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The End of Faith

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Tag: Hachfeld

Bashar al-Assad

Posted on Jun 23, 2011 ENLARGE


Square, Category Page

After the U.N. Summit

Posted on Sep 26, 2010 ENLARGE

‘Rescuing’ Iceland

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 ENLARGE

Bible Study [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 ENLARGE

Adoption in Haiti [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Feb 9, 2010 ENLARGE

Rainer Hachfeld, Neues Deutschland, Germany

Kidnapping Is Not Charity

Even in the midst of a terrible natural disaster, spiriting away a busload of kids—with vague plans to worry about the “paperwork” later—is no act of charity.

Posted on Feb 8, 2010 READ MORE

Obama M.D. [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Sep 10, 2009 ENLARGE

Darth Cheney [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Jul 16, 2009 ENLARGE

Honduras Craziness [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Jul 14, 2009 ENLARGE

Berlusconi’s Italians [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Jun 28, 2009 ENLARGE

Brown’s Reform Plan [A Cartoon From Germany]

Posted on Jun 12, 2009 ENLARGE

Under New Management

Posted on Feb 24, 2009 ENLARGE


Posted on Feb 8, 2009 ENLARGE

Cheney’s Mementos

Posted on Jan 22, 2009 ENLARGE


Posted on Oct 8, 2008 ENLARGE

Poor Uncle Sam

Posted on Sep 23, 2008 ENLARGE

Mugabe, Tsvangirai

Posted on Sep 17, 2008 ENLARGE

Ahmadinejad Gives the Finger

Posted on Aug 6, 2008 ENLARGE

Karadzic Captured

Posted on Jul 23, 2008 ENLARGE

Bush’s European Goodbye Tour

Posted on Jun 10, 2008 ENLARGE

Sarkozy in London

Posted on Mar 27, 2008 ENLARGE


Posted on Mar 10, 2008 ENLARGE


Posted on Dec 12, 2007 ENLARGE

Bush’s Best Friends

Posted on Nov 18, 2007 ENLARGE

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