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Israel From 10,000 Feet

Posted on Jun 3, 2010
AP / Ariel Schalit

The botched predawn raid on the Mavi Marmara, the lead boat of an aid flotilla headed to the Gaza Strip, is but the latest strategic blunder by Israel’s conservative government.

By Joe Conason

The government of Israel is supposedly run by the Jewish state’s toughest and most ardent defenders, but so far they have inflicted worse damage on its security and its future than its enemies ever could. By treating a Gaza-bound aid flotilla as a military threat, killing nine civilians and imprisoning hundreds more, that government achieved the only foreseeable outcome: another episode of international isolation and internal demoralization.

Square, Story page, 2nd paragraph, mobile
Whether Israel’s commandos committed any criminal acts will be determined by investigation, but in the meantime it is safe to say that what happened was not only wrong but exceptionally stupid. Yet while shortsighted brutality has long been a hallmark of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians, that tendency is now clearly undermining the strategic interests of both Israel and its traditional friends, including the United States.

Consider the events over the past two years that have led up to this moment. The war on Gaza, initially justified by Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, was grossly disproportional and resulted in war crimes against Palestinians that completely overshadowed the casus belli. Since then, the blockade of Gaza has stopped humanitarian assistance and prevented reconstruction—which has only provoked worldwide support for Hamas’ human rights complaints against Israel.

Meanwhile, that war proceeded covertly, as well, leading to the clumsiest intelligence operation in Israel’s history—the murder of a Hamas official in Dubai by agents who left behind copious evidence of connections with Mossad. That evidence included passports issued by friendly nations, which of course strained diplomatic relationships with them. Worse, the choice of Dubai as an assassination location put severe pressure on Israel’s unofficial but strong relationship with the United Arab Emirates—a powerful force for moderation and tolerance in the region and beyond.

Whatever Hamas lost when Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was throttled in a Dubai hotel room, the damage to Israel was considerably greater.


Square, Site wide, Desktop


Square, Site wide, Mobile
Certainly the same can be said of the latest fiasco, which has severely damaged if not ruined Israel’s longstanding ties with Turkey, whose citizens were among those killed and apprehended in the flotilla attack. Until the evening of May 30, the Islamic government of Turkey was prepared to permit its army to participate in joint exercises with the Israel Defense Forces—a stunning development that shows just what Israel’s government so casually risked.

Yet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing government seem blithely unaware or uncaring in the wake of its ruinous actions. The question that Israel’s friends must ask is the same question that sane Israelis are now openly asking themselves: What is their government’s strategy?

Indeed, what strategy could these tactics possibly serve to advance? How is their survival, let alone their future peace and prosperity, enhanced by behavior that alienates every friend and potential friend, while encouraging every foe and creating more of them?

If Israel and the United States believe that the most important security problem is Iran and that regime’s possible acquisition of nuclear weapons, then the sane response is to build regional and global alliances in response. Iran’s neighbors in the Gulf are almost as unhappy about that looming threat as Israel is. A wise policy would draw those states into regional security arrangements and enhance connections with them.

Of course, that kind of policy would mean refraining from such destructive acts as the Gaza blockade, the Dubai assassination and the flotilla attack. It would require the serious pursuit of renewed peace negotiations with the Palestinians and the Syrians, so that Iran, not Israel, would face isolation. And that, in turn, would demand the end of settlement construction and the acknowledgment that Jerusalem is an international holy place that cannot be controlled by a single state.

As Bill Clinton bluntly reminded Israelis in Jerusalem last winter, none of the fundamental factors that imperil the Jewish state’s democratic and peaceful future have changed since his own peacemaking efforts ended in frustration. How unfortunate—and dangerous—that the Netanyahu government is so determined to ignore his warning as its strategic position deteriorates.

Joe Conason writes for The New York Observer.

© 2010

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 4, 2010 at 8:37 am Link to this comment

re:By melpol, June 4 at 12:27 pm:


Melpol, your defense of Israel’s thuggish brutality, combined with your story about
how nicey-nice your family was to the neighbors when living as the only Jews in a
small southern town, suggests a rather different characterization: people who are
servile and craven when in a position of weakness, but mercilessly cruel when in a
position of strength.

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By Howard, June 4, 2010 at 8:28 am Link to this comment

Activists REFUSED to allow inspection.  As previous 6
convoys did this year.  And as did the other 5 ships in
this particular convoy.

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By melpol, June 4, 2010 at 8:27 am Link to this comment

We are called the compassionate people and there is a good reason for it, the
Jewish people have always made a special effort to be kind to people of other
religions. We were the only Jews in a small southern town and my mom often
baked cake for her neighbors. She went from door to door distributing them, she
never complained when her kindness was not returned. Father used to volunteer
to wash the cars of strangers but never asked for a dime or expected thanks. My
compassion was to help my classmates carry their books to school, but even if
they never invited me to their homes I loved them. One day we moved to the big
city where there were lots of other Jews, no longer are we as compassionate, but
life is better. There is a lesson to be learned from my childhood experience. If
Israeli Jews tried to please their Palestinian neighbors by being more
compassionate they may not get thanks, but it will bring them peace.

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By flickervertigo, June 4, 2010 at 8:11 am Link to this comment

Howard says, ”...this latest ship which was there to instigate. 
Only to instigate.”

instigate… what? ...justice?

is there something wrong with instigating justice?

the sooner you admit israel was a bad idea, apologise to the palestinians, and attempt to achieve justice in palestine, the safer we’ll all be.

it could be that palestinians have enough depth of spirit to forgive you.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 4, 2010 at 8:04 am Link to this comment

Howard, Israel’s blockade of Gaza explicitly prevents all sorts of things that are
not weapons or in any way a danger to Israel from entering Gaza.

The reason Israel wouldn’t let this aid ship through was not because it might have
contained weapons - which could have at any rate been determined by Israeli
inspection in the port of Gaza. The activists offered to allow this, but Israel

The reason Israel wouldn’t let the ship through is because the blockade is in place
expressly for the purpose of forcing the people of Gaza to live in abject misery.

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By Howard, June 4, 2010 at 7:53 am Link to this comment

Hamas’s stated goal is the complete destruction and
elimination of Israel.  Israel must and should keep the
shipments of arms and missles from entering Gaza via
ships.  Maybe not this time or the next.  But it is
certain Hamas and Iran and Syria will keep trying. 
  Israel with past convoys of aid this year has
inpsected the cargos and if ok has transferred the
goods to non-Hamas organizations in Gaza.
  that is only fair and is humanitarian as a goal. but
not this latest ship which was there to instigate. 
Only to instigate.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 4, 2010 at 7:19 am Link to this comment

Rani Amiri’s analysis goes to the heart of what Zionism is. The fact that what is
happening is inherent to Zionism is something which many liberal Zionist critics
of Israel like Inherit the Wind refuse to understand. Inherit the Wind imagines
that there is some origin in goodness and right from which Israel has strayed.
But it goes back to David Ben Gurion and even before. It’s in the nature of the
beast. Amiri writes:

‘The consensus was that Israel was “sending a message.” Anyone who dared
challenge its naval blockade and siege of Gaza would meet a similar fate.

‘This is a correct yet superficial analysis. The real motive behind the Israeli
assault is far more sinister: to deliberately undermine (if not entirely abort)
consequential, substantive peace talks with the Palestinians and Syrians, and
repay the Turks for negotiating a nuclear fuel-swap deal with Iran (which
significantly set back Israel’s case for military intervention).

‘In essence, it was done to sabotage peace.

’ “We have to set up a dynamic state bent upon expansion,” David Ben Gurion
famously stated. And peace, stability and diplomacy are obstacles to Zionism’s
tenets of land acquisition and subjugation of indigenous peoples.’

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By omop, June 4, 2010 at 6:57 am Link to this comment

Lets be honest. Israel whose authority extends some 70 miles into open waters
was attacked by a flotilla of unarmed do-gooders who where paid by Hamas, Al
Queda and The Taliban. In fact nine or ten of the terrorists on the boats faked
their deaths just to embarass Boom Boom Bibi and Avigdor the bar bouncer from

The following photos show the sheeple of the world demonstrating on behalf of
the chosen ones.

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 4, 2010 at 6:08 am Link to this comment

Activists on the Ship ‘Rachel Corrie’ Challenge

Israel’s Unjust Gaza Blockade and Zionist Myths

By Ira Chernus

“June 02, 2010 “AlterNet”—The MV Rachel Corrie is steaming across the Mediterranean toward Gaza, flying the flag of Ireland, loaded with humanitarian supplies, and posing another impossible dilemma for the government of Israel.

The root of the dilemma is not the conflict between Israel and the Free Gaza Movement, nor even the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It’s ultimately a conflict between two visions of Zionism that go back to the origins of Zionism itself.

Israel’s government is caught in a debate between two factions, representing those two visions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no doubt searching for a way to act upon both. But it’s an impossible task, like trying to square a circle, because the two visions contradict each other. So however the Israelis choose to meet the MV Rachel Corrie, they lose.

One side in the debate sees Israel rapidly losing its respect around the world, which was once quite considerable. Israel’s famous novelist Amoz Oz speaks for them: “We’re putting ourselves under international siege, which is much more dangerous to us than the blockade of Gaza is to Gazans. Israel is turning into Apartheid-era South Africa, a country that the nations of the world do not want among their ranks.”

This faction warns that if Israel repeats the kind of bloody attack it launched on the Mavi Marmara, it could well lose whatever shred remains of its international standing. And they say that Israel simply cannot survive in a world that condemns and isolates it.

The thinking of this side goes back to the very beginning of Zionism. We Jews have been persecuted outcasts long enough, the early Zionists said. If we respect ourselves enough to break out of our long exile and become a normal nation, like all the other nations, we will earn the world’s respect and be treated as equals in the family of nations.

These first Zionists assumed that if they built a successful state they would escape the constant anxiety that had plagued their ancestors. They worked in a spirit of confidence that Jews could not merely survive, but thrive, as their nation developed friendly relations with the other nations of the world.

Yet ultimately they could not escape anxiety. Their test of the success of Zionism was how well the Jewish state was received by the gentile world. Though they broke free of the grip of the gentiles, they always had to be watching over their shoulders to see how the gentiles were viewing them. They are watching still, as the MV Rachel Corrie approaches Gaza, still worrying about what it will take to insure that the Jewish state survives, still feeling like the victims of history.

The other side in the Israeli debate within the government takes a very different approach. Why bother even thinking about the world’s response, they ask. The world hates us anyway. Nothing we do now can make the gentiles hate us more. Since we are surrounded by eternal enemies, let’s forget about world opinion. The only way to insure our survival is to maintain our strength and dominance—by any means necessary.

This viewpoint, too, goes back to the very beginning of Zionism. The same Zionists who confidently pursued the goal of a normal nation also assumed that, as long as Jews lived among the gentiles, they would always be victims of persecution. For them, anti-semitism was an eternal fact of life, to be escaped only by taking refuge in a Jewish state.

Today’s Israeli hawks see the world in much the same way, except that they see no escape. We’ve discovered, they say, that even though we have our own nation we still live among the gentiles, and they still hate us so much they’d like to see us disappear. Our only option is to keep on fighting back, and let the blood fall where it may.”

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 4, 2010 at 5:22 am Link to this comment

Inherit the Wind: I did read your post and I do heartily acknowledge that you are a
stern critic of Israel. But to paraphrase Paul Craig Roberts, it is pointless to
complain of America’s support for evil Israeli actions when one accepts the
premises upon which that support is based.

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, June 4, 2010 at 4:24 am Link to this comment


I see.  So the global media coverage of this latest “flotilla” event has nothing to do with the coverage afforded on THIS web site.

I assume then that you believe the global media coverage of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza has no effect on how world governments and populations react to these and other events.

I will simply write that you are wrong.


Can you lend us one (1) example of worse atrocities, oppression, subjugation, and sufferings on the globe, at this very minute, which is being almost completely ignored while the world reports on and talks about Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and this “flotilla” event?

Lastly; would you care to offer an explanation as to why and how this “flotilla” event is more important than the 227 men, woman and children -almost an entire village- that were gunned down in Senegal this past weekend?

Report this

By melpol, June 4, 2010 at 4:18 am Link to this comment

There is no doubt that if Israel was defenseless they would be immediately
attacked by their neighbors and massacred, that is why they must remain strong.
Call it a clash of cultures if you will, but its radical neighbors come from a religion
that cannot share power,  it is written that all who don’t believe that Mohammed
is the Prophet of Allah are infidels or kafirs and have to be banished or enslaved.

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By Inherit The Wind, June 4, 2010 at 4:03 am Link to this comment


Did either you or Ed Harges actually READ what I posted in this thread????  Or are you both just pretending you know what I wrote without reading it??

If you HAD read it, then you both could never have posted the irrational twaddle about me that you did.

Notice that JDMysticDJ actually DID read it!

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JDmysticDJ's avatar

By JDmysticDJ, June 4, 2010 at 3:23 am Link to this comment

By Go Right Young Man, June 3 at 11:23 pm #


“So as not to put words into your mouth; are you illustrating below that you are unaware of the extraordinarily horrendous atrocities, oppression, subjugation and suffering in numerous places about the globe that far exceed all that has been described in this thread?”

Your intent is to put words into my mouth; words that have no relationship to the subject of this thread. Obfuscation is your intent. I won’t be answering your questions. I’m aware of atrocities, subjugation, and suffering in numerous places around the globe, and I have contributed to ending those atrocities, oppressions, subjugations, and sufferings, but those atrocities, oppressions, subjugations, and sufferings are not the subject of this thread.

“Would you be kind enough to point out at least seven places about the globe that make the West Bank and Gaza pale in comparison?”

As previously stated, and for the reasons stated, I’ll ignore your quiz.

“Would you care to offer an explanation as to why Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are regularly in the world media all the whole these other far worse places are almost completely ignored?”

I’ll suggest that the world media, like me, considers the West Bank and Gaza very important in terms of global significance, and that, like me, the world media finds Israeli actions to be news worthy. Your assertion that the incidents of atrocities, oppressions, subjugations, and sufferings are almost completely ignored is false. You’re implying that the world media focuses on Israel and Gaza because the world media is anti-Semitic is absurd, and only aggravates, and provides false justification for Israeli atrocities.

There are incidents of over reporting in the world media, for example the 22 Israelis that have been killed by home made rockets coming from Gaza in the last 11 years pales in significance to other atrocities. Punishing the world’s Jewish population for Israeli atrocities would be a gross injustice, just as punishing the entire Palestinian population of Gaza for rocket attacks is a gross injustice.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, June 4, 2010 at 3:14 am Link to this comment

Howard, Israel invented and initially funded Hamas as a counterweight to Fatah.

Hamas is an elected body of government much like the Likud.

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By JT, June 4, 2010 at 2:36 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The main legality issue is the blockade. It is 100%
illegal, so everything that follows from there must
be viewed in that light. The blockade is not UN
sanctioned. No one is under any obligation to respect
it (although obviously you will be murdered if you
don’t.). The coastline they are supposedly operating
from doesn’t even belong to them.

The fact that it took place in international waters
makes it worse. It was necessary though, as the crew
of the boat were waiting for daylight to enter the
‘territorial waters’ to have daylight for better
footage of the opposition.

So a night raid was conducted, when fewer people
would be taping, some would be asleep, video quality
would be lower, etc. That’s why they chanced an
illegal raid in international waters. Allowing the
ship to enter during the day in full visibility would
be disastrous when it finally came time to murder the

So instead, they jammed all communications and
confiscated all evidence, and kept people locked up
for 2 days while they wrote the official dialog to be
broadcast on every US tv station in unison.

I can’t believe the country I live in is trying to
obstruct justice in a murder investigation. We truly
are a country of idiots. No one seems to care that
Israel stole all the footage, and is now making
claims which are disputed by every single person
they’ve released so far. Claims which would be easily
provable with all the footage they have, yet… they
resort to clipping 30 seconds from the middle of a
video, and loop it over, and over, and over again
until the americans finally go ‘oh yeah, evil
muslims, 9-11, yay for israel!’.

Makes me throw up a little in my mouth knowing I
share this country with so many Neanderthals.

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By Observer, June 4, 2010 at 2:14 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Perhaps this debate needs some >greater realistic perspective< on this subject,as to what is rotten with Israel for some time,found on this website >

quite disturbing,but very much the case > > >

>Besides the billionaire Jews in the Mega Group and the Russian Jewish Mafiya families, the other organized crime families running both Likud and Hamas are the Abergils, the Abutbuls, the Fainbergs, the Mogilevichs, the Rosensteins and, of course, the Alperon crime family. Interestingly, all of these Jewish crime families and their supporters in the Mega Group of Jewish billionaires also are heavy backers of John McCain and Joe Lieberman in this country and are behind most of the ecstasy sold in this country. And of course, they are all major players behind the scenes in the Jewish lobby AIPAC. It is a fact that organized crime now permeates the Jewish community, much more so than Sicilian crime families operate among Italians. If Israel wants to survive and if world Jewry wants to do the right thing then it must cleanse itself of the Likud and the Mega billionaires involved with organized crime. And yes the Palestinians must cleanse themselves of the Hamas organized crime syndicate also before there is any chance of peace in the Middle East. Organized crime (Italian, Russian, Israeli, Arab, whatever) has no interest in peace or justice.<

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By jimmy1one, June 4, 2010 at 1:15 am Link to this comment

Begin Quote By Ed Harges, June 4 at 12:16 am #

The power of Israel in US politics can never be beaten except by a movement to
thwart it whose determination and passion are equal to the determination and
passion exhibited by the various pro-Israel forces known collectively as the Israel

But anyone in American politics who evinced such passion in opposition to Israel
will be denounced as an anti-Semite and marginalized, even by liberal Jews like
Inherit the Wind who sincerely deplore the worst of Israel’s policies.

Thus, Inherit the Wind and other Jews critical of Israel instinctively stifle any
effective attempts to rectify the situation. End Quote
OK Ed you’ve stated the issue clearly maybe not in the same way I’d have it phrased but you are right. There is no attempt to be even handed or fair in the media. I’ve seen one report on the conditions inside the camps in Gaza in the entire time of the embargo. What’s happened to all the investigative reporting? Look what happened to President Carter no network, I repeat no network has the ability to do a first hand investigative report on the condition inside Gaza. I was led to believe a life is a life it is all precious. We all have a right to exist and to defend ourselves by any means available but instead of addressing the issue head on someone has to play the hate card.

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By babycatajesus, June 3, 2010 at 10:50 pm Link to this comment

Post by “John”,_

I am beginning to think that the attack on the Flotilla did exactly what it was intended to.

To bring in a quote here: Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause, the creation of a separate state for Jews. To solve the Jewish Question, he maintained “we must, above all, make it an international political issue.”

Herzl wrote that Zionism offered the world a welcome “final solution of the Jewish question.” In his “Diaries”, page 19, Herzl stated “Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.”
(it goes on from there)

If one reads pre-WWII Zionist literature, before this movement became a state-backed force, and thus did not have to couch its rhetoric as much, it is obvious that anti-Semitism was very encouraged by the Zionist movement, as it helped further their aims. (More on this enlightening character here: )

As their aim is to force g-d’s hand to end the exile (something that had been condemned by all religious Jewish leaders prior to WWII and many even after that) and to bring all Jews to Israel, to suggest that they intentionally act to increase anti-Semitism throughout the world by their state’s action is doing nothing more than to suggest that they continue the
same tactics they have historically used.

In this book it details how repeated attempts to save the victims of the holocaust were made, but thwarted by the Zionist organizations as they did not involve moving the Jewish people in question to Palestine (which would have been illegal under the white paper of 1939, which negate the Balfour Declaration.

The reasoning used by the Zionist in regard to the Holocaust at the time was to the effect that “one goat in Palestine is more important than all the Jews in Europe.

At one point a group of elders, women and children was blocked from even being sent to Palestine as they would not help the goal of a violent takeover of Palestine as they were not capable of fighting, the Zionists only wanted healthy men of fighting age.

The Rothschild’s provided most of Hitler’s financial backing When one looks into the Zionist history and mindset, It starts making more in more sense when one looks at how this group of secular Jews acts, and explains most of, if not all of,
the behaviour.

Zionism, from the outset, has fostered Anti-Semitism as a way to make Jews feel threatened in the world, forcing them to move to Palestine.

To make this an even sadder situation, according to the three oaths of Judaism, which are adhered to by at least Orthodox Jews, to partake in a secular “Jewish” state brought about by force rather coming about after the advent of the messiah as shown by the redemption of all Jewish people, to live in such a state is a violation of a compact with G-d. To support such a state, according to traditional Jewish faith, is to completely give up on G-d.

I am not certain that the Zionists are consciously intending to promote anti-Semitism, but the more I look at the history and the current actions they partake in, I am unable to find any other way of understanding their history and current actions that makes even the slightest amount of sense. And looked at this way, the history and actions of the State of
Israel (controlled by Zionists) make PERFECT sense.

Can anyone please give me a suggestion that is less horrible to contemplate that explains the actions we see the state of Israel undertaking on a regular basis?

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By P. T., June 3, 2010 at 9:23 pm Link to this comment

Ethnic cleansing of as many of the indigenous Palestinian people (they used to call them Canaanites) as it thinks it can get away with has long been Israel’s top priority.  Everything else is secondary.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 3, 2010 at 9:19 pm Link to this comment

re:By Howard, June 4 at 12:57 am:

Howard, darling. Don’t you think that if Israel had found any rockets in the cargo
of those ships, American television viewers would in very short order have been
subjected to saturation coverage, round the clock, featuring pictures and video,
ad nauseam, from every conceivable photogenic angle, of those rockets?

Please, Howard, don’t insult us with this unmitigated crap.

Report this

By Howard, June 3, 2010 at 8:57 pm Link to this comment

The organizers of this flotilla repeatedly rejected Israeli offers to transfer its cargo to Gaza once it was inspected for weapons.
  In recent months, Israeli forces have diverted nine such flotillas, all without incident, and peacefully boarded five of the ships in this week’s convoy. Their cargos, after inspection, were delivered to non-Hamas instituions in gaza.
  The intent of breaking the embargo is to allow rockets to be transportded to gaza from Hamas’s suppliers in Syria snd Iran.
  Israel has a right and a duty to defend itself from Hamas and its backers.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 3, 2010 at 8:16 pm Link to this comment

The power of Israel in US politics can never be beaten except by a movement to
thwart it whose determination and passion are equal to the determination and
passion exhibited by the various pro-Israel forces known collectively as the Israel

But anyone in American politics who evinced such passion in opposition to Israel
will be denounced as an anti-Semite and marginalized, even by liberal Jews like
Inherit the Wind who sincerely deplore the worst of Israel’s policies.

Thus, Inherit the Wind and other Jews critical of Israel instinctively stifle any
effective attempts to rectify the situation.

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By icetrout, June 3, 2010 at 8:08 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Thing’s are getting interesting with the introduction
of the “Chinese Neutron-Bomb” to the Middle East.
Wonder who’s going to nuke who 1st??? Or is that Who’s
on 1st ???  smile

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, June 3, 2010 at 7:23 pm Link to this comment


So as not to put words into your mouth; are you illustrating below that you are unaware of the extraordinarily horrendous atrocities, oppression, subjugation and suffering in numerous places about the globe that far exceed all that has been described in this thread?

Would you be kind enough to point out at least seven places about the globe that make the West Bank and Gaza pale in comparison?

Would you care to offer an explanation as to why Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are regularly in the world media all the whole these other far worse places are almost completely ignored?

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By jimmy1one, June 3, 2010 at 6:37 pm Link to this comment

The issue is can you be opposed to an Israeli action without being labeled anti Israel?  It appears they are not always right but never wrong. I’ve always supported Israel however everything they do is not correct. With the new Israeli government now in power I fear they are going to start another war and drag us into it. At some point they have to take a more moderate stand or the situation is going to blowup in their face, at that point God help us all. The best thing that could happen is a vote of no confidence and the government is replaced by one that seeks a solution. God knows there is enough blame and pain on both sides.

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By melpol, June 3, 2010 at 5:40 pm Link to this comment

Never before have so many spewed their venom at tiny Israel. The deaths of 9
pseudo Humanitarians have caused cries that are heard in every home and
marketplace. Where were the cries when millions were massacred in Sudan,
Congo, and Uganda ?  They remained quiet when countless Kurds and Chechen`s
were murdered in Asia.  It is a miracle that the Jews and Israel survive, they seem
to gather strength from the hatred and jealousy coming from the world around

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By LJL, June 3, 2010 at 5:18 pm Link to this comment

Zionism and by extension Israel is too old fashioned to serve as a road map for a democratic future.  The concept of Zionism is an outgrowth of mid-19th Century race theory which gave rise to such sister movements as pan-Slavism and pan-Germanism.  The academic theory of race and dirt (Blut und Boden) decorated the best racist drawing rooms of the late 18 hundreds.  It was eventually put into practice most notably in Germany.  Fortunately that Frankenstein experiment eventually crashed and burned nearly wiping out the very people (the Germans) whom it was suppose to foster and bunches of others.  You would think after that no one would touch the ethnic state concept ever again.  But unfortunately there’s a sucker born every minute and the beleaguered remnants of European Jewry fell head over heels in love with that poisoned theory in a big way embracing the very concept whose practice almost destroyed them and their enemy too.  The ethnic state is an obnoxious concept that poisons those who embrace it.  In this instance it has served to turn the children of Israel into ethnic warriors and avid Zionists into kosher Tea Partiers.  There are better ways of assuring security and tranquility for people.  America shows the way (though not perfectly) to a better way that practices multi-ethnic, multi-cultural democracy.  And despite America’s multiple imperfections it still offers a far better model for the future than out-dated and discredited Zionism does.

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JDmysticDJ's avatar

By JDmysticDJ, June 3, 2010 at 4:58 pm Link to this comment

Go Right Young Man

“There are far worse atrocities in other places on the globe at the time of this writing.  Perhaps you would like to explain the disproportionate attention to the occupied lands of Gaza and the West bank?”

Well let’s see, could it be that the issue has been in the news lately? Could it be that the article is titled, “Israel From ten Thousand Feet?” Could it be that my country has colluded with Israel in persecuting Palestinians, and could it be that that area of the world is a tinderbox, and that a peaceful solution would go a long way towards avoiding further catastrophes?

Also, I have an aversion to bullying thugs, and I don’t like to see humanitarian activists attacked, beaten, imprisoned, and killed; not to mention people being mercilessly oppressed and intentionally deprived of the basic necessities of life, for the purpose of totally dispossessing them of the last vestiges of their former homeland.

Apparently these issues are not worthy of consideration by you, and only the result of anti-Semitism. Lets not forget that the Palestinians are Semites too. You are the anti-Semite. Am I opposed to Israeli policies and endless provocations? Oh yeah!

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Peter Knopfler's avatar

By Peter Knopfler, June 3, 2010 at 4:48 pm Link to this comment

You still insist on not realizing that when a country, any country is at WAR all the rules change, remember all is fair in LOVE AND WAR! it is in writting so look it up I`m tired of spoon feeding a lazy public, Maritime laws concerning WAR TIME BLOCKADES, changes the rules of engagment which includes INTERNATIONAL WATERS! HELLOO! If MEXICO and USA at war and USA has a blockade and you run the blockade to help Mexico, All would still be in Jail, Ship Taken away and negotiations begin. iF YOU DID THE SAME TO Iran or Russia, Pukin blow you right out of the water, SO NO DOUBLE STANDARD, IF THE NEXT SHIP IS ROUGHED UP TOO BAD GO TO EGYPT DROP OFF THE STUFF IN EGYPT AND THE EGYPTIANS WILL STEAL HALF THE LOAD AND SELL IT TO THE PALESTIANS OR BLACK MKT.HUMANITARIANS NO WAY jOSE, KILLING GAYS, CHRISTIANS 1.3 million Armenians killed by Turkey,Hamas kills anyone anytime , Koran says Jews are pigs and monkeys, Koran says lieing is a strategy used against non-Muslims lieing to take advantage is acceptable so it is written in the Koran. You can`t believe a word they say Koran sanctions lieing. Loius Armstrong Jazz Musician said “If some people don`t know, You just can`t tell them” Turkey ia a fat Goose and whats good for the goose is good for Gaza.

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By PatrickHenry, June 3, 2010 at 4:34 pm Link to this comment

I love it, Zohans shoot each other.

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By diamond, June 3, 2010 at 4:08 pm Link to this comment

Peter Knopfler, Israel did break international law and you’d have to be deranged to think it was for the first time either. The flotilla was in international waters: to board and take over a ship in international waters by force is piracy and to kill unarmed civilians on a humanitarian mission is murder(I think you’ll find there is universal agreement that murder is against the law). Israel carried out a massacre in Gaza in 2008 and last time I looked that was also against lots and lots of laws. For what they did in Gaza they were found to have committed WAR CRIMES by an independent tribunal led by a Jewish judge named Goldstone. The IDF brass based the blockade of Gaza on the Warsaw ghetto and that is common knowledge though I suppose you know nothing about it, because you don’t want to. Israel dropped phosphorous bombs on civilian areas in Gaza during the same massacre in 2008 in what is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. These bombs are also banned by international law. All in all, if Israel wasn’t protected by the cynics and fools who make up America’s corporate media and the craven degenerates who populate its political culture Israel’s leaders and military would have found themselves in the Hague long ago.

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By Peter Knopfler, June 3, 2010 at 3:28 pm Link to this comment

WOW SAME old sh_t! Israel did not break INTERNATIONAL LAW look it up its easy all you self inflicted experts on Maritime laws, manual and rules and reg. of war time blockades. You only see your anti- Israeli crap.You don`t know the history, culture or beliefs, yet you folks know it all. The finger to the international community that is too lazy to read research and know before they blurt out their emotional brain farts. Some folks need veils to hide behind, others use Masks, both are afraid of the naked self, afraid of the, in your face truth! afraid someone will see their ignorance, As Hitler said “If you scream a lie loud enough long enough they will believe you”. Keep screaming Allah Akbar from the Floatkilla.

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By Glagla-Klungly, June 3, 2010 at 2:57 pm Link to this comment

melpol you stupid like rusian pesant with no scool .you say this good for jew guy how becuz he sel lots of paper .yes paper good to wiped the ass

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By PatrickHenry, June 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm Link to this comment

The International community are tired of seeing Israel mistreat the Gazans.

The most peaceful resolution to the embargo will be determined by concerned people from all over the world setting sail for Gaza.

It will be by Ghandi tactics of peaceably overwhelming their navy night and day that the blockade of Gaza will fail and in the process make Israel look the bigger fool by those boats occupants, clergy, noble prize activists, reporters, elected representatives who will put their lives in the line of fire.

I hope to see a fleet sail for Gaza.

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By jacksonyello, June 3, 2010 at 2:35 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

BDS, BDS!  Sanction the Israeli pariah state!

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By flickervertigo, June 3, 2010 at 2:34 pm Link to this comment

“brought a
billion malcontents and jew haters out of the woodwork “

it’s just that israel is starting to look like the worst idea jews ever had.

and now you’re stuck with trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

too bad no amount of holocausts, jewish mothers, rabbinical pow wows, racist theory, risky shifts, or bullshit can make up for the fact that israel was a bad idea.

and israel was a bad idea because it was founded in injustice, terror, and lies.

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By melpol, June 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm Link to this comment

Worldwide condemnation of Israel by the media was a clever move, it brought a
billion malcontents and jew haters out of the woodwork and doubled newspaper
circulation. In a few days the disturbed readers will tire and return to their
nothingness, life in Israel will be quiet except for the big concert in Tel Aviv this

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By Ed Harges, June 3, 2010 at 1:43 pm Link to this comment

re:By Robert, June 3 at 5:16 pm:

This guy was born in Troy, NY. Is it really known that he was a “dual US-Turkish
national” - i.e., implying that he was a dual citizen?

The article seems biased in its terminology, calling him a “Turk with US
citizenship”. Would they call an American guy born of Swedish immigrant parents
in Troy, New York (thus a US citizen from birth), who probably grew up speaking
American English and attending American schools, a “Swede with US citizenship”?

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By Robert, June 3, 2010 at 1:25 pm Link to this comment

“Mad Dog” Diplomacy

A Cornered Israel is Baring Its Teeth



Moshe Dayan, Israel’s most celebrated general, famously outlined the strategy he believed would keep Israel’s enemies at bay: “Israel must be a like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

Until now, most observers had assumed Dayan was referring to Israeli military or possibly nuclear strategy, an expression in his typically blunt fashion of the country’s familiar doctrine of deterrence.

But the Israeli commando attack on Monday on the Gaza-bound flotilla, in which nine activists have so far been confirmed killed and dozens were wounded as they tried to break Israel’s blockade of the enclave, proves beyond doubt that this is now a diplomatic strategy too. Israel is feeling cornered on every front it considers important – and like Dayan’s “mad dog”, it is likely to strike out in unpredictable ways.

Domestically, Israeli human rights activists have regrouped after the Zionist left’s dissolution in the wake of the outbreak of the second intifada. Now they are presenting clear-eyed – and extremely ugly – assessments of the occupation that are grabbing headlines around the world.

That move has been supported by the leadership of Israel’s large Palestinian minority, which has additionally started questioning the legitimacy of a Jewish state in ways that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

Regionally, Hizbullah has progressively eroded Israel’s deterrence doctrine. It forced the Israeli army to exit south Lebanon in 2000 after a two-decade occupation; it stood firm in the face of both aerial bombardment and a ground invasion during the 2006 war; and now it is reported to have accumulated an even larger arsenal of rockets than it had four years ago.

Iran, too, has refused to be intimidated and is leaving Israel with an uncomfortable choice between conceding to Tehran the room to develop a nuclear bomb, thereby ending Israel’s regional nuclear monopoly, and launching an attack that could unleash a global conflagration.

And internationally, nearly 18 months on from its attack on Gaza, Israel’s standing is at an all-time low. Boycott campaigns are gaining traction, reluctant support for Israel from European governments has set them in opposition to home-grown sentiment, and even traditional allies such as Turkey cannot hide their anger.

In the US, Israel’s most resolute ally, young American Jews are starting to question their unthinking loyalty to the Jewish state. Blogs and new kinds of Jewish groups are bypassing their elders and the American media to widen the scope of debate about Israel.

Israel has responded by characterizing these “threats” all as falling within its ever-expanding definition of “support for terrorism”.

It was therefore hardly suprising that the first reaction from the Israeli government to the fact that its commandos had opened fire on civilians in the flotilla of aid ships was to accuse the solidarity activists of being armed.


Click on link for the rest:

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By Robert, June 3, 2010 at 1:16 pm Link to this comment

US to probe American death in Israeli raid


Published: Thursday June 3, 2010  

“The United States said Thursday it would probe the death of a Turkish-American killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, but said the FBI were not involved “at this point.”

“We will look into the circumstances of the death of an American citizen, as we would do anywhere in the world at all times,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.

Crowley declined to specify who is “evaluating the facts” surrounding the death of the dual US-Turkish national, whom he identified as Furkan Dogan, a 19-year-old born in Troy, New York.

“We have officials at a variety of levels here and in Israel,” he said, adding they were in contact with Israeli officials and the family of the deceased.

When asked if the FBI would be involved, he replied: “At this point, no.”

Crowley said the Federal Bureau of Investigation might become involved if the US government launched a more formal inquiry.

“Anytime an American is killed overseas, we have the option of evaluating the circumstances and if we think a crime has been committed, then, working with the host government, we have the option of our own investigation,” he said.

“We are evaluating the facts as we can best ascertain them and, based on that evaluation of the information that’s available, we have a variety of options that are available to us,” Crowley said.

The Turkish government confirmed Thursday that eight Turks and a US national of Turkish origin were shot dead in an Israeli raid before dawn Monday on Gaza-bound aid ships.

A statement by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office released the identities of the nine victims, all men aged between 19 and 61, the youngest of whom was the Turk with US citizenship.

The bodies were handed over to families after post-mortem examinations in Istanbul, the statement said.

Crowley said US consular officials visited an Israeli morgue to view the bodies of those killed in the raid, but he was not aware that US officials had seen Dogan once he had been identified as a dual US-Turkish national.”

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By flickervertigo, June 3, 2010 at 1:13 pm Link to this comment

Imminent Oil Shortages Ahead seeking alpha

after while, it all starts making sense.

israel must be secured before its american protector goes belly up from oil shortages, which explains why something had to be done to get the ball rolling, something like “the new pearl harbor” that the PNAC guys said they needed.

that’s probably why bibi thought 9/11 was such a good deal.

and we havent even started thinking about global warming, yet…

have we?

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By flickervertigo, June 3, 2010 at 12:54 pm Link to this comment

gerard says, “Treatment consists of longterm efforts by former persecutors to prove by behavior and reformed reality that there is nothing for the formerly oppressed people to fear from now on, that they will not be oppressed, that previous oppression was a grave error, that in order to live together, oppression and discrimination have to cease, be made illegal, and in deserving cases, victims must be compensated.”

gerard must be talking about palestinians, because zionist jews in america have had a free lunch for generations… including control of the media, congress, and US foreign policy.

i guess maybe we’ve spoiled israelis, and now they’re exempt from criticism… which is not surprising, given the expertise with which they’ve exploited the holocaust… turned loose without supervision in a candy store.

from a jewish standpoint, the worst part of the situation is the damage being done, by israel, to jewishness…

...but maybe israelis can break off from conventional jewishness and become an overtly and avowed supreme race of jews…

...that situation might last long as the oil holds out and israelis’ american protectors have fuel for their military.

not looking too good on that score, though…

is it?

...all of which goes a long ways in explaining israel’s actions.

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By Night-Gaunt, June 3, 2010 at 12:29 pm Link to this comment

It reminds of Germany when it overstepped its bounds and in its fanaticism fell into the dark areas of genocide and world war. A roughly similar situation now with the growing threat of attacking Iran that could spark a world war and a Great Depression that could destablize many counties on the verge right now including the USA into a much darker place of religious dictatorship.

Israel itself is performing a certain dance of self destruction as it grows more belligerent, violent and authoritarian to itself and those around it. A sad thing to watch indeed.

The great, tragic irony in all this will be that those who were supposedly the most ardent supporters of Israel sealed her doom by promoting policies that painting her into a corner where there was no escape from moral decrepitude and eventual dissolution. The real friends of Israel who could have saved her from demise if they were listened to were people like Jimmy Carter and Joseph Goldstone who were ferociously vilified by Israel’s so-called strongest supporters.km0591

Well put. Both the USA & the most fanatical racist-nationalists of Israel have worked almost from the beginning to make such that Israel was for Jews and Jews alone. No other country would be supported in that I think. Also Israel-USA is an anchor in the region even better than occupied Iraq which makes them stronger but also not trustworthy ally. Because the Israelis will always have their interests first such is with the USS Liberty attack. So far the USA still cuts them enormous slack for their own reasons.

But right now Israel’s allies have gotten fewer. But the USA is still the one that will back Israel on anything including a pre-emptive attack on Iran. That may be the death knell of Israel or just the end of the pretense that it is a democracy.

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By gerard, June 3, 2010 at 12:10 pm Link to this comment

GoRightYoungMan’s comment deserves a second thought or two:  “... much of the world not only sides with Israel’s enemies but sides with them to such a degree as to suggest that, in any existential moment to come, the world either will be indifferent or will be on the side of the side of Israeli’s enemies.”
  Statements like this (“Israel’s enemies, twice) smack of the persecution complex in full bloom and in desperate need of treatment.  It is the habitual fear of “enemies” that motivates and is used to justify Israel’s irrational responses. It is probably the logical outcome of centuries of persecution that Jews have suffered worldwide  
  (The Aztlan Movement shows some of the same fear—and of course, not without historical reasons. Militant support for social justice movements is worldwide, and one of its hallmarks is hyper-awareness of enemies, based on historic injustices.)
  Treatment for a persecution complex is NOT more persecution.  It is NOT lecturing to the fearful people that they have nothing to fear and should not be fearful.  Treatment consists of longterm efforts by former persecutors to prove by behavior and reformed reality that there is nothing for the formerly oppressed people to fear from now on, that they will not be oppressed, that previous oppression was a grave error, that in order to live together, oppression and discrimination have to cease, be made illegal, and in deserving cases, victims must be compensated.
  We in the US have had some small experience with this attempt to cure—partially successful, it seems. That is the paying of (all too nominal) compensation to Japanese-Americans unjustly imprisoned in camps during WWII.At least it was an admission of guilt.
  Not to say that such recompense heals the wounds, for it does not.  But it is a step toward reconciliation and proof of determination moving people toward fairness and understanding.  Nothing less than a complete foreswearing of anti-Semitism over a long period of time will heal this sickness, rife among many of Israel’s people—and among Jews in general.
  Is such “treatment” likely to happen?  No .... and yes. All depends upon the knowledge gained (or not) from experience, observation and understanding. Of course it asks a lot of everybody, but ... the cause of justice and understanding is not entirely hopeless.
  The “special friendship” (and financial/weaponry aid) going to Israel from the US is definitely NOT an attempt to heal Israel’s sickness.  Instead, it feeds their fear of “enemies” by U.S.‘s own behavior in the Middle East. In part, it is also an offering to propitiate pangs of guilt for U.S.‘s own anti-Semitism, offering “compensation” for Holocaust suffering in the guise of “democratic mutualities.”
  If the world is to find peace and release from a history full of terrors, it must face up honestly to what is really going on now in the hearts and minds of millions of people suddenly made much more aware of each other by the power of information-sharing technologies.

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By bookmark dofollow, June 3, 2010 at 12:04 pm Link to this comment

The Israel haters are out in force. Joe Conason condemns Israel for defending itself, but doesn’t suggest another strategy. It seems in the name of pleasing the Israel haters like Joe that Israel should just let the terrorists ship whatever weapons into Gaza and put up with the innocent civilian deaths in Israel as they begin shelling Israel with them again! Joe if Israel stops defending itself miraculous alliances against Iran are not going to flower. What will happen is the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people their. Syria, Hamas, and Hizollah don’t want an alliance with Israel against Iran, they want Israel destoyed. The arrogant left wing Elite that rule the U.S. seem incapable of understanding that basic fact. Unfortunately, with Obama and the Democrats in complete control of our Government Joe Conason’s views are now the foreign policy of the U.S. So the question is now: How long can Israel survive?

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By melpol, June 3, 2010 at 11:36 am Link to this comment

Pseudo humanitarians and their terrorist sponsors have once again gone down in
defeat. Their latest attempt to give Hamas the license to import WMD has been a
humiliating failure. Israel will never allow terrorists to import weapons, this policy
is irrevocable. The citizens of Gaza must choose leaders that want to live in peace
with Israel, when that day comes borders will be open and free trade will benefit
all.  Israel is here to stay, and will defend itself, malcontents should look
elsewhere to solve their problems.

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By Go Right Young Man, June 3, 2010 at 11:34 am Link to this comment


Once again you struggle with the context of contemporary events.

I can only repeat myself.  What explains this preexisting hatred, which ensures denunciation of Israel in the most rabid terms?  It seems unlikely about “occupied land,” given the millions of square miles worldwide that are presently occupied, from Georgia to Cyprus to Tibet.

There are far worse atrocities in other places on the globe at the time of this writing.  Perhaps you would like to explain the disproportionate attention to the occupied lands of Gaza and the West bank?

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By Jimnp72, June 3, 2010 at 10:08 am Link to this comment

Bibi has always been a hawkish moron. I wonder what his secret ties to Bush/
Cheny and aipac are?

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By JDmysticDJ, June 3, 2010 at 8:55 am Link to this comment

Go Right Young Man

Once again you do your damndest to obfuscate the issue. The issue is one of collective punishment, and the suffering and persecution of the Palestinian people, which is intended to drive the Palestinians from Gaza. The issue is brute thuggery and Likud’s desire for a “Greater Israel.”

Ask Inherit The Wind if he is an anti-Semite.

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By Glagla-Klungly, June 3, 2010 at 8:36 am Link to this comment

melpol you a little bit like pol pot or maybe you smoked too mush pot 2 no.the bloc that the jew do is like the gulag in ussr very big stupid jailed and you like that why.and you say israel law what is that
when jew guys atacked the ship in internationale water like stupid pierate .

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By Ed Harges, June 3, 2010 at 8:25 am Link to this comment

The hasbara is coming so fast and thick, I feel like I’m facing an infinitely expanding oil slick
armed with a soup spoon.

But anyway, of all the many nauseatingly asinine claims Israel’s media sycophants are
uncritically regurgitating, let’s just take one: that Israel was supposedly merely exercising its
right to inspect the cargo for weapons.

First of all, even if such a right exists, Israel can’t exercise it in international waters. And Israel
claims that it has left Gaza, so even the waters close to Gaza’s shore are not sovereign Israeli
waters. Israel loves to claim or disavow sovereignty over Gaza willy-nilly. For example,
international law requires that the sovereign power be responsible for the basic humanitarian
needs of the local population. But when it comes to that, Israel says, “Oh, we withdrew - it’s
their problem!”

Secondly, the activists were willing to let Israel inspect the cargo for weapons, but only
after its arrival in the port of Gaza. Israel insisted on taking the ships to Israel for “inspection”.

The activists refused, on moral and logical grounds. Israel pretends that it only wished to
prevent weapons from entering Gaza, but that is patently a lie. Israel’s blockade is meant
specifically to prevent all sorts of badly needed things - like medicines, food, clothing, and
materials for rebuilding homes - from entering Gaza. If this non-weapons cargo of relief
supplies were diverted to Israel, it would certainly never be conveyed to the people of Gaza by
the very people who explicitly demonstrate by their blockade a determination to deprive the
Gazans of these very relief supplies.

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By melpol, June 3, 2010 at 8:23 am Link to this comment

International terrorist organizations were defeated and their pseudo
humanitarians were sent home in shame after challenging Israeli law.  Israel has
won a great victory after defending their nation against a conspiracy by Hamas
and their supporters. Only the full inspection of incoming goods will keep Gaza
free of WMD.

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By RdV, June 3, 2010 at 8:09 am Link to this comment

“Whether Israel’s commandos committed any criminal acts will be determined by investigation”

  Not only does the author have to question whether these slaughtered civilians was a crime, he doesn’t bother to mention that Obama wants Israel to investigate themselves.
In addition, Turkey always does the military games with Israel—that is not a stunning development.
And like Zionists wailed the ongoing I/P situation had nothing to do with the motivations behind 911—even though bin Laden came out and stated it was one of the major motivating factors. After Israel pushed to take down Saddam because he supported Palestinian terrorists—they then denied it, claiming Iran was always the target…Now the author suggests that the world is united against Iran and its WMDs. Who could blame Iran, in any event, since the US only attacks the defenseless and they don’t call it mutually insured destruction as a deterrent for nothing. And, btw, how about those Israeli nukes?

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By flickervertigo, June 3, 2010 at 6:44 am Link to this comment

Go Right Young Man mentions “Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount”

the 9-11/“global war on terror” project was started with sharon’s visit to the al aqsa mosque, accompanied by 1000 cops.
The logic runs like this: sharon, on advice from aumann, his nobel-caliber game theory guy, deliberately touched off the second intifada in september of 2000, and the intifada was beamed 24/7 into american homes to establish the fact that palestinians, and arabs in general, are murderous brutes.

it comes as no surprise to learn that hamas, blamed for most of the terrorism against israel, was supported by israel, especially in view of israel’s history of using false flags… it’s likely that hamas couldnt blow up a balloon, let alone a bus, without israel knowing about it a week in advance… especially in view of the convenient timing of many of the attacks… the old general probably wept about israeli civilian casualties, but what’s love got to do with it?

anyhow, once americans had been convinced that arabs were capable of any atrocity, 9/11 was staged… and staging 9/11 was duck soup seeing as how PNAC signatories had been installed by the 2000 elections, which hinged on a recount in a state that was governed by a PNAC member and brother of the president-elect.
The basic plan for the 9/11 follow-up had been in existence for decades, starting with oded yinon in 1982, progressing to wolfowitz’s defense dept document in 1992 and perle’s “clean break” document for netanyahu in 1996…

the grand climax of this progression was PNAC’s “rebuilding america’s defenses” of september 2000—about the same time sharon was visiting the mosque with a thousand cops—and this document said the neocons needed “a new pearl harbor” to kick their project off.

and sharon supposedly snoozes on…

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By balkas, June 3, 2010 at 6:43 am Link to this comment

Conason tacitly suggests that enemies are not made. He says that israel has enemies; end of the ‘elucidation’.
This amounts to presenting to us a fictive reality.
And no can adjust for survival-peace-justice to a fiction- only to reality.

The fact is, no one IS; i.e., each person becomes or changes constantly one’s behavior and stance.

I do not know of one privately-owned collumnist who does not apply such subterfuge.
I estimate that 99%+ of people do not notice that such methodology amounts to lying; thus, its premeditated use.

At this moment, cia wld love to kiil me. Elucidation? Well,i am making host of enemies world-over.
However,i only manufacture my lethal enemies amongst asocialists!
The lesson for me? Stop posting-observing-thinking! tnx

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By flickervertigo, June 3, 2010 at 6:28 am Link to this comment

monthofsundays asks, “So why then must the question of legality even surface?”


the “legality” of an action is moot when the only moral precept you’re adhering to is “might makes right”.

if you’re mighty enough to do whatever you want to do, you have a right to do it.

israel’s political and military might trumps what-is-supposed-to-be-traditional jewish moral might.

so, by this logic, israelis must admit that hitler was right to exterminate however-many jews, simply because he was mighty enough to do it…

...just as the early zionists were right to cleanse palestinians from palestine because those zionists were mighty enough to do it.

...just as present-day israelis are right to continue making life miserable for millions of palestinians simply because israelis are mighty enough to do so.

so israel, with assistance from its american puppet, is leading the world back to the law of the jungle.

such a deal.

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By Robert, June 3, 2010 at 6:27 am Link to this comment

Israelis opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, say released activists:

First eyewitness accounts of raid contradict version put out by Israeli officials

By Dorian Jones in Istanbul and Helena Smith

“June 01, 2010 “The Guardian”—Survivors of the Israeli assault on a flotilla carrying relief supplies to Gaza returned to Greece and Turkey today, giving the first eyewitness accounts of the raid in which at least 10 people died.

Arriving at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport with her one-year-old baby, Turkish activist Nilufer Cetin said Israeli troops opened fire before boarding the Turkish-flagged ferry Mavi Marmara, which was the scene of the worst clashes and all the fatalities. Israeli officials have said that the use of armed force began when its boarding party was attacked.

“It was extremely bad and very tough clashes took place. The Mavi Marmara is filled with blood,” said Cetin, whose husband is the Mavi Marmara’s chief engineer.

She told reporters that she and her child hid in the bathroom of their cabin during the confrontation. “The operation started immediately with firing. First it was warning shots, but when the Mavi Marmara wouldn’t stop these warnings turned into an attack,” she said.

“There were sound and smoke bombs and later they used gas bombs. Following the bombings they started to come on board from helicopters.”

Cetin is among a handful of Turkish activists to be released; more than 300 remain in Israeli custody. She said she agreed to extradition from Israel after she was warned that conditions in jail would be too harsh for her child.

“I am one of the first passengers to be sent home, just because I have baby. When we arrived at the Israeli port of Ashdod we were met by the Israeli interior and foreign ministry officials and police; there were no soldiers. They asked me only a few questions. But they took everything – cameras, laptops, cellphones, personal belongings including our clothes,” she said.

Kutlu Tiryaki was a captain of another vessel in the flotilla. “We continuously told them we did not have weapons, we came here to bring humanitarian help and not to fight,” he said.

“The attack on the Mavi Marmara came in an instant: they attacked it with 12 or 13 attack boats and also with commandos from helicopters. We heard the gunshots over our portable radio handsets, which we used to communicate with the Mavi Marmara, because our ship communication system was disrupted. There were three or four helicopters also used in the attack. We were told by Mavi Marmara their crew and civilians were being shot at and windows and doors were being broken by Israelis.”

Six Greek activists who returned to Athens accused Israeli commandos of using electric shocks during the raid.


Click on link for the rest:

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By thecrow, June 3, 2010 at 6:07 am Link to this comment

“The international media and our government are not going to tell us that we are effective, important, justified in our work, courageous, intelligent, valuable. We have to do that for each other, and one way we can do that is by continuing our work, visibly. People without privilege will be doing this work no matter what, because they are working for their lives. We can work with them, and they know that we work with them, or we can leave them to do this work themselves and curse us for our complicity in killing them.”

- Rachel Corrie

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By km0591, June 3, 2010 at 6:04 am Link to this comment

This is the same old sad story that has been going on since Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 killing 34 American servicemen and our government just looked the other way.

We have been looking the other way ever since, and enabling with our aide and diplomatic protection Israel’s march into becoming a rogue state engaged in a brutal, military occupation, ethnic cleansing to develop illegal settlements, and attacking their neighbors such as Lebanon with impunity. In the end, like a spouse enabling an unrepentant alcoholic, we have only hastened Israel’s demise.  The only element missing in Joe’s article is how culpable and critical American policy to Israel has been in all this.

With our help, Israel has painted herself into a corner with unrelenting militaristic and extreme policies, and like any trapped creature, she and her leaders have become understandably reactive and paranoid. The two state solution is DOA, and there are no options left for Israel to maintain the Jewish state other than through continued apartheid and/or further ethnic cleansing. 

Any Israeli government that would attempt to significantly alter this course of policies would not be able to form a coalition, and, even if they could, they would risk tearing Israel apart with likely serious violence and possible civil war directed by the powerful and well armed settlement factions.  Israel is really stuck.

Israel now has the moral stature of other ethnic nationalist movements such as Afrikaner South Africa or of Milosevic’s Serbia, which is exactly none. In the end, it will dissolve in the way white South Africa or Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, did. The moral foundation for the state of Israel simply is no more.

The great, tragic irony in all this will be that those who were supposedly the most ardent supporters of Israel sealed her doom by promoting policies that painting her into a corner where there was no escape from moral decrepitude and eventual dissolution. The real friends of Israel who could have saved her from demise if they were listened to were people like Jimmy Carter and Joseph Goldstone who were ferociously vilified by Israel’s so-called strongest supporters.

Israel is in very deep trouble.

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By FRTothus, June 3, 2010 at 6:03 am Link to this comment

Very well said, monthofsundays, June 3 at 6:57 am #. 
Very good questions. I quite agree with your analysis. 
I, too, mourn the damage done to principle by the
careful avoidance of the obvious.  But is this not what
our schools teach?  Aren’t those most adept at
straight-faced obfuscation who are ‘our’ “leaders” (or
their scribes and supporters)?  Does this not provide
corroboration for Chomsky & Herman’s Propaganda Model?


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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, June 3, 2010 at 5:11 am Link to this comment

re:By monthofsundays, June 3 at 6:57 am :

Extremely well said, MOS.

To which I would add: this article is also another example of the tendency of
Israel’s American critics - when they dare make themselves heard at all -  to
frame Israel’s crimes in terms of harm to Israel and to Jews.

In polite American society, we must never, on pain of being labeled anti-
Semites, focus on what is good for Palestinians, or Arabs, or Muslims, or even
non-Jewish Americans, when Israel behaves with the thuggishness that has
become its defining trait as a nation.

We must always say, “This was a horrible crime because it’s bad for Israel and
bad for the Jews.” It’s a publicity and a morale problem for them; that’s the
main thing. And the obvious answer to that is: “The more we talk about it, the
worse the problem is for Israel: so we should shut up.”

And then we do. And that’s why nothing ever changes.

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By Inherit The Wind, June 3, 2010 at 3:57 am Link to this comment

In another thread I said that the Netanyahu and Likud regime is SO dangerous it was if he and his pals were Fifth Columnists—and I was attacked for saying that.

Now Joe Conason is saying the same damn thing.

I said they are damaging Israel.  I was called on the carpet for only caring what happens to Israelis, and not the Palestinians.  Yet Conason is saying that these a-holes are bad for the Palestinians as well.

The Likudist have been an unpleasant, aggressive, deaf set of pipe-dreamers with NO link to reality since they first came to power under that schmuck Menachem Begin.  Even that erstwhile war criminal, Ariel Sharon, once in power realized how insane they were and had to move far left of them in the light of reality.  It is like seeing an Israeli Bush regime, starting wars on pure lies, alienating allies and spending the nation into fantastic debt levels.  And all based on a vision not supported by facts in the real world.  Yes, the neo-con dangerous loony vision is now paralleled in the Netanyahu ham-handed thugs.

If Israel is to survive, they MUST rid themselves of these suicidal maniacs, who are no better than Al Qaeda.  I wonder if they think they’ve found the True Ark of the Covenant and are now invincible no matter what happens.

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, June 3, 2010 at 3:47 am Link to this comment

The virulent worldwide reaction to Israeli’s handling of the Gaza flotilla has been quite instructive. The bankrupt Greeks, for example, are taking a holiday from railing at the Germans to demonstrate in solidarity with the Turkish-organized Gaza effort, which puts them on the same side as those whose government supports the occupation of much of Greek-speaking Cyprus and its divided capital.

No one in Europe worried much about the constant shower of missiles from Gaza in the past. No one in Europe said a word when North Korea torpedoed and slaughtered South Koreans on the high seas. No one objected when the Iranians hijacked a British ship and humiliated the hostages.

The United States seems to be getting a sort of novel pass for executing scores of suspected terrorists — and anyone in their vicinity — in our new, stepped-up Predator drone assassinations.

But the Western and Islamic worlds have a preexisting furor at the Jewish state that can be tapped at will by almost any pro-radical-Palestinian group clever enough to do proper PR after a desired asymmetrical confrontation. The fallout from Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, the distortions around the 2002 terrorist storming of the Church of Nativity, the 2006 Lebanon war — over time, these incidents do their part, in weird fashion, to incur hatred for a liberal democracy while creating sympathy for a theocratic thugocracy like Hamas.

What explains this preexisting hatred, which ensures denunciation of Israel in the most rabid — or, to use the politically correct parlance, “disproportionate,” terms? It is not about “occupied land,” given the millions of square miles worldwide that are presently occupied, from Georgia to Cyprus to Tibet. It is not a divided capital — Nicosia is walled off. It is not an overreaction in the use of force per se — the Russians flattened Grozny and killed tens of thousands while the world snoozed. And it cannot be the scale of violence, given what we see hourly in Pakistan, Darfur, and the Congo. And, given the Armenian, Greek, and Kurdish histories (and reactions to them), the currently outraged Turkish government is surely not a credible referent on the topic of disproportionate violence.

Perhaps the outrage reflects simple realpolitik — 350 million Arab Muslims versus 7 million Israelis. Perhaps it is oil: half the world’s reserves versus Israel’s nada. Perhaps it is the fear of terror: draw a cartoon or write a novel offending Islam, and you must go into hiding; defame Jews and earn accolades. Perhaps it is anti-Semitism, which is as fashionable on the academic left as it used to be among the Neanderthal right.

Perhaps there is also a new sense that the United States at last has fallen into line with the Western consensus, and so is hardly likely to play the old lone-wolf supporter of Israel in the press or at the U.N.

At this point, it doesn’t much matter — as this latest hysterical reaction reminds us, much of the world not only sides with Israel’s enemies but sides with them to such a degree as to suggest that, in any existential moment to come, the world either will be indifferent or will be on the side of the side of Israeli’s enemies.

Quite frightening, when you think of it.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, June 3, 2010 at 3:42 am Link to this comment

Israels hubristic attitude towards the world by violating international law will be its downfall.

Lets hope that they don’t take us all down with them.

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By monthofsundays, June 3, 2010 at 2:57 am Link to this comment

The vast majority of commentators accept the event took place in international waters and judge Israel’s action was wrong.

So why then must the question of legality even surface?

Does the writer suppose the perpetrators might have acted differently if armed with the knowledge of the “illegality” of their actions?

Or does the writer wish to raise the possibility that it should be possible to judge the action as both evil AND legal?

Perhaps the writer could describe those conditions he thinks would have to pertain in order that such action as taken by the IDF could be considered to have been legal.

Inasmuch as there is no court on this planet that the United States or Israel have ever accepted as fit to judge their actions, their own perception of the “legality” of this action is irrelevant.

It is also pernicious as it dilutes and deflects from the culpability of the act. And defers the force of any judgement the world community might pass on the perpetrators.

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