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Obama and Urban Crisis

Posted on Aug 12, 2010
Obama and the Myth of Post-racial Society
Flickr / Troy Holden

James Harris and Harry Edwards discuss President Obama and the myth of post-racial society, James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time” and why now is the time to repair the black community in urban cities such as Oakland.

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tropicgirl's avatar

By tropicgirl, August 16, 2010 at 12:35 pm Link to this comment

Instead of ““myth of post-racial society”” ; let’s talk about the “myth” of Obama.
The Obama deception can be watched for free on the web.

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By ofersince72, August 16, 2010 at 9:29 am Link to this comment

The answer would be…

They are just managers inside the beltway, the real
owners and bosses live

Dallas TX
London England
Chicago Illinois
Bonn, Germany
Tel Aviv,  Israel
Paris , France
Zurich, Swit.

and Obama is just being a very good employee.

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By purplewolf, August 16, 2010 at 9:00 am Link to this comment

What ever happened to Obama’s claim to rebuilt America from the base up and not the other way around as he did?

He came to my home town of Flint, Michigan, several times before and since the election. This year we laid off more police and fire fighters. The first month after the lay-offs we had over 200 arson fires. We can put security forces in Afghanistan, yet fail to keep our own citizens safe in the streets and cities of America. And Obama is not totally to blame for this continuation of decent, lest we not forget the Bush administration, who decided to make us the policemen of the world in his lied for never-ending war on terror. Since they could not fix what was broken at home, George and cronies decided(lied)to go all over the world and break other peoples countries so things would look less broken here in America. Well, it didn’t fool all of the people, we can still see what was and still is broken, regardless of how much Americans have been dumbed down, especially those Southern repugs and their ill educated minions.

Flint has had the most violent city in America label for about 3+ out of the last 4+ years and now thanks to the nationally known “stabber/slasher” this past month, leaves this city in an even worse position for all the world to see just how safe we Americans are in our own country.

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By FiftyGigs, August 14, 2010 at 6:45 am Link to this comment

No need to cite anything. Why let conservatives drive the discussion, especially when a few simple facts blow it to pieces.


* California is run by a Republican.

* The Republican-run regional South is broke, polluted by special interests, unable to enforce they’re own laws against illegals, and ranked below third-world nations in essential services like health and education.

That, of course, is the society the Republicans are building. It (a) leaves more money for the rich, who have their villa get-aways in all the “nice” places, and (b) makes it REAL easy to fear-monger and turn out their “base”, the self-righteous believers who crave suffering for Christ, especially when it’s other people’s suffering.

What Roy is complaining about is Republican heaven.

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By gerard, August 13, 2010 at 8:46 pm Link to this comment

Call me Roy:  Where on earth are you coming from, Roy?  Please cite what is the basis of your allegations regarding Democrats wrecking the public schools? Are they founded in facts, or are you merely against teachers unions and the NEA?  And Margaret Sanger is the reason for an alleged high percent of abortions among black women? You sure it’s not because black women have no working husbands with good jobs, no jobs themselves, and no one to take care of kids so they can work—provided they could find a job?  You are really out there!  It’s all the fault of the welfare state?  Wow!  Too many free school lunches! Democrats and Progressives 100% responsible! Sure you’re not overstating just a teentsy bit?

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By call me roy, August 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm Link to this comment

The reason California may be our first failed state is because the Democratic recipe for success in California is the same as in every other liberal state — more spending —– particularly on social programs and public employee sector benefits. Spending is the public policy that gets Democrats re-elected. (Their state budget went from $56 billion in 1998 to an eye popping $131 billion in 2009.) What nobody on the left is willing to admit is that blue states are in meltdown. Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Illinois (Obamaland), Pennsylvania, Oregon and, of course, California, are in debtors prison. High levels of taxation, a love affair with regulations — the more the merrier — and the unremitting expansion of public sector employment have made public sector unions a political powerhouse. It’s hard to imagine that the debates in the primary elections will not focus on job creation in the private sector, and stemming the tide of businesses and high-income residents fleeing the state. So will California’s elections move them right of center as we saw with Europe’s large social democracies, or will their fascination for Obama-like left-leaning economic policies remain intact — no jobs, increased spending and bigger government. Lastly, Los Angeles voted to Arizona boycott over immigration law. Who cares? Many states are now looking at passing the same law. LA and San Francisco have just hurt there on own economy’s which according to all the top economists won’t last long anyway. This is bad news, who wants to be like California Not Arizona. Many experts agree that after the November elections the Democrats will lose the Congress and Obama’s rating will drop 20% to the lowest ever recorded for any US President.

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By call me roy, August 13, 2010 at 7:13 pm Link to this comment

Thirty-four states already cut higher education aid and twenty-five states already reduced grade school aid. Twenty-Seven states have reduced health care benefits for low-income people. Twenty-six states have hiring freezes. Twenty-two states have lowered employee’‘s wages. Thirteen states have announced layoffs. Federal aid to the states has already being reduced. The worst is yet to come. 2010 will bring the loss of many jobs in public sector as well as the private sector. Experts say any chance of a turn around will not happen now. The US is broke and has the worst debt in the world.
The bankruptcies should happen in 2010 and many of the other problems have already begun. In 2010, 37 Governors face re-election and 46 states will chose their legislatures. The reality is to keep the states spending budgets up; taxes will have to be increased. When you have a lot of people out of work and a lot of failed businesses this means big tax hikes and raising taxes for those able to survive in a down economy is just going to make it harder for them to make it in the long run. Of course out of work people are short term oriented and can care less about down the road.
Things look like the politicians are going to try and run with upside down budgets but they will run out of money and then have to make some hard choices when they are up against the wall. In a state with high unemployment, who is going to vote for a politician who says we need to pull our belts in and run with a balanced budget and a sound economic policy and this will mean spending cuts and job cuts. Now the politician who says well we need to make jobs, extend unemployment benefits, send the kids to school and college, keep the medical aid coming, and keep the spending up is going to get elected. Then when the spenders get elected what are they going to do?
A study, conducted by the Pew Center on the States, found that California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin are among the most bankrupt states in the country. The only ones not run top-to-bottom by Democrats were Arizona, Florida and Nevada…all of which have huge illegal immigration problems.

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By call me roy, August 13, 2010 at 7:10 pm Link to this comment

Progressives destroyed the bottom rung of the ladder of economic success by corrupting a public school system in which half of the students never graduate and half of those wo do are fundamentally illiterate. Every major inner city in America from, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, every school board and school district, every city council in those inner cities is 100% controlled bt the Democrat Party and progressives and has been for 100 years. Everything that is wrong with the inner cities of America that policy can affect Democrats and progressives are responsible for. They have their boot heels on the necks of poor black and hispanic children all across America and are crushing them every day.
The Democratic Party and Progressivism is the most powerful force obstructing opportunity for America’s poor and minority. It oppresses them with their creation of the modern welfare state. Progressives engineered a welfare system that destroyed the inner city black family and created a vast “under-class” so mired in the culture of dependency and povert that they may never escpae.

Progressives are the most racist bunch of monsters in history. Margret Sanger is the champion of the progressives. She was such a nasty racist with her evil eugenics programs. Hitler modeled his eugenics programs on the American Progressive Eugenics Movement of the early 20th century. Her whole purpose for abortion was to rid society of what she called the less desirable minorities. Her legacy lives on in the racist fact that children of color are the victims of 2/3 of all the abortions committed since Roe v Wade. Black women, who make up only 12% of the population have had over 40% of the abortions ever committed. They are nearly 4 times more likely than their caucasion counterparts to get abortion, just as progressive darling Margret Sanger planned.

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By gerard, August 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm Link to this comment

The bitter irony is that even the violent gang members believe in a perverse sort of “meritocracy.”
Those who are “toughest” and willing to prove it by murdering someone, “deserbe” status, deserve to become rulers in gangland “government.”  They are in no way separate from the society whose values they imitate in their attempt to “get a life.” Even their violence is a weak representation of imperialistic wars.  How come so few people notice this resemblance, and those who do, can get nowhere pushing the idea?  Instead, private prisons get fuller—and richer—and Congress appropriates another hundred million or so for the gang warfare in Afghanistan, called “nation-building” or “winning hearts and minds.”

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By rollzone, August 13, 2010 at 10:31 am Link to this comment

hello. connectivity issue again prevents hearing the discussion. the post election post racial symbolism was propaganda to score global brownie ponts as much as a false hope of wishful thinking by a strong and beautiful race. i am trying be be racial here. Oboymamma is a user, easily engaging 527 fund raising organizations for Demoncrat campaigns, but in no way interested in contributing funds to alleviate the plights of inner city strife. he will not give to any cause other than himself. his own racial identity embarrasses him enough to avoid Kenya, and chose which color of brown shoe polish to dye his prematurely whiting hair, which was obvious in unbrushed photos during lonely fund raising as a birthday hook in Chicago. not a penny of those funds will be directed towards the rampant violent outcry of Black youth in his ‘hometown’. he has been overwhelmed with globalist agenda and money reform, and could spend a little tax on helping build a better foundtion of hope, but he will have to change.

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By Hammond Eggs, August 13, 2010 at 12:13 am Link to this comment

The far right’s thinly veiled racist attacks against Obama are probably more effective than any of us think. Obama is enough of a boy scout to believe that his election meant we were living in a post-racial society.  He may still believe it.  He was and is dead wrong.  He was elected president because a large enough part of the middle class thought in 11/08 that the entire economy of this nation was about to go under.  A large part of that large part of the middle class would not have voted for Obama if the economy had been much better. Fear is the prevalent human emotion and on election day ‘08, fear trumped racism.  It won’t work for Obama next time.  You could say that Obama had his chance.  But you could only say that if Obama actually stood for anything other than lining the pockets of the Democrats with Big Money and the pleasures of all it can buy. The Democrats are nothing more than Republicans who wear expensive after-shave and can imitate the bleating of sheep to perfection.  Truly - what goes around, comes around - as the Democrats are about to find out.

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By gerard, August 12, 2010 at 8:16 pm Link to this comment

Not only Obama.  The entire establishment (corporate/political) believes in “expertise”.  It believes in the idea of “meritocracy,” that people who are trained and educated have what it takes to rule, to become “succssful” in wordly affairs, to survive competetition, and therefore, THEREFORE,they deserve positions of power that dominate the ordinary masses who “deserve” their problems, who are incapable of survival in a competitive world, and it’s their own fault because they are “lazy” or “stupid.” 
  This notion is probably the result of Calvinistic belief in hard work, close dealing and going to church on Sunday, etc.But the most important thing is that elites see themselves as deserving what they get and indigents deserving what they don’t get.
  This notion accounts for Obama appointing an entire staff of elites with expertise instead of people whose interest and experience has been in administration for the public good. 
  This bias also accounts for the fact that, in spite of massive public opposition, the wars continue on the advice of trained officials and a Congress largely educated to beiieve that, simply because they raised the money and got elected, they are smarter than the ordinary jerk and can even make decisions that keep the ordinary jerk from earning a living, getting an education and improving his/her life.
  The entire culture at present is heavily loaded in favor of the upper class, which means mostly white entrepreneurs and officials.
  No wonder the vastly underprivileged young people of color and otherwise either join the Army and grab a gun to kill or be killed, or join a gang, deal in drugs, grab a gun and kill or be killed.
  The elite regard such unfortunates as “deserving” what they get, just as they think they themselves deserve yachts, Lear Jets, and haciendas.
  Meritocracy controls through fear of “others”—“they” will take your job; “they” want to kill you; “they” are not like you, etc.
  Meritocracy is undemocratic, root and branch.  Understand “meritocracy” and it gives you a key to the foundation of many of our current problems.

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By Old Man Turtle, August 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Actual Living Human Communities (which are definitely not the same as all
those random collections of dysfunctional “individuals” almost universally
mistaken for the real thing these days) exist only as natural organic forms.  If
injured or ill they might heal, but they cannot be “repaired” like some broken-
down automobile or collapsing edifice.  They can die, though, and killing them
(then substituting the false form described parenthetically above) continues to
be the invading retro-viral entity’s primary process here, as it attempts to feed
(and propagate its “self”) parasitically off the Living Arrangement of our Mother

Those who go on trying to “build” Community as if it were some kind of kit you
assemble from pre-suppled parts, or legislate it as some institutional construct
put together from “individual”-ized Human constituents, or collect it using a
sort of ideological armature around which such disparate particles might
coalesce, are in for considerable disappointment.  They might as well attempt
to restore Living Forests by manufacturing facsimiles of Redwoods, say, out of
sawdust, carpenters glue, and green paint.

If the actual organic form of genuine Living Community is ever to re- emerge
whole and healthy among the captive members of the sub-species homo
domesticus, it will have to come about freely, naturally, and spontaneously, as
a Living Response to a Living Need.  All arrogant attempts to force its
germination will fail as dismally as every vain effort to erect it has done

For a guaranteed way to sterilize what remains of the Living Ground from
which real Human Community might yet grow, however, just dump a bunch of
“money” on it.  Then plow that in using abstract programs harnessed-to huge
teams of papered professional experts.  Works every time.

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By ofersince72, August 12, 2010 at 5:50 pm Link to this comment

Obama made his own crisis’,  he had the public
support to take on most of them left by the previous
administrations….He blew it,  on purpose, for his
Ivy, Wall Street buddies…SCREW EM

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