCH & LISTEN

Flickr / World Economic Forum (CC-BY-SA)

Turkish PM Plans First Visit to Egypt in 15 Years

The prime minister of Turkey will visit Egypt for the first time in 15 years Monday, potentially to forge an alliance between the two countries that could ultimately isolate neighboring Israel.

Posted on Sep 9, 2011 READ MORE

Barack Both Ways Ad

MTV Launches Political Spots With Anti-Obama Ad

MTV has become quite the changeling, now resembling not in the least the network that debuted in the early 1980s. Recently, the cable mainstay announced it will start airing political advertisements, and Team McCain seems to be first out the gates with this “Both Ways Barack” attack ad.

Posted on Jul 25, 2008 WATCH & LISTEN

UC Irvine Fires Liberal Law School Dean

In a move that shocked legal scholars and outraged faculty, University of California Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake has fired noted liberal law professor Erwin Chemerinsky, who had signed a contract only a few days ago to become the first dean of UC Irvine’s new law school.

Posted on Sep 13, 2007 READ MORE

Iraq report

Iraq Panel: Situation ‘Grave and Deteriorating’

The U.S. should pull nearly all combat troops out of Iraq by 2008 and push for a broad diplomatic and political solution—or face a “slide toward chaos,” according to the long-awaited Iraq Study Group’s report.

  • A line from the report: “U.S. forces seem to be caught in a mission that has no foreseeable end.”
  • Read the entire report here

  • Posted on Dec 6, 2006 READ MORE

    Dan Froomkin: On Calling BS

    The Washington Post’s “White House Briefing” columnist argues that mainstream journalists and media organizations will continue their decline into irrelevance if they don’t summon the courage to call BS.

    Posted on Dec 1, 2006 READ MORE

    Gay Closet

    Posted on Nov 15, 2006 ENLARGE

    Powell - Fixer-Upper

    Posted on Nov 9, 2006 ENLARGE

    Independent Surge Troubles Politicians

    The number of independent voters has grown steadily in recent years, particularly in the Southwest.  Politicians have had a difficult time appealing to the less predictable group, which includes everyone from ex-libertarians to young people who think of political parties as irrelevant. 
    Update: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows independents favor Democrats by 2 to 1.

    Posted on Oct 24, 2006 READ MORE

    Colbert and Hall

    Colbert Satirizes Rovian Smear Tactics

    In an interview with N.Y. congressional candidate (and former Orleans frontman) John Hall, Stephen Colbert deftly mocks the mud-splashing techniques that have become a hallmark of Karl Rove-style political campaigns. (Colbert and Hall also sing an awful duet.)

    Posted on Oct 23, 2006 WATCH & LISTEN

    Mideast Conflict a Setback for Iran Reform Movement

    As the Islamic world rallies to the support of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah militia, Iran is feeling more and more emboldened to press its confrontational foreign policy and efforts to silence political opposition at home.

    Posted on Aug 1, 2006 READ MORE

    Israel Will Accept Hezbollah Alive, but Not Kicking

    In a reconsideration of its goals, Israel has deemed a disarmed (as opposed to destroyed) Hezbollah an acceptable outcome to its actions in Lebanon.

    Posted on Jul 23, 2006 READ MORE

    Bill Hillsman
    From Becky Olstad / CSM

    Meet the Bad Boy of Political Advertising

    He transformed former Gov. Jesse Ventura into a Rodin sculpture and a Texas gubernatorial candidate into an action figure. He also paired Ned Lamont with Daily Kos founder Markos Zuniga. But Bill Hillsman produces winners, so why is he shunned by most of the political advertising establishment?

    Posted on Jul 13, 2006 READ MORE

    Jon Stewart
    From the Washington Post

    Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?

    Remember when Jon Stewart famously told the “Crossfire” boys that they were “hurting America”? Well, now two political scientists are saying the same thing about Stewart. In a study, students who watched “The Daily Show” developed cynical attitudes about politics, the news media and the electoral system.
    Actually, more cynicism and skepticism would be helpful in the age of Bush and his Lies. But if, as the study suggests, “The Daily Show”  turns young people off from voting, we can’t be happy about that.


    Posted on Jun 23, 2006 READ MORE

    Pollster Greenberg Launches Political Journal

    Democratic powerhouse pollster Stan Greenberg has launched The Democratic Strategist, a publication that “brings together the latest solid research on public attitudes and social trends with extended, ongoing discussion of long-range Democratic political strategy.”

    Posted on Jun 21, 2006 READ MORE

    Report: Bush Aide Advises Rattling Saber on Iran for Political Gain

    Josh Bolten, the president’s new chief of staff, has reportedly counseled Bush that talking tough on Iran will shore up his national security polling numbers.
    Update: Oh, yeah: Iran may pull out of the nonproliferation treaty.

    Posted on Apr 24, 2006 READ MORE

    Juan Cole

    Right-Wing Ivy Leaguers Try to Derail Juan Cole Appointment

    The liberal U. of Michigan historian and outspoken Bush administration critic is reportedly close to receiving a tenured teaching position at Yale University. But a group of conservatives, led by a Yale and a Harvard student, are trying to queer the deal by painting Cole as anti-Semitic. Glenn Greenwald has the goods; Jane Hamsher has more.

    Posted on Apr 19, 2006 READ MORE

    Szep - Uncle Sam on Immigration

    Posted on Apr 11, 2006 ENLARGE

    Province by Province: A Picture of Worsening Conditions in Iraq

    The U.S. Embassy and military in Baghdad issued a revealing province by province report of Iraq’s political, economic and security situation. The “Provincial Stability Assessment” paints a gloomy picture of intensifying sectarian and ethnic frictions and growing instability in many of the provinces profiled.  Funny, our leaders always say how well things are going…

    Posted on Apr 8, 2006 READ MORE

    Szep - Immigration Reform

    Posted on Apr 7, 2006 ENLARGE

    McCain the Captive

    Posted on Apr 4, 2006 ENLARGE

    Powell - Mexican Border Fence

    Posted on Apr 1, 2006 ENLARGE

    Hatch, John Dean Trade Barbs at Censure Hearing

    After Nixon-era whistle-blower John Dean speaks in favor of censuring Bush, Sen. Orrin Hatch tells him: “Quit trying to score political points.”

    Posted on Mar 31, 2006 READ MORE

    Total Eclipse of the Son

    Posted on Mar 30, 2006 ENLARGE

    A New Chief of Staff

    Posted on Mar 28, 2006 ENLARGE

    Blame the Media

    Watch video clips of reporters who refuse to accept White House spin that the media is to blame in Iraq: CBS’ Lara Logan, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, and NBC’s Richard Engel

    Posted on Mar 27, 2006 READ MORE

    Powell - Bush on the Media

    Posted on Mar 27, 2006 ENLARGE

    Makin’ Good Progress

    Posted on Mar 22, 2006 ENLARGE

    Midterm ‘Liberators’

    Posted on Mar 21, 2006 ENLARGE


    Washington Post: President’s Iraq Success Story a ‘Tall’ Tale

    The paper throws cold water on Bush’s much-touted claim that the Tall Afar region of Iraq is a case study in the U.S.’ ability to help restore stability to a war-torn area. (Check out the transcript of Bush’s speech—particularly the unscripted Q & A session at the end.)


    Posted on Mar 21, 2006 READ MORE

    Powell - Fiscal Folly

    Posted on Mar 20, 2006 ENLARGE

    Betting on Iran

    Posted on Mar 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Court OKs Anti-Abortion License Plates

    A federal appeals court allows the state of Tennessee to offer anti-abortion license plates that read, “Choose Life.” The court says that although the decision to offer the plates may be ill-advised, it does not contravene the First Amendment.
    Of all the odd places for an abortion-rights battle to show up, state license plates has to be atop the list.

    Posted on Mar 17, 2006 READ MORE

    Powell - Nuke Club

    Posted on Mar 16, 2006 ENLARGE

    Republicans Play Dead

    Posted on Mar 10, 2006 ENLARGE

    The Amazing Expanding American Child

    Posted on Mar 10, 2006 ENLARGE

    Nuke State Charmer

    Posted on Mar 7, 2006 ENLARGE

    Comedy Central via

    Time of Salvation? Uh, Maybe Not

    Stephen Colbert tells us that Bush is a lot like Jesus, and that the recent crop of political sinners could see that if they just had a little faith.

    Posted on Mar 4, 2006 READ MORE

    Civil War
    Paul Szep

    Iraq Headed Squarely Toward Civil War

    A bomb in a vegetable market killed 36 people in Baghdad, prompting the government to announce a one-day ban on all vehicles in the city.
    This comes on the heels of similarly deadly bombings Wednesday and the day before. The Washington Post put the death toll of this recent spate of violence at over 1,300.
    What’s worse, America’s spy chief tells Congress that the violence could destabilize the entire region—which would completely upend one of Bush’s main reasons for invasion in the first place.

    Posted on Mar 1, 2006 READ MORE

    Bad Medicine

    Posted on Feb 28, 2006 ENLARGE

    David Thomson
    Lucy Gray

    David Thomson on the Oscar Best-Film Candidates: Worthy, but Not Great

    The renowned film critic talks about this year’s crop of small, issue-driven movies, and why “the liberal faction in Hollywood are much better at going to parties and raising money than actually making challenging films.”

    Posted on Feb 28, 2006 READ MORE

    Civil War

    Posted on Feb 27, 2006 ENLARGE

    The Elusive Osama

    Posted on Feb 27, 2006 ENLARGE

    Dick Burr?

    Posted on Feb 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Heckuva Job Chertoff

    Posted on Feb 15, 2006 ENLARGE via Comedy Central

    Cheney’s Response Becoming a Liability

    Republicans are chastizing the vice president for his slow and unapologetic disclosure of the hunting incident. As well they should. For an administration that orchestrated Bush’s aircraft carrier photo-op, this episode seems particularly bush league.

    Posted on Feb 15, 2006 READ MORE

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