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What’s Next for the Bill Cosby Sex-Assault Case?

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Mike Stark

Assaulted Blogger Is Pressing Charges Against Allen

The man whom staffers of Va. Sen. George Allen attacked on Tuesday for asking the senator combative questions is fighting back

  • Watch the attack

  • Posted on Nov 1, 2006 READ MORE


    Square, Category Page

    Foley Contributions

    Posted on Oct 3, 2006 ENLARGE

    Wallace and Woodward
    From CBS

    Woodward: Bush Covering Up Iraq Violence

    In his new book, “State of Denial,” Bob Woodward reports that Iraqi insurgents attack our troops over 100 times per day—far more than what Bush has disclosed publicly. Also: Key intelligence predicts the situation will deteriorate in 2007 before getting better. (“60 Minutes” will air a Woodward interview this Sunday.)
    Yes, we know Woodward frequently acts as a White House stenographer, but he also surfaces real game-changing news.

    Posted on Sep 28, 2006 READ MORE


    Posted on Sep 27, 2006 ENLARGE

    Jon Stewart

    Stewart Rips Cable News for Clinton Coverage

    “The Daily Show” host spanks most cable news outlets for focusing on anything except the substance of Bill Clinton’s Fox News interview. Watch it

  • For example: MSNBC focuses in on the fact that Clinton’s sock was showing during the interview.

  • Posted on Sep 26, 2006 WATCH & LISTEN

    North Korean Attention

    Posted on Aug 24, 2006 ENLARGE

    Monitoring Madness

    Posted on Aug 21, 2006 ENLARGE

    Exploding Dells

    Posted on Aug 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Mideast Birth Pangs

    Posted on Aug 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Michael Gallagher
    From ThinkProgress

    Crazy Conservative Watch

    Speaking on Fox News on Tuesday, conservative radio host Mike Gallagher proposed installing a Muslims-only line at U.S. airports. (Watch it) Even scarier, the studio audience broke into applause.
    This is happening in real-life America, folks.

    Posted on Aug 16, 2006 READ MORE

    Iraq Carry-On

    Posted on Aug 14, 2006 ENLARGE

    Rational Discussions

    Posted on Aug 11, 2006 ENLARGE

    Incumbent Persuasion

    Posted on Aug 9, 2006 ENLARGE

    Explosive Opportunity

    Posted on Aug 2, 2006 ENLARGE

    ‘Yo Bush!’ Tony Blair Mocked as U.S. Poodle

    Responding to Monday’s “open mike” incident in Russia, The Guardian said Blair “all but offers to carry [Condoleezza Rice’s] bags” to the Middle East (Bush denied him), revealing Blair’s subservient role in the relationship. (article, British press reactions)

  • Not to mention the fact that Bush carried on the conversation about one of the most dangerous powder kegs in the world while chewing with an open mouth and barely looking at Blair.

    Posted on Jul 18, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush on a Leash

    Posted on Jun 30, 2006 ENLARGE

    N.Y. Times Paperboy

    Posted on Jun 30, 2006 ENLARGE

    Torture Legalese

    Posted on Jun 22, 2006 ENLARGE

    Fool Me Once

    Posted on Jun 21, 2006 ENLARGE

    Desperate Military Measures

    Posted on Jun 6, 2006 ENLARGE

    Mike Bloomberg

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg: I’d Allow Same-Sex Marriages

    Landing another left on the right, as the Daily News put it, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg vowed that the city will perform gay marriages, if permitted, and came out strongly against a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriages.

    Posted on May 29, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush Rallies His Base

    Posted on May 26, 2006 ENLARGE

    Mike Farrell
    From HBO

    Mike Farrell: HBO’s ‘Baghdad ER’ an ‘Excruciating’ Must-See

    The actor best known for portraying an Army doctor on the TV show “M*A*S*H” writes that the HBO documentary series “Baghdad ER,” about an Army emergency hospital in Iraq, made him want to scream in rage and frustration at the people who created this war.

    Posted on May 24, 2006 READ MORE

    We the People

    Posted on May 19, 2006 ENLARGE

    Liberty Laid Low

    Posted on May 18, 2006 ENLARGE

    Bush’s Immigration Troops

    Posted on May 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Bush’s Immigration Plan

    Posted on May 17, 2006 ENLARGE

    Presidential Ears

    Posted on May 12, 2006 ENLARGE

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