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Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats’ Bailout Betrayal

Posted on Oct 5, 2008
AP photo / Susan Walsh

Rep. Dennis Kucinich does bailout battle in the halls of Congress.

By Chris Hedges

(Page 2)

Obama’s support for the bailout, however, is his most egregious betrayal. He had a brief, shining moment to prove he could lead, to capitalize on a popular revolt that cut across the political spectrum. He never attempted to address or mobilize the aspirations and passions of the vast majority of Americans. He was as craven, servile and cowardly as the party he represents. He returned to the campaign trail after Friday’s vote as a slick and polished sales representative for our corporate state, telling us to calm down and accept the inevitable. 

“Some of the most powerful speeches against this were given by members of the Republican Party who are on the political right,” Kucinich said. “They did a superb job in poking holes in the underlying assumptions of the bailout. They say what they believe. Give me somebody who says what they believe and I can figure out how to get them to a new place. When people say one thing and do another it is very hard to be able to move a debate.”

  So let us honor, in our moment of defeat, the handful of elected officials who valiantly defied their party leaderships in the House to stage a remarkable revolt that at first succeeded. Kucinich is one. There were others—Brad Sherman, Marcy Kaptur, Peter DeFazio, Lloyd Doggett and Robert C. “Bobby” Scott. They are about all that is left of the old Democratic Party, the party that once looked out for the poor and the working class. Send them a note of thanks. They deserve it. And if you live in their districts make sure you get to the polls in November. They did not sell you out.

“We had two take-it-or-leave-it propositions and the second one was worse than the first,” Kucinich said, referring to the plan that came loaded with pages of tax cuts. “Tax cuts are antithetical to a bailout. We never solved the problem. There were never any hearings on the bill. This premise, that we could prop up the stock market with a $700-billion investment and create some liquidity, was flawed. The problem is that banks do not want to loan to each other. It is not a liquidity problem. Banks are afraid they are going to collapse in short selling. There is a war going on between security firms and banks. Banks are under assault. They are not loaning. The dynamic is driven by the Accounting Standards Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Fed.”


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The root of the financial crisis, as critics of the bailout plan point out, is that millions of homeowners cannot pay their mortgages. The bailout, as the market decline on Friday following the vote illustrated, does not address the crisis. It solves nothing for the 10 million Americans who face foreclosure. It solves nothing for the growing numbers of unemployed and underemployed. It may well be the equivalent of tossing $850 billion of taxpayer money (including $150 billion in tax cuts) into a furnace and watching passively as our economy continues its plunge.

“We face a perfect financial storm,” Kucinich warned. “The elements are the deficit spending for the war of 3 to 4 trillion dollars, the trillion and more tax cuts, the war itself and the lack of serious investment in the country. We are being hollowed out.  We are going to see more unemployment and more people losing their homes. With $700 billion we could have made a real investment in the country, in jobs, in infrastructure and in homes. Instead, we got robbed.”

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By Krystle, April 24, 2012 at 8:21 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Black Diaspora~I don’t view your earnest inqiury as contentious and I appreciate the fact the you would even visit a blog labeled conservative black woman.  There are several reasons that I ultimately decided not to vote for Barack Obama in the general election (I did vote for him in the primaries although I was not entirely at peace with that decision).  I guess I should explain that my faith in Jesus Christ informs my world view so I’m put off by Sen. Obama’s position on life issues not so much that he is pro-choice but he voted 4 times against legislation to prohibit late term abortion and he voted to lift the ban on partial birth abortion and that is extreme.I’m also troubled that he was a part of Jeremiah Wrights church for 20 years—I’m just not sure how a Christian can listen to black liberation theology for 20 years—I can bearly sit through an 11:00 service at Union Temple (a popular church in DC which espouses BLT). I am grateful for black activism I just don’t think that church is a platform for it.  So these are just a few reason that I think he is too liberal for my tastes.  Beyond that I have no love for the democratic party.  I believe the democratic party delights in keeping black folks uninformed and dependent.  The Dems don’t give a hoot about our schools, crime, poverty or any of the social blights of Black people they just use us to garner votes and I will not comply.  For the record, I’m not crazy about McCain but I don’t trust Obama and I don’t think that Obama would be the lesser of two evils. and I have posted at least 30 blogs explaining why.  I am still a work in progress Black Diaspora, I want to see black folks think critically and not monolithically, I want us to rise up from the bottom of almost ever demographic. Unfortnately, I think our focus misplaced as a people.

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By DHFabian, November 20, 2008 at 8:02 pm Link to this comment

A good chunk of the population knows that life won’t improve for them during the Obama presidency, but hopefully, it won’t get much worse, either. Oddly, Barack Obama adamantly stated that he was opposed to the old “trickle down economics” theory. It became evident by last summer, however, that his social policy agenda IS trickle down economics. It’s a continuation of the same damaging policies enacted by the 1996 welfare “reform” bill. I don’t think people in general care about these policies, much less about America’s poor. We know that, as a direct result of welfare “reform”, the infant mortality rate among our poor has soared, while the life expectancy of America’s poor is now lower than that of some Third World nations, but we’re OK with that.

This is surprising, in view of all that we’ve seen over the past quarter century.  Our economy is like a house, with the poor being the foundation. While we’ve been putting all our money into an excessively ornate roof, the foundation has been crumbling away. This house is starting to collapse, and we can’t save it by hammering more nails into the roof. But we aren’t going to shore up the foundation, either, if only as a matter of principle.

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By soyfly, October 12, 2008 at 11:12 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

That’s why I’m voting for Cynthia McKinney! 

Power to the people… She’s the only Presidential Candidate who really gets a racial justice agenda, who makes gender justice central.  See her website

She deserves 5% of the vote, to build the Greens into National Party Status.  If progressives intentionally aim for it, having a viable third party is possible!  Right-wingers play the election rules strategically and have a long-term plan, we need one too.

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By independentminded, October 10, 2008 at 10:53 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

First of all, imho, neither McCain or Obama is fit to lead this country.  They’re not presidential material.

Secondly,  both of them seem equally willing to involve this country into more wars;  I watched some of the debate earlier this week, and both men seemed long on rhetoric and woefully short on substance.  When both men began talking about “going in and kicking some butt”, I turned the debate off, because I know, more than ever, what they both stand for.

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By toddboyle, October 9, 2008 at 9:18 pm Link to this comment

Chris Hedges is wrong in his comment that Obama is ” placating the thieves on Wall Street”.  Obama didn’t do it for wall street bankers. He did it for the ignorant and foolish American voters who would stampede for the Republicans if the media portrayed his vote as causing depression, causing collapse in their house prices, and causing collapse in their stock portfolios.

People truly are THAT stupid, and Obama knows it.

I don’t think Obama is any angel.  He’s a politician doing what it takes to get elected. It occurs to me Chris Hedges is like Obama, afraid to point out how stupid and emotionally driven the American voters are.  Instead of blaming Obama, he should be going after the media, the educational system and the church pulpits are the 3 largest institutions of mass indoctrination and culture, and THE AMERICAN VOTERS.

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By Troy Tucker, October 9, 2008 at 10:58 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

There’s only a few people that do what’s right in our government and that’s why I respect Kucinich so much. It’s because of him that I want to do all I can to help this country. He’s everything good about an American and what every American should be.

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By Sodium, October 8, 2008 at 5:51 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Subject:An opened letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich:

Dear Congressman Kucinich,

My wife and I are Independent voters.We are looking forward to November 4,2008 to cast our votes for your
re-election.We consider ourselves lucky for living in your district.

I have followed your career since you were the Mayor of the city of Cleveland,as I have followed the admirable dedicated activities of Ralph Nader.Both of you are the purest of the pure.Because I expect a close election,it is unfortunate that my wife and I will not vote for Ralph Nader but Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States.

And I keep wondering whether it is possible for you to start thinking of forming a new party with Ralph Nader!!!!  WHY NOT??? You may be surprised by the support you both can get and win Presidential election.When a recent poll has shown that the public
approval of the U.S. Congress is 13 percent,it means that the American people are fed-up with both parties
and most likely will embrace a genuine third party.

Please consider.Thank you.

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By peachface, October 8, 2008 at 4:25 pm Link to this comment

Dennis Kucinich is right when he says Obama did succumb to the politics of the moment when he went along with the “Bailout” bill.  But he’s still the only rational choice we have on November 4th.
The pressure put on Congress by the White House, the Fed, the Treasury and the media made everyone assume they had to pass something sooner rather than later.  Only time will tell if it was worth it or not.

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By Mike Varady, October 8, 2008 at 4:24 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Seems like the history of the Democratic Party in the last few years is to raise a fuss (and get a reputation for wanting to stand up to Los Republicanos) and then quietly cave in.  In the last month alone, they’ve done this on the so-called bail-out, on off-shore drilling, and on giving Bush more money for the war (they did this one ever-so-quietly.  Either they’re cowards or this is a pattern to make them look good while doing nothing.  I’m through with both parties, although I will have to vote for Obama, only because the polls indicate the two almost-indistinguishable candidates are so close—and I shudder to think of Palin as the next president, perky as she may be.

When it comes to a TRUE maverick, and in the best, old-fashioned sense of the word, that’s Dennis Kucinich.

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By libertarian, October 8, 2008 at 3:24 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Frank-  Good comments. Kucinich is prob my favorite Democrat. As a reformed Green Party nerd, now Libertarian, I still want to see taxpayer money perform a useful sacrifice. The misbegotten politicians who spawned the unending trillion dollar bailouts could have actually done something effective by simply mailing every taxpayer a check for $6000.

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By alturn, October 8, 2008 at 7:22 am Link to this comment

The best thing I heard Obama say was that when the people were out in force demanding a new direction he would not oppose it.  Which if true would be unlike Bush and who knows how much of congress.

The reforms and actions required to heal the current wrongs will be by necessity of, by and from the people.  It is us, not our elected representatives, who must take the lead in remaking the world.

The sooner we start ramping up, the better.

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By eileen fleming, October 8, 2008 at 6:05 am Link to this comment

It has been said the love of money is at the root of much evil and the bottom line in the mess the USA economy is in, is because GREED and not the best interests of Americans prevailed.

Another way to bail out institutions could have been to pay for it out of the Defense Budget which is by far the largest of any other nation in the world.

“Any nation that year after year continues to raise the Defense budget while cutting social programs to the neediest is a nation approaching spiritual death.”- Rev. MLK

Chris Hedges wrote:

“The passing of the $850-billion bailout pulled the plug on the New Deal. The Great Society is now gasping for air, mortally wounded, coughing up blood. It will not recover.”


Our Founding Father’s penned:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal…governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; and, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.”
-July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence


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By John Whiting, October 8, 2008 at 2:04 am Link to this comment

It’s true that this Democratic Congress and Obama’s campaigning have been cautious to the point of insipidity. I take scant comfort from the fact that FDR’s campaigning in 1932 was equally bland. It was not until he was firmly in power that he dared to undertake a program which, if he had proposed it in advance, would probably have tied him at the bottom along with Norman Thomas.

H. L. Mencken comes to mind, with a slight revision: No one ever lost an election underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.

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By cyrena, October 8, 2008 at 12:17 am Link to this comment

wish i knew writes:

“Obama may be laying out plans that he will utlimately not be able to carry out, but at least he is offering SOMETHING. McCain and Palin keep spewing the same rhetoric “trust us, we are mavericks, we will fix everything, we will reform everything (wild applause)”. Yet they never quite say how.”


wish i knew,

I SO MUCH appreciate your sensibility, and your connection with reality. It’s true of course, that Barack may be setting a blueprint for which *HE* cannot carry out…ALONE. But, he’s never claimed to. He’s only got ‘the plan’ but there’s no way he could possibly make it work -ON HIS OWN- because he’s basing that plan on the foundation of which we are supposedly built. He can’t carry this out on his own, because he’s not a dictator, and this system wasn’t set up that way.

Bottom line…if it’s gonna work, (after these criminals have so destroyed it) it’s only gonna happen with ALL of us participating. He’ll set up part of the legislative/bureaucracy that we need, (at least to pave the way) but that alone isn’t gonna do the trick.

Rather, we have to KNOW, that as fucked up as things have become under the corruptive and criminal element that highjacked us 8 years ago, we CAN get our country back, and more importantly, we WILL.

We’ll do it with leadership that SUPPORTS us, instead of criminals who’ve done everything they can to thwart our very existence.

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By Aira, October 7, 2008 at 9:02 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I have no respect for anyone who makes any variation on the argument: “now is not the time to criticism Obama!”  That will get us further into the downward slide: it enables corrupt politicians like Obama and Biden.  It’s also shamefully, willfully complicit on the part of those who make that argument.

Demand nothing now, you’ll get nothing.  But oh, you’ll be full of excuses as the corporate cronies get richer, the bailouts get bigger, the Bush admin are pardoned, and the Dems consolidate power. 

Anyone who tells me I can’t criticize something as criminal as this bailout, because I can’t criticize Obama?  I reply: YOU are as much the problem as any Bush supporter.  YOU are getting us into this.  Shame.  Shame!

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By cyrena, October 7, 2008 at 8:24 pm Link to this comment

I wish the choice would include someone like Kucinich who has always sided with the public interest.

It seems though we are afraid to break the two party system because if we do, the other party will win.

One can only “hope” if Obama gets in, he and congress can do some good. In the meantime we should keep their feet close to the fire.


Let’s think for just a moment, about what you’re saying here, because it reciting standard rhetoric, I fear you miss the context of the words…

First you mention about Dennis Kucinich being someone we would want to have because he sides with the public good.

THEN, (in the next breath) you say that it’s the problem with not wanting to break the 2 party system.

Do you know that Dennis Kucinich is a PART of that party system? Consequently, your suggestions here are incompatible.

Fact. We do NOT have a 2 party system. The US political system has as many ‘parties’ as choose to form. For this election, we have people running from FIVE parties. Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Peace & Freedom, and Republican. Count them. That’s FIVE political parties. Want more? Form one.

Meantime, Dennis Kucinich, (whom I too very much appreciate) is a Democrat. I highly respect him for remaining as such. Most of these others flip and switch around from party to party, but it doesn’t help their efforts.

I’m also very appreciative and respectful of Bernie Sanders, who is one less than a handful of Independents in the entire Congress. (I know of only two, and can’t think of the other one offhand).

Dennis Kucinich has come out in support of Barack Obama, and we more than ‘hope’ that he will provide the leadership required to work with Congress to get things done. We KNOW that he will.

Now all YOU have to do is elect him.

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By kitch, October 7, 2008 at 5:36 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This is war. To paraphrase Jim Morrison; they’ve got the money but we’ve got the numbers. Vote out those who did not represent our interests. Organize your friends, family, and neighbors.  This must not stand.

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Virginia777's avatar

By Virginia777, October 7, 2008 at 3:20 pm Link to this comment

You cannot ignore the fact that Obama has ALWAYS proved himself to be a very good learner. What this article does not see, is that all of the people Hedges credits with good vision, can and hopefully will, be made a part of an Obama presidency.

It is counter-productive to bash Obama at this point in time/history.

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By Communicationbreakdown, October 7, 2008 at 3:19 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Sorry Chris, the repubs did not vote to save the American taxpayer, they voted to save their own asses.  Whats become obviously clear is that neither party truly gives a shit about you or I.  America needs a third party run by honest, well intentioned, American people, and Dennis Kucinich should be the Leader.

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thebeerdoctor's avatar

By thebeerdoctor, October 7, 2008 at 3:16 am Link to this comment

The betrayal that Hedges speaks of is not really even news. All you had to do was look at the people giving Senator Obama economic advice, to realize he was not going to do anything but back the bailout/giveaway, despite all the lame rhetorical protests.
But since there is nothing new here, I rather point out something I heard Rick Santelli say on CNBC yesterday. He pointed out that Alan Greenspan, back in 2001, just before Halloween, did away with the 30 year T bill. The 30 year T bill was a solid financial instrument to manage long term fixed income. Well the genius of the Federal Reserve decided he did not want a 30 year obligation to be on the books, so it disappeared.
Well, there are lots of trust funds floating around in this world, and finding a safe place to store this dough was made more difficult by not having the 30 year T bill.
So where did these funds go? You guessed it, much of it went into mortgage backed securities. As Mr. Santelli pointed out, Greenspan and the Federal Reserve created an environment that acted as a catalyst for this disaster. Except for Rick Santelli, no one seems to have the guts to mention this at all.

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By libertarian, October 6, 2008 at 11:04 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Hedges and his protagonist, Kucinich, are correct in every important respect. Their strength serves as an example for the rest of us. My conviction is to vote third-party. I suspect, though, that as impure as Obama has been in this process, he will be able to lead world economic and financial entities out of their death-spirals by soon adopting the Kucinich view.

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By oceana, October 6, 2008 at 10:37 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Alarms have been ringing for many years but those ringing the alarm have been characterized as being crazy.  We are now hearing solutions that others have been saying we need to reinstate or tried to protect from losing.  We are now in a situation that will bring change domestically and globally as never before seen.  Do we, individually, have the information and resources to truly understand and address the global market situation and make appropriate recommendations within this country and the world at large?  (The New York Times reported two weeks ago that the insider traders sold multi-millions from their “safe fund” before the market dropped - they got their money out in time and I’m sure in a place to profit before the first large market downturn.)  It is being reported that investment firms and banks padded the pockets of executives as they exited the door.  No news to the majority at large, but it is still a stark reality of the money grab.  I’ve only heard of one man who refused to accept his package since he did not achieve his goals. May more have his courage and integrity.  Unfortunately, there are those who would rather let their institution fail than give up their additional millions to save the institution for the greater good.

Changes have been made and continue to be made keeping the public uninformed by fragmenting these changes making it difficult for the majority to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Many systems have been put in place over these past 10+ years that allow pillaging and other atrocities to take place that if the citizens of this country and the citizens of the world knew are taking place, there truly would be a revolt; but these systems have been buried so deep that the ability to track these atrocities by the average citizen is almost impossible. There are some who know that SAP is one example of at least 20 other systems that have been put in place that so deeply buries the corruption taking place, that it is difficult to track. SAP is far more than what is portrayed.  One book that touches on this is Chain of Command by Seymour M. Hersh.

There are large multinational corporations as we know that profit from the Iraq war but they prepared for it before the public knew it was going to happen. I worked for one such corporation. SAP plays its role in order to be doing business within this realm.
As an Independent, I will vote for Obama (reluctantly) because I can not stand the thought and the consequences of a McCain and Palin ticket.  Neither McCain nor Palin understand the consequences of M. Freidman’s economics. I think Obama understands, but he is having to compromise to be elected.  Once you compromise - I doubt there is any turning back in this current political realm; unless he has the courage to act as Fujimori.  Fujimore truly turned the economy of Peru around, stopped real terrorism, and stood up to the international corporations (Shell Oil) for the people of Peru; he paid the price by false international propaganda and internal propaganda from the inception of his first term by the right and left political wings and now serves time in prison. This was a great lesson of reality for me to truly see the power of propaganda at work on both sides of the political spectrum; domestically and internationally. 

Ideas have consequences and we are reaping what we have sowed over these years by not being informed and taking our wealth for granted and raping and pillaging our fellow man. We all are guilty to some degree.

Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine); and Peter Dale Scott (Drugs, Oil and War)

As Herodotus stated:  “For most of those which were great once are small today; and those which used to be small were great in my own time.  Knowing, therefore, that human prosperity never abides long in the same place, I shall pay attention to both alike.

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By cyrena, October 6, 2008 at 8:39 pm Link to this comment

Chris writes:

“Obama arrived on the Senate floor Brutus-like to thrust a knife into the back of the working and middle class. He lobbied hard for the bill. He did so, according to some who met with him on Capitol Hill, because he feared that if he opposed the bailout and it triggered a market collapse it could cost him the election.”

And, I’ve come to disbelieve Chris during the past 6 or so months, because of his very deliberate rhetoric. When I first saw this article posted, I did as I always do, and connected to the ‘title’ but hurriedly, because I’m without access to my own computer these days. That said, it wasn’t until I started reading it, that I realized that I had ‘assumed’ from the title, that Kucinich had written this. Instead, it’s just Chris Hedges, writing FOR Dennis Kucinich, (which or without his permission). Based on the very negative and biased rhetoric coming from Chris lately, he no longer holds any credibility with me, or my fellow colleagues…including those who pride themselves on professional journalism.

Yes, the bailout is a betrayal..and I think we can all agree to that. But it is the ending betrayal, that comes long, long, long, after the damage has been done.

I don’t believe Chris in his claim that Obama ‘lobbied HARD’ for it. That is subjective rhetoric, and Obama is hyper-pragmatic, regardless of whether one appreciates that or not. Anyone can tell the difference. This wasn’t a ‘lobbying issue’, and I resent the rhetoric, particularly with zero to back it up.

As for voting for Democrats just to make us feel better, (as troublesum suggests) let’s keep in mind that Dennis Kucinich is a democrat, and unlike other former democrats, hasn’t decided to put on another “label” or switch parties and call himself something else, just because times and the political system are in chaos. Thank you Dennis, for all you’ve done, and for all that you continue to do.

Meantime, the construction of the Supreme Court still hangs in a very precarious balance. We need to elect Barack Obama on November 4th, to be assured that we don’t lose the Court as well. If we do, you’ll all be ‘lobbying’ to get the hell out of here, the sooner the better.

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By GB, October 6, 2008 at 8:22 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I find it interesting that if you call out the crimes of the neo cons and their FOX media outlet you are labeled Liberal. If you call out the phony support the Republicans say they have for the troops after lying to the world and sending them to destroy a country that posed no threat to us at a devestating cost to our troops, life and our financial system you are a labeled a Liberal.

Liberal is actually the real hero here because it looks for the truth and not just shell games with our future.

The real history will prove again and again that Dennis Kucinich was right and he had all Americans’ interests at heart.

The Republicans created the incredible mess we’re in with reckless deregulation of white collar crime and Pelosi/Hoyer did nothing to stop it.

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By Anthony, October 6, 2008 at 8:18 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I can understand the feeling. Somehow people feel that if you take a “Left” position that it would have done some good.

90% of the Economist I have heard said “Vote for the Bill and hold your nose” The stock market they are showing you on your regular news cast and for those that don’t watch CNBC or Bloomberg aren’t getting the right information.

The credit markets are in the tank all around the world.

The “injection” of money hasn’t actually started yet, just like you didn’t get your “Stimulus” package the day after it was signed into law, it took about 4 months after it was announced and signed for me to get mine and they KEPT IT most of it!

That being said, what’s being ignored is the desire by MANY to AFTER the election and when Congress comes back after the first of the year to UNDO alot of this BILL.

Of course the real solution is BOTTOM up, not TOP down. I get that, but the BANKING SYSTEM pushed back and was talking to Congressman THROUGH the night to get the thing pass.

You have to give Congress the WILL POWER to push back by protecting them from partisan PUSH back from the Republican party and the “Blue” dog Dems in their OWN party.

The GAME is not OVER yet. Its taken 35 years for the “Storm” to be perfect and yes NOBODY is perfect, how else would a half Black man get this FAR without a tremendous amount of money? He OWES somebody something. That’s why his health care plan keeps Big Health Care/Phrama in control of the Health Care Industry just puts some REGULATION on them. That won’t stop say California from having its OWN Single Payer Health Care system…

I would have hoped “Chicken Little” wouldn’t show up on the Left too. I’m Black so whatever happens its worst for me. I’m not voting for Obama because he will change everything. I’m voting for the man because he’s clearly the better choice in a system that makes you pick the lesser of two evils.

I won’t see any TAX increase I don’t make enough money, I am in fact WORKING poor. If you change the numbers around, you’ll still get health care and guess what I can’t afford it, I’ll get it.

Why should I MOVE up to the “Middle Class” when I’ll be holding most of the baggage???? The intention of moving up is to live more comfortable, save for your child’s education, be able to afford a home and two cars. That’s generally a OUTDATED concept, but some people still want this. While I would like much of this, why should I invest in America (In the form of Property Taxes) when there’s still Congressmen and Business people blaming the subprime problem largely on PEOPLE of COLOR???

Google Rep.Michelle Bachmann of Minn

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Outraged's avatar

By Outraged, October 6, 2008 at 7:04 pm Link to this comment

Great article Mr. Hedges.

It looks like denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.  Obama shafted everyone AND so did McCain.  172 Democrats… MORE THAN 2/3 VOTED IN FAVOR OF THE BAILOUT.  Without hearings, without input from professionals and without listening to the demands of the American People.  To CLAIM that “it’s still better to have democrats in charge is delusional”.  These two parties ARE ONE AND THE SAME, and they serve MONIED INTERESTS.

“Overall, Democrats in the House favored the bill 172-63 in Friday’s vote; Republicans voted 108-91 against it.”,0,6267511.story

“Both parties’ presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, made rare appearances to cast “aye” votes.

<u>In the Senate</u>
In the final vote, 40 Democrats, 33 Republicans and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted “yes.”

Nine Democrats, 15 Republicans and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont voted “no.“Here is a list of the Bailout vote in the Senate.”

NINE Democrats out of FOURTY-NINE voted against this bill in the Senate.  NINE!  AGAIN, no hearings, no advice from professionals in the field and no regard for the wishes of the American people.

It is outrageous and utterly without merit to claim that democrats are better than republicans or vice versa.  They didn’t protect America, did they…?  It is obvious who owns them and it is obvious what they think of their constituents.

Add to that ALL the constant fear-mongering….LIES.  Add to that the lies afterward, the “we HAD to save the day” bullshit rhetoric.

Voting for one of the corportate presidential candidates, Obama OR McCain is to NOT FACE FACTS.  They both just sold you down the river with a bunch of help from your congress.  Wake UP.

For those who are deluded enough to think they can “hold Obama’s feet to the fire”, I have a question…. How’s that BEEN working for ya’?

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By nestoffour, October 6, 2008 at 6:21 pm Link to this comment

bellow is the cr*p i received from the obama campaign in response to my e-mail in which i was explaining why he won’t be getting my vote:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me about the state of our economy.  Before the crisis hit Wall Street, you and I know it had already hit Main Street.  That’s why I have been clear throughout this campaign on my top priority: helping middle class families.

America is facing one of the greatest financial crises in history, and the passage of an emergency rescue plan was absolutely necessary to prevent an economic catastrophe that could have cost millions of jobs and forced businesses across the country into bankruptcy.

I’m glad that Democrats and Republicans put aside their differences, came together, and took this step.  I am also grateful to the House Democrats I personally spoke with who supported this rescue plan.  While the Administration initially asked for a blank check to solve this problem, over the last few weeks we were able to include important taxpayer protections to prevent golden parachutes for CEOs, provide independent oversight, help struggling homeowners, and ensure that taxpayers get their money back when the economy recovers.

Now we must ensure that this Administration uses the authority it has been given wisely and in a way that protects American taxpayers.  We also must do more than this rescue package does to help homeowners stay in their homes.  And while we will all hope that this rescue package succeeds, we should be prepared to take more vigorous actions in the months ahead to rebuild capital if necessary.

This is not a time for celebration, but a sobering time, as we’ve recently found out that three-quarters of a million jobs were lost just this year.  Passing this rescue plan cannot be the end of our work to strengthen our economy – it must be the beginning.

I call on Congress to pass an emergency plan for the middle-class that will help folks cope with rising food and gas prices, save one million jobs by rebuilding our schools and roads, and help states and cities avoid budget cuts and tax increases.  It’s a plan that should extend expiring unemployment benefits for those Americans who’ve lost their jobs and cannot find new ones.

I will also continue to lay out the clear choice in this election between myself and Senator McCain:  four more years of policies that have killed jobs and devastated our middle-class, or a change in Washington that will provide tax relief to 95% of workers and create millions of new jobs by investing in clean, renewable energy.  It is time to end the era of greed and irresponsibility in Washington and on Wall Street so that we can come together and restore American prosperity from the bottom-up.

I’ve fought for working families for my entire career, and I will continue fighting for your interests as President.  I’m not taking lobbyist money, they aren’t running my campaign, and they won’t drown out your voices when I am President.

For more detail on my plan to bring real change to our economy and real relief to the middle class, please click here:

I have developed a detailed legislative agenda to refocus government on the needs of the middle class and small businesses, and I hope you’ll take a look at it by clicking here:

These plans build on laws I’ve passed in over a decade as a legislator.  Together, they provide a path to financial security for every American family by stimulating the economy, restoring fairness to the tax code, protecting home ownership, strengthening workers’ rights, and making sure that trade deals like NAFTA work for American workers.

I hope you will join me in this fight.


Barack Obama

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By Jimmy Haslam, October 6, 2008 at 6:14 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I did not mean to imply that you were finger pointing. You were in a position to stand up for us Americans, and you did so. Bravo.
But to the rest of us. Any anger felt about this issue is totally great. But if we allow that anger to cause us to, say, not vote this election, then it has defeated us. Oboma’s not perfect, but if you truly think he’s the same as McCain then you’re insane. Do what you can do now. 8 years was enough.

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By Jimmy Haslam, October 6, 2008 at 5:49 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

There’s already an excellent and eloquent comment echoing my feelings, so let me offer the brief version.
FACT: There are 2 Candidates in this election who may win.
FACT: One is better than the other, if not as much so as some may have hoped.
OPINION bordering on fact: It is better to elect the guy who will prove a small step torwards where we would like our country to be than to complain about where it’s at without actually making it any better. Instead, at a time when those complains could jeapordize the possibility of a small sucess. Yes, small. But better than a corrupt bail-out AND a corrupt war.
Get the guy in, get our troops out, THEN get off your finger-pointing ass and stand up for political accountabilty at the appropriate time. I.E. when it will NOT barricade the way to something America (and the rest of the world) has needed for EIGHT long years.
Perfection cannot exist in the current political scheme. If McCain was running against perfection, he would easily win. So be greatful for the imperfect improvement who may actually be electable and take the time to VOTE on November 6!

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By Louise, October 6, 2008 at 5:24 pm Link to this comment

Beware the gloom and doom shared by well meaning people with opinions. Opinions which serve the interests of the very people who led us to this cliff. The REPUBLICANS!

Politicians are not always smart. And like some of their constituents, not always well-informed. We marveled at the public response when the “bailout bill” was introduced. And how little mention there was of the war. Proving most Americans, like most politicians forgot about the war when faced with a failing economy. Main Street never pays attention until they get hurt! Wall Street never stops paying attention!

Did this mess begin with Clinton? NO! He signed a bad REPUBLICAN bill that helped the mess along, [that not-so-smart thing] but the democrats are not responsible for the greed and corruption that IS the REPUBLICAN party! Republicans were hurting the people long before Clinton. This mess has been growing like a cancer, eating away inside the body until it explodes through the skin! A cancer that started growing the day FDR began the fixes that helped us recover from the Great Depression. The hatred the republican party has for anything and everything FDR did is that cancer. The need to destroy it ALL is fundamental to their platform. They will shoot themselves in the head before they will admit they were wrong - and THEY were responsible for the 1929 collapse - even all these years later.

I’m sorry, we don’t have Kucinich leading the democrat ticket. But we don’t. So I’m even sorrier that Hedge has decided to damn the democrats just because. This kind of bashing will only add speed to a complete collapse!

Every single nincompoop who bashes Obama and the democrats in this time of crisis risks pushing McCain into the White House, and that would nail the coffin shut. Republicans DO NOT KNOW HOW to fix the economy. They have in their entire history NOT ONE DEMONSTRABLE ACTION that proves leadership in the arena of growing a strong, lasting economy that serves the best interests of the entire nation. Not one! They love Milton FRIEDMAN fascist economics and Phil Graham duplicity.
They exist only to enrich the rich. And have no other motive or love, except war. It has always been so.

McCain is the perfect example of what republican leadership is. As quick to lie as breath. Favoring anyone and everyone who will push profit and power his way. Completely lacking in the strength of character to admit his part in a failing economy. A dishonest man who lives only to serve himself. He is a bag of conceit wrapped in an aging body. He knows NOTHING about running an economy and his running mate [believe it or not wink] knows even less! Republicans have a long history of theft and dishonesty. Committing the crime then planting the evidence on someone else -even the victim. They do it. That is their method. They believe most voters are STUPID and easily twisted to believe any curent crisis is the fault of democrats. They have done it to us for generations! They caused this crisis just as surely as they created the lies that led us to attack Iraq.

I generally enjoy reading Hedge, but this time he does us a disservice. Choosing to blame the democrats for this crisis devalues his opinion on a wide variety of issues. Choosing to lable the democrats for the mess puts us even closer to the tragedy of another republican president. If that happens, we wont be here a year from now debating whether or not the Market will recover. We’ll be out of work and probably standing in a bread line!

Hedge offers no alternative save throw away your vote, which gives it to McCain. So I sincerely hope if McCain and Pain move into the White House and the republicans regain control of Congress and the whole country collapses completely, Hedge will spare us his wisdom when we bump into him under a collapsed bridge. And NOT tell us WE made a mistake!

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By Marc Schlee, October 6, 2008 at 5:05 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The blame game is how criminals are caught and punished.

Look back.

Place blame.



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By wish i knew, October 6, 2008 at 4:43 pm Link to this comment

I was watching McCain’s speech today. The man makes me physically ill to look at, much less to listen to. Obama may be laying out plans that he will utlimately not be able to carry out, but at least he is offering SOMETHING. McCain and Palin keep spewing the same rhetoric “trust us, we are mavericks, we will fix everything, we will reform everything (wild applause)”. Yet they never quite say how.

I cannot risk that man becoming President. I cannot stand the thought of Sarah Palin being that close to the Presidency. I cannot stand the thought of rewarding all the people who will vote for that woman just because they see themselves in her ignorance and self-righteous platitudes.

I will vote for Obama and Biden not because of what they will be able to do for our country from a legislative standpoint - we all know their hands are already tied regardless. But I will vote for Obama and Biden for the sheer fact that if this country is going to reclaim itself, it needs to start by sending a message to all of the people who have really busted their asses, donated money, and fought to wrestle the presidency out of the grips of neocon domination. It is those people who need some encouragement that they will have a tomorrow. Those people who can’t afford to live here, but can’t afford to leave either. Those people truly do not have a choice. A McCain presidency will do far more harm, and I cannot let that happen.

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By Frank Cajon, October 6, 2008 at 4:29 pm Link to this comment

The Great Bailout Swindle is done. The bankers are saved and Wall St has more of our money to play with now that it has pissed away all of OUR money it already blew. Funny thing: Capitalism is still finished. The stock market is dead and diving daily, jobs are gone, banks are failing, and capital is shrinking because the fascist/Bourgieosie/corporate elite are still running the same con and the workers are still buying into their shell game.

We cannot allow this to continue as more banks and large corporations go tits up in the coming months. No more rescues at the expense of the workers. The one class that has done its job is getting shafted, as it always has historically. We are presented two POTUS candidates-one who wants two Iraq wars side by side, the other who wants two in Iran and Pakistan. A military draft is coming, folks. The bottom line is that the war is what got us in this mess, along with some greed to ice the bitter cake. Demonstrations against wars of aggression and occupation are a start. People in the streets to protest selling out the workers and giving a trillion to Wall St, while no moratorium on house foreclosures, mandatory mortgage renegotiation regs, or other steps to protect the workers were included-much less an increase in minimum slave wages or mandatory, universal health care. The workers have been sold out and Wall St just bought a government with our money. What a buy.

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By troublesum, October 6, 2008 at 4:19 pm Link to this comment

Calls to senators and congressmen were running 100 to 1 against the bailout.  You can’t hold their feet any closer to the fire than that and democrats still voted in favor of the bill by large margins.  Vote for democrats if it makes you feel better but don’t expect them to listen to you.

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By Skippygrrl, October 6, 2008 at 4:12 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

1) Author forgot to add “Obama voted in FAVOR of telecom immunity, even though he swore he wouldn’t” to the list.  That one seriously enraged me.

2) Kucinich told Amy Goodman on Democracy Now the other day that the Obama campaign SPECIFICALLY lobbied the House dems NOT to include individual mortgage relief in the raw sewage that was the bailout.  Repeat: Obama said NO RELIEF FOR INDIVIDUALS out of the 700+ billion. 

It’s all over folks.  And if you’d care to protest, check out our newly minted Portable Prison Cells:

And for god’s sake, read The Shock Doctrine and watch this video from Naomi Klein from 17 September:

Peace be with you.  I am trying to emanate love instead of fury.  But I am fucking furious.

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By Xntrk, October 6, 2008 at 3:44 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I decided a couple of months ago to vote for Obama because of the Supreme Court. Not campaign for him or donate, just cast my ballot as if it matters.

Socialists have few choices in the US, and most of them are bad: Vote for a person who stands no chance of even being an ‘also ran’. or vote for the least bad choice. Our 3rd Party Candidates are treated as lepers: not even allowed to debate for fear they will infect the electorate with a real idea, or an honest opinion.

Then along came the Bailout. I am now voting for anyone who didn’t vote yes - which may mean I am forced to vote for a neanderthal Republican!

In a moment of true irony, I was watching the VP Debate when the Democratic Senate Committee called asking for money. I told them they must not have read my e-mail telling the Democratic incumbents that I would no longer vote for them because of their sell-out of the working class.

Not that it matters, no one counts the ballots anyway.

Think about it…

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By Jim Frost, October 6, 2008 at 3:06 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I was kind of surprised by the statement “The Democrats gave us the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999” as I thought it was rather the opposite.  So I looked it up:

This shows Republicans voting for the bill, and Democrats /opposing/ it, almost perfectly down party lines.  Factually speaking this is completely incorrect.  I had hoped that it was a simple mistake but I guess not, as the information in the article is consistently misleading.

For example, the bailout was not a Democrat-only affair by any stretch of the imagination.  While it’s true that the almost all Democrats voted for it, it’s not even remotely true that it was roundly opposed by Republicans.

In the senate Republicans broadly supported the bill, 34 for and 15 against:

Democrats were 39 and 9, in comparison.

In the House the Republicans numbers were split almost in half, 91 for and 108 against.  Democrats again were clearly in support, but not straight down party line, it was 172 to 63:

I could go on but you get the idea.  At best this article is highly misleading and in places it’s utterly wrong.  Try harder.

jim frost
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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By samosamo, October 6, 2008 at 2:30 pm Link to this comment

Just a little mental exercise here. Remember right after the 2006 election and everyone was aglow with the dems taking the majority in both house & senate? Now, remember the disappointment after about 100 days, give or take a hundred, that is was obvious that the new congress was not about to ‘change’ things and most disheartening was pelosi’s ‘impeachment off the table for w & dick’ as the reality sunk in even deeper and deeper.
Remember also, that just after the election(2006) how all these presidential wannabes started a 2 and 1/2 year run for the presidency and all the campaigning and debates that took place? Well, remember also that just up until the end of 2007 the wannabes were ‘sorted out’ by the press or msm, making the remaining wannabes the choice the parties wanted running. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and a couple of others were bumped off the debates or conferences? Their voices wound up on the internet and other out of the main stream places so as not to influence the acceptable choices or the people’s washed out brains that there was a whole lot more concerned and knowledgeable people running for the presidency.  Some will appear on the ballots anyway but all of them were ignored because they made real sense.
There is your reason for there being no choice. My exact thoughts when it was pretty well known who was left in the running and who my favorites were cut out. Make no mistake, the msm may not have chosen who was to be the presidential contenders but they were damn sure told who to leave out and who to allow to continue on the msm, THE most visible medium for information in these Dictatorship of the United States.
Made me mad because of all the pandering and groveling for ‘votes’ I have been forced to accept that if the race is close towards the end of the election day, I will be forced to cast my vote to hopefully keep someone(s) from becoming president and vp. If it isn’t close I will vote for someone other than a dem or repub and that especially goes for the senate and house seats up for election, probably more important than the presidency.
Now, is it a little more clear how there are NO choices? This keeps the nominees in the acceptable category of ‘there is not a damn bit of difference in the choices for president’. At most, the least worse. And until this is corrected, expect to be disappointed with in a hundred days of the transfer of power, IF that even happens.

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By yellowbird2525, October 6, 2008 at 1:07 pm Link to this comment

a big mistake everyone here is making is this: our lawmakers are lawbreakers. They totally ignore oaths of office including Congress both Fed, & State: you talk about getting laws passed: folks: in Oregon st legislatures Sal Esquaval; Alan Bates, & Peter Buckley town hall meeting 1/28 & 1/29 08; stated all illegals having drivers licenses (given to them illegally by elected officials) will keep them; any new coming here will be given to them; July 08 Oregon law stated citizens need to show certified birth certs to get drivers licenses. WHAT GOOD does it do to “pass a law” when it is only for SHOW? or to HARM the citizens? do you UNDERSTAND our nation brought top Nazi’s over here & are going to “pass a law” for US to be NUMBERED? IT IS called Fed Id #s;

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By Micah, October 6, 2008 at 1:01 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This article made my stomach sink because the picture painted is true. I want to avoid that reality. But the deal is this, in 2000 we got Bush, not Gore. In 2008 do we want McCain or Obama?

I wish the choice would include someone like Kucinich who has always sided with the public interest.

It seems though we are afraid to break the two party system because if we do, the other party will win.

One can only “hope” if Obama gets in, he and congress can do some good. In the meantime we should keep their feet close to the fire.

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By Inherit The Wind, October 6, 2008 at 12:43 pm Link to this comment

He had a brief, shining moment to prove he could lead, to capitalize on a popular revolt that cut across the political spectrum.

That’s Chris Hedges….Like he would then have been an Obama supporter?  Yeah, Right!

The funny thing is that under this absurd rant and rave there is one thing:

Kucinich is probably right—guaranteeing the mortgages themselves would have been a far more effective way to spend $700 billion.  Since the mortgages themselves were the foundation of the house of cards, ensuring THEY were safe would not only save the banks and investment houses, it would save the families in their homes. Which is a lot more bang for the buck—all 700 billion of them.

Yet, once again DK couldn’t convince enough people to stick with him to be effective (which is always my criticism of DK—he doesn’t know how to get legislation passed.)  But I’ll bet he’d make a heluva lot better SecTreas than Paulsen.

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By psickmind fraud, October 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm Link to this comment

AS to the Dems and Gramm-Leach, the story goes that Weill of Citigroup called Clinton personally and told him to hurry the bill through.  Weill supposedly even has the pen that Clinton used to sign the bill on his “Wall of Me”.

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By John Maszka, October 6, 2008 at 12:26 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This bailout is just one more example of the indivisible handjob stroking irresponsible CEOs and CFOs with billions so that they can run the American economy even further into the ground. So much for Keynesian economics. If the goal is to stimulate the economy, why not give the money directly to the American taxpayer? We’d do twice as much good for the economy by giving even half as much directly to the taxpayers. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush administration.

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By Leefeller, October 6, 2008 at 12:08 pm Link to this comment

As the election nears, if you have not seen the Letterman on Bush promises, you will find it a refreshing review. It remains to be seen if Obama would be in the same boat, I know McCain would be, only it pinning him down on a real issues is almost impossible, for he has not taken a stand on anything.

check it out:

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By floydw, October 6, 2008 at 11:56 am Link to this comment

What this article eloquently articulates and the manner in which Paulson’s plan was railed through congress — against an overwhelming tide of popular sentiment — both serve to illustrate par excellence is the degree to which the two-party system has utterly corrupted Representative Democracy. And the corrosive, if not destructive, implications for the integrity of our economy and free-market capitalism; the decay of the American dream, the apogee of American influence and the dimming of a great light unto the world.

The prime consequence of the two-party system is manifest in the endemic culture of corruption currently plaguing our capitol; creating an environment whereby moneyed-interests can easily own both sides of the aisle and extend a prohibition against alternate voices and view points, including the popular one.

The rectification of this glum circumstance lies in breaking the monopoly the two-party system has on the legislative and executive branch.  Therefore, if you live in an essentially settled red state or blue state, please consider casting a vote for a third party candidate rather than submitting a meaningless endorsement of a major party candidate.

For instance, in the state I live in, a vote for Obama is essentially meaningless. McCain is certain to carry the state and Obama is not even campaigning here. A vote for Nader has significance with respect to the recognition of third parties and their eligibility for federal funding during the next election cycle.  The threshold required to achieve eligibility for federal funding is 5% of the popular vote, I believe.

Until we radically alter the current environment dominated by the two-party system, ideological gridlock will persist.  Only when an environment that compels politicians to build consensus is established will our votes and popular constituent concerns again assume a mantle of vitality within the political sphere.

Wasn’t it Einstein who said, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”?  Are we to believe that we can continue in the present environment and expect anything other than continued exploitation by special interests and a succession of increasingly desperate crisis?

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By Mayponce, October 6, 2008 at 11:49 am Link to this comment

Looks like Chris Hedges didn’t get the memo of the Democratic party’s #1 talking point-

Any criticism of Obama=supporting McCain.

I’d be willing to bet any Democrat out there that if Obama wins, four years from now the US will-

1.Still have troops occupying Iraq (it might be less troops, but we’ll still have a sizable presence to keep our Iraqi puppets in power).

2.More US troops and an escalation to the war in Afghanistan. No questioning of the absurd “war on terror”. After all Afghanistan is the “real front line in the war on terror”, right?

3.No significant health care reform (in fact single payer will never even be on the table).

4. The US drug war will continue without any discussion.

5. US “defense” spending will be higher than any previous year, including the Bush years.

6. Our policy towards Israel will continue without a hitch (after all Obama and Biden love Israel too!) and they will receive more money to build their walls and bully their neighbors.

7. The same neo liberal economic policy’s that just gave us this fucked up Wall street bailout.

Now that’s some change I can believe in…...

But of course many will believe that by stating the above I’m secretly trying to get McCain elected at worst and at best a childish idealist.

Of course that’s even assuming Obama can even win the election. Democratic pragmatism has worked so well in the last 2 elections right?

All of you will get what you deserve either way-another Democratic defeat or a kinder gentler American Empire.

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By yellowbird2525, October 6, 2008 at 11:13 am Link to this comment

there was no need to go into Iraq at all; Saddam had offered to leave thru Swiss agency; the whole reason for the USA to go into Iraq was to establish another greedy enslavement of people: to harm the people & planet for THEIR own greed; same is going on in Mexico: Clinton went down after Bush Sr failed to bribe the Pres of THAT country: and Corps followed taking away their land & their water rights against the constitution; they are busy in Australia & here forcing farmers to put chips in cattle, sheep, etc and “failing” to reimburse them; they want mega farms & cloned animals; refusing orgainic & wanting chemicals they have given the water rights of the USA to the mega company who made Agent Orange; and because the people raised such a fuss over agent orange being used to clear wheat fields: they made genetic seeds complete with agent orange inside to HARM the people: *****to STAND UP to CANCER: you MUST REMOVE THE PROBLEMS causing it; and THAT is the chemicals which our Gov is bought & paid for by: remember when Bush went to Japan? the GREEN conference there? WHAT DID HE SAY? “we will let the businesses decide”; there it is; it is NOT a democracy at all; all political parties in the USA are in total agreement: whatever the Corps & Businesses want they get & the FDA is a SHELL company to DECEIVE the people into BELIEVING that the things are “safe”; they are to HARM YOU for the sister company the PHARMA: folks, there are all kinds of books written to back up everything I am saying. The infant death & toxins in formala & baby’s food is NOT from China! It is RED HERRINGS to get our voices MADE to be silenced! IT IS HERE IN THE USA! Why do you THINK S Koreans are STILL picketing cuz they do NOT want our BEEF imported? Remember the “downed” cows? THAT is what you are putting on YOUR table for YOUR family: along with other FULL of chemicals to HARM YOU to bring $ to THEM. EVERYTHING in the USA is DECEPTION, DECEIT, & LIES;

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By mishap, October 6, 2008 at 11:10 am Link to this comment

There is a major fact that is mistated here. After following the link for “The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999” It says that Gramm and Leach, 2 republicans intorduced it, in a republican majority house. That statement that Democrats introduced it unfortunately made me disregard everything stated in this article, except how cool Kucinich is. I am furious write now with that libel BS.

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By Paracelsus, October 6, 2008 at 10:57 am Link to this comment

My idea for tax revolt sounds better all the time. I remember how I was assailed as a kook for it months ago.

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By yellowbird2525, October 6, 2008 at 10:38 am Link to this comment

The Gov of the USA has ALWAYS worked on the side of Corps & wealthy: to the peril of the people & the planet. They have actively & aggressively been waging warfare on their own citizens for quite some time now & have NEVER treated them well. Claiming “we are the free” when every other nation SEES us as slaves to Corps: WHY then STOP & take a deep breath & consider: WHY are they trying so hard for “world dominion”? Bribing the heads of countries of corrupt & polluted folks who are as greedy & corrupt as them OR waging “war” for whatever excuse they THINK they can “pass” onto the people of this country as a “good excuse” for? they replace with DICTATORSHIPS who are cruel to the people REPEATEDLY folks; do NOT listen to what THEY say to you; go to the HISTORY BOOKS: cuz they have been busy getting original internet archives & CHANGING THEM; they are busy “amending” changing, adding, & deleting laws, to EXCUSE what they do. They deliberately set this up; they keep saying “don’t look back”********100 years ago the Model T (just had it’s birthday) created to last 100 years: and ran on grain alcohol, NO pollution AT ALL: and got 26 MPG. #1 cause of global warming which they have known was car emmissions & have REPEATEDLY refused alternative greener fuels: since 1950’s; were you aware there is a device for under $100 to change existing cars to run on natural gas? That cost’s less & is far cleaner? AND there was NO DANGEROUS TO HUMANS formaldehyde used in ANY thing back then. THEY WANT $ ONLY: to HARM the people to take their $ to the Pharma company who works with them. Were you aware that Hillary blew $100m in 1 single month? Jan 08. Yet repeatedly they have deliberately harmed the people of this country over & over & over & over. Keeping all the Indians $ for themselves; keeping all the taxes for “aid” to other countries for themselves: giving them instead “cheese” or “frozen chicken legs”; they keep 2/3rds or more of all “aid” giving claiming overhaed expenses. ****they overbill electric & natural gas bills; IGNORE the peoples wishes re environmental issues. Yet they want to INFLICT this same MONSTROSITY they call “freedom” on everyone??????????

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By Sean01, October 6, 2008 at 10:36 am Link to this comment

Man, I’ve always loved Kucinich and it’s sad that we can’t get him elected.

This article is important. I’m an Obama supporter, but increasingly skeptical. Obama & Biden are definitely big money whores.

Add Beau Biden to the mix and it gets scarier: He was the primary credit card industry lobbyist that provided direct access to Joe Biden, whose efforts ultimately led to the passage of the credit card industry’s anti-consumer bankruptcy legislation of 2004-2005. 

But, like everyone else posting here…what options do we have except to vote for Obama/Biden?

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By Leefeller, October 6, 2008 at 10:29 am Link to this comment

Kucinich, for the hell of it I may write him in, can we still do that?

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By Don Stivers, October 6, 2008 at 10:29 am Link to this comment

Why don’t Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader hook up and then we can use the internet to get the word out. 

Let us get rid of the bums that voted for the bailout.

Should have given the money to the people who are loosing their homes for legitimate reasons (through the bankruptcy courts) and let the money flow up and keep the bastards afloat.

Let’s vote Kucinich and Nader or vice versa.

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By TAO Walker, October 6, 2008 at 9:52 am Link to this comment

A trillion dollars isn’t even that much “lubrication” anymore….but it’ll sure grease the skids under the “middle class.”  Maybe Dr. Knowitall’s “bright side” is just getting this all over with that much sooner.  Then there’s the fact the tormentors are having to force these issues a lot sooner than the nazification scheme called for.

When the dust settles the domesticated peoples should look around for those of us surviving free wild natural Human Beings….we’re everywhere….to get some native guidance on how to go on.  The “global” gangbangers are even now taking-in the stuff of their own undoing, and are already irrelevant to the Song ‘n’ Dance of Life Herownself.

So don’t panic, tame Two-legged Sisters and Brothers.  Tiyoshpaye is on The Way.


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By troublesum, October 6, 2008 at 9:50 am Link to this comment

Getting a bailout has not stopped wall street from going to hell.  What now?

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Anarcissie's avatar

By Anarcissie, October 6, 2008 at 9:22 am Link to this comment

I am surprised people are now so excited about Obama’s support of the bailout swindle.  It has been clear from his record from the beginning that he is a politician of the established order.  He would never have gotten as far as he has if he had espoused the sort of politics promoted by Kucinich or McKinney.  As a man of the establishment his job was to help put the latest con game across, and he knew it.

And while I am pleased that the people finally woke up a little bit and compelled Congress to resist the bailout for a few days, I think it is silly to regard it as any kind of watershed.  The bailout is part of something that has been going on for many years—a long train of swindles, thefts, and robberies.

Many of you think this can be changed by electing a different great leader to the presidency.  This is an illusion.  The country, the world, can’t be changed by monarchs, from the top down, because the monarchies themselves are swindles, based on the lie that people can’t take care of their own business.  The world can be changed only from the bottom up, by depriving the swindlers of consent and support.  It is long past time to pay attention to the little man behind the curtain.

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By Jabba, October 6, 2008 at 9:21 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I loved this post, some really good points here.

For the greatest single act of class warfare, I’d like to nominate the whiskey rebellion:

It set the stage for a Might makes Right country.

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By Southern Gal, October 6, 2008 at 9:19 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I don’t understand why people think that they can influence Obama to do the right things after he is elected to office. Once a politician gets into office he/she is busy trying to stay in and get re-elected. The people have the power to help him get elected, but when it comes to decision making and legislation the corporations and rich, powerful interests will dominate. The pressure from the top 1%, multi-national corporations, the military industrial complex, Wall Street and others will be tremendous. This is our system. It is time to get behind an independent third party. It will take commitment, money, perseverance and lots of time. We will have to work from the bottom up for real change, not just fancy words.

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By troublesum, October 6, 2008 at 9:06 am Link to this comment

New mantra for democrats: “What the hell do you want us to do, vote for McCain?”

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By samosamo, October 6, 2008 at 9:05 am Link to this comment

Welcome america, welcome to the shock doctrine that we have laid out to so many countries just to steal their natural resources and money. Now, it is america’s turn and boy howdy is the money gonna disappear.
An amazing thing also, is that in November we have the chance(and that is all it is) to vote these traitors out of office but we WON’T!
Anyone have an idea of how long it will take to pay just this $850,000,000,000.00 bailout back to the Federal Reserve which is in business to profit from this type of stupidity? Second, how many bailouts will there be from now until 1.20.2009?

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By expat in germany, October 6, 2008 at 9:05 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I’m with Fenwick. Despite my fears about a Supreme Court that will outlast either candidate, I no longer harbor any illusions that Obama would suddenly “do the right thing” if elected (he seems to already be doing the “right” thing. When the candidates from both parties are this misguided, it is time to vote for the kind of change we really want, whether we can actually achieve it or not. Imagine millions of disaffected Americans casting a vote “for” someone instead of against someone. This has been a painful process for me, but I am ready to vote for Nader now.

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By yossarian100, October 6, 2008 at 8:55 am Link to this comment

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader have been trying to warn us for years. No one listened. President Carter tried to warn us and we voted him out of office. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

It’s gonna get ugly out there, folks, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. I’ve already found a nice niche under a highway overpass where I can set up housekeeping. I just hope it’s close enough to a soup kitchen.

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By Folktruther, October 6, 2008 at 8:52 am Link to this comment

When the Dem leaders rushed to support Bush’s bailout swindle, the stock market went sharply down.  It is down two or three times as much this morning.  This is because the swindle doesn’t fix anything. Instead of giving money to people with bad morgages to keep their homes, as dissident economists analyzed,  the Dems rushed to give money to the bankers who swindled in the first place.

The American people have to understand that the Dem-Gop faction is bought and paid for by the ruling class, a fraction of one percent of the population, and they support their policies under the guise of supporting those of the general population.

But people have been taught from childhood to identify with power rather than the people ruled by power.  Half the American population have been taught to vote for the Dems while the Dems are serving interests and values incompatible with theirs.  The Dem party is standing in the way of the population defending themselves.

Consequently, we have to de-educate and de-inform the population to support people rather than power.  People are afraid to do so because this means opposing the American power system.  But there is no historical alternative.  The American power system is running amok in the world and is now focusing its efforts on fleecing the American people.  It is dangerous, brutal and corrupt, and most be confronted.

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By Fahrenheit 451, October 6, 2008 at 8:47 am Link to this comment

@ Dr. Knowitall, PhD, PhD;
I hope we’re not a one country world.  What a tragic loss of diversity if that were true.  America may want that, but the world does not!
Surely the best education is the education that teaches critical thinking.  Education in the best classical Greek tradition.  Question; question everything and believe nothing!  Especially question authority; that after all is the thing we are taught to obey and is in fact the very last thing to acknowledge, much less obey.  We have been coerced into living a life of lies and euphemisms covering the reality of our actual behavior and justifying our beliefs and more importantly our actions.  Thus, we can kill 90 people in a fucked up impersonal drone attack on a village 10,000 fucking miles away and 60 of those 90 people were children.  I for one cannot bear this any longer.  I’m truly ashamed to say I’m an American. 
We are lost; our path has been obliterated but not destroyed.  It is only the persistent that will rediscover the way.  It means leaving behind those that cannot break with the past.  It means taking risk once again: The risk of rediscovering that which has been lost.  Courage, my friend, courage.  At 64, this is almost, but not, too exciting.  There is no place of rest; life is always striving until the last breath…………….

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By Hulk2008, October 6, 2008 at 8:45 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I have always tried to vote responsibly and follow my conscience rather than a party line.  Typically I have voted Democratic because I support unions, the poor, peace, and the use of government power to help the powerless - in my state Indiana there are almost never alternative candidates offered, especially those offering anything “progressive”. I have voted for 3rd party candidates in the past - in primaries and in general elections.  I have even made “deals” with ultra-conservative friends to vote for their senatorial candidates in turn for their voting for my presidential choices.  But to suggest that this time around voting for Obama rather than McCain gives me “what I deserve” is beyond the pale.
  Several earlier commenters have suggested I had an alternative.  I did not.  Nader was not on the ballot here and there is no write-in capability where I vote.  Most often Republicans in Indiana run unopposed, especially at the local level, unless there is a Libertarian candidate filed.  Indiana has become extremely right-wing oriented - mostly from teh influx of southerners (drawn here for the automotive factory jobs that have now departed the state).  So my vote for Obama was my only option for a “progressive” choice.  I guess I do have the option of pulling up stakes after living here 62 years and move elsewhere.  Should I move to Branton, Ontario?  I hear the hockey mom’s are sincere there - not just politically motivated.

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By Alan, October 6, 2008 at 8:38 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Cheer up Chris, there’s a ‘‘silver’’ lining:
The bailout is a mere sub-trillion dollar bauble.
The magnitude of the credit default swaps overhang
is about 60 Trillion dollars (not with an ‘M’,
not with a ‘B’, but with a ‘T’!)

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By troublesum, October 6, 2008 at 8:37 am Link to this comment

Having listened to the endless bloviating out of Washington in the last two weeks, I would say the Dennis Kucinich was one of the few who sounded knowledgable and trustworthy.

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By nestoffour, October 6, 2008 at 8:37 am Link to this comment

to those who say they will be voting for obama, and once he is in office ‘will hold his feet to the fire,’ ‘will see if he lives up to his promises:’ just how in the world do you expect him to live up to his promises, with a 13 billion dollar deficit and nothing left in the treasury???

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By troublesum, October 6, 2008 at 8:33 am Link to this comment

Now the republican party has become the party of the people at least on the congressional level, and democrats are the party of corporate America.  This is not the first time in American political history that such a dramatic shift has taken place.  McCain is oblivious to the change - it happened too quickly and he is stuck in the old way of thinking.  If he had voted against the bailout, the polls would be reverse of what they are today.  Now he is playing it all wrong by getting involved in negative advertising which will only convince more people to vote for Obama.

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By Kashilinus, October 6, 2008 at 8:25 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Such crybabies on this post. So we move from a society of excessive consumption to one of moderation. It’s about time.  It isn’t all Wall Street, you know. The mischief on Wall street was a natural response to the carelessness of society. Like an earthquake or volcanoe, eventually it blows due to internal stresses.

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By dihey, October 6, 2008 at 8:19 am Link to this comment

If you voted for Obama during the primaries and are now in danger of losing your retirement funds, you will get exactly what you’ve asked for. Please do not cry. You are too late.

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By LibertyWatch, October 6, 2008 at 7:44 am Link to this comment

Dennis is absolutely correct. It is tragic that the Democratic party did not demand, nor did it receive, any form of strong effective leadership. Pelosi and Reid proved that they are well tied to the corruption and exploitation by big business and government to usurp the peoples power and rights.

What safety nets that were constructed as Civil Defense and disaster recovery are dismantled. Social programs to help the most needy are diminished and being gutted daily by wealthy individuals who would rather have citizens die in the streets homeless and with no health care.

The plight of our country is a downward spiral into hell. Warmongers and robber barons rule and their only thoughts are stealing the treasury until it is empty.

I’m old and do not have many years left but I really feel sorry for our younger folks they have struggles to face that will beat them down and destroy them.

IMHO the Military/Industrial/Political triad is fascist and destructive to America.

People First!
VOTE as if your life depends on it!
It probably does!

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By RdV, October 6, 2008 at 7:42 am Link to this comment

Face the facts….it is a one party system.
Here is how it works:
  Obama has been such a disappointment that voting for him starts to seem a study in futility, then Mccain acts on his lowest nature and temporarily I go back to considering Obama because McCain is such a dirty operator. McCain gives me the creeps, but maybe it would be better to have him bring the whole house down faster, rather than the slow drip of rationed out torture that slowly turns up the heat and causes a long slide down as the Obama version.
  Pick your poison.

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, October 6, 2008 at 7:41 am Link to this comment

Soon the market will be around 6,000…and although the Dem’s in congress were trying to save the market, Paulson’s bailout plan will not work..

It’s no good trying to pin this on the Democrat’s,  because the Republican party was willing to let the economy fail rather than do anything for American workers.

When the dust clears, it will be the end of politics as we know it, and the end of immunity for the wealthy in this country.

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By AT, October 6, 2008 at 7:36 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

To sucker in guy like you and me with a little bit of savings, They(its a big tent in the Republican party) pretend to lower the stock price in certain company (thought you had a good deal buying stocks from worhtless companies) , then sucked in all suckers who thought they got a good deal, then borrowed money and short sell the stocks to make money from borrowed capital.  When the index went down below 10,000, the investors jumped and voila the index went back up over 10,000. Who lost money and who made money ?( despite lip services from George Walker Bush administration)

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By Dr. Knowitall, PhD, PhD, October 6, 2008 at 7:22 am Link to this comment


Thanks to the web and travel at 700 mph, I guess there’s basically one country in the world now.

I’ve taught kids of all ages all my life in public schools, in the arts.  So I think about the role of our schools in all this.  Often vulnerable kids, like like I was, have religion shoved down their throats, and in some cases, to the extent that they wouldn’t even question rape by a clergyman. 

Our government is somewhat the same, I think.  You get the red, white, and blue and the story of the venerable founding fathers shoved down your throats for so long that you think your leaders are flawless and blameless until you’re old enough to understand or until you’ve been raped by them enough.

Now, we have “sex ed”  where kids are taught strategies to help them avoid assault by dangerous adults. 

When, do you think it will happen that public schools will do what they should do and teach kids from the earliest ages how governments become corrupt, how they might methodically and systematically dismantle rights and the constitution and steal your hard-earned money from you—in short, how your government can rape you if you don’t know any better, or, if you do, it’s not only OK to revolt, but it is your duty to do so?  Now, I think parents might object to the potential for politicizing this kind of learning.  But I do think we need to develop a curriculum in this area, for our surviival. 

I see an irony here:  our history is one of revolt against oppression and taxation without representation.  Do you think we instill in kids that notion that, if our forefathers worked so hard to gain what they gained, then what they got for us must be above reproach and question? 

“I pledge allegiance to the flag…”?????


Instead, for example:

“I pledge to be a good citizen of my country and to always be a vigilant and tireless worker for the protection and preservation of our constitution, the beacon of freedom and hope for all.”  This makes more sense to me.

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Purple Girl's avatar

By Purple Girl, October 6, 2008 at 7:17 am Link to this comment

I was a Kucinich Prim Voter when the Clintons rigged the MI Primary. but have not only thrown my support behind Obama (which Obama failed to do in return for Dennis during the Prim Debackle), I have been a volunteer for His Campaign since June.Granted I have NOT loved everything Sen Obama has done, but this one Shook Me.
Why is it Sen Obama did NOT take this Moment to Unveil His “bottoms Up’ Economic Stratedgy. Why did he Cave into ‘Trickle Down’ Grand Theft? If the ‘Shock Doctrine’ Holds true, was this not the PERFECT opportunity to Roll Out his Economic Plan? Why did He not Demand any Loan monies Go directly to the Homeowners, who would pay their Mortgages, Credit cards, car payments…All the shit the Banks Needed to avoid a collapse. Instead Sen Obama appeased the ‘Shit Rolls Down Hill’ Organized Crime Syndicate!!!
I will still vote for Sen Obama,but my volunteerism may be less often.Sen Obama may find he Created his Own Monster when he takes Office though..We ‘Grass Rooters’ will be on his Ass in Force and far better organized thanks to His Presidnetial Ground Game!
One thing Going for Obama over McCain..Obama has a table and Chairs available for those Wishing to participate….while Mac only offers a gun to your head!
If Sen Obama wants the True Democratic Base support he’d better start talking about the Subpeonas going out and Arrest that will be made following His Oath of office last syllable.
‘Impeachment’ is NOT enough, Prosecution for High Crimes is Required!

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By Jim Yell, October 6, 2008 at 7:09 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Kucinich is probably the one politician that should be on the national ticket, but what we have is what we have got.

It is the victory of visual arts over substance that the news media gets excited over those who look best on the box. American’s always say they want substance, except they will not vote for any politician who tells them the truth. That is why we have both parties lying to us about low taxes. We have had most of 8 years of tax cuts primarily for the extra rich and the little that dribbles down to the lower incomes is buying us for a cheap price. Meanwhile we have had a so called war without a war tax, the first time in history. We have a debt that is crippling and now have added a huge further debt to save the wealthy.

We should have had Kucinich.

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By GW=MCHammered, October 6, 2008 at 7:09 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


Belgian workers protest over Fortis sell-off
Belgium woke up today to a <u>national</u> <u>strike</u> in protest at falling living standards – and the French takeover of its biggest bank.

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By Catherine, October 6, 2008 at 7:06 am Link to this comment

Well, with editorial comments like Hedges just wrote, perhaps he should be out campaigning for McSame. I realize Kucinich has been trying to get his voice heard throughout America for years, but now is not the time for him to be disparaging the man who might save us from one more disastrous administration. McSame will only excerbate the problems.  I’m willing to give Obama at least four years to prove to me that he can bring change.  I KNOW McSame won’t do better.  He’s so old, he could die in office and then we’ve got Palin as the prez!  One disaster piling on top of disaster.  Give me Joe Biden over Sarah Palin any day.  I will vote for anyone who stands between Palin, McSame, and the White House. 

Am I going to support a person who cuts me with a knife in order to sell me a bandage?  I think not.  McSame is just such a person, as are all the Republicans.  The Repubs wanted all that pork attached to the bailout before they would support it…and the Dems caved.  But remember that Bush wanted the bailout approved as quickly as the Iraq fiasco…and I associate McSame with Bush…nuff said.

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By octopus, October 6, 2008 at 7:05 am Link to this comment

In a related story….
Orders for Mega Yachts and Luxury automobiles are soaring….

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By JFoster2k, October 6, 2008 at 7:02 am Link to this comment

Face facts. The US has a two party system. Regardless of who may be “right” about the issues, if they are affiliated with a fringe party they are castrated before they get anywhere near the white house bed chamber.

It inevitably boils down to the choice of the lesser of two evils.

Obama would never have been able to get this far if he hadn’t compromised. Let’s hope that once he secures the office he will follow through on his promises. I think we all know McCain/Palin wouldn’t.

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By nrobi, October 6, 2008 at 6:55 am Link to this comment

Unfortunately, for the electorate, the American people, the corporate welfare scam passed and the people got screwed again.
Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, had and has great plans for the America that was and still is. But will never be, for he is not a corporate sell-out and does not believe in corporate welfare. His plan for corporate welfare, was to tax the b^^^^@@#%‘s that took the jobs out of America and then see if they would have brought them back. Corporate giants like Sprawl-Mart and all of the rest of the big-box stores, which pay nothing and make profit their highest motive, should pay much more in taxes and health care benefits.
Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, along with Rep. Ron Paul and a handful of ethical and moral representatives in the House, voted against this boondoggle of a bill. For reasons unknown to the American people, the Congress caved into the corporate media scam of an economic meltdown, and bailed out the executives of the very same companies that caused this mess.
If it was up to me, everyone who voted for the bill to give the keys to the Treasury to the corporate thieves, would be sent packing and a group of people with ethical standards elected into the House and Senate. Along with the Presidency, which should go to a third party candidate, we would have one of the finest governments in the world. But sadly, the only choices we have at this time are the lesser of two weasels;(quoting Scott Adams).
I was certain that Sen. Barack Obama, was a man of the people, but his true colors have shown forth and he is as much a pawn of the corporate world and money as John McCain, the only difference between the two is the fact that Barack Obama, is younger and healthier.
This is a truly shameful situation that the American public is in, on one hand you have the corporate shill, John McCain, along with the dumbest bunny on the planet, Sarah Palin, on the other, you have the corporate shill, and his sidekick, who has consistently voted for corporate welfare Barack Obama.  This country is going to hell in a handbasket and sliding very fast in the process.
There are very few voices for the people, even in the people’s house. It is time for a people’s revolution, no more of the corporate welfare games and no more of the lobbyist money being tossed around like candy at Halloween. If America is to survive, then, we the people must take back the reins of power and control of the government and put a stop to the nonsense of playing a waiting game, to see if the candidate we chose will be for or against the corporate welfare scheme.

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By Fahrenheit 451, October 6, 2008 at 6:23 am Link to this comment

@ Dr. Knowitall, PhD, PhD;

I’d sure be curious as to why you see light at the end of the asshole, er, I mean tunnel?  Care to share?  This isn’t a sudden decision; we’ve been planning it for a long time.  The simple reality is this; quality of life is most important and health care is very much a part of that.  The simple fact is; we cannot afford to live in our own country.  A sad truth that is becoming a reality for many and the many don’t have any options.  Fortunately we do and must go.  Thanks and you ain’t gettin rid of me, I’m just moving.

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By nino, October 6, 2008 at 6:19 am Link to this comment

Right on! Great and very sad (for US) piece. Thanks Chris.

I had a call from “The Obama Team” this weekend asking for whom was I voting. I responded “Nader.” I was cussed (with a muttered voice) at and hung up on. I wonder how may people are realizing that Obama is, as Chris so well points out, just another f’n corporate sell out.

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By Big B, October 6, 2008 at 6:15 am Link to this comment


The biggest reason we don’t support men like Kucinich is simple, we americans will not vote for an ugly little man. We are so shallow that we will accept a bubble headed brunette with an IQ of 68(and toting a gun and a bible, of course)We americans still think of ourselves as tall, blonde, cowboys with steely blue eyes and an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. We vote for people who best personify our image(or at least the image we still hold onto)

The truth is that we should still vote for Kucinch, because the reality now is that we are no longer that tall, strapping, cowboy. We have become an angry little middle aged man. We are balding, have a beer belly, and a touch of hypertension. We sit in our barcolounger, beer in hand, surfing the tube for some soft core porn, or wrestling, or NASCAR. Change scares us more than our slow urination. We still think we’ve got it!

We will be unable and unwilling to elect a Dennis Kucinich until we are able to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and stop seeing what we want to see, and start noticing what we are.

The left has been dead since the 1968 democratic convention. Hopefully, it will rise from the ashes our pending economic and social meltdown.
Hpoefully, it won’t be too late.

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By Dr. Knowitall, PhD, PhD, October 6, 2008 at 6:06 am Link to this comment


Whoa, hold on there!  It’s your patriotic duty to stay on here and help make America, once again, a Beacon Of Hope for the oppressed of the world. 

The greedy are now sucking away at the last tit on the American pig (they actually thought the pig had run out of tits until Bush and Paulsen found another one,  way back by the asshole) and when that one’s dry, that’ll be it.  The pig’s a little fed up, too.  I mean, how long can you take the sucking? 

There is hope.  I encourage you to hang by.  Brighter days are ahead, no kidding.

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By KISS, October 6, 2008 at 6:01 am Link to this comment

“Obama’s support for the bailout, however, is his most egregious betrayal.” How true and how so very sad.
The question was answered long ago when his ties to Lieberman and wall street was opted by jornalist during the primary elections…no one was listening, no one cared. It was the feel good movement of a Black having the right and time to become president, fit or not did not matter.
So here we are: McCain a Bush clone or Obamajournalist a repug in dimmo clothing.
The questions boils down to who you want to appoint the next supreme court justices…no matter it won’t be for our good either way.

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By WhatNextEinstein, October 6, 2008 at 5:38 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Seems to me that Gramm and his Repub Congress and Senate passed the Gramm Leach act, the ‘Modernization Act’.  Wonder why Kuc is ragging the Dems so hard on this one. I always beleived it was the greedy republicans who made this historic change, and the Dems were fighting it off. Where did I miss this one?

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By Steven, October 6, 2008 at 5:37 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

When a man like Dennis Kucinich can be so marginalized by the media and Sarah Palin ends up on the front page we are all in serious trouble.  I guess we have to come to grips with this fact in America, we are all idiots.

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By One Little Victory, October 6, 2008 at 5:30 am Link to this comment

Thankfully for Obama, McCain demonstrated just as little regard for the American people.

I understand Obama’s desire to compromise in order to save the election, and it is certainly better than opening the door to a McCain victory. But when Obama wins, he needs to govern in the direction of his own instincts, not those handed to him by corporate America. And I for one will hold his feet to the flames every day that he is in office.

Hedges has the luxury to vent from a place of safety; he has nothing at stake in writing such an article… at least nothing comparable to Obama. Likewise Kucinich, whom I supported for President, also has little to lose in his attacks on the bailout. He is 100% right in his analysis, but his correctness will make little difference if John McCain becomes our next President. And that cannot be allowed to happen.

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By Rosemary Molloy, October 6, 2008 at 5:12 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

If I could, I would certainly bail out, too—leave the U.S. and settle elsewhere.  The drivel about this being “the best country in the world” has been proved wrong so thoroughly in recent years that I cringe when I hear it.  Of course, you don’t hear it very often anymore.  The Congress From Hell has just given the final push to the greased slide constructed by George and his neocons.  So long, USA, it was nice while it lasted.

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By Fahrenheit 451, October 6, 2008 at 3:39 am Link to this comment

@ kath cantarella;

Well, all you need to do to understand is to look at the popularity of Palin.  We Americans aren’t the brightest bulbs on the shelf; and we have set the bar far to low.  Frankly, I’ve given up and will bail out ASAP.  Everything is set except the destination.

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By freeman, October 6, 2008 at 3:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Yes, ok, for sure. But we know all this already.

You want something new? Something that’s been hidden from you meanwhile it’s right in front of your face? Something that explains the mess we’re in and how we got into it? Mainly how it can be fixed?

Well have I got a jem for you. It’s a nice shiny car but it’s making a noise under the hood. Now we are about to look under this hood what’s causing all the racket.

It will be the best 2 hrs you have ever spent educating yourself and the people around you. So please be patient and watch the whole thing and keep an open mind.

Government is here to protect the people and interests of people, not filthy rich abusive bankers!
Zeitgeist: Addendum [the second part];=+Zeitgeist:+Addendum&hl=en

Or for higher quality video see: [requires P2P]

And ... USA must be in top 3 on OECD list:

We are Americans, WE CAN DO THIS!

“The question is not how much will it cost but do we have the resources?” The answer is definitely YES.

We have the resources to create the best life for everyone. Every single human being and preserve the earth in it’s fullest.

Enjoy :D

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By nh, October 6, 2008 at 3:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Yes, I like Kucinich too and believe he is the best mind in the party, but he’s not running for president.  Granted, he would probably say the same exact thing if he was the presidential candidate and summarily be run through by the Republicans, characterized as the guy who vacillated while the economic crisis was poised to destroy this country.  Would it be the truth?  No, but it would play in the red and swing states.  And that’s why he’ll never be the presidential candidate, he refuses to play the jaded game.  I’m right there with you on all this, but you lose me pretty quickly, and here’s why. 
When you state that “the Democrats gave us the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999”, why don’t you use its full name, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act?  As in Phil Gramm, James Leach, and Thomas Bliley..need I put the (R) behind each name?  Who controlled Congress in 1999?  And what’s the history behind it..what compromises were made to enact the bill?  I’m not going to call it cherry-picking, but I will call it disingenuous at best.  Omitting inconvenient facts against your argument is part of the problem, and you’ve just bought into that trap.
As far as your depiction of Obama as a corporate lapdog, I won’t bear all the claims to scrutiny (at least not right now), but I’m fairly sure there are subtleties not accounted for in your examples.  Are they troublesome acts for a “Democratic” Senator even when understood beyond the context of a single line description?  Perhaps, but what do you hope to accomplish with this characterization at this point in time?  The primaries are over, Obama is the candidate, and if you honestly believe there will be no difference between the two potential administrations currently vying for office, then by all means throw your vote to a “marginal and invisible” candidate.  Its not like it had any effect in 2004, right? 
I truly wish it were a better situation, that our system did not run at the behest of corporate interests, but that is unfortunately our reality and a feasible majority of the electorate would not back a candidate flawed by idealism.  Our political system is too controlled by image and rhetoric, both easily manipulated by unscrupulous antagonists prepared to exploit these tools to discredit those truly interested in public service and the good of the republic.

Active Duty Military for Obama/Biden ‘08.

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By kath cantarella, October 6, 2008 at 1:28 am Link to this comment
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What the hell am i being an apologist for.

Dems, Repugs, i’m disgusted too. At your greed and ambition, cowardice and weak consciences. And although we, the great stupid unwashed of the world, may not be economists, common sense says the US (global) economy will float a little longer but it will still fail, because you haven’t addressed the underlying problem.

What a system.

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By kath cantarella, October 6, 2008 at 1:01 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

To be fair to the Democrats who voted for the bill, i think most of them would have done it for much better reasons than Chris suggests.

The Repubs could afford to vote against it, because it separates them from Bushco, and pushes the Democrats towards Bushco in the public mind.

But those Dems are trying to save the economy. They’re probably going about it the wrong way, but who the fuck really knows?

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By kath cantarella, October 6, 2008 at 12:37 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Beats me how a country can have a man like Kucinich run for president and NOT become president.

I can’t think of an Aussie comparison, because, frankly, all of our politicians are rubbish.

I hope this doesn’t open things up for Mac and his bombs.

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