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The Politics of Stupidity Strike Again

Posted on Jul 28, 2010
Photo illustration based on an image by Flickr user cometstarmoon (CC-BY)

By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?

Start with taxes. In every other serious democracy, conservative political parties feel at least some obligation to match their tax policies with their spending plans. David Cameron, the new Conservative prime minister in Britain, is a leading example.

He recently offered a rather brutal budget that includes severe cutbacks. I have doubts about some of them, but at least Cameron cared enough about reducing his country’s deficit that alongside the cuts, he also proposed an increase in the value-added tax from 17.5 percent to 20 percent. Imagine: a fiscal conservative who really is a fiscal conservative.

That could never happen here because the fairy tale of supply-side economics insists that taxes are always too high, especially on the rich.

This is why Democrats will be fools if they don’t try to turn the Republicans’ refusal to raise taxes on families earning more than $250,000 a year into an election issue. If Democrats go into a headlong retreat on this, they will have no standing to govern.


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The simple truth is that the wealthy in the United States—the people who have made almost all the income gains in recent years—are undertaxed compared with everyone else.

Consider two reports from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. One, issued last month, highlighted findings from the Congressional Budget Office showing that “the gaps in after-tax income between the richest 1 percent of Americans and the middle and poorest fifths of the country more than tripled between 1979 and 2007,” the period for which figures are available.

The other, from February, used Internal Revenue Service data to show that the effective federal income tax rate for the 400 taxpayers with the very highest incomes declined by nearly half in just over a decade, even as their pre-tax incomes have grown five times larger.

The study found that the top 400 households “paid 16.6 percent of their income in federal individual income taxes in 2007, down from 30 percent in 1995.” We are talking here about truly rich people: Using 2007 dollars, it took an adjusted gross income of at least $35 million to get into the top 400 in 1992, and $139 million in 2007.

The notion that when we are fighting two wars, we’re not supposed to consider raising taxes on such Americans is one sign of a country that’s no longer serious. Why do so few foreign policy hawks acknowledge that if they lack the gumption to ask taxpayers to finance the projection of American military power, we won’t be able to project it in the long run?

And if we are unwilling to have a full-scale debate over whether nation-building abroad is getting in the way of nation-building at home, we will accomplish neither.

Our discussion of the economic stimulus is another symptom of political irrationality. It’s entirely true that the $787 billion recovery package passed last year was not big enough to keep unemployment from rising to over 9 percent.

But this is not actually an argument against the stimulus. On the contrary, studies showing that the stimulus created or saved up to 3 million jobs are very hard to refute. It’s much easier to pretend that all this money was wasted, although the evidence is overwhelming that we should have stimulated more.

Then there’s the very structure of our government. Does any other democracy have a powerful legislative branch as undemocratic as the U.S. Senate?

When our republic was created, the population ratio between the largest and smallest state was 13 to 1. Now, it’s 68 to 1. Because of the abuse of the filibuster, 41 senators representing less than 11 percent of the nation’s population can, in principle, block action supported by 59 senators representing more than 89 percent of our population. And you wonder why it’s so hard to get anything done in Washington?

I’m a chronic optimist about America. But we are letting stupid politics, irrational ideas on fiscal policy and an antiquated political structure undermine our power.

We need a new conservatism in our country that is worthy of the name. We need liberals willing to speak out on the threat our daft politics poses to our influence in the world. We need moderates who do more than stick their fingers in the wind to calculate the halfway point between two political poles.

And yes, we need to reform a Senate that has become an embarrassment to our democratic claims.

E.J. Dionne’s e-mail address is ejdionne(at)

© 2010, Washington Post Writers Group

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:56 pm Link to this comment

Hey John Ellis ,

you said you grew up somewhere , I believe somewhere
in MN.

  I would please start posting like you really

  did G R O W   U P   please.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 4:54 pm Link to this comment


Have you been enjoying cocktails? Your language is a little rough, don’t you think?

I’ll repeat: ardee is going to have you for lunch if you don’t give it up.

Hint: If your mother “didn’t have a racist bone in her body” what was she “very concerned” about and why did she have to “come around”?

Be vewy caahful.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:50 pm Link to this comment

Probably offer more competition than you
though Rico,  I have eaten your lunch more times
than I can remember.

Are you of Cuban decent?

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 4:47 pm Link to this comment


This is going to be SO easy, Champ!

Start with this:

“My mother, who had not a racist bone in her body, but was from the old school, was very concerned at first when Mazy and I would talk on the phone hours on end when I was fifteen years old. Mom came around though.”

How many contradictions can you find in that sentence?

I count three.

If I were you, I wouldn’t even condescend to respond.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:47 pm Link to this comment

In what way RICO ???  be specific

are you of Cuban decent???

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:40 pm Link to this comment

Don’t forget what I told you months ago Ardee

  I am a REDNECK, NIGGER, AND A HIPPIE, all wrapped
up in one.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:33 pm Link to this comment

I forgot to tell you Ardee,  my very first girl friend
was a black girl named Mazy Parker, from Pittsville MD.
I met her while working with the black migrant workers
in a blueberry patch on the Eastern Shore of MD.
  My mother, who had not a racist bone in her body, but
was from the old school , was very concerned at first
when Mazy and I would talk on the phone hours on end
when I was fifteen years old. Mom came around though.
I am sure Mazy would like to have known about my
unconscience Racist leanings….So would her boyfriend.
Because years later, while working in a mill in
Baltimore, my best friend there, Mozaie Marsh, a six
foot eight black man who took me anywhere I wanted in
black Baltimore because, 1. he was a big ass nigger
2. Everybody liked him, because really he was just a
big teddy bear,  anyway ,  found out he had dated Mazy
while he was in his early twenties.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 4:24 pm Link to this comment

Ooooooh, now there’s a good fight!

ardee vs ofersince.

ofer, let me give you a heads up:

ardee is going to KICK. YOUR. ASS!

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:23 pm Link to this comment

Now Ardee you have accussed me of being an
unconscience racist…

Thats just funny,  however,,  I am interested in
understanding my unconsciouseness….please elaborate,
my black girl friend would also like to know about this.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:06 pm Link to this comment

But if it is your theory, that one race is more
intelligent than another,
and that it is intelligence that makes a great athelete,
the college and professional recruiters are going about
their job in all the wrong ways .

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 4:03 pm Link to this comment

And there was a time…....
especially when the Irish and the Italians were
dominating sports, that black athelets were not allowed
to participate. So that assertion doesn’t hold water
just as your stupid laboring class rants don’t

  But go ahead A R D E E , and support those stupid
assinine posts of JOHN ELLIS>

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 3:57 pm Link to this comment

So, diet doesn’t matter??  That is the direct oppisite
of your previous posts John Ellis.

  There was nothing comical about what I was asking
A R D E E.  I will drag you through another round
to show you just how fucking stupid you are if you want.

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By ardee, July 30, 2010 at 2:56 pm Link to this comment

John Ellis, July 30 at 6:28 pm

It needs to be said, as shining a light on ignorance is always a necessity ( not yours of course). Athletes usually come from the poorest classes, professional sports being a road to riches or just a way to attend a college, things that would be otherwise denied the poorest.

At one time the Irish were prominent in sports, as were , in their time, the Italians or the Jews. Those who rode the waves of immigration turned out sons who won prize fighting belts, hit home runs or otherwise used sports as a way out of whichever particular ghetto they rose from.

To say that one race is stronger, faster or smarter is a form of racism and the best one might note is that it is of the unconscious type. But, then again, so are most of that posters efforts anyway. I respond to you because I do not waste my time reading that persons efforts and would not have known of that comical assertion otherwise.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 2:25 pm Link to this comment

Rico, the more you open your mouth, the more you

make my point, please keep it up!!!!

Are you of Cuban decent????

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 1:57 pm Link to this comment


“Obamacare was about, and that was what the bailout for To Big ToFail was,,,,they were austerity programs imposed on the US by the international investors”

“they stripped education funding from the supplemental genocide funding”

Oh, ofer, you’re such a HOOT!!!

You characterize ObamaCare and the bailout as AUSTERITY measures?

And what the HELL is “supplemental genocide funding”?

I want so much to take you seriously, but really!

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 1:14 pm Link to this comment


“Does anyone not believe that the U.S. has commited
genocide all over the world, ??”

I don’t.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:56 pm Link to this comment

Another Consitutional Convention should be the order
of the day.

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By berniem, July 30, 2010 at 12:28 pm Link to this comment

know of one change to the constitution which would be a real step forward. Let’s be rid of the Senate and give each state an additional 2 representatives!

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By ocjim, July 30, 2010 at 12:21 pm Link to this comment

The stupidity involved is of the American people. No intelligent policy—foreign or domestic—is possible as long as American voters exercise knee-jerk voting, that is voting that is uninformed, done out of anger, and ignorant due to listening to vapid propaganda, rather than informed and conscientious sources.

By now politicians, who are elected on the basis of their demagoguery and the ability to raise money, rather than intelligence, know that shallowness and ineptitude don’t matter as much as displayed pomposity or their ability to induce fear or anger among the electorate.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:20 pm Link to this comment

Stalin helped run Troskey out of Russia for the
International Investors.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm Link to this comment

Where did you get your athority on the Aztecs Rico?
There is only one source…Cortez’s secretary…

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:07 pm Link to this comment

Yeah, I sure believe what Stalin did, he was a puppet
for International Investors put there to put down
the communists,  he killed every communist he could.

Does anyone not believe that the U.S. has commited
genocide all over the world, ????????????

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:03 pm Link to this comment

Rico, are you of Cuban decent?

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By gerard, July 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm Link to this comment

ofer:  Your “watermelon” comment is nasty.  You can do better than poke sticks into racism.
  As to your statement:  “...don’t even know how to comment I am so depressed.” Are you starving?  Lost your house or a family member or two? Don’t know where your next meal is coming from?  Saw your baby daughter skewered on a soldier’s bayonet? Have you been pronounced dead?
  If none of the above, explain to yourself why you
are “so depressed” when you know that the Chris Hedges of the world are waiting for somebody like you or me or . .. to start some movement to end all war.
  War is on its last legs and it wouldn’t take much to kick it into the human past. Eventually—if we don’t peevishly overturn the tables and kill everybody—some ordinary people somewhere will kick their depression and push the covers down and get up and start a movement in any one of a thousand ways. 
  The wait beforehand is reaching an excrutiating tension, don’t you feel?
  It’s hard to tell who’s more scared—the government or the people they think they are governing.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 11:49 am Link to this comment

“History, does anyone really believe that the Aztecs
committed mass human sacrifice?”


Does any progressive really believe that Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot commited mass human sacrifice?

Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 11:31 am Link to this comment

One has to wonder what they ate in Europe before the
conquest of the Americas. People would be suprised at
all the foods that came from the Americas
Tomatoes….they didn’t have them in the old world.
they’re many examples like this.

History, does anyone really believe that the Aztecs
committed mass human sacrifice?
The only history we have of the Aztecs was written by
Cortez’s secretary and at the time…
Human Rights groups in Spain (many of which were in the
aristocracy) were denouncing the genocide in the New
World.  The conquistadors were starting get scrutinized
for their brutality.
  It is my belief, that it was for this reason that
Cortez had his historian write the Aztec history to cover
his genocide.  More logic to this theory than to
a European historian.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 11:22 am Link to this comment

Watermelon is one of the most complete foods there is.

I was suprised to learn this. I had always thought it just
a bunch of sugar and water.

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By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 11:20 am Link to this comment

John , just want to add to your thoughts, just
a projection theory of mine, it isn’t about race but
involves race.

  In the last four decades (really longer, but that is
all I usually go back) black atheletes have dominated
professional sports, they have been faster, stronger and
more agile.  I believe we will see this trend taper off
for these reasons. (this is not taking into count, that
our society is going to collapse and pro sports with it)
  Regardless of what conservatives profess, blacks have
never had a equal shake. Their DIET because of this was
much better than the processed foods that whites ate.
It is widly known how blacks loved collards, most greens.
That ate cheaply because of circumstances which really
led to a much better diet,
  It is quite the reverse now (for the most part) blacks
eat more junk food than they ever have now while affluent
whites are all buying organic foods and watching diets.
I would venture to say, in fifteen years, because of this
college sports will once again , have their racial face.

Report this

By Steven Hales, July 30, 2010 at 10:25 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Britain already has a high income tax and a VAT so it is easier for them to adjust the VAT.  Since we don’t have a VAT and won’t for some time if ever, in order to balance the budget in 2014 we would have to rely on the income tax and spending cuts. 

Just on the income tax side taxes on the richest 3% of taxpayers, which represent over 12 million persons the per capita increase in taxation would equal over $70,000 in 2014 which means that the total tax rate on taxable income would go from 27% today to 45% in 2014.  This would raise, in 2014 over $1 trillion in revenue and essentially reduce the deficit to less than 1% of GDP. 

However, the knock on effect of that increase in taxation would be a fall in private investment which affects future output.  Since we are simply balancing the budget to keep the economy in neutral, no new investment, we will permanently lower the trend line of growth of GDP.  IOW consumption remains the same as before the tax increase. 

Now, under the new regime we will still be left with the trade deficit which means that each marginal dollar of taxes would leak out at the marginal propensity to consume that dollar at the rate of our marginal propensity to import which is a net drag unless there are gains from trade, more efficient deployment of domestic resources. 

On the spending side alone we would have to cut over $700 billion in spending or stop the government for about 70 to 120 days.  The problem with spending cuts is that the majority of our budget going forward is comprised of mandatory spending that grows faster than economic growth.  So, even in the out years, tax increases and spending cuts have to accelerate to keep up. 

The knock on effect is that the economy stays in neutral and grows simply at the rate of population growth.  This scenario is valid through about 2050.

But if we solve the mandatory spending side we will lower the rate of growth in these obligations to below the rate of economic growth. 

If we do that, the spending cuts and taxes won’t have to increase and economic growth will be able to keep up with the expansion of mandatory spending which would be moving at much lower trajectory.

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By wildflower, July 30, 2010 at 7:05 am Link to this comment

Re E.J. Dionne: “We need a new conservatism in our country”

Yes, there is nothing conservative about the bizarre behavior of the current group, and it’s not limited to the issues involving taxes and financial responsibilities. There has been one radical and quirky proposal after another:

IN IOWA – The “conservatives” are calling for the “reintroduction and ratification of the original 13th amendment” of the Constitution. .  .  . and before you ask, YES, our current 13th Amendment is THE one that bans slavery.

IN MAINE - The “conservative” party has adopted a political platform, which incorporates strange goals and issues quirky statements like these.  .  .  “Reassert the principle that ‘Freedom of Religion’ does not mean ‘Freedom from religion,” .  .  .  and “Return to the principles of Austrian economics.”

IN TENNESSEE – One “conservative” candidate for Governor - Zach Wamp - is threatening to secede from the Union if the public receives public healthcare while his “conservative” opponent - Ron Ramsey - is running throughout the State declaring that a religion is not really a religion if it is a way of life. . . or some strange illogical statement like this.

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By tedmurphy41, July 30, 2010 at 6:05 am Link to this comment

With regard to your comments about fiscal rectitude
on behalf of David Cameron, on raising VAT to 20%
from 17.5%, fairness cannot be the order of the day.
Unless what you buy is VAT free, then everyone has to
pay, leading to a fall off in demand, leading to
firms laying off staff, leading to more people on the
dole; do I need to go on?
The previous UK Government reduced VAT to 15% until,
I believe, January of this year, when it returned to
The fairest way is to address income tax(not
forgetting corporation tax, etc.), as you have
stated, with a progressive scale to cover those in
the heavenly reaches of income. The majority of
Americans will never earn, in their lifetimes, what
most of these high fliers “make” in a year(they don’t
earn it).
With regard to your Senate and the filibuster, why
don’t your politicians implement legislation to
outlaw such devices, that is if you can get it past
the filibuster!
Perhaps what’s needed in America are a good few
Socialist policies!!

Report this
rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 30, 2010 at 5:02 am Link to this comment


Please find any statement from any post of mine that qualifies as “propaganda.”

Report this
Mike789's avatar

By Mike789, July 30, 2010 at 3:57 am Link to this comment

This article is spot on and I appreciate the statistics that confirm my apprehensions.

  As a veteran I appalled at all this political posturing and that it’s fine for the middle class to bear the brunt of two wars while the upper crust cringe at experiencing any adversity whatsoever. A guy can hump a piece and a back-pack in 120 degree weather while Wall Street benefactors are concerned about the fifth vehicle in their Staten Island second or third residence. I cry outrage on a daily basis.
    The 1.8 trillion sitting on the sidelines is nothing but king sh_t!  That’s as nice as I can put it. The Founding Fathers’ purposive meritocracy has morphed into a plutocracy and it stinks pretty bad.

  Complaining their pretty butts about not knowing what is going to happen as the economy plays itself out is pathetic. With that kind of resource you make things happen.

Report this

By wildflower, July 30, 2010 at 3:51 am Link to this comment

Re Dionne: “Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid? .  .  .  Democrats will be fools if they don’t try to turn the Republicans’ refusal to raise taxes on families earning more than $250,000 a year into an election issue.”

No, it can’t. .  . Stupidity brings you down . . . sooner or later.

Report this

By ardee, July 30, 2010 at 2:48 am Link to this comment

rico, suave, July 29 at 7:25 pm

Who do you think to fool? You have changed your name but not your penchant for doing exactly what you berate others for doing, the difference being that you actually do lie and distort.

I thought to have an honest discourse with you but I see no that such is not in keeping with your endless propaganda. I think you look under your bed each evening in fear that Chavez or Castro may be lurking there. There are certainly things one may criticize the Cuban or even the Venezuelan govts. for, but you do no such thing. Instead you post trivial and childish garbage. So sorry for you but I will not continue to discuss anything with one like you. You are consigned to the garbage dump with your buddy Oferhismind…. two liars belong in bed together anyway.

So sad you chose this course rather than standing up for your principles.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 2:40 am Link to this comment

After presenting his C02 findings to congress 1981,
and ignored…...John Hamaker, put together all the
essays he had been writing since the sixties on the
C02ppm crisis….....Survival Of Civilization (1982)
It was censored,  with the help of James Hanson….

Here is part of the preface John wrote….....

On July 4, 1776, fifty-five representatives of the people
of the thirteen colonies dedicated “our lives, our
fortunes, and our sacred honor” to the purposes stated in
the Declaration of Independence. The problem in 1776 was
political freedom; the problem today is far greater—
the very survival of civilization.  Yet it is doubtful
if there is one legislator in the entire Congress of the
caliber of the men who led the revolution. Congressmen,
in their compulsion to do what they have to do to get
re-elected, continue to serve the interests of the
proprietors of an economic system which has ruined the
land, impoverished the people and bankrupted the government.  Meanwhile, underlying causes of these problems are ignored as we move from crisis to crisis.”

the first paragraph of preface. Suvival of Civilization
Three Problems Threatening Our Existence
Carbon Dioxide
Investment Money
Soil, Tectonic, Climate & Economic Systems Explained
Problems and Solutions
Selected Papers by JOHN D. HAMAKER
Annotations, supporting Evidence by DONALD A. WEAVER
censored since 1982…with the help of James Hanson.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 1:30 am Link to this comment

I was going to ask you the same question Rico,

What your obsession is with Cuba? ? ?  Once again

you found a way on yet another thread to mind their


Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:31 am Link to this comment

As big a critic that I have been of our present
Executive and Legislative,  I didn’t even believe they
would have the balls, gonads,ect. to increase arms sales.

  Rep. Berman is drafting the bill for the House the
will clear the way for this increased export of death.
The Senate will do their normal clatter, but in the end
the MIC wil get this.

  Once again, this isn’t a government , it is a monster.
I am starting to feel that maybe Paul might be the only
choice, it is hard to visualize me voting for a Rethug.
Anyway,  it is even out of Paul’s hands. He did make
one of the speeches I have heard coming from the House
floor last week.  I am pretty sure , votes are meaningless
right now.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 30, 2010 at 12:20 am Link to this comment

Gerard, I sure am as lost for those answers as
everyone.  We sure need a plan though, we need a leader,
that is why I had been so critical of Hedges.
He has large following, a lot of influence and understands the position this nation is in.  I was hoping
he would help unite some organization with this influence.  It doesn’t seem Public Citizen is going to
offer much opposition in the way of a ballot anymore.
Ralph, has done his part, more than his part, and needs
to retire.  I hope he does.
  Increased weapons sales….don’t even know how to
comment I am so depressed.  Red Jobs, not Green jobs.
I don’t believe Obama had any control over that decision.
As a matter of fact,  I believe this confirms my fears.
All decisions are being made at the Pentagon,  he just
is the public face.
This is another Austerity Program.,,, the Pentagon has
always offered little bang for the buck in job creation
and money shuffles right upstairs, there is still little
to know oversight,  and of course,  these weapons will
create war and kill some more very nice human beings.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 11:24 pm Link to this comment

McClatchy Newspaper headlines in today’s paper

“Obama Seeks To Expand Arms Exports”

  There you go…........hawks and doves
  not only stupid…....but proof of who is running
                  the show…...................
Arm the world, create wars, arm both sides…...........

Report this

By gerard, July 29, 2010 at 9:17 pm Link to this comment

Ofersince72:  You say: ” unite NOW
somehow…..........and get control peacefully…......
and that isn’t going to be done by the ballot box.”

Have you ideas about the “somehow”?  About the “peacefully.”  Any number of people are probably thinking the same thing, but ... what are the possible steps toward doing it?

How can we get people to unite?
How can we start organizing?  Around what issues?
Who (what existing organizations) would be likely to help us? What experienced leadership would be sympathetic?
How would we get fair media coverage? Avoid bad media coverage?
I’m asking these questions not to make the job seem difficult or impossible, but to try to get you to make some creative specific suggestions.  What you advocate is extremely important—and I think it is possible, but it requires a lot of shared thought and planning. We will have to spell out the fundamentals first.
This might be a place to begin.

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JDmysticDJ's avatar

By JDmysticDJ, July 29, 2010 at 8:46 pm Link to this comment

The answer to the question that begins this article,

“Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?”

is no.

When a “Superpower” uses its super power to abuse, incorrigible stupidity in its internal politics is its destiny, and unavoidable, until its super power, eventually, ceases to remain.

It’s the natural order of things.

Report this

By Shift, July 29, 2010 at 8:38 pm Link to this comment

E.J. is awakening but still light years behind.  Absolutely nothing of consequence will come from Washington.

Report this
rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 29, 2010 at 7:43 pm Link to this comment


“The rich are going to keep theirs. If there is a raise in taxes, Rico, it will be your income level that takes the hit.”

I’m rich. So I’m thinking that’s pretty much an oxymoron.

And what’s this obsession with my heritage?

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 29, 2010 at 7:37 pm Link to this comment


And Zimbabwe “quite possibly” has fairer elections than the US, too. And “quite possibly” they don’t!What does that mean??

“each election has multiple candidates running against first Fidel now Raoul”

Now THAT’S hilarious. Has there not been, in the last fifty years, one swinging dick in Cuba that can offer the people more freedom than Fidel? Was Raoul elected by “the people”? Did Jimmy certify the election?

I’m not questioning the fairness of elections. Unlike you, I have no idea about Venezuela’s system of guaranteeing fair elections. Unlike you, I’m no expert on Cuban democracy.

Doesn’t everybody on truthdig preach their own beliefs?

BTW- dinner was great. And thanks again for allowing me to speak here. Your permission means so much.

Report this

By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 4:46 pm Link to this comment

Friends,  they are scared on Capitol Hill..

It isn’t their military either

Report this

By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 4:34 pm Link to this comment

Rico, are you of Cuban decent???


  On another vein,  does anyone believe that
Capitol Hill cares whether we believe it is

If you believe they do care, well, they don’t.
All they care is rounding up the Austerity Programs
for the International Investors that own our debt.
I all the facts lead to here,  so we better start
wondering and figuring and CONSPIRING on just how to
fight back.  This is now longer an inverted totalitarian
state. Just look how flagrent they have been, not just
Obama, before that too,  but the here and now is the
111th and the Obama Admin.
We are in a new era of governance, it may take this
2010 election cycle and the 2012 election cycleto get
it through the heads to really understand where we are,
but EVERYBODY is going to wake up to the fact of a
right side up BANANNA REPUBLIC all that goes along with
  Taxes smackexz waxes,,,,,The rich are going to keep
theirs,  (If there is a raise in taxes, Rico , it will
be your income level that takes the hit)
And it is not a republican // democrat thing….
That is the hardest part everyone is going to have to
get through their heads…..
  Austerity by our creditors is HERE.
they are the boss,,,, not a Democrat, not a Republican
and the outcome is going to be the same no matter.
I have been forecasting that we are beyond a political
fix by our vote…its here..
LIBERTARIAN, SOCIALIST…..........and unite NOW
somehow…..........and get control peacefully…......
and that isn’t going to be done by the ballot box.

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, July 29, 2010 at 4:07 pm Link to this comment

Peter Schiff, and Joseph Celente….are some of the few, that understood what was about to happen…

I’ve listened to Jospeh Celente for years…., if you listen to Celente, he goes into great detail..


“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.”
(John Kenneth Galbraith)

This is what has happened to this country, eventually the same things that are being done and have been done to Iraq, and Afghanistan will be done here to American’s…

Excellent post FRTothus…

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 29, 2010 at 3:25 pm Link to this comment


I’m on my way to dinner, so I’ll save a longer response for later,

“But you are certainly free to never miss an opportunity to preach your own ( misguided) beliefs.”

GEE ARDEE, THANKS! You’re generosity touches me.

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Fat Freddy's avatar

By Fat Freddy, July 29, 2010 at 3:10 pm Link to this comment

Or was it practically every single economist in this country who failed to understand that the great recession was coming?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

But you know what? Keep on laughing, Republicans. Keep on pointing fingers, Democrats. You are both oblivious to sound economic policies and finance.

Chronic optimism? No. Wishful thinking and self-deception. These are the two largest impediments to cogent reasoning for the human species. So, keep on wishing that we can spend our way out of debt. Keep on thinking that we can tax the wealthy into oblivion and make the poor, wealthy. Or, deal with the real issues at hand in a serious logical manner.

I once heard Libertarians referred to as Republicans who smoke pot. However, the more time I spend talking with real, capital “L” Libertarians, the more I realize that they are liberals that understand economics and money. Get over it. Keynes was wrong. You can tell that to Paul Krugman AND Milton Friedman.!/libertarians?ref=ts

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

F A Hayek
The Fatal Conceit

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By balkas, July 29, 2010 at 2:45 pm Link to this comment

No, i did not say that i don’t like goodlooking asses.
Even my wife likes them.
She told me a few days ago: get a new ass, bob or i am gonna look for one elsewhere.

And she never jokes! So i have to go hungry or hit the fantacy basement more often!
But today, she claims she said to me: get off your ass, bob.
Even tho her longest trips are from bed to couch and back. She reads 3 books a week.
She`s totally liberated!

It is just so damn easy to win a heart of a woman. But try as one may, one can`t wina mind of a women anymore.
Except, of course, in afghanistan! All you have to do is by them a lighter, more colorful, and better looking burkhas! tnx

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By ardee, July 29, 2010 at 2:14 pm Link to this comment

rico, suave, July 29 at 3:16 pm

It must really frost your cake to understand that Venezuela quite possibly has more honest elections than does the USA. Also, while Cuba has its problems, especially its judiciary, each election has multiple candidates running against first Fidel now Raoul.

No less an authority than the Carter Commission has certified two elections in Venezuela as uncorrupted, and refuses to certify our own elections as such.

But you are certainly free to never miss an opportunity to preach your own ( misguided) beliefs.

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By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 1:38 pm Link to this comment

Is this a lie or did he really loose it????

Over on another thread this morning BALKUS said

“I don’t really care about a good looking ass”

I believe him to be telling a fat ass lie, Huh????????

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By The Donkey Edge, July 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm Link to this comment

Feeling trickled-down on? Or just trickled on? Us too:

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By balkas, July 29, 2010 at 12:41 pm Link to this comment

?All people still worry about corruption, taxes, deceit, but not me.
I did that for aboput two decades, but not any longer. Now if am saddened-maddened about the fact that we have lost our sanity ca. 10-15k yrs ago and have gone nor we will go anywhere without it.

We lost our sanity when a man commanded another to obey the commander or disobedience would be punished by beatings, injury, death, exile, etc.
All people minus twelve only talk about waves and ripples caused by the fisrt tsunami.

And so insanity or THE FIRST CAUSE remains while we correct a few ripples; which, somehow always benefit the commanders more than the obeissant people!
And on and on it goes! tnx

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By jkehoe, July 29, 2010 at 12:26 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The Senate was never intended to be a democratic legislative branch. It was sent-up basically to: give powerful state interests a voice; balance the influence of larger states and; provide longer-term “leadership” by the more affluent elites. Sadly not much has changed. 

If I may add, from an outsides perspective, what America requires besides “new” conservatives, and true liberals- with guts… is a larger and more politically engaged citizenship.

And ” We cannot achieve more democratic particpation without a prior change in social inequality and in consciousness but we cannot achieve the changes in social inequality and consciousness without a prior increase in democratic participation.”
C. B. Macpherson

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By REDHORSE, July 29, 2010 at 12:21 pm Link to this comment

Mr. D Jr. presented good financial stats, and a focus on why our Senate is corrupt. What’s the disconnect between the good fact, opinion and outrage expressed at TRUTHDIG, and the ability to power the action for change?

    Who are these filibuster thugs, and why are they allowed to hold 89% of American desire for a better future hostage? What would it take to change the filibuster rule in the Senate? Action!! Where is it?

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By bEHOLD_tHE_mATRIX, July 29, 2010 at 11:53 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The rules of the Senate are geared toward conservative
rule whether they are in power or not.  Too much
obstruction is allowed and legislation (save for war-
making) proceeds far too slowly which is an extension
of conservative principles that government should do
little and less and less.

This country would be far better served with a
parliamentary system in which ‘the people’ would have
much more power.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 29, 2010 at 11:16 am Link to this comment

EJ says, “does any other democracy have a powerful legislative branch as undemocratic as the U.S. Senate?”

Yes. Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran.

Oh….. Wait. He said “democracy” didn’t he?

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By MeHere, July 29, 2010 at 10:52 am Link to this comment

E. J. Dionne asks:

“Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?”

A superpower? Some of us would be OK with being just a run-of-the-mill power.

But getting back to Dionne’s question: being a superpower requires large numbers
of dead and crippled bodies, mighty and expensive weaponry, extensive control,
and enough bread and circus to go around.  It’s not an easy act to put on and it’s
even harder to maintain indefinitely—whether because of stupidity, the fact that we are not alone in the planet, a natural disaster, or maybe due to simple wear and tear.

I hope Dionne can help to find the cure for stupidity really soon.

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By Hammond Eggs, July 29, 2010 at 10:38 am Link to this comment

Stupidity is a hallmark of life in the United States in almost any realm you care to mention.  And there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of: the collective stupidity of this nation will destroy it in the end.

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By bogi666, July 29, 2010 at 10:36 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Chronic optimism is REALLY PATHOLOGICAL OPTIMISM used by the USG, business, pretend christians to institutionalize mindlessness, the inability to discern thoughts, including others thoughtS, from facts.Institutionalized mindlessness gives it legitimacy to the point that mindlessness is patriotic and mindfulness is treason, the Wikipedia leaks being case in point.The Treasury bond proceeds are what funds the Pentagons/spy agencies for war. The wealthy are the beneficiaries as the function of the Pentagon is to provide protection for the assets of the CORPORATE WELFARE KINGS, the wealth of the rich whom whine about taxes, spent disproportionalately for their benefit, which is to protect and secure the resources of the planet, the Pentagon is the enforcer of the NSA/NSC mission statements which are to secure and protect the resources of the world for the wealthy CORPORATE WELFARE KINGS.

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By gerard, July 29, 2010 at 10:25 am Link to this comment

We got sidetracked for a minute or two on that “chronic optimist” term.  Back to the fiscal policy bit:
  The problem (and I think we all recognize it except the very rich) is unlimited capitalism—that it is okay to get more and more money, without limit and even dishonestly—and keep it or spend it on luxuries.
  This excess has been glorified as “freedom” and “free enterprise”, even idolized and given enormous power over government, it is very hard to get it under control.  Too many people believe it is “fair” and “deserved”—even “good.”
  Destroy the mythology and look at the practical everyday results of it—increasing poverty, joblessness, frustration, suffering, eternal wars against innocent bystanders, the creeping awareness of loss of moral stature and an inner rot symptomatic of the dying national soul.
  The fact is, it is NOT okay to get richer and richer while others suffer as a result. Something HAS to be done to modify radical capitalism.  If capitalists don’t and won’t do it themselves, others will have to take on the job.  Hopefully, a nonviolent transition can and will occur.  But without an understanding of how nonviolence works and a fundamental understanding of how it differs from violence in psychology and in process, the probability of using it is remote.
I’m way out of date on new resources, but suggest:,
and others.  The old classic on the subject is Richard Gregg, “The Power of Nonviolence.”
  Sad to say, most people would rather dispose of it as “impractical” and “unworkable” than learn about it and get the necessary training.

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By FRTothus, July 29, 2010 at 10:21 am Link to this comment

If we think these politicians rewarding industrialists is stupid, then we need to think again.  These policies and efforts that have kept this country at war ever since World War 2, destroyed unions and pensions, have made everything for sale and have shifted wealth upward for the past 45-plus years are not stupid if you’re one of the handful of rich.  It is we who are stupid for thinking they are stupid.  They already own pretty much all that’s worth owning, have subverted our institutions, own the media, own the courts, finance the front-men, and now they are coming after our Social Security, and they will get that, too.  They are getting what they want (which is everything), and we are paying for it with longer hours, lower wages, disappearing benefits, militarized police, criminal presidents, appeasing congresses and a fawning press.  Our lower standards of living, our diluted, bank-owned currency, our lavishly-funded standing armies, a corporate-controlled organized crime government run by 2 crime “families” vying for power, no-risk returns for the well-connected, and bankruptcy and austerity measures for everyone else.  Gone is the Bill of Rights, Habeus Corpus, Privacy, and the Rule of Law.  No accountability for the wealthy, the greatest wealth disparity between the rich and the poor since the days of the Robber Barons and we think they are stupid? 

“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.”
(John Kenneth Galbraith)

“Poor people living in third-world countries are not the only victims of the so-called new world order. At the heart of this “new” order is a troubling paradox: Poor people within the United States, and the country as a whole, are getting poorer at the same time as the rich within the United States are getting richer.”
(Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer)

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By felicity, July 29, 2010 at 10:15 am Link to this comment

I ‘lifted’ this from another blog:  “Tax$$$ are going
for two things, creation of a permanent American
aristocracy and the military needed to defend it.”

Tax laws - exemptions, rates, deductibles…the list
is endless but the goal, as stated above, is clear.

So how many actual people enjoy an income exceeding
$250 grand/year.  There are 116,011,000 households in
the US and exactly 1.93% of them had annual incomes
exceeding $250,000/year. (By the way, Exxon Mobile,
GE…big list again, pay no income tax in the US.)

What conclusion can be drawn other than the tax laws
are designed to further the creation of an American

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, July 29, 2010 at 10:01 am Link to this comment

Ok, so now comes the finger pointing…To find out who is the stupidist? Who are the stupidist, stupes…. in America?

Is it the Corporations, who exported, all of the jobs overseas then wondered why no one could afford to buy the products they sell, or own a home?

Or is it the politicians who let them, and then bailed out the corporations who had cut their own throats, with the taxes of jobless Americans?

Is it the people of this country who work and slave, from pay check to pay check, getting deaper in debt, who believe that some day it’s going to be ok, because they’ll win the lottery?

Or was it practically every single economist in this country who failed to understand that the great recession was coming?

Or could it be those who engineered so called financial reform, who expect the American people to remain financial slaves, so that they could continue to sell derviatives based on the debts of people who live pay check to pay check? While they continue to leverage those debts up into the sky once again.

Or is it writers who believe that the wealthy will ever pay taxes?

When in fact, most of the middle class is already gone in this country and the remaining few practically have to take out a loan to pay taxes, that they cannot afford?

So tell me then, who is the stupidist stupe in America?

By the time we all agree on who is the stupidist stupe in America, this country will have collapsed…

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By gerard, July 29, 2010 at 9:53 am Link to this comment

Americans are taught to be “chronic optimists”, some more chronic than others.  Those who are less chronic are castigated as unpatriotic. America is above chriticism and has believed this myth for a couple hundred years at least.
  Chronic optimism leads to lack of introspection, lack of critical analysis, lack of adequate education, whether in the mouldy classrooms of inner-city L.A. or the marble halls of Princeton. Chronic optimism leads to delaying decisions, reluctance to change and overlooking possibilities.
  Chronic pessimism (which is my difficulty) gets you no friends, your relatives hate to see you coming, and you waste your energy worrying about what to do about everything, whether it’s your “business” or somebody else’s. It is reluctant to act for fear of “making things worse.” 
  There must be something in between???

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By diman, July 29, 2010 at 9:05 am Link to this comment

“I’m a chronic optimist about America. But we are letting stupid politics, irrational ideas on fiscal policy and an antiquated political structure undermine our power”

Oh really? A chronic optimist? Let me ask you this, where do all these politicians, who make stupid policies and full of irrational ideas,  come from? From some membrane in the earth behind the White House? No, they come from american schools, churches and universities and elected by the american people, in other words, they are the product of America that you are so chronically optimistic about. So may be “chronic optimist” is not such a good self-description in this context, “cautious optimist” would have been more appropriate.

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By Jim Yell, July 29, 2010 at 9:04 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Sadly we, as in the worlds people have seen what comes with the rich withdrawing their support of the systems that in fact allow most of them to be rich. Chaos, poverty and a lack of options for education and life.

The Roman Senators were more worried about what today would be called “their investment portfolios” than in maintaining the state that supported their life styles. They were so blinded by their riches that they supposed they should not contribute in time and money to maintain their society. What happend from their irresonsibility is they became unable to rule, to govern and military generals in disguise took over the instruments of power. The form was maintained but power no longer was held by the civil government.

The Military Dictator was able to make the system continue to work some of the time. If money was needed they took it from disloyal rich people or from out laying nations, but the cost was ever higher military spending and the troops realized that they had the weapons and could plunge everyone into internicine war and make money doing it, or at lest break the tedeum of life. This they did over and over again. Civilians paid the ultimate price, but eventually many of the supposed elites lost all that they had grabbed thru lies and deceit and greed.

Yes, what goes around, comes around.

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Anarcissie's avatar

By Anarcissie, July 29, 2010 at 8:34 am Link to this comment

Fat Freddy—I would not advise anyone to save substantial sums of money at this time, at least not if they can invest in something more substantial (which I admit is something of a problem).

I am of course not privy to the councils of our lords and masters, but my guess is that they see no course of action available to them but to borrow and print money and expand credit.  A rectification of “our” financial and economic systems and a return to domestic investment and production would put people through a terrific wringer and create major political stresses.  We already have politicians poking racism with a stick; in the event of a serious depression we will see overtly fascist parties blaming everything on the Blacks, the Mexicans, the Jews, whatever.  Those actually in power today seem either out of it (Bush) or gripped by conservatism and occasional panic (Obama).  Meanwhile, the debate about taxes is vacuous.  Tax the rich and they will only put the money where you can’t see it.  It is the working class who pay, and they will pay anyway whether through taxes, inflation, or deterioration of business, environment and infrastructure.  Probably, all of the above.  Jiggering taxes up and down is not going to change that.

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By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 7:57 am Link to this comment

Fat Freddy,,,,

  Define in dollars

  just what is meant

  by Middle Class

  please, so I will know who is over taxed….......

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By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 7:55 am Link to this comment

To understand all this

  Everyone should read, written at least eighty years

  An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution

by historian Charles Beard

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Paul_GA's avatar

By Paul_GA, July 29, 2010 at 7:20 am Link to this comment

Does Mr. Dionne really want this country to remain a “superpower”? “Superpowerdom” or “empire” (take your pick) never lasts forever, and all attempts to make such status last forever are doomed to failure.

The longer this country is run by a corrupt Elite who cannot or will not see the handwriting on the wall condemning the American imperial scheme to ultimate failure, the harder this country will fall when the fall comes.

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By zagostino, July 29, 2010 at 7:00 am Link to this comment

Mr. Dionne, you really should have that “chronic
optimisim” looked at, it might be causing some nasty
side effects.

When a country allows itself to believe that fighting
two foreign wars is in the “American People’s”
interest without stopping to consider that the
“American People” is no more than an abstraction,
just like like “Wall Street” is an abstraction, clear
thinking is going to be difficult if not impossible.

Who benefits by the unfunded trillions being spent in
“our” name? The Senate/politicians pursue policies
that profit a specific subset of the population. And,
we stand by and watch, listen, write blogs, read Mr.
Dionne’s column, and go about our business.

Anytime I hear the words “we”, “our”, “American
People” come out of a politician or pundit’s mouth I
cringe. The insidious “General Will” of Rousseau has
seeped so deeply into the modern-day denizen of a
capitalist nation state that it becomes the fulcrum
by which “we” are manipulated daily….

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Fat Freddy's avatar

By Fat Freddy, July 29, 2010 at 6:46 am Link to this comment

The rich are not under-taxed, the middle class is over-taxed.

Who will pay for Stimulus spending? The middle class, who else? It’s classic Broken Window Fallacy on a grand scale. Digging ditches, and breaking windows does not create wealth, it destroys it. Our trade, fiscal, and monetary policies are all in the toilet, and have been for a very long time. Both parties are equally to blame. And yet we continue more of the same, and expect different results. This is insanity. The government needs to stop spending, printing and borrowing money like a drunken, fucking sailor. If you want to be wealthy, listen to what your grandfather said. Save your money. Spend it, and invest it wisely. The government ignores the lessons of the past, and sacrifices the future, for the gains of the present.

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By balkas, July 29, 2010 at 5:59 am Link to this comment

But in UK, germany, italy, france, US man commanding man still remains.

And in US chasmic differences in earnings stay about the same. Constitution allows homelessness and people acquiring billions.

The right wing of the goose appears more honest about these differences and US warfare; the other wing less so.

Go kill! Tho not explictly said is still with us. So is go and lie, deceive, divide people into classes, etc.

For then you made it in shade. You have assured yourselves eternal rule and some will be willing even to kill and die for own serfdom!

This is known as the Greatness of America. And who could disagree? tnx

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By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 5:57 am Link to this comment

So here we go again , same ole story

Quoted from a history book, Jules Archer

“Strong financial support for his reelection campaign
came form the Navy Leauge, organized by retired naval
officers in 1903 with the blessings of Mahan and
Roosevelt.  Its members included munition-makers and
industrialists with Navy contracts.  He (T. Roosevelt)
was also backed by multimillionaires Morgan, Harriman,
Rockefeller, Frick, and Gould.  They were untroubled by
his public posture as a “trust buster,” which they
knew was largely bark without bite.
  Reelected, he pleased them by promptly revising the
Monroe Doctrine with what became known as the Roosevelt
Corollary,  proclaiming the right of the United States
to invade any Latin-American country that failed to meet
its financial obligations to international investors.
  Commented one newspaper editorial: “Hail, Caesar!”

some more…..(just as today)
The Anti-Imperialist League denounced the campaign
against Aguinaldo as an immoral war and documented the
use of brutality, murder, and torture by United States
troops against rebel prisoners.
  Roosevelt came to the defense of the military’s use
of water torture and other atrocities. United States
troops he declared, had “fought under terrible difficultis
and….received terrible provocation from a very cruel
and treacherous enemy.”

SAME DANCE,,,DIFFERENT DAY….............................

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By ardee, July 29, 2010 at 4:38 am Link to this comment

I usually find it difficult to find agreement with most of what Mr. Dionne pens. In this screed, however, I find much with which I do agree; specifically the exposure, despite the contrary bleatings of the right, of the inequality of our tax base, a very important issue in these difficult economic times. I also find agreement with the author’s defining real conservativism in opposition to the phonies who claim that mantle today. Lastly, his concise enumeration of the fallen US Senate and how it fails utterly to represent we the people finds a sympathetic ear.

I do stand up to note that his appeal to the Democratic Party for succor is still a misguided faith based political position that will doom us all to continued failure.

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RayLan's avatar

By RayLan, July 29, 2010 at 4:22 am Link to this comment

Superpower is a big position to occupy. Militarily the US is a superpower - and that’s where it ends. It is not economically or in any other category. It’s been a military superpower for a long time - and as the old joke goes ‘military intelligence’ is an oxymoron. We are bankrupting ourselves with these stupid expensive wars. Eventually we won’t be able to afford them. Hopefully we will sooner not want to afford them if the young recruits who are impaling themselves on these half-baked ideologies , wake up to how the American people are being terrorized by their own deceptions.

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By ofersince72, July 29, 2010 at 1:57 am Link to this comment

E.J.,,,Since I explained to you what is really going
on in the United States in my previous post,  I wish
that you would do me a favor.  I already understand,
that because we are so in debt and have the
International Investors imposing Austerity Measures on
us ,it doesn’t really matter who is in office a Dem or
a Pub,,,it will be the same outcome.

  So , because of this, you shouldn’t mind exposing the
fraud of the Democrat National Convention and the
system of delegates and Super Delegates to the American
Public.  Voting really doesn’t matter anymore anyhow,
we are simply a BANANNA REPUBLIC, going through the motions now.  When you do this piece for me, please include just why the Democrat Party doesn’t allow the
poplar vote to determine the candidate. Also explain
the fraudulent primary setup, and just why they got mad
when states started moving their primary dates.  I hope
you also touch on Iowa a little, that is almost funny
stuff, well if it weren’t so sad.  Explain the whole
fradulent system of the primaries as practiced by the
Democrat Party, we need not concern ourselves with the
Pig system of the Republican Party, few on here vote for
them.  I just wish, since elections don’t really mean
anything anymore, that a Journalist would start exposing
our primaries.
  I could do it,  but it wouldn’t carry the credence that
a national journalist would give it..
  I sure was thinking that the do gooder CRIS HEDGES
would sooner or later start exposing our election process
for what it is,,,,he ain’t gonna do it….he is a fence
straddler too,  giving just enough to his cult following
to satisfy them but not enough to educate them or throw
a monkey wrench into the fix for the Damnocrats.
So maybe you will,,,,,,show the public and explain to them
how they have been hood winked all these years.  There
will be some that resist, because they feel they are too
smart to ever have had the wool pulled over their eyes.
I could tell the exact ones on Truth Dig that fall into
that catagory..
AMERICAN E.J.  GOOD LUCK…..........................

Report this

By ofersince72, July 28, 2010 at 11:51 pm Link to this comment

Let me explain E.J.

It is called stupid voting….because

What is happening in Europe is also happening here.
It is called Austerity Programs imposed by the
I N T E R N A T I O N A L   I N V E S T O R S
It is coming evertwhere,  it has already started in many
countries including the United States of America…
because we are who we are…they label them different
then what they label them lets say in Greece or a Latin
American country,  but they are the same thing
Austerity Programs for the International Investors that
own the debt….that is the reason that they get nations
to operate in debt,  I mean, you have seen this time
and time again in Latin America when the IMF and WORLD
BANK get nations so in debt and write the terms in such
a way that that it is impossible to pay this debt back,
so the international investors come in and take control
of government , usually they install a brutal dictatorship
so the austerity measures will be easier to implement.

Now it is the US that is going to have the austerity
E.J.  didn’t you understand that was what Obamacare
was about, and that was what the bailout for To Big To
Fail was,,,,they were austerity programs imposed on the
US by the international investors
Now E.J.  ,  when the next austerity measure, the social
security reform they will call it, imposed on us by the
international investors , you will know it proper name.
We just had one this week when they stripped education
funding from the supplemental genocide funding.
We have had many austerity programs already imposted on
us by the international investors that own our debt
E.J.,,,but there are many more coming our way.
Mr. Obama knew very well before he took office about the
austerity programs for the international investors, didn’t
SO Mr. Journalist, E.J. Dionne…
It isn’t really politics of stupidity…..
It has been voting of STUPIDITY by the American Public
for over thirty years.

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