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August 28, 2016
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Don’t Write Off the Far Right

Posted on Sep 20, 2010
AP / Rob Carr

Christine O’Donnell smiles at supporters after winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Delaware earlier this month.

By Bill Boyarsky

It’s comforting for liberals to view the conservative world through the MSNBC bubble and mitigated by the opinions of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. The cable network prime-time stars portray the right-wing Republicans as kooks, more laughable than dangerous.

This reflects the game plan of MSNBC, a news operation that has, as the Project for Excellence in Journalism noted, offered itself as “a liberal counterpart to Fox.”

But it’s not the real world. I only hope Democrats aren’t sitting on their couches scoffing along with the MSNBC hosts while the right wing runs away with the election.

That narrative was reinforced last week by Christine O’Donnell’s tea party-driven victory in the Delaware Republican primary. Friday, after the election, Maddow turned her attention to both the candidate and to the conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., where O’Donnell was given a triumphant welcome. 

Maddow featured remarks by one summit-goer, an Alabama politician in cowboy attire urging the audience to “get rid of Barry or Barack or whatever” his name is. She also showed veteran ultra-conservative Gary Bauer telling the audience that the United States is at war with Islam and “the cause of the violence is an Islamic culture that keeps hundreds of millions of people on the edge of murder and mayhem 24 hours a day.”  O’Donnell was another of the motley group of speakers.


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The images might have seemed laughable, but actually they were not.

The rants weren’t just random screaming. Together, they constituted rhetoric putting American voters on a poisonous path and further damaging Democratic chances in the November election and for President Obama in 2012. As Matt Bai wrote in a perceptive New York Times column last week:

“With every new swipe at President Obama’s exotic background or cultural influences, a contingent of Republican leaders is signaling that they believe the coming elections are more than just a referendum on the administration economic policies.  Rather, to a degree that is striking, conservatives are also trying to make the fall campaign about the president himself. … If Ronald Reagan was the party’s Great Communicator, then Republicans seem to be hoping that Mr. Obama is its Great Galvanizer. … The clear implication that he is neither suitably Christian nor American in his values adds a sinister subtext against his economic agenda.”

Yet the Democrats appear paralyzed, unable to put together a counterattack. That was evident on a recent weekend when I visited a party for the opening of a Democratic Party headquarters in Los Angeles’ suburban San Fernando Valley. The crowd was much smaller than at a similar event in 2008. The Obama-inspired fire was gone.

“The progressives want to help the Democrats, but they are not enthusiastic,” said Democratic volunteer Mike Goldman. But he was enthusiastic enough to be finishing up some organizational paperwork for a board meeting before the program began.

Goldman, a CPA, is the kind of volunteer the Democrats need in this difficult year. Opposition to the Iraq War, after considerable thought, brought him into politics. Much of his reflection was done during a 10-month motor home trip around the country in 2003. “I started really educating myself,” he said. “I tried to find a way to get involved. It was really hard.”

That, by the way, echoes the complaint of many newcomers trying to find a meaningful place in the volunteer ranks. Goldman started with during the 2008 primaries and then shifted to Obama for America during the general election.

Goldman seemed ready for the battle, to engage in the get-out-the vote campaign the Democrats need to win this election. But many more Goldmans are needed. “It (victory) depends on what we do in the trenches,” said Bob Blumenfield, a state assemblyman.

In his appearance on CNBC Monday, Obama conceded he has a tough sell. He said he knows the economy hasn’t grown “fast enough. I know how frustrated people are. I know, in some cases, how desperate people are. But I also know an economy that was shrinking is now growing. We have finally tackled tough challenges like health care that we have been putting off for decades. …”

He’s the only one who can sell the message across the country, and that’s what he’s going to have to do with great intensity. Only Obama can stimulate Democrats to join Goldman and the other activists now in the field.

The Democrats will get breaks, as they did when Bill Maher reprised an O’Donnell appearance on his old “Politically Incorrect” show in which the tea-party favorite said, “I dabbled in witchcraft. I never joined a coven. I hung around people who were doing these things.”

That’s amusing, but it’s not enough to beat someone like O’Donnell in an election when the country is going through such hard times.

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By Maani, September 25, 2010 at 9:20 pm Link to this comment

Maureen Dowd skewers O’Donnell as only she can:


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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 24, 2010 at 8:51 am Link to this comment

We should vote, but for the third party candidate most likely to simply show a message, not really win… the “independent American” or the “green party” or some other one.

Not a tea party funded by big corp, two brothers in too myopic of an approach.

Not the sitting nor hopeful Dem or Rep, no matter how hopeful and optimistic they sound, how pretty the commercials are or how nice they said whatever they said… DONT FALL FOR IT ANYMORE..

NO REAL CANDIDATE OR RESPECTED PUBLIC SERVANT CAN COME FROM THOSE TWO PARTIES OR SIMILAR ( if a third party is quickly supported by the Dem or Rep side, screwy ).

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, September 24, 2010 at 7:25 am Link to this comment

The conservative right works hard to make sure lies are propagated and work even harder getting people not to vote, by intimidation and threats. So the funding of these intimidation tactics are always followed by:  “We did not have anything to do with them”. 

Allegedly it is the Koch funded Tea Bags and the Republicans doing it against the college students and the immigrant.

I was not going to vote, but this kind of crap is heinous beyond redemption, so Tea Bags you know where you and your beneficiary Koch brothers can place their money and tea bags!

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By Tobysgirl, September 24, 2010 at 7:12 am Link to this comment

I would never state it quite the way Nuno does, but I have wondered if people from countries with state churches (and this includes the U.K. and Ireland) emigrate here and have a hard time comprehending, for example, that we are secular and have no state church.

I’ve also wondered about being an immigrant or the child or grandchild of immigrants. Being twelfth generation, this is now beyond my experience. If you emigrate to another country—say I moved to Costa Rica from the U.S.—do you then feel it necessary to become a flag-waver? If you hear from the media that true-blue Americans love the military, do you then love the military? I know there are many people who come here with their own political ideas, but I’m speaking now of people who may previously not have thought of these things.

I started thinking about these things because of my neighbors, one of whom is a teabagger. His wife is first-generation American, and I suspect his family hasn’t been here that long. He shouts about the Constitution, but I don’t think he’s really very familiar with it.

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By Inherit The Wind, September 23, 2010 at 7:14 pm Link to this comment

That’s just because I’m one of those Jews who unfairly is ruling the nation!  (Demonic laugh follows: “Hoo-ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!)

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JDmysticDJ's avatar

By JDmysticDJ, September 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm Link to this comment

Otto Von Bismarck, the famous not very admirable, but highly successful 19th Century German Statesman, who unified the German City States, offered the often quoted statement, “Politics is the art of the possible.”

Being a progressive, it amazes me that many from the left fail to see the wisdom and veracity of Bismarck’s often quoted statement. We progressives are in the minority in the electorate, in the government, and in the greater population, but many progressives demand the impossible from Democrats. Some progressives endlessly and disingenuously, or ignorantly, state falsehoods in order to give credence to their negative, counter productive, nihilistic, pronouncements. The most often stated falsehood is that there is no dichotomy between Democrats and Republicans; this assertion is devoid of a rational perception of reality, and demonstrates a total lack of acuity. # 2 on the list of falsehoods is that the Democrats had an insurmountable majority in Government and failed to do anything of value. The Senate, because of its procedures, has provided the perfect environment for Republicans to obstruct Democratic progressive initiatives. The House of Representatives has passed over a hundred pieces of progressive legislation that have become buried in the Senate because of minority Republican obstruction. 41 Republican Senators, nearly all of whom are the Representatives of Low population Red States, and represent only 25% of the greater population, have succeeded in blocking and shaping Progressive Legislation. Democratic Party Legislation and agendas have been weakened by the very real reality asserted by Bismarck concerning, “…the art of the possible.”

I am as displeased and outraged as anyone with our nation’s current Foreign, National Security, and Domestic Policies, but I will be even more displeased and outraged if Republicans again achieve power and whole heartedly, and with a vengeance, return us to the insane policies which have created our difficulties, and implement even more reactionary policies, thereby extinguishing any hope of more rational, just, and humane policies being adopted in the future. If you want to live dangerously, go ahead and bail out, but be aware that your shoot has holes in it, and you will hit the ground with a terminal, “thud.”

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By Notorious Nuno, September 23, 2010 at 11:52 am Link to this comment

Sorry, unfortunately, I’m humanly Bi-Polar, and when I’m on a roll, whether it be through speaking or writing, I don’t follow the rules of either, LOL!!! If I was that organized, I’d probably be a public speaker, or a writer! wink I’m just glad I can get my message across!!! Maybe I should have smoked the peace pipe first!!! :p

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 23, 2010 at 11:22 am Link to this comment

Oh and Nuno, no offense buddy, but go ahead and hit return to create some paragraphs, to divide your points better, makes for better reading.

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 23, 2010 at 11:20 am Link to this comment

Nuno, good historical points…

Careful to not be so ego centric, you may turn off the very people that can learn from you… and learn they should.

But I do like the sober discourse as you point out a bigger perspective that travel and ethnic heritage has allowed and profited you… which is funny when Amerika’s pedigreed no-class tries to blend all races, colors and creeds… except the English one of course and some others, you know them already.

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By Notorious Nuno, September 23, 2010 at 11:05 am Link to this comment

You like to assume & generalize…you forget that not all Portuguese are the same, just as not all Brazilians are the same! I have a few Brazilian friends, which includes my best friend! There are many Brazilians living in Portugal…ask them what they think of the Portuguese! Unfortunately you confuse the older generations with the younger, and more educated ones. When you’re as educated as I am, you don’t discriminate PERIOD, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make observations on trends around you! I have never called a black the “N” word, even though they call each other that, which I think is wrong! I never even called my homies that throughout my school years! All I did was make an observation on 4 groups that seem to be dominating various areas of American society, and making decisions which affect everyone else! You should become more educated on something before you speak because you seem to live in a bubble, and have no clue what goes on in the world! Instead of trying to go by what others tell you, get an education, preferably college, learn a few languages, study World history, and then you can come and try to have an intelligent conversation with me! Many of the Brazilians are grateful for the Portuguese influence, we see it through various ties between both countries today! Unfortunately you associate yourself with the very racists that you’re trying to portray yourself not to be! There’s nothing I can do about what my ancestors did! If I was around back then, I would have been against a few of the things they did, just as I feel for the American Indians in this country because they’re the only TRUE AMERICANS, and have been fighting for their national security since 1492! If there’s one thing you should learn about the Portuguese, being from such a small country as you stated, it’s that they broke themselves free of Communism! The people, along with the military, stood up against a communist dictator/regime, and democracy was born! This is evident today through the multiple political parties which make up the Portuguese congress, unlike the fascist 2-party system here, ruled by a few groups of people! I’m still waiting for the day Americans wake up, and stand up against Fascism! If you want to get into the wrongs of certain countries/people, I could go into the annexation of some states to the US, at least one by force, Hawaii! Portugal never held on to any of its colonies, and all of them were given independence. Portugal helped them grow in many aspects of society, and then set them free to govern on their own, Macau was the last! Today, many of these former colonies enjoy excellent relationships with Portugal! Where was the US when East Timor’s people were being slaughtered by the Chinese? You can thank Portugal… It wasn’t convenient because of the US’s close ties to the giant communist country, which the US seems afraid to mess with! As far as the Jewish go, when they were being slaughtered throughout Europe, those who made it to communist Portugal were helped by my ancestors, people who risked their lives, under Salazar, to give them shelter, Portuguese last names, passports, and then helped them escape to the US! Stop hanging around racists, and get your facts straight…my ancestors helped many people around the world, it’s why I’m proud of my ancestry! If there’s one point I was trying to make, it’s that this country’s made up of various people, from many different ethnic cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and we can’t have a few of the mentioned groups controlling everyone else through racist laws, fear, affecting how they live, and then rallying themselves behind the American flag! It’s because of people like you, this country’s running like shit! The truth is, most of the US’s founders are probably rolling around in their graves today because of people like you! Living among you terrorists is amusing, but when I leave your self-created Hell on Earth, be prepared…

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 23, 2010 at 10:42 am Link to this comment

Whoa, more typos yikes:

Yet the dominant position today is held “BY” money families…

Why all the talk and justification for Islam, Muslims and so on…. well, they DO own quite a bit of stuff and “HOLD” quite the capital position….

On another note;

Funny to see neighborhoods within short miles from one another across Amerika having driveways with either Bentley, Maybach or Rolls Royce… as opposed to the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and AUDI or the Toyota, Honda and Hyundai or semi-empty driveways maybe with 20+ year old Detroit-made cars set on oil stained red brick blocks, the bus trekker, or metro / subway sojourner and city / suburb walker neighborhoods…

Yet these four levels compromising the subdued “middle income Amerika,” these folks think they are soooooo far apart because a couple zeros, maybe three accompany a single or double digit monthly income… yet ALL can be 2 to 20 weeks from broke and in the double negative ( remember your money is a debt instrument, an i.o.u. from Uncle Slam ) in no time…

For it is not about the money and who has most of it, but about who owns and controls the assets like governments, industry, companies and the people, the working stiffs hired for carrots to obediently oblige to their master’s every bequeath… and Obama and all those hired hands are those very people… the illusion of elite for these people is the very trick the ‘royal’ classless circles perpetrate through media onto the public. 

Why do you think TV is free!?!?

Maybe only the first example truly ‘own’ the assets bringing in a steady income stream for the time being… and the bottom three the actual ‘masses of chattel’ either educated or not, ambitious or not, talented or not… yet there among them is found everyone else… your zip code or gated community means diddly squat.

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JDmysticDJ's avatar

By JDmysticDJ, September 23, 2010 at 9:59 am Link to this comment

By Go Right Young Man, September 21 at 10:04am

The work of right-wing pundits, gurus, and in this case, token representatives is appearing here on truthdig of late. Instead of the normal right-wing talking points, we are now seeing the work of right-wing iconoclasts such as Malkin and Sowell posted in their entirety. Seeing as how truthdig is generally considered to be a left-wing site with articles from the Left perspective, the posting of entire articles by right-wing gurus is not too objectionable, but it is remarkable.

Sowell is frequently cited by the Right, and he has been honored by right-wing institutions because of his iconoclastic views. Sowell also resorts to right-wing insanities by stating,

“… President Obama is similar to dictators such as Mao, Stalin or Hitler. That Obama’s speech to students is similar to the “Hitler Youth”  and that the Democratic party uses race baiting and that this could lead to Rwanda-like “slaughters”.

“Your one comment from your post is,

“Only small-minded, hate-filled, bigots believe one grouping of people are more or less racists [sic] or bigoted than another.”

The above comment from you is your mantra, and it has been so thoroughly discredited and refuted here, that you cite Thomas Sowell’s iconoclastic viewpoint in order to reinforce your failed, absurd, wrong headed arguments. I suppose that one could argue that those who argued in favor of Segregation, Jim Crow Laws, and Slavery were no more racist and bigoted than their victims were, but it would be an incredibly stupid argument, just as arguing that the “War on Poverty,” Civil Rights Legislation,” “Affirmative action,” and other social programs did not change our society for the better, but instead, impacted the poor and underprivileged negatively, is a stupid argument. According to U.S. Census data there was a huge dip in U.S. poverty rates from 1960 to 1979, but poverty began to increase again with the election of Ronald Reagan and the rise of the conservative/right-wing mindset.

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 23, 2010 at 8:50 am Link to this comment

Remember folks, as history has shown… The English see themselves as the only pedigree… then they step on the Irish, who step on the Italians… who….. and on…. like a pecking order…

Yet the dominant position today is held my money families… now instead of ALL middle-easterners being stepped on, their money has allowed them certain social circles….

Why all the talk and justification for Islam, Muslims and so on…. well, they DO own quite a bit of stuff and quite the capital position in this country and around the world… thanks to oil and England’s failure of not subjugating the masses in Iraq a hundred + years ago when the English empire was still something.


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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, September 23, 2010 at 8:42 am Link to this comment

I know a guy who is “Italian, Irish and Jewish”, he can’t get a job because his name is too ethnicky, because he combined his last name using the major three ethnicky groups. Plus his combination ethnicky name ruins a half decent joke!

Notorious Nuno, paragraphs would be nice, especially when attempting humor…. even us non ethnicky people don’t see so good!

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By Inherit The Wind, September 23, 2010 at 8:18 am Link to this comment

Notorious Nuno:

My Brazilian friends tell me the reason so many of them don’t get along with the Portuguese, is, because, like you, so many of them are so damn racist.

I see what they mean.  I thought it was only the uneducated, ignorant people.  I don’t have a very large sampling but I’ve come across a surprising number that refer to Blacks by the n-word, etc.

What is it? Why do so many people from such a teeny-tiny country seem to have such a superior view of people of other backgrounds?  Yet Brazilians, who share the language and should share a common culture (as the US does with Britain), don’t seem to have that same tendency towards racism.

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By Notorious Nuno, September 23, 2010 at 12:12 am Link to this comment

Hello, I want to make a few statements before getting into my analysis on the make-up of those in power in this country!!! I’m not racist, I’m Portuguese-American myself, but for some years now, I’ve been studying a pattern of groups of people who are in the highest positions of power, and who make decisions that affect the everyday lives of ALL Americans. There are 3 major ethnic groups (I say this because I look at last names, and this is an obvious indicator) that have been destroying democracy in this country, having negative impacts on employment, and have been dividing Americans!!! The 3 groups of people are: Jewish, Irish, and Italian…if you don’t believe me, watch C-Span more often, look at the names of the people in power in the various organizations, including the military, and you will see what I mean. Check out our Supreme Court, and all government organizations from federal to government to local governments. I’m not excluding the other ethnic groups, I’m just referring to the major 3. All these people are supposedly Americans, yet by their last names, one has to wonder whether the history of their family names has come with hidden agendas in favor of their own in this country. Irish favor Irish, Italians favor Italians, and the Jewish favor the Jewish…this is common sense, and the natural order of things!!! So, now when we analyze these organizations, all one has to do is study the # of people from these 3 ethnic groups in each organization, and the picture should start to become clear, there should be a pattern. Let’s not forget that some of these people know the histories of their cultures, conflicts with other ethnic groups, and could therefore be discriminating against the other groups in this country when it comes to many issues, including hiring decisions!!! I think it’s a dangerous trend. Another group I haven’t mentioned here are Gays. Today, we have many Gay people in positions of power, and they make decisions which affect everyone, including non-Gays. I personally don’t feel that these people should be allowed to hold positions of power when they have the authority to be making decisions, which could be discriminating against the majority, non-Gay Americans. Gays in general can’t stand non-Gays because they feel that the majority of Americans don’t like them, so how can they get back at people??? They can use their power to try and chip away at the privileges of non-Gay people, and even create legislation, or pass laws, not only to protect their own, but to get back at all others who don’t see the world the way they do. I have nothing against any of these people, to each their own, and as long as they don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. This being said, I think that there are many people out there from all these groups I mentioned, and other groups, that are swaying this country heavily in their favor, and in the end, all other groups of people, especially from cultures other than their own, will suffer. I think laws should be in place to prevent majorities of people from holding too much power in any organizaton. There should be labor laws that break down in percentages, the make-up of any work force so that a majority doesn’t discriminate against all others. I also think that there are too many people hiding behind the American flag, calling themselves Americans, while in secret, are doing things according to their own cultural backgounds, and this can be dangerous for everyone else. As Republicans this year mentioned changing the law to prevent women from coming into this country and dropping babies, they should look at their own ancestry first, because their own ancestors came here, and did the same thing. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I personally hate human cliches, especially when people in Congress, or other organizations use them to flip flop on issues when it suits them.

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By BobZ, September 22, 2010 at 11:55 am Link to this comment

Note to Fat Freddy:

Your example is not unique. Thousands of college students work unpaid
internships in order to get experience, and many of us worked for relatives at
cheap wages or no wages. I’ll bet many people would work for free at Goldman
Sach’s if they had the opportunity later on to screw people and earn multi-million
dollar salaries.

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By BobZ, September 22, 2010 at 11:48 am Link to this comment

If I have any complaints about Obama, it is he didn’t manage expectations very
well. Even though he delivered quite a bit of legislation that tied into his
campaign promises, he and his economic team competely underestimated the
magnitude of this recession. It was obvious to us in the workforce, that this
recession was going to be ugly if only because corporations have gone from
huge loyalty to employees during downturns to zero loyalty. So they dump
thousands of employees if they even sniff any dowturn in demand. Also there is
zero loyalty to the community unlike earlier decades. Corporations answer to
Wall Street today and that hurts all of us.

It is also apparent that the OFA team is not as strong as it was in 08. Many of
us got burned out back then and aren’t anxious to do the drill again a short two
years later. The tea party movement seems to be strong in the red states but is
pretty weak here in California. We haven’t nominated any of the looney tune
candidates that other states have. The tea party rallies are weakly attended and
it is difficult to take them seriously. We still remember the nutty John Birch
Society in California,and these tea baggers are even worse. They may have some
short term gains in November but when American’s see what they have elected,
they will go down to dramatic defeat in 2012. The economy will be back in full
swing in 2011 according to the economic forecasters and jobs should start to
pick up and voters will be more positive again. One thing that will help is to get
a good replacement for Summers. He was a disaster for Obama, and was just
another Rubin clone.
A big danger right now if the corporate money from quacks like the Koch
brothers that is going to small states like Alaska and Delaware where there
money can swing small groups of voters to elect extreme candidates. It is not
too difficult to swing an election when you only need 30,000 votes to nominate
a U.S. Senator. That would be impossible in California and other large states.
The U.S. Senate is the achilles heel of our democratic processes. Extreme
candidates from small states can stop all legislative progress which is what
groups like Freedomworks and the Koch brothers want. The U.S. Senate has
become a very reactionary group that doesn’t really reflect American values, but
corporate values and extreme viewpoints. That is dangerous for our democracy.

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By Stencil, September 22, 2010 at 11:09 am Link to this comment

I am beginning to see Republican/Tea Party rhetoric as a new form of dogma; it’s not supposed to be rational, it’s irrational so you can separate the believers from the non-believers.

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By Tobysgirl, September 22, 2010 at 8:15 am Link to this comment

You know, Fat Freddy, I heard the same crap about America’s wonderful opportunities from ... Michael Dukakis. All this sentimental garbage about immigrant grandparents and how hard they worked. I’m betting most of our grandparents worked hard, and none of my family arrived here after the 1750s. But sometimes people hit difficult times, depressions being a regular occurrence in capitalist cycles; sometimes they get sick, sometimes they just can’t manage to work.

Any decent country provides for such people. What Americans have forgotten is the terrible suffering endured prior to unemployment insurance, Social Security, food stamps, etc. Apparently it is going to be necessary for millions of them to once again go hungry, be without housing, without clothing, without education for their children, without medical care, and then maybe they’ll reawaken to the necessity of a social safety network. What kind of brutal idiot wants to see his neighbors without life’s necessities?

And I don’t want to hear nonsense about “voluntary” contributions. The first people who will admit they cannot take care of the people who need food and housing are the people running soup kitchens, food pantries, etc. The way people were treated in some of New England’s small towns, when the town took care of the “needy,” was hideous and shameful. Old people farmed out to the lowest bidder, who essentially starved them to death. You really need to familiarize yourself with American history and stop living in a libertarian fantasyland.

And by the way, I don’t think working for a family member would constitute a crime. Many people employ their children or grandchildren in little businesses and don’t pay them minimum wage, etc. Does anyone else know the exact law on this?

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By vikkids, September 22, 2010 at 7:27 am Link to this comment

This article really supports that fact politicians are mostly corrupt.  The last conservative republican in office, created the housing bubble and and started this give money to wall street.  Now everything that could make the economy better, is viewed as Americans wanting to be unemployed, lazy, and sucking off the government.  Unfortunately, it seems the Rich want to enslave the poor.  All the signs showing we need to be scared of Obama, need to check what’s really behind the some of tea party movement.  I’m more scared of the Koch brothers than I am of Obama. I myself have boycotted anything they market.  I’m not going to supply or support their cause.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, September 22, 2010 at 6:15 am Link to this comment

The good cop bad cop song and dance routine seems to be getting so very long of tooth. Subtle differences between the two parties seems only in who is believed to be more beholding to the corporations.

Any other party shows up, Tea Bags or Greens, the change will not be noticed, not even a ripple, for the control will be just the same.

Lobbyists will influence the O’Donnells and Palins of this world for they seem opportunists, and opportunists do not change their spots, only differences may be, they are just not from the inside of DC and have not been trained in the horse and pony show yet!

Who sponsored the Tea Baggers? Not the people running around with the tea bags hanging from their ears?................ Geeze, I heard it was someone named Koch or Fox something like that,....  what the hell folksy anything different here?..........maybe the divisive deviser pulling the puppet stings?

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By Paco, September 22, 2010 at 5:27 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Do you have DirectTV? You don’t have to watch MSNBC any more.  Channel 348, Free Speech TV, seems to have appeared without much fanfare and it features several programs with Thom Hartmann, Grit TV with Laura Flanders and much more.

I used to watch MSNBC in the evenings along with Democracy Now (on Link TV, also quite good) but with all of these great alternatives I’m finding I don’t have time.

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By tedmurphy41, September 22, 2010 at 4:52 am Link to this comment

Absolutely correct; the correlation between a right wing organisation and an extreme right wing one is extremely tenuous and would not take much for the former to change into the latter.
Germany in the 20’s and 30’s would be a good example to use for comparison.

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By AFriend, September 22, 2010 at 12:15 am Link to this comment

Don’t Write Off the Far Right, the Middle, or the Majority of Independents and Moderate Democrats Either.

September is drawing to a close and it is incredibly, amazingly clear that the Democratic Party has no strategy for winning the midterm Congressional elections.  Instead, the national leadership lurches from one improvisation to another while local campaigns scramble to find garbage they can dig up on their opponents in the hopes that these negative ads will suffice even though they have no message.  To the extent the Democrats address the Obama agenda at all, it is to distance themselves from it, heralding their votes against Pelosi, Reid, and Obama as badges of independence and honor.  Nobody is out there saying the stimulus is working or that Obamacare is good or that the economy is recovering or that they wish we had cap and trade.  The legislative program of the Obama Administration is an orphan while dissent has a thousand fathers.

Symptomatic of the absence of a national Democratic message was Obama s orchestrated criticism of House Minority Leader John Boehner (R Ohio) as a tool of the lobbyists last week while this week the Administration accuses the Republican Party of having been captured by Tea Party crazies.  You cannot both be the tool of monied special interests and in the grip of outraged revolutionaries.  One or the other.

On the local level, Democrats are pedaling three lines of attack against their Republican opponents, one more pathetic than the next.

* Privatizing Social Security.  Many Republican challengers have embraced the plan put forward by Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan reiterating the old Bush proposal that people under 55 years of age be allowed to decide for themselves how to invest up to one-third of their Social Security tax payments.  This sensible idea, rejected by a Republican Congress in 2005, is being twisted into a proposal for privatization of the system.  Most people support the Ryan-Bush idea so when Republicans explain the details, they usually succeed in defusing the Democratic charges.

* Imposing a 23% national sales tax.  Those Republicans who have endorsed the Fair Tax proposal pioneered by talk radio host Neil Boortz and the fiscally conservative Club for Growth have been hit with supporting a national sales tax of 23%.  But the Democratic ads always forget to mention that this tax has been proposed as a replacement for—not an addition to—the federal income tax.  The only people who are speculating that a VAT or national sales tax might be added on top of the income tax are in the Obama Administration.  Again, once Republicans point out the truth, the Democratic allegation backfires since voters rather like the prospect of a world without the IRS, tax audits, and revenue agents.

* Shipping jobs overseas.  In the most convoluted of all negatives, Democrats are accusing their GOP challengers of supporting corporate loopholes which reward companies that open overseas offices with tax favors.  They derive this Republican position by construing the no-new-taxes pledge most Republican candidates have taken at the behest of Americans for Tax Reform, headed by Grover Norquist as meaning that no corporate loopholes will be closed.  Of course, once Republicans point out that the Obama Administration pushed the General Motors bailout even though two-thirds of the GM jobs were abroad, proposed cash-for-clunkers even though almost half the cars were foreign, and supported TARP bailouts for banks much of whose money went overseas, the accusations fall apart.

That is it!  That is the entire Democratic Party campaign! On the strength of these tender reeds rest the entire case of the Party to keep power!

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By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 3:10 pm Link to this comment

Let me give you my own personal example. My Grandfather, who was semi-retired, and owned his own business, hired me to work in his construction business to teach me the trade. I was 15, and worked three consecutive Summer Vacations for him. The first year I worked, he paid me $10/day, in 1979. Not only was he violating minimum wage laws (which I believe was $3.35), he was violating child labor laws (IIRC). The second year, he paid me $12/day. That is how I learned the building trades; through a “violation” of the law(s). Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I recommend it for others? It depends. It certainly benefited me. I still went to college and earned a degree after high school, however, because I was experienced in the trades, I was able to make more money in construction, in 1988, than in my major field of study. I now own my own business which I started out of the trunk of a ‘91 Buick Regal. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can do it. You just need opportunity, not Welfare.

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By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 2:51 pm Link to this comment

Such obvious stupidity would be laughable except for the fact that millions of brain-washed Americans actually believe it,

Yes, that’s right. I’m brainwashed. Are you arguing that Welfare isn’t a trap? Welfare creates poor people, and traps them in a system with little hope of escape. There is a political group that benefits from that group of people. I wouldn’t be opposed to system that actually provided a “social safety net”, but I have yet to see or hear of such a system. The only system, I believe, that would work, is one that is based on voluntary contributions, with community support, rather than one that is based on widespread theft. That’s how my Great Grandmother raised four children through the Great Depression, alone. Government systems create resentments. Therefore everyone is treated the same, even though individual needs can differ significantly. One-size-fits-all, bureaucratic federal programs offer little or no hope to the individual’s needs. My relatives that came to the US from Italy and Austria in the early 1900s were poor. Very poor. It was the opportunities that the free market offered them, that allowed them to make a better life for themselves, not Welfare. I, and many of the baby boomers, are the result of that.

Yes, we have a responsibility to the poor and underprivileged, not the government.

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By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 21, 2010 at 2:37 pm Link to this comment

Fat Freddy is correct, we forgot how easily the bait was when we had that guy with the crooked finger telling us the solution, the Goldman Sach / Treasury crone, yet they went ahead and paid themselves first ( like any investor does ) and did what did them better than the rest…

Yet they will not mark down their entire balance sheets and take the hit.. nope… not a chance.  And they have too many congressman with lobbyists paid off ( wasn’t that something Obama said he’d eliminate which the people cheered and was a main incentive for voting for him? ).

An executive order alone may do the trick, but we would be swearing-in another president the next day.

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By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 2:11 pm Link to this comment

: If social programs like welfare are a rip-off and destined to failure, when will we finally include “corporate welfare” into that same group you talk about?

If it were up to me? Yesterday!

All banks should be “forced” to write down all of their losses, immediately (reinstatement of FASB 157, or “mark-to-market”). Any banks that are “insolvent” should be allowed to enter bankruptcy, where all of their assets should be sold at auction, or “fire sale” prices. (There are 8100 other banks in this country that didn’t make bad investment decisions.) The money that is “saved” can be used for principle reduction of mortgages that are underwater with little or no cost to the taxpayers. The shareholders of those failed banks would suffer financially. That’s called creative destruction, and that’s how Capitalism is supposed to work. The problem, of course, is economists like Pauly Krugnuts, Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke, Timmaaaaaaay Geithner, and Hank Paulson who told us that the economy would “crash” if we did that. It was all a lie to protect all of their bankster buddies, like Dick Fuld, Jamie Dimon, Ken Lewis Lloyd Blankfien, et al.

You see, it’s not just corporate welfare that needs to end, it’s the legalized accounting fraud, and special considerations and legal protections that need to end, as well.

Someday, maybe, progressives will realize that there are a handful of economists who are trying to explain how the system actually works, and how to make it free and fair for everyone. Instead, progressives believe that these economists are only trying to “protect the rich”. These are the progressives who, I believe, have political aspirations.

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By Allan Krueger, September 21, 2010 at 1:22 pm Link to this comment

Going by the first few words… MSNBC may not be in the real world, but, neither are the Palin’s and O’Donnell’s of the world! Who in their right mind would elect either one of those goofballs! FUBAR! They can TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK - busy building that bridge to the Nineteenth Century!

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By Maani, September 21, 2010 at 12:58 pm Link to this comment


If you don’t go vote for the Democrats and their giving all of your money to wars abroad, wall street and the big health corporations, then, oh my god, you might have the Republicans in charge with their policies of giving all of your money to wars abroad, wall street, and the big health corporations…The Democrats are the party of war.  The Democrats are wall street’s party.  Why on earth would any sane person vote Democrat?  If the Democrats win, you are guaranteed more war and more rule by wall street.  What on earth have you got to lose by voting for something different?”

Actually, you are not entirely correct.  There IS - and always has been - a difference between the Dems and GOPs, however slight it might be.  For example, one difference is economic: on the one hand, you have Bill Clinton, who balanced the budget, paid down the deficit, and left a surplus of (depending on which economist you like) $200-$400 billion.  On the other hand, you have GWB, who wasted that surplus and left a deficit of (depending on which economist you like) $3-$6 trillion.  That is a HUGE difference.

As well, although it is admittedly speculative, do you really believe that (even assuming one believes the “official story”) Al Gore would have had the same reaction to 9/11 that GWB did?  Do you believe Gore would have responded with unprovoked pre-emptive regime change in Iraq, and ramming through a neocon agenda that has wrecked this country?

Yes, the Dems have moved toward the right, and the GOPs have moved so far right they are falling off the world.  But there is STILL a difference.

The best comment I have read on these boards so far in this regard is (and I think it was ITW who said it):

“When a radical, religious minority with a take-no-prisoners world view takes control of a nation, you get a Taliban, a Likud, or an Islamic Counsel. This is what the new Sarah Palin, O’Donnell is promising us.  Government won’t be off our backs, it will be on it 1000x worse because SHE believes you CAN legislate morality.  And when she and her fellow tea-baggers get to the Senate, they won’t kow-tow to McConnell, they’ll attack, attack, attack, until the GOP leadership caves in and is fully taken over by the Tea Party. Unless we realize that ANY Democrat is always better.  The house is on fire.  Only a fool worries that the water to put it out is polluted and won’t use it.”


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By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 21, 2010 at 12:44 pm Link to this comment

Here Here gerard,

More and more people are waking up to the charade these shysters have perpetrated for so many years, and within a generation their chattel will be about 25% of the population, mostly that time’s immigrants.

By then hopefully most folks online would have put down the remote control from the boob-tube ( TV ) and talk radio further instigating their minds and making them become further belligerent in their deep seeded racist views on immigration when WE’RE ALL IMMIGRANTS PEOPLE, or was there a cut-off date?

Seems that’s what these perverts of law and decency are contemplating, silly gooses.

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By gerard, September 21, 2010 at 12:15 pm Link to this comment

Re: Samson’s suggestion—“The Democrats show no signs of abandoning their rich contributors.  Which means its time for the rest of us to go somewhere else”

Problem is, there is no “somewhere else” and there are no signs that any viable alternative will be developed by hopeless, fatalistic, antagonistic people or by those who are still bewitched by the hope of “making it big” in business.

Many small organizations are moving in the direction of a viable future for U.S. and the world. All I can see at the moment is to support them by contributions and volunteering—ecology groups, anti-war organizations, resistance grouops against corporate control, supporters of equal rights for all.  You know who they are.  Until something better coes along, support them or else. It’s fish or cut bait, as we used to say.

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By Samson, September 21, 2010 at 11:53 am Link to this comment

“Yet the Democrats appear paralyzed, unable to put together a counterattack”

The natural avenue for such a counter-attack is from the populist-left positions.  But, today’s Democrats are the party of big money. And, they can’t take populist-left positions without alienating the big money that pays for all their attack tv ads.

The Democrats are the party that blocked any discussion of single-payer health care.  Anyone who tried to mention single-payer in congressional hearings was attacked by the capital police and led away in handcuffs.  Then they passed a bill that blocked any reforms of health insurance for four years and made everyone into mandated customers of some of the most hated corporations in America.

Some 60% of American favor single-payer health care when honestly asked in polls.  Obama alone took in $30 million in ‘donations’ from health care corps in 2008.

This is the fundamental contradiction in the Democratic party and why they appear ‘paralyzed’. They can’t do what the voters want to get some relief from an awful health care system that soaks them out of every dollar they have.  And the Democrats can’t do this because they take big money from these same corporations. 

This is why the Democrats appear ‘paralysed’.  Because on issue after issue they can’t take the sort of populist-left positions that are the natural line of counter-attack against the Republican’s fake populist-right positions.

The Democrats show no signs of abandoning their rich contributors.  Which means its time for the rest of us to go somewhere else.

Remember, a vote for the Democrats is a vote for more war and more rule by wall-street.

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 21, 2010 at 11:17 am Link to this comment

Dems and Reps and their related connection and partys is DEAD…. the two-headed dragon cannot rule ANY LONGER!

They are the same.

Nor this witch.

She is with ‘them.’

No more through those two orifices of LIES; the dem and rep parties…

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By Samson, September 21, 2010 at 11:07 am Link to this comment

The Democrats are the party that freezes spending on ‘social programs’ in midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in order to pay for more wars abroad and to give Wall Street trillions of dollars in bailout money.

The Democrats are the party that put Alan Simpson in charge of reforming Social Security.

So, the part of this argument I don’t get is how in the world is a vote for the Democrats a vote for ‘social programs’.

This isn’t FDR’s Democrats any more.  A vote for today’s Democrats is a vote for Herbert Hoover.

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By Samson, September 21, 2010 at 11:01 am Link to this comment

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

If you don’t go vote for the Democrats and their giving all of your money to wars abroad, wall street and the big health corporations, then, oh my god, you might have the Republicans in charge with their policies of giving all of your money to wars abroad, wall street, and the big health corporations.

After breaking their promises and failing to bring either ‘change’ or ‘hope’, all the Democrats have left is the politics of fear.  So, you’ll see a lot of these scare-tactics stories out of the Democrat spin-machine over the next few months.  Its all the Democrats have to run on.

The Democrats are the party of war.  The Democrats are wall street’s party.  Why on earth would any sane person vote Democrat?  If the Democrats win, you are guaranteed more war and more rule by wall street.  What on earth have you got to lose by voting for something different?

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Napolean DoneHisPart's avatar

By Napolean DoneHisPart, September 21, 2010 at 10:56 am Link to this comment

Just in case you missed it while watching football or dancing with ‘B’ stars-

How anyone can elect her, taker her seriously or even TRUST her at the helm of any office is blind when mainstream Amerika is broadcasting this major bad move.

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By Leefeller, September 21, 2010 at 10:46 am Link to this comment

Fat Freddy, Homey the Clown dove tails very nicely in grand scheme, though GRYM don’t play that!

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By ocjim, September 21, 2010 at 10:44 am Link to this comment

There is an element of entertainment in MSNBC hosts, more light-hearted than the mean-spirited, simplistic-minded Fox hosts. Perhaps both are playing to the audience drawn to them.

The Rachel Maddow message is simplistic enough, revealing the revolting lies and distortions of the right but it plays to an audience that is already captured by the ugliness of the right.

Therefore, Boyarsky is right to caution us about the MSNBC message but not because it doesn’t reveal the threats of the right but because it is only heard by allies of the left and some moderates.

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By gerard, September 21, 2010 at 10:44 am Link to this comment

Says someone:  “Social welfare programs rob the recipients of their freedom and dignity, and the ‘benefactors’ of the fruits of their labor.”
  Such obvious stupidity would be laughable except for the fact that millions of brain-washed Americans actually believe it, and because they believe it, much of our social welfare legislation like social security, health care, public education, free speech and “government for the people” is in grave danger of repeal.
  It is hard to believe that such reaction has the power to draw even the people who benefit from social welfare themselves into working to overthrow it.
  Those who understand what is going on simply must get together and form a united front to protect ignorant people from themselves and save the fundamentals of democracy.

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By purplewolf, September 21, 2010 at 9:24 am Link to this comment

MSNBC doesn’t portray the right-wing Republicans as kooks, they do a good enough job all by themselves. However,MSNBC does not dismiss them as non-dangerous.

Fat Freddy: If social programs like welfare are a rip-off and destined to failure, when will we finally include “corporate welfare” into that same group you talk about? After all, they receive more money, most-over 70% pay no income tax on profits made, get subsidies from the government,the same people who bail them(mega corps) out of the mess they made of the economy and then over charge us for their products we need for survival and rob people of their freedom, dignity and the fruits of their labors and these mega corps have not really failed, whereas the middle class and working poor have.

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By dcrimso, September 21, 2010 at 8:15 am Link to this comment

Given America’s foreign policy, perhaps we should all give in to our inner reactionist, and vote for the radical right. Then we could bomb Iran and North Korea, pave over the Middle East, and eliminate the Islamacists, and make the World a heavenly Christian paradise.  Isn’t that what’s going to happen anyway.?

Oh, I’m sorry, I have alot of time to daydream now that I’ve been unemployed for awhile.

Oh yeah, so Christine got 5% of the possible vote in Delaware, and now she’s going to lead the right’s revolution.  Has a candidate ever won 5% of the vote in the primary, and gone on to win the general?  Just asking.

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Fat Freddy's avatar

By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 7:53 am Link to this comment

All social programs, whether supported by the left, or the right, are destined for failure and definitely a “rip-off”. Social welfare programs rob the recipients of their freedom and dignity, and the “benefactors” of the fruits of their labor. Both sides lose, in the long run.

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By Inherit The Wind, September 21, 2010 at 7:01 am Link to this comment

I could have told you DC was a racist city 25 years ago, when I lived in Va and worked in DC.  It’s not news and it wasn’t news even BEFORE Marion Barry got caught filling his nose.

But while I can’t and won’t justify Black racism, it certainly doesn’t justify White racism, the results of which were infinitely more devastating to Blacks than their counterpart has been to Whites.

But I like the “Billions transferred”.  Oh yeah? Well, even it that’s so (and I highly doubt it—Sowell, bright as he is has long been the pet intellectual of the right) he makes it sound like it’s what killed the economy. Hah! They just found that $3 Billion was drained by friend of the brother of Hamid Karzai and the Karzai block all investigations.  That’s billions, too. 

Then there’s the question of whether it was drained or not. Sowell drags up the old straw man that ANY social program supported by the Left is a) a failure and b) a rip-off scam.  Of course that’s simply another right-wing Big Lie.

Like Sowell saying we lost the War on Poverty.  We didn’t lose it. It was betrayed by 5th Columnists like Sowell and the whole “Reagan Revolution” et al.

But to give GRYM credit, at least what he’s posting is 100% accurate: This IS Thomas Sowell’s writing, word, for word.

Of course Sowell is full of shit, but that’s my issue with Sowell, not GRYM.

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By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 6:54 am Link to this comment

Go Right Young Man

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was a trade-off made by the Republican Congress for Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB). BOTH contributed, at least in part, to the recent mortgage collapse. That’s right, the GOP is responsible for the passage of the CRA, in order to get their “deregulation” passed.

BTW, GLB was a huge benefit for the large investment banks at the expense of the smaller investment firms.

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, September 21, 2010 at 6:04 am Link to this comment

The Politics of Resentment
By Thomas Sowell

Few things have captured in microcosm what has gone so painfully wrong, where racial issues are concerned, like the recent election for mayor of Washington, D.C.

One key fact tells much of the story: Mayor Fenty received more than 70 percent of the white vote in Washington. His opponent received more than 80 percent of the black vote.

Both men are black. But the head of the school system that Fenty appointed is Asian and the chief of police is a white woman. More than that, most of the teachers who were fired were black. There were also bitter complaints that black contractors did not get as many of the contracts for doing business with the city as they expected.

In short, the mayor appointed the best people he could find, instead of running a racial patronage system, as a black mayor of a city with a black majority is apparently expected to. He also didn’t spend as much time schmoozing with the folks as was expected.

So what if he gave their children a better education and gave everybody a lower likelihood of being murdered?

The mayor’s faults were political faults. He did his job, produced results and thought that this should be enough to get him re-elected. He refused to do polls and focus groups, and he ignored what his political advisers were warning him about.

No doubt Mayor Fenty is now a sadder and wiser man politically. While that may help him if he wants to pursue a political career, Adrian Fenty’s career is not nearly as important as what his story tells us about the racial atmosphere in this country.

How did we reach the point where a city is so polarized that an overwhelming majority of the white vote goes to one candidate and the overwhelming majority of the black vote goes to the opposing candidate?

How did we reach the point where black voters put racial patronage and racial symbolism above the education of their children and the safety of everyone?

There are many reasons but the trend is ominous. One key factor was the creation, back in the 1960s, of a whole government-supported industry of race hustling.

President Lyndon Johnson’s “war on poverty”—a war that we have lost, by the way—bankrolled all kinds of local “leaders” and organizations with the taxpayers’ money, in the name of community “participation” in shaping the policies of government.

These “leaders” and community activists have had every reason to hype racial resentments and to make issues “us” against “them.”

One of the largely untold stories of our time has been the story of how ACORN, Jesse Jackson and other community activists have been able to transfer billions of dollars from banks to their own organizations’ causes, with the aid of the federal government, exemplified by the Community Reinvestment Act and its sequels.

Racial anger and racial resentments are the fuel that keeps this lucrative racket going. How surprised should anyone be that community activist groups have used mau-mau disruptions in banks and harassed both business and government officials in their homes?

Lyndon Johnson once said that it is not hard to do the right thing. What is hard is knowing what is right. We can give him credit for good intentions, so long as we remember what road is paved with good intentions.


Only small-minded, hate-filled, bigots believe one grouping of people are more or less racists or bigoted than another.

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By Kath Cantarella, September 21, 2010 at 5:32 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Leefeller: ‘The large flock of people who believe Obama is a Muslim or believe Obama is not a citizen indicates the reality of untruths, though one could say it is ignorance, another could say it is contrived convenience.’

I have a feeling a lot of it actually is ignorance. I have often tried to comment on lots of different conservative blogs but you need to register or join (join the tea party? no thankyou), and they seem to monitor what is posted if, for instance, you stretch the truth a few thousand miles and claim to be from Alabama. Then of course you are either deleted or shouted down with false ‘facts’.

It is one huge echo chamber. Some of those people may just need to hear contradictory views from people they trust, some sort of plan for the future that makes sense to them, or just to hear differing views much more often then they are currently hearing them. There’s a huge cone of silence around the far right.

Or maybe that’s just the nature of fascism.

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By surfnow, September 21, 2010 at 5:15 am Link to this comment

First of all the “liberal” media stars cited are only liberals given today’s skewed definition of the term. All you need today to be defined as a ‘liberal” is to be Pro-Choice and be all for insignifcant issues like gays in the military. This is why total warmongers like the Clintons can be labelled “liberal.”  They however are no more progressive than Mussolini was. Second, if Maddow and Matthews are dismissing the likes of Palin and the other Teabaggers they are as totally clueless about the political climate as I thought. These Teabagges are for real- they are dangerous- and they are for real. Get ready for Sarah Palin’s prsidency beginning in 2013.

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By Hank Van den Berg, September 21, 2010 at 5:14 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Mr. Boyarsky, you are trying to convince your readers that we should be as stupid as the right wingers and support the Democratic Party without any understanding of the real issues.  The problem with your argument is that Obama and the Democratic leadership is totally in bed with corporate interests.  They have failed progressives in every respect.  We’re still at war, secret prisons are still operating, rendition continues, our drones kill hundreds in foreign countries, gay rights have been neglected, labor has been shunned altogether, education continues to be corporatized, environmental issues were put out of reach with the administration’s deceitful deal in Copenhagen, big agriculture continues to wreck our food system, Washington is as corrupt as ever, and you want us to get excited about Obama? 
The fact is it doesn’t make any difference which party fronts for the corporate interests.  Between Clinton and Obama, the corporate interests have achieved more power, and destroyed egalitarianism more, than they did under Bush. 
Boyarsky, you can go out and get as excited as you want, but the end result will make no difference to our corporate-enslaved future.  We need much more fundamental change than the deception that the Democrats offer.

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Fat Freddy's avatar

By Fat Freddy, September 21, 2010 at 4:09 am Link to this comment

If I were a liberal/progressive, I would vote for the Democrats because…..

If I were a socially conservative/Christian Fundamentalist, I would vote for the Republicans because…..

I am neither. Both of these groups wish to force their misguided beliefs on others for their own political gains.

I choose freedom. The best path to freedom, is liberty, and the principle of self-ownership.

Here is a short Flash video that describes the foundation of liberty and self-ownership, so even a liberal third grader can understand it.

Be sure to pick a copy of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.

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By Inherit The Wind, September 21, 2010 at 3:50 am Link to this comment

The last time there was a national movement that acted like this and had rhetoric like this it swept Hitler and the Nazis to power and a cataclysm that killed 60 million people.  These lunatics will send us on the same course, as GW Bush started us on that path.

It’s now September. Motor and computer voting start next week, even though the election is 6-7 weeks away.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, September 21, 2010 at 2:38 am Link to this comment

The high indicated number of ignorant people out there is most disturbing, for the simple fact they are disturbed!

The large flock of people who believe Obama is a Muslim or believe Obama is not a citizen indicates the reality of untruths, though one could say it is ignorance, another could say it is contrived convenience.

Truth is never a problem for those who choose to ignore it, unfortunately they also choose to be fanatics.

Things look very ugly out there in never never land!

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By Hammond Eggs, September 20, 2010 at 11:23 pm Link to this comment

The rants weren’t just random screaming. Together, they constituted rhetoric putting American voters on a poisonous path and further damaging Democratic chances in the November election and for President Obama in 2012.

Like so many people, I no longer give a subatomic damn what happens to Obama and the Democrats.  If, as the nation continues its quick and steep decline, the voters want to give power to these genocidal Christian Stalinists, so be it.  I just wonder how other wealthy and well-armed nations are going to deal with a United States run by someone like Palin or O’Donnell who then control the world’s largest arsenal of thermonuclear weapons and are itching for the end of the world.

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Robespierre115's avatar

By Robespierre115, September 20, 2010 at 11:09 pm Link to this comment

Finally an article that feels sober. The main reason the Democrats have not been able to fight back is because the Tea Party loons are manipulating actual, popular sentiments, the Dems have done next to nothing to reach out to the masses. Yes O’Donnell is laughable, but she’s also pulled out from more populist ranks than most Democrat candidates who are millionaires. We are ruled by an oligarchy, wake up people. Real leftists would be siding with the working class and fighting to expand working class interests and fight off this fascist cloud.

Some limosine liberals sound to me like wealthy Venezuelan exiles who simply cannot comprehend why Hugo Chavez remains popular.

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BarbieQue's avatar

By BarbieQue, September 20, 2010 at 10:31 pm Link to this comment

BB: “Yet the Democrats appear paralyzed, unable to put together a counterattack.”

Once again, the politics are more important than the people. If Obama had done even a quarter of what he campaigned on there would be no “counterattack” necessary. People would be walking across broken glass to help the party that actually changed the game.

But even though Obamas party has literally controlled the White house, House and Senate, there hasn’t been much change, unless you were a banker able to foist worthless loans off on the taxpayers. Or you’re an insurance salesperson salivating over 40 million mandated new customers.

It would have been nice if our “leaders” had put job creation before mandated purchases (unconstitutional) wouldn’t it?

So it appears one of the latest attacks on O’Donnell is (GASP) that she had TAX problems!

Well all one has to say about that is:

Timothy Geithner

O’Donnell may not be the ideal candidate [...] but she’s better than the dolt who’s butt was starting to grow into the Senate seat. The Peoples seat.

11/2010: Vote Out All Incumbents and let the new ones know the same fate awaits… It’s multipartisan and it CAN happen, Rangel notwithstanding.

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By AlbertKEcht, September 20, 2010 at 10:21 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

When the Christian Right takes over, they will outlaw alcohol and beer - like they did before.

Albert K. Echt

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By George, September 20, 2010 at 9:25 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I voted for Obama with great hope for real change!

Change meant that he would put the needs of the people of this country first. Ahead of the interests of powerful corporations and billionaires. He has proved to be just another corporate servant.

Change meant we would stop spending the country’s wealth killing brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan so the defense industry can earn extreme profit, and, in doing so, actually make us all less safe.

Change meant that he would keep his promise for a transparent negotiation for health care reform instead of the traditional backroom deals he used to force us all to become customers of a rapacious health care industry.

Change meant that he would keep his promise to end the abuses of American civil liberties under the Bush Administration instead of actually increasing the level of those abuses.

Change meant that he would honor American law. That he would honor his obligations under the UN Convention against Torture and investigate the Bush Administration for it’s use of Torture. That he would not be using drones for illegal assassinations and killing innocent civilians while doing so.

I haven’t seen any real change from Obama. I see him as just another corporate tool in a long line of corporate tools. I won’t be fooled again. I support Democracy. Not Oligarchy. Not Plutocracy.

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