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Shade It Black: Death and After in Iraq

Shade It Black: Death and After in Iraq

By Jessica Goodell, John Hearn

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Melania Trump

Posted on Jul 24, 2016 ENLARGE


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How Will Roger Ailes’ Resignation Affect Fox News?

The news organization’s founder was forced to resign as chairman Thursday after he was hit with allegations of sexual harassment. But reports of a large severance package and an advisory role in the company have led many to wonder how harsh his punishment really is.

Posted on Jul 23, 2016 READ MORE

Ronald & Donald

Posted on Jul 23, 2016 ENLARGE

Why Donald Trump Could Be the Next President of the United States

The great tragedy of the moment is not rooted in the Republican Party’s self-cannibalization. It’s in a Democratic Party that “successfully” suffocated responsible answers to the crises consuming our world.

Posted on Jul 22, 2016 READ MORE

Trump Blasts Clinton in a Foreign-Policy Fight Where Both Have Strayed From Their Parties

This week Donald Trump has had a lot to say about foreign policy—raising concerns within the Republican Party and bolstering arguments that Hillary Clinton is a better choice for conservatives.

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Humanizing Trump

Posted on Jul 22, 2016 ENLARGE

Herding Cats in Cleveland

Posted on Jul 22, 2016 ENLARGE

Live at Truthdig: Questioning Republican and Democratic Extremism

On Thursday, Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer and his team discussed the political climate with special guest and Truthdig political correspondent Bill Boyarsky.

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

The Most Surprising Aspect of the GOP Platform? A Call to Revive Glass-Steagall

Donald Trump and archnemesis Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts actually agree on this banking policy proposal.

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 READ MORE

That’s All, Folks

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 ENLARGE

Donald Trump Ends His Show With Now-Familiar Pitch (Multimedia)

The GOP presidential nominee closed the circus in Cleveland with his trademark pledge: I will make America great again. Do you believe him?

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 READ MORE

Melania Speaks!

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 ENLARGE

A Lens on the GOP Convention: Activists Arrested for Flag Burning on Day 3 (Multimedia)

By Michael Nigro

Protesters calling attention to Donald Trump’s proposed immigration plan attempted to “Wall Off Trump” by forming a long human barrier. It was one of many acts of civil disobedience in Cleveland.

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

Republican Convention Live Blog: On Day 3, America Meets Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon

If the enchanting Mike Pence helps Republicans recapture the White House this fall, don’t say Thomas Frank, Robert Scheer and other progressive journalists didn’t warn you.

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Posted on Jul 20, 2016 ENLARGE

Top 4 Republican Plagiarisms of the Democrats

The scandal over Melania Trump’s stealing Michelle Obama’s lines for her convention speech should make us recall the ways in which GOP strategists have on many occasions stolen a Democratic line but put it to the opposite purpose.

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 READ MORE

A Lens on the GOP Convention: Protests, Police and Politics on Day 2 (Multimedia)

By Michael Nigro

Protesters and activists took to the streets in Cleveland on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention, and the tenor was much different than on Day 1.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

Convention Viewing Area

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 ENLARGE

R.I.P., GOP?

Republicans who are not in the least progressive have reason to mourn what may come to pass: the transformation of the party of Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower into the party of Trump.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 READ MORE

GOP Convention Live Blog: On Day 2, Republicans Focus on Clinton Over Planned Theme of Job Creation

Follow our live coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 READ MORE

Stephen Colbert Brings Jon Stewart Out of Retirement to ‘Make Sense’ of Trump’s Candidacy (Video)

The “Late Show” host hunted down two former “Daily Show” characters to help him deal with the fact that none other than Donald J. Trump is the GOP’s pick for president.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

Melania Trump’s Plagiarism Capped a Weird First Day at the GOP Convention

This year’s gathering makes Clint Eastwood’s 2012 empty-chair routine seem like a stroke of genius.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 READ MORE

Stephen Colbert Sneaks Into the Republican National Convention to Rip Into Trump on Stage (Video)

The “Late Show” host had a few things to say about the Republican presidential candidate, and he wanted to be heard loud and clear on Monday as the RNC was about to kick off.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

Samantha Bee on the ‘41st and Possibly the Last’ Republican National Convention (Video)

The “Full Frontal” host gave a fast, clever and funny introduction to “conservatella 2016” on Monday night and interviewed two people with very different opinions about just how screwed the host city, Cleveland, will be during the convention.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

The Best Reporting on Mike Pence Through the Years

We took a look back at the career of the Indiana governor Donald Trump has picked as his running mate.

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 READ MORE

Room for Comparison Between Sharia and Mike Pence’s Evangelical Beliefs

Donald Trump’s running mate supports faith-based restrictions that pose a danger to secular and liberal traditions in the United States.

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 READ MORE

Mike Pence Won’t Help Trump Broaden His Base

Donald Trump’s selection of the Indiana governor as his running mate is just what everyone is saying it is: a safe, traditional choice. But the pick is also—and more importantly—something else: a sign of real weakness.

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 READ MORE

Pence Hat

Posted on Jul 17, 2016 ENLARGE


Posted on Jul 17, 2016 ENLARGE

The McConnell Administration

Posted on Jul 16, 2016 ENLARGE

The Uniter

Posted on Jul 14, 2016 ENLARGE


Posted on Jul 14, 2016 ENLARGE

Why Are Republicans and Democrats Even Bothering With Conventions Anymore?

Our two major political parties no longer nominate people to be president. The parties have instead become giant machines for producing infomercials, raising big money and rewarding top sales reps with big bashes every four years.

Posted on Jul 14, 2016 READ MORE

Donald Trump’s Anti-Establishment Scam

Donald Trump’s going to need the establishment if he’s to have a hope of raising the money and organizing the troops effectively enough to be elected. But power brokers don’t suffer the slings of “outsider” scorn lightly.

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 READ MORE

Help Wanted

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 ENLARGE

Donald Trump Wants Americans to Believe He’s the Anti-Establishment Candidate

It’s smart politics, but it’s a hoax. The real estate magnate is even more of an establishment figure than Hillary Clinton is: He inherited a fortune from his father; he has spent years bribing politicians to subsidize his hotels and casinos; and he has repeatedly used bankruptcy to shield his money while leaving creditors and workers holding the bag.

Posted on Jul 10, 2016 READ MORE

Trump’s Business

Posted on Jul 8, 2016 ENLARGE


Posted on Jul 4, 2016 ENLARGE

Constitutional Principles

Posted on Jul 4, 2016 ENLARGE

Big Tent

Posted on Jul 4, 2016 ENLARGE

Matt Taibbi Warns That an ‘Even Less Responsive Oligarchy’ Could Follow a Trump Defeat

Another terrifying movement has risen in response to right-wing demagoguery; a University of Michigan professor is suing the U.S. government over “the law that killed Aaron Swartz”; meanwhile, five lawyers are responsible for 440 death sentences. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Posted on Jul 4, 2016 READ MORE

On the Fourth of July, None of Us Has Inalienable Rights if American Muslims Don’t

On the day when the United States was first conceived in rebellion against deprivation of God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, it is worth remarking on our political season.

Posted on Jul 4, 2016 READ MORE

Destination Unknown

Posted on Jul 3, 2016 ENLARGE

GOP Leaders Need to Put Country Before Party

It’s time for Republicans to admit that Donald Trump is incapable of even pretending to be an acceptable candidate for president. The question is which side of history they want to be on.

Posted on Jul 1, 2016 READ MORE

Politicon 2016: Sarah Palin Hails the Rise of ‘Golden Wrecking Ball’ Donald Trump (Video)

Palin knows the publicity game, and she knows how to work the spotlight to her political advantage. Sound familiar?

Posted on Jun 26, 2016 WATCH & LISTEN

Donald Trump Frees Us to Vote as We Wish

Federal Election Commission filings suggest that the Republican presidential candidate is a paper-tiger candidate without a real campaign. So let’s vote for the future we want.

Posted on Jun 26, 2016 READ MORE

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