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Tag: Abramoff

Stevens’ Corruption Was About the Little Things

For a steel sculpture of migrating salmon, amongst other goodies, Ted Stevens—one of the lions of the Senate—was willing to forfeit the kingdom.

Posted on Oct 30, 2008 READ MORE


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AP photo / LM Otero

McCain Fundraiser Under Scrutiny for Ralph Reed Connection

John McCain managed to pull in over $1.75 million for the GOP during an Atlanta fundraiser on Monday, but the event also attracted attention for its potential ties to erstwhile Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed. Barack Obama’s camp, among others, is raising questions about Reed’s connection to the event.

Posted on Aug 18, 2008 READ MORE

Jack Abramoff

Bill Moyers on Defiling Democracy

Bill Moyers offers this gripping and comprehensive analysis of corruption in Washington and finds that “although Jack Abramoff [above] and Tom DeLay have been brought down, the system remains as vulnerable as ever.”

  • Watch it

  • Posted on Dec 8, 2006 WATCH & LISTEN

    Turkey Envy

    Posted on Nov 26, 2006 ENLARGE

    Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert’s Guide to Republican Folly

    In case you lost track, Stephen Colbert offers this rundown of Republican debacles.  From phantom WMDs to Mark Foley, the “Report” host highlights the greatest hits of GOP mania.

    Posted on Oct 17, 2006 WATCH & LISTEN

    Jon Stewart

    ‘Daily Show’ Dissects Ney Plea

    Jon Stewart digests the latest Abramoff developments, including Bob Ney’s abuse of the “drinking problem” defense: “If you’re keeping score at home, that now makes alcohol responsible for corruption, anti-Semitism and homosexual pedophilia.”

    Posted on Oct 17, 2006 WATCH & LISTEN

    Ney Pleads Guilty, Admits Influence peddling for Abramoff

    Republican Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio is the first politician to plead guilty to charges leveled in the corruption scandal that (hopefully) will bring down the constellation of other corrupt lawmakers connected to lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

    Posted on Oct 13, 2006 READ MORE

    Abramoff and Norquist

    GOP-Linked Nonprofits Sold Clout to Abramoff

    From the Wash Po: “Five conservative nonprofit organizations, including one run by prominent Republican Grover Norquist, ‘perpetrated a fraud’ on taxpayers by selling their clout to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Senate investigators said in a report issued today.”

    Posted on Oct 12, 2006 READ MORE

    Susan Ralston and Bush
    From ThinkProgress

    Rove Aide Resigns Over Abramoff Ties

    A congressional report said Karl Rove aide Susan Ralston passed inside White House information to Jack Abramoff while accepting his tickets to sporting and entertainment events.

    Posted on Oct 6, 2006 READ MORE


    Ralph Reed Concedes Defeat in Georgia Primary

    Unable to distance himself from scandal-tarred lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Reed conceded defeat in Georgia’s Republican race for lieutenant governor.
    C-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-e-brate good times, come on!

    Posted on Jul 18, 2006 READ MORE

    Ralph Reed
    Erik S. Lesser / The New York Times

    Scandal Battering Ralph Reed’s Hopes in Georgia

    The former head of the Christian Coalition, who is running for Lt. Gov. of Georgia, is now finding himself trailing at the polls, largely as a result of his connection to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

  • It’s gratifying to see that after playing in the muck for so long with Abramoff, Reed can’t separate himself from the stink of corruption.
  • Posted on Jul 16, 2006 READ MORE

    Ralph Reed
    From TPM Muckraker

    Ralph Reed Allegedly Mulled ‘Mortgaging Black People’

    The former Christian Coalition leader and current candidate for Lt. Gov. of Georgia reportedly concocted a scheme with lobbyist Jack Abramoff to collect the life insurance payouts of African-Americans in lieu of charging them fees for the duo’s lobbying and consulting services. (Read the whole story in GQ.)

    Posted on Jul 13, 2006 READ MORE

    Jack Abramoff Must Be Smiling…

    ... Because the House is considering an anti-gambling bill that would include an exemption for horse racing and intrastate lotteries. The disgraced lobbyist worked to ensure the latter in a bill several years ago.

  • Gambling is bad, bad, bad. Unless it’s on horsies or lotteries. Then it’s OK.


    Posted on Jul 11, 2006 READ MORE

    The Most Corrupt Lobbyist Ever?

    That’s what Truthdig has to wonder in light of newly released files detailing how Jack Abramoff funneled clients’ funds through nonprofit organizations, or others that show how Abramoff effectively charged people $100,000 for face time with President Bush or Karl Rove.

    Posted on Jun 25, 2006 READ MORE

    Ralph Reed Knee-Deep in Influence-Peddling Scheme

    A bipartisan Senate report detailed more than $5.3 million in payments to the former director of the Christian Coalition (who’s now running for Lt. Gov. in Georgia), aimed at helping now-convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s Indian clients block the casinos of other Indian tribes….

    Posted on Jun 23, 2006 READ MORE

    DeLay and Abramoff’s ‘Made in the USA’: Shame, Shame, Shame

    Listen to an excellent NPR Weekend Edition story revisiting the Jack Abramoff-Tom DeLay connection to the slave trade, forced abortions, forced prostitution happening in the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. DeLay called industry on the islands a “shining light of the Republican Party” during one of many “fact-finding missions” to the region.

    Posted on Jun 17, 2006 READ MORE

    Robert Scheer: DeLays Mission Continues

    From the tone of his farewell address last week, you’d think Tom DeLay was being carried out of Congress on the shoulders of his colleagues, rather than slithering out of office with his tail between his legs.

    Posted on Jun 13, 2006 READ MORE

    Former Aide Testifies About Abramoff, Bush Official Bribery Scheme

    A former congressional aide described how he used insider information from a Bush official to advance projects for disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. His testimony implicated four GOP House members.

    Posted on May 30, 2006 READ MORE

    Molly Ivins: The No-Reform Lobby Reform Bill

    Calling this lobbying reform measure an “ethics bill” requires brass bravura.

    Posted on May 1, 2006 READ MORE

    Secret Service Will Turn Over Abramoff Visit Logs

    The logs will show how often the convicted lobbyist met with Bush administration officials—and with whom he met.

    Posted on May 1, 2006 READ MORE

    Democrats Look for White House Links to Phone-Jamming Scandal

    Sens. Patrick Leahy and Ted Kennedy want to know what links Jack Abramoff or the White House had, if any, to a criminal effort to suppress voter turnout in a 2002 Senate race.

    Posted on Apr 24, 2006 READ MORE

    De_Lay Resigned

    Robert Scheer: ‘Anti-Christian Conspirators’ Slay DeLay

    Truthdig’s editor wonders how it was that so many enemies of virtue operated under the auspices of such a Christ-like leader as DeLay.

    Posted on Apr 4, 2006 READ MORE

    Jack Abramoff

    Abramoff Gets Almost Six Years in Prison

    The disgraced lobbyist and a business partner get five years and 10 months on fraud charges—the minimum they faced. Abramoff faces more jail time in connection with a corruption probe.

    Posted on Mar 29, 2006 READ MORE

    Abramoff Broke, Lawyers Claim

    The indicted lobbyist’s attorneys assert he spent all the money “in his overly determined pursuit of helping people and charities.”
    You’ll excuse us while we gag up a hidden Cayman Islands account or two.

    Posted on Mar 29, 2006 READ MORE

    Oh, Now They Want Limits on Lobbying…

    In the wake of the Jack Abramoff meltdown, House GOP leaders claim that they want at least a temporary ban on privately funded travel for lawmakers, plus some restrictions on lobbyists.
    It shouldn’t have taken a scandal the magnitude of the Abramoff case to convince these lawmakers to do the right thing. This latest move seems a cynical ploy destined to “sunset” as soon as public attention is turned elsewhere.

    Posted on Mar 15, 2006 READ MORE

    $25,000 Gives Indian Chief Access to Bush

    The money is funneled through (surprise, surprise) Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist. This scandal couldn’t happen to any two nicer two guys.

    Posted on Mar 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Vanity Fair: Bush Had Ties to Abramoff

    The indicted lobbyist says the president was close enough to him to joke about his weightlifting. “What are you benching, buff guy?” Abramoff said Bush asked him.

    Posted on Mar 8, 2006 READ MORE

    DeLay Caught in a Lie

    At one time Tom DeLay called Jack Abramoff one of his “closest and dearest friends.” What a difference an indictment makes. Think Progress surfaces a handwritten letter by DeLay in which he claims they were not close friends.

    Posted on Feb 23, 2006 READ MORE

    President Bush shaking hands in 2001 with Chief Raul Garza of the Kickapoo tribe of Texas. The arrow in the photo points to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, in background; Karl Rove, the president's top advisor, is at the right.
    From the White House via The New York Times

    Abramoff-Bush Photo Surfaces

    The New York Times publishes a 2001 picture of Jack Abramoff in a White House room with the president—along with an Indian tribal leader whom the now-indicted lobbyist was trying to sign up as a client. | story

    Posted on Feb 11, 2006 READ MORE

    C-SPAN via ThinkProgress

    McClellan Ducks Bush-Abramoff Questions

    Bush’s spokesman shows a remarkable knack for being able to pounce on new information when it may hurt Democrats, and for being unable to process new information when it may be damaging to the president. | video and transcript

    Posted on Feb 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Republicans Have No Shame; They Award DeLay a Cushy Seat

    The indicted congressman lands a coveted appointment to the Appropriations Committee. | story
    Having DeLay act as a fiscal watchdog makes about as much sense as electing Libya chairman of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

    Posted on Feb 9, 2006 READ MORE

    From via

    Abramoff Brags About Bush Relationship

    ThinkProgress surfaces e-mails from the disgraced lobbyist that reveal a fairly intimate relationship with the president: “The guy saw me in almost a dozen settings, and joked with me about a bunch of things, including details of my kids.” | story
    Also, The Nation has a great piece on Abramoff’s Evangelical Soldiers (Ralph Reed & Co.)

    Posted on Feb 9, 2006 READ MORE

    Groundhog Day at the White House

    Cheney’s Brief Appearance, Return to Secure Location May Mean Six More Weeks of Winter

    Posted on Feb 4, 2006 READ MORE

    Lawmakers Appear to Distance Selves From Lobbyists

    Both Republicans and Democrats are canceling meetings with lobbyists in the wake of the Abramoff scandal. | story
    Pardon our cynicism, but as long as lobbyists have money to dole out, lawmakers will find a way to the trough.
    Any lobbying-reform legislation that results from this scandal will be rendered moot as quickly as you can say “McCain-Feingold.”

    Posted on Jan 31, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush with Cheney
    White House photo by David Bohrer

    Cheney Denies Knowing Bush

    Jack Abramoff? Sorry, never knew the guy…. Oh yeah, and while we’re on the topic of bad guys, I don’t know that Bush character either. Photos? What photos?

    Posted on Jan 27, 2006 READ MORE

    Did Bush Kick the Abramoff Prosecutor Upstairs?

    The president has removed the chief prosecutor investigating the Jack Abramoff case. How? By nominating him to a federal judgeship. | story
    Democrats find the move so suspicious that they are calling for a special prosecutor in the corruption case.


    Posted on Jan 27, 2006 READ MORE

    blogger Josh Marshall

    White House Photo Agency Deletes Bush-Abramoff Pictures

    Blogger Josh Marshall discovers that official Republican photographers deleted pictures from their website of the president and the disgraced lobbyist. | post
    The Daily DeLay reports that the president of that photographic company is a Bush contributor. | post

    Posted on Jan 27, 2006 READ MORE

    Strong Majority Says Bush Should Release Abramoff Records

    Three-quarters of the country isn’t buying White House claims that the media’s requests amount to a “fishing expedition.” | story

    Posted on Jan 27, 2006 READ MORE

    Guess Who Was Shopping Abramoff-Bush Pix? Abramoff!

    Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff confirms it, and he speculates: “Maybe [Abramoff] wants something from somebody at the White House, or he wants someone at the White House not to do something.” | story

    Posted on Jan 24, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush-Abramoff Photos Percolating Through Media

    Time magazine describes—but doesn’t publish—pictures of the president and the radioactive lobbyist. | story
    Democrats are sensing blood—the Republican equivalent of Clinton-Lewinsky hug videos.

    Posted on Jan 22, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush with Susan Ralston

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Pictures of George and Jack? Not yet, but Time magazine has seen them.  In this photo President Bush shares a cozy handshake with Karl Rove’s personal assistant, Susan Ralston. What’s wrong with this picture? Ralston was Jack Abramoff’s longtime secretary. | See the Source Watch file on Ralston.

    Posted on Jan 21, 2006 READ MORE

    NBC's David Gregory and White House spokesman Scott McClellan.
    MSNBC via Crooks and Liars

    NBC’s Gregory Bashes McClellan Over Abramoff

    Watch David Gregory catching the White House spokesman in a lie about his policy of not disclosing participants of Bush’s staff-level meetings. | Crooks and Liars has the video.
    Think Progress proves that McClellan is lying.

    Posted on Jan 20, 2006 READ MORE

    National Review Calls Abramoff Scandal Purely Republican

    In an editorial, the right-wing magazine calls any effort to tar Democrats a “misdirection.” | story

    Posted on Jan 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Betraying the Reagan Revolution

    What irony that those once young Republicans, who hectored their elders about being more vigilant in defending the nation’s taxpayers and security forces, should end up accused of deeply betraying both.

    Posted on Jan 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Pay to Play With Jack

    Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, in a plea deal,  is about to blow the whistle on a dozen congressmen— launching what should be the biggest scandal in decades. 

    Posted on Jan 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Dems Didn’t Take a Dime From Abramoff, Dean Says

    Don’t believe the hype, says Howard Dean, this is a purely Republican scandal | more

    Posted on Jan 9, 2006 READ MORE

    Disgraced Congressman ‘Wore a Wire’

    Ex-GOP Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham went undercover to implicate others before copping a plea. | more

    Posted on Jan 6, 2006 READ MORE

    Lobbyist’s Downfall Leads to Charities’ Windfall

    Follow the money on Abramoff and the folks he scammed and corrupted. |more

    Posted on Jan 6, 2006 READ MORE

    Bush, Delay Dump Abramoff Donations

    Attempt to distance themselves as scandal rocks Washington | more

    Posted on Jan 4, 2006 READ MORE

    Abramoff Pleads Guilty in Second Federal Case

    Conspiracy and wire-fraud charges stem from 2000 purchase of gambling boat fleet.

    Posted on Jan 4, 2006 READ MORE

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