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June 27, 2016
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines
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Donald Trump Frees Us to Vote as We Wish

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Caspian Rain

Caspian Rain

By Gina B. Nahai

States of Emergency: The Object of American Studies

States of Emergency: The Object of American Studies

By Russ Castronovo (Editor), Susan Gillman (Editor)

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Tag: Climate News Network

‘Street Value’ of California Trees Is $1 Billion

Researchers calculate the huge environmental and economic benefits to taxpayers of the trees that line many streets in California’s cities and suburbs.

Posted on Jun 25, 2016 READ MORE


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Race Is On to Feed a Warming World

As global temperatures rise, scientists warn that plant breeders will need to accelerate development schedules if they are to ensure the ever-growing population can be fed.

Posted on Jun 24, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Change Threatens to Obliterate Great Barrier Reef Corals

The worst-ever bleaching event affects 93 percent of Australia’s famous reef, as rising temperatures and sea levels bring swift death to vast swaths of the colorful creatures.

Posted on Jun 23, 2016 READ MORE

Europe’s Precious Beech Forests Could Succumb to Drought

A warming climate and intense droughts are hitting some of Europe’s most coveted forest areas, with beech trees in southern Britain particularly vulnerable.

Posted on Jun 22, 2016 READ MORE

Wildlife Needs New Corridors to Escape Rising Heat

Rising temperatures will force wild creatures to seek cooler refuges—but safe routes for them to migrate may be scarce, scientists say.

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 READ MORE

Ducks Are Showing Us How the Pacific Ocean Is Changing

Tracking eider ducks with satellite transmitters as they seek to stock up on food before the Arctic winter gives scientists a deeper insight into shifts in ocean ecosystems.

Posted on Jun 18, 2016 READ MORE

Global Warming Threatens the Material Basis of the Global Economy

Research shows that the effects of extreme heat and weather events on production of raw materials has far-reaching and costly financial implications.

Posted on Jun 17, 2016 READ MORE

Record CO2 Levels Signal Sizzling Summers

As carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaches a historic high point that could continue for a lifetime, summer temperatures are also heading toward record levels.

Posted on Jun 16, 2016 READ MORE

Scientists Capture Carbon by Turning CO2 Emissions Into Stone

An international research team made a breakthrough in greenhouse gas reduction technology by pumping CO2 into the ground and turning it rapidly back into rock.

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 READ MORE

Arctic Melting Feeds on Itself

Melting sea ice is affecting the close-knit Arctic climate system in a way that will speed up warming there, scientists say.

Posted on Jun 13, 2016 READ MORE

Arctic Ice Dwindles to Record Low

Twelve months of global record-high temperatures have led to this month’s Arctic sea ice shrinking to almost 400,000 square miles less than four years ago, scientists find.

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 READ MORE

Energy Independence Won’t Cure Climate Ills

Analysts say tackling climate change is a more difficult and expensive challenge for governments than achieving the unconnected goal of being self-reliant for energy needs.

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 READ MORE

Europe’s Floods Come as No Surprise

Scientists have warned that the extra moisture in warmer air will mean more intense rainfall, but floods still leave governments unprepared.

Posted on Jun 6, 2016 READ MORE

Europe’s Spending on Renewables Hits 10-Year Low

The reputation of Europe as a leader in renewable energy has taken a serious knock, with its investment dropping 21 percent last year while global figures reached record levels.

Posted on Jun 3, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Change Would Stoke Conflict in South Asia

Senior military experts warn that the nations of South Asia must cooperate on climate change adaptation to avoid major political instability and conflict in the region.

Posted on Jun 2, 2016 READ MORE

A Backup Plan Could Use Dams to Preserve Water Lost by Melting of Glaciers

Summer water shortages caused by the reduction of glacier ice mass could be alleviated by dams constructed to contain springtime runoff from melting snow.

Posted on Jun 1, 2016 READ MORE

Wildfire Fears Cool a Little

Scientists have been warning that wildfires could be exacerbated by global warming, but new research indicates that this is not an immediate threat.

Posted on May 30, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Damage Threatens Heritage Sites

Scientists warn that some of the jewels in the crown of the world’s natural and man-made treasures face decay and destruction because of climate change.

Posted on May 27, 2016 READ MORE

Farming’s Dirty Needs Have a Deadly Effect

Researchers say air pollution from the use of vital fertilizers means that fossil fuel emissions must be reduced if we are to feed the world’s growing population.

Posted on May 26, 2016 READ MORE

U.S. Insurance Aid Props Up Climate-Risk Homes

A major insurer calls for an end to government subsidies that encourage expensive house-building schemes in areas of the U.S. at high risk of floods and storms.

Posted on May 25, 2016 READ MORE

Major Oil Companies Tread Cautiously Toward Renewables

In face of falling oil prices and plunging profits, big oil companies are investing in renewables and clean energy, but still focusing on fossil fuels.

Posted on May 23, 2016 READ MORE

New Threat From Antarctic Glacier Could Raise Sea Levels by Nearly 10 Feet

A huge glacier in the frozen wastes of East Antarctica, a region previously thought stable, could melt much faster than expected, scientists say.

Posted on May 21, 2016 READ MORE

Trump Cannot Derail Global Climate Deal

Even if he wins the presidency, Donald Trump will be unable to halt international progress toward a low-carbon economy, a British expert says.

Posted on May 20, 2016 READ MORE

Poorest Nations Will Feel the Heat of Climate Change First

Very high temperatures will affect some of the world’s least-developed countries before touching the richer nations that are more responsible for climate change.

Posted on May 19, 2016 READ MORE

Glad Tidings for the Potential of Sea Power

The daily ebb and flow of the tides promise a renewable energy bonanza for countries such as Canada and the U.K., which have shallow seas and a steep tidal range.

Posted on May 18, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Change Means Cities Face Flash Flood Hazards

Scientists in Australia warn that global warming will lead to more intense and concentrated summer storms seriously testing city drainage systems already struggling to cope.

Posted on May 16, 2016 READ MORE

Wave Impacts Speed Greenland Ice Melt

New research indicates that melting of the Northern Hemisphere’s biggest ice sheet is being accelerated by the seismic impact of waves crashing against Greenland’s coastline.

Posted on May 14, 2016 READ MORE

Some Old Species Are Well-Suited to Survive Climate Change

A study of more than 600 vertebrate species shows those that have faced extreme environmental pressures in the past are now best equipped to survive climate change.

Posted on May 13, 2016 READ MORE

Amid Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment, Brazil Prepares to Roll Back Environmental Laws

Members of Brazil’s Congress are set to exploit the suspension of Dilma Rousseff’s presidency to dismantle environmental protection laws.

Posted on May 12, 2016 READ MORE

Searing Heat May Spark Climate Exodus

Temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa could reach unbearably high levels that would make some regions uninhabitable and increase the pressure on climate refugees.

Posted on May 11, 2016 READ MORE

Nuclear Costs Roll Onward and Upward

Building new nuclear power stations is becoming hugely more expensive, but decommissioning old ones might prove even more costly.

Posted on May 7, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Confusion Creeps Into the Trump Camp

Despite the Republican presidential candidate’s claim that climate change is a hoax, a new survey has found that more than half of his supporters believe global warming is happening.

Posted on May 6, 2016 READ MORE

American Forests Face Major Changes

Researchers create detailed “cyberforests” to help us picture the dramatic ways that climate change could alter the types of trees in the forests of Canada and the U.S.

Posted on May 5, 2016 READ MORE

Dead Zones Devour Oceans’ Oxygen

Marine life faces increased threats as researchers warn that warmer waters caused by climate change could seriously reduce the levels of oxygen in the world’s seas.

Posted on May 4, 2016 READ MORE

Scientists See a Future in Natural Resources

From creating transparent wood for solar panels or windows to turning carbon dioxide and plant waste into plastic bottles, scientists are finding ingenious ways to sidestep fossil fuels.

Posted on May 2, 2016 READ MORE

Droughts Are Giving Trees ‘Heart Attacks’

Research identifying survival traits in different tree species could prove vital in helping reduce the massive losses caused by heat extremes as the world warms.

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 READ MORE

These Days of Mild U.S. Weather Will Not Last

Scientists warn that the current pleasures of warmer weather will pale for Americans as climate change brings extreme temperature increases and unhealthy levels of atmospheric ozone.

Scientists warn that the current pleasures of warmer weather will pale for Americans as climate change brings extreme temperature increases and unhealthy levels of atmospheric ozone.

Posted on Apr 28, 2016 READ MORE

Our Hungry World Need Not Fell Its Forests

The rapidly growing human population can feed itself without worsening climate change by destroying the planet’s forests, researchers say.

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 READ MORE

Despite Chernobyl, Belarus Goes Nuclear

Thirty years after the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine, one of its neighbors is close to completing its own nuclear power station.

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 READ MORE

U.S.-Canada Pact Eases Arctic Fears

Low oil prices have reduced pressure to exploit Arctic fossil fuels and boosted hopes that the region’s fragile environment and indigenous people may be better protected.

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 READ MORE

Climate Deniers Get a Reality Check

Despite aggressive attempts to convince the public otherwise, new analysis of the vast body of research shows 97 percent of scientists agree that human activities are fueling climate change.

Posted on Apr 21, 2016 READ MORE

Nuclear Power Costs Enter Uncharted Territory

As some governments press on with new nuclear power facilities in an attempt to address climate change, a multibillion-dollar industry will be needed to make decommissioned plants and their hazardous waste “safe.”

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 READ MORE

Scientists Look to the Soil to Save Earth From Overheating

New research shows that changing farming and soil management practices so that soils store carbon rather than lose it would help avoid dangerous climate change.

Posted on Apr 18, 2016 READ MORE

Investors Warned: Forget Fossil Fuels

Historic change heralded as investors are told they face losing their money if they continue to back the industry that is causing global warming.

Posted on Apr 15, 2016 READ MORE

Wasted Food Lays a Heavy Burden on the Climate

As obesity levels soar, cutting the vast amount of food we waste could have a major impact on reducing the effects of climate change—as well as alleviate world hunger.

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 READ MORE

A Big Push for Small Nuclear Reactors

Global nuclear companies are meeting this week to discuss licensing the controversial small modular reactors that are costing billions of dollars to develop and would be built near towns.

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 READ MORE

Shrimp Sound Ocean Acidity Alarm

The effect of the sea absorbing increased carbon dioxide in the air has damaging consequences for the noisy snapping shrimp and marine life in coastal rock pools.

Posted on Apr 7, 2016 READ MORE

Missing the Goal for Limiting Temperature Rise Could Have a Huge Financial Impact

If the global average surface temperature rises by 2.5 degrees Celsius over its pre-industrial level by 2100, $2.5 trillion—or 1.8 percent—of the world’s financial assets would be at risk, scientists say.

Posted on Apr 6, 2016 READ MORE

Genetically Modified Crops Can Thrive as the World Warms

Plants genetically modified to take advantage of hotter temperatures and increased carbon dioxide could cut fertilizer use and raise yields to alleviate global food shortages.

Posted on Apr 4, 2016 READ MORE

Antarctic Ice Could Melt Faster Than Had Been Feared

Scientists in the U.S. predict that the alarming rate at which Antarctica’s ice continues to thaw could be enough to double global sea-level rise within this century.

Posted on Apr 2, 2016 READ MORE

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