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October 1, 2014
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Sarah Palin: Maverick or Just a Neophyte?

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Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Gov. Sarah Palin

By John Cheney-Lippold

The McCain camp’s announcement Friday morning that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be the Republican vice presidential candidate is nothing more than a performance in the politics of cynicism, a cynicism that may prove to be somewhat of a strategic miracle for the Republicans as they try to follow the Democrats’ much-publicized rock concert, or national convention, in Denver this week.

While it may not be the best aesthetic choice to put an attractive, young political upstart next to the septuagenarian John McCain, the juxtaposition of the two in terms of identity, experience and policy may work well as a unified presidential ticket, though of course only on a purely superficial level. Palin may be strongly cast as a “Republican Hillary” who can draw Clinton-supporting Democrats and independents either to McCain or away from the polls, come November.

As much as Republican analysts/apologists would love to allay the critiques that Palin’s nomination is driven by her “maverick” political past (more on that later), her candidacy is transparent. The choice of a white, motherly, middle-aged woman is obviously a demographic ploy to further disunite the Democratic Party immediately after Thursday’s conclusion of its convention.

The timing of the announcement in the wake of Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden instead of Clinton as a running mate and the inclusion of a woman on the Republican ticket with its own history-making possibilities just scream reactionary cynicism. Not that an election campaign is much more than a performance in poll dancing, but the use of gender in McCain’s choice for vice president is still disturbingly shallow.

On the point of experience, the Alaska governor has only two years as an elected official in high office. This inchoateness can be compared to Obama’s limited time on the political stage, a condition that affords both candidates truncated résumés absent of serious political gaffes but filled with enough political activity to label each a good Republican or Democrat.


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Yet Palin’s inexperience is supplemented by McCain’s experience, in a move opposite, but much like, Obama’s choice of Biden. Of course that didn’t stop the Obama camp from coming out guns blazing in reacting to the choice of Palin. An Obama campaign spokesperson, striking yet another low blow against McCain’s age, noted that the Alaska governor’s “zero foreign policy experience [would be only] a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Palin’s policy work and history as a “maverick”—however drained that word is in recent political discourse—are those of a line-toeing conservative who vehemently supports the war, loves guns, is anti-abortion and wants to kill polar bears. No, seriously. As governor she recently sued the federal government, claiming that the 1973 Endangered Species Act, which protects polar bears, is unjust because it prohibits Alaska from fully exploring oil and natural gas sites. She wants to be able to kill polar bears to drill for oil. How Republican is that?

Her support for big oil companies, destruction of polar bears aside, leads her to advocate strongly for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an idea that has for ages been disregarded as a reactionary and foolish Band-Aid on the larger problem of the country’s dependency on oil, foreign or domestic.

She further displays her Republican convictions through wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade; not believing in even the bastardized idea of gay civil unions; and being a proud, gun-toting/photo-oped member of the NRA. Although called a political outsider and reformer by analysts in Alaska, Palin has had an approval rating of over 80 percent during most of her two years as governor.

But her maverick status—the standards of which now have fallen to mean (1) you don’t come from a pre-existing political family and (2) you don’t allow people in your administration to do obviously illegal things—is now the focus of the mainstream media. Palin did blow the whistle on the Alaska state Republican chairman after a conflict-of-interest case went untouched, but clearly the word maverick has become empty when it can be so generously applied to someone thrown onto the national political stage after only a handful of years in her political party.

The choice of Palin, as much as it is a performance supplement to McCain’s diet of jowl-shaking diatribes against Obama’s celebrity and spryness, does offer a considerably unified platform from which to launch the Republican Party into its convention in St. Paul next week. The ways the Democrats will respond, both immediately and in terms of their long-term strategy to win in November, will be interesting to watch, as will the requisite deluge of comments about Palin’s attractiveness and femininity. Oh yeah, the governor-turned-vice-presidential-candidate was a runner-up in a Miss Alaska beauty pageant. Let the cable news commentary commence.

John Cheney-Lippold is a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where he studies the political economy of the Internet.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, August 30, 2008 at 12:20 pm Link to this comment

re: By metros, August 30 at 10:18 am # :

Metros writes:

“Weren’t the Dems playing the “politics of cynicism” when they supported an inexperienced candidate with no foreign policy experience—except his week on tour in Europe and the Middle East?”

Um, metros, since when does serving in the Senate, a body that deliberates and votes on foreign policy issues all the time, not count as foreign policy experience?

And tell me, dear, what Presidential candidate has there ever been with less foreign policy experience or demonstrated interest than GWB could boast of in 2000, when the GOP offered this proudly ignorant, incurious lout as their candidate?

GWB was so little interested in the world that at the time he first ran for President, he had virtually never even traveled outside the US, despite being born to fabulous wealth that afforded him virtually limitless opportunity to do so.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 30, 2008 at 11:58 am Link to this comment


“Those who oppose these are on the wrong side of history, morality and freedom.” Freedom defined by whom? 

So nice to know Palin is against infanticide but in favor of good old Homicide. Must be acceptable to Kill those non believers while wearing a flag pin and waving a flag.

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By Reubenesque, August 30, 2008 at 10:05 am Link to this comment

Re:  My former post…

“Are those real glasses or just props to make her appear intelligent?”

I get it now.  Those are fashionable shooting glasses.

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By cann4ing, August 30, 2008 at 9:37 am Link to this comment

Gail Collins’ op ed in today’s New York Times, “McCain’s Baked Alaska” hit it straight on.

“I do feel kind of ticked off at the assumptions that the Republicans seem to be making about female voters….

“The idea that women are going to race off to vote for any candidate with the same internal plumbing is both offensive and historically wrong.  When the sexes have parted company in modern elections, it’s generally been because women are more likely to be Democrats, and more concerned about protecting the social safety net.  ‘The gender gap traditionally has been determined by party preference, not by the gender of the candidate,’ said Ruth Mandel of the Eagleton Institute of Politics.”

In a separate letter to the editor, Joseph Russo compared the Palin pick to George H.W. Bush’s selection of Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall.  “‘You want an African-America?  Here’s one who will consistently work against most African-American interests.”  Russo sees the McCain pick as, “‘You want a woman on the ticket?  Here’s a solidly anti-choice woman who’ll work against women’s interests.’” 

Both Thomas and Monica Goodling are a testament to the havoc that can be wreaked on our constitutional system of government by ideologues irrespective of race or gender.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear McCain was trying to throw the election to Obama.

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By Folktruther, August 30, 2008 at 9:36 am Link to this comment

That’s an interesting conjecture, Chris.  If they are going to lose anyway, as Goldwater was in 1964, may as well keep up the ideological lunacy for the next election.  When people realize that if McCain falls of the twig it will be Sarah in charge, even Gops may hesitate.

Pity, in a way.  With Sarah we could have a genuine religious loony as president who publically proclaims her disbelief in evolution and the earth being five thousand years old.  We would have lived to see the dis-Enlightenment estaablished in the US in our own lifetimes.

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skmacksk's avatar

By skmacksk, August 30, 2008 at 9:30 am Link to this comment

Dear CJ
Great post:witty and well written,a pleasure to read
Best regards

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By Wonderblob, August 30, 2008 at 9:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Republican Presidents are just bobbing heads for PNAC, AIPAC, and other corporate government media conglomerates. It does not matter what their experience is. In fact, the less experience the better. With 5 kids Ms. Palin needs to learn to do a little more head bobbing anyway.

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By Inherit The Wind, August 30, 2008 at 8:49 am Link to this comment


I’m THRILLED that neo cons like you are having wet dreams over Sarah Palin.  Rant, rave, gush!  The rest of the nation is torn between incredulous disbelief over McCain’s stupidity and laughing their @$$es off about it.

So…keep it up as you march into a landslide of defeat.  This was SUPPOSED to counter Obama’s convention bounce by stealing the news cycle.  Well, it stole the news-cycle all right!  And has everyone but the die-hard GOPers in shock at McCain’s political suicide to solidify the arch-right-wing base who STILL think McCain is a RINO.

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By purplewolf, August 30, 2008 at 8:19 am Link to this comment

Nitko: Perhaps McShame didn’t choose Cindy for the VP choice as she may have outlived her usefulness to him by now and he wants to trade her in for this newer model, just as he did with his first wife. He is so shallow.

What kind of a name for your sons are Track and Trig.

Sarah also wants to have everyone home school their children. Great, now we can add teachers to the ever growing list of the obsolete jobs and the unemployed in this country. Besides, many people if they are still lucky enough to have a job(s) would not have the time or the training to cover everything a child should learn. But then again, Sarah is in the group(I have encountered them in the past) who seems to think the ONLY BOOK needed to teach from is the BIBLE. Nothing else need be learned according to these types of people. Funny how they seem to think nothing of how they benefit and enjoy thing brought to you from those who know science, medicine, technology, etc., this doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Talk about speaking with shredded(formally known as forked)tongues. Well there goes the rest of the high tech jobs, science and other subjects needed to keep us competitive with the rest of the world, with some exceptions in the middle east where they tend to keep, especially the women, in the dark ages of history. I know, instead of educating yourself and learning things to solve the problems made by the over population of this planet, Sarah and her like minded people can sit down and pray for God to provide everything they need to survive. After all the caribou and other animals will not last forever, especially from the mindset of these types who feel it is okay to destroy every other thing to gain temporary benefits in the short term.


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By Folktruther, August 30, 2008 at 8:13 am Link to this comment

narcissie put his finger on something that always puzzled me,how people could be turned on to stale and hackned Dem rhetoric.  It is intended for midbrow policy wonks who identify with the largely meaningless political theater of the struggle between the Dems and Gops for political offices and spoils.

When Cann4ing talls about the ‘powerful erudition’ of Obama, I literally didn’t understand what he meant.  Anarcissie’s phrase made it clear.  It is the poetry of the midbrow, the unthinking professional class.  They are promoting their class interests to the detrement of the general population.

So they want to continue politics as the struggle between the neocons leading the Gops and the neocons leading the Dems, there being merely rhetorical differneces on the same policy.  This being so, it does not appear that reason will make any differnece to them.

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By Frank, August 30, 2008 at 8:02 am Link to this comment

In case you missed the other thread:

Wonder why Sarah Palin has such a high approval rating as Governor of Alaska?

Alaskans pay no state income tax. Not one penny. They get all the benefits of a high-service state government without paying for it themselves. It is all paid for by oil, gas, timber revenues and corporate taxes.

One top of that, each resident living there for more than one year becomes a defacto shareholder in the Alaska Permanent Fund corporation with roughly $40 billion in assets, re-funded every year by oil revenues. As Alaska Permanent Fund shareholders, every resident gets an annual dividend check, called the PFD which this year will be roughly $2000.  That is EVERY resident, regardless of age. So a family of four will get $8000 in free money with not a penny paid in state income taxes.

On top of the $2000 PFD check this year, Sarah Palin authorized an additional “rebate” of $1200 per resident, payable to everyone eligible for the PFD, due to the higher energy costs.

Let’s do the math:

Individual resident: $2000 PFD + $1200 Rebate = $3200 free money.

Family of four : $8000 PFD + $4800 Rebate = $12,800 free money.

All of this without taxing residents one penny or running up a deficit, because Alaska has a surplus this year. That is how rich the State of Alaska is right now due to oil revenue.

Is it any wonder Sarah Palin has a sky high approval rating? She has not had to contend with taxing residents to pay for budget deficits as most governors and US Presidents have.

Keep in mind the bulk of Alaska residents live in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and a handful of larger towns where the gas prices are only between $4 and $5 per gallon, not the super high prices paid by a small minority in rural village that are off the road network. There will be a lot of new ATVs, plasma TVs, and snowmachines sold this year (thats “snowmobile” in the Lower 48).

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 30, 2008 at 7:39 am Link to this comment


Throwing the election is something I also see, Bush and company has purposely screwed everything up to such a high degree, the Dems. are doomed to failure.  Even if they collectively get there heads out of where the sun dost not shine, they may not be successful, so you may be correct about 2012. 

My premise is both parties really have more in common than not, so the whole horse and pony show is selected to make us believe we are really involved in what happens.

Of course we are speculating on the future, my hope is Obama and the Dems can really do something, but elite and Corporate interests may call the final shots anyway, hence the new world order.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, August 30, 2008 at 7:24 am Link to this comment

re: By Rus7355, August 30 at 4:55 am:

Oh, so now rus with numbers is producing right-wing beat poetry?

(rhetorical question of course)

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 30, 2008 at 7:14 am Link to this comment

Russ 7355,

Using special words like “god” and “fear” in your post, quite clearly shows were your head is.  Maybe you could support your posts with a solid comment why you disagree with all of the other posts, as you called them “your putrid, rotting, fear and bigotry” Then your confusion and amazement may become realization after some solid discussion. Or is your opinion of disagreement really all that shallow?

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By Chris1274, August 30, 2008 at 7:09 am Link to this comment

The republicans are throwing this election.

This VP choice was not designed to win voters but to placate the conservative Christian base of the party; that way they’ll be on board when the republicans take back control in 2012.

Assuming the dems win in November, they’ll inherit an economy that is doomed to a catastrophic collapse. We’re headed for an extra strength recession (i.e., a depression) to correct for the last two speculative bonanzas, the dot com bubble and the housing bubble. In fact, a correction may not even be possible at this point. We could be looking at a permanent and severe reduction in the standard of living for most Americans. This is what the next administration will have to look forward to and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. The housing market is a wasteland, the dollar is a house of cards, and the rest of the world will soon see our phony baloney economy for what it is. When countries like China decide to stop financing our debt and start consuming their own products, then it’s lights out. The broke and unemployed voters will then take it out on the incumbent party, and the republicans will be all set to step right back into power.

Only this time they’ll be taking over the country at a time of universal anger and economic dispair, just the conditions needed to establish a full-scale fascist police state, with massive military build-ups, extensive curtailments of civil liberties and targeting of minority and immigrant populations. Arab-Americans will be hit especially hard.

Earlier today I wrote that this seemed like a stupid choice of VP for the republicans, as no one would vote for McCain when the person who would replace him in case he checked out is so obviously unqualified to take over as president. But the more I think about it, the more it seems that’s exactly what the republicans want, knowing as they do (because they’re the ones who set the stage for it) what kind of economic apocalypse will greet the next president. Had they picked a “cultist” Mormon like Romney or some pro-abortion republican in an attempt to appeal to moderates and independents, they would have lost a good chunk of the religious Right. But with their choice of Palin, they give the Christian Right someone to fawn over, thereby keeping them in the party fold, and also help ensure a loss in November ... only to take back control in 2012 with a vengeance.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 30, 2008 at 6:59 am Link to this comment

Unfortunately ignorance is still a liability in main street USA,  opportunism seems to have worked very well with the Alaskan community, a form of corporate socialism, if the rest of us in the nation received checks from the oil industry, some more of us would sell our votes like corporate whores.  Corporate influence seems to always surface and becomes paramount in the whole scheme of things.  We have seen this over and over again.  Just follow the money.

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Anarcissie's avatar

By Anarcissie, August 30, 2008 at 6:24 am Link to this comment

cann4ing: ’... The cynacism reflected by Anarcissie’s post and McCain’s desperation pick will be their final downfall.  They actually believe that women are so dumb they won’t be able to see through this Dan Quayle like selection of a woman whose political experience up until two years ago was that of a mayor of a tiny Alaskan hamlet. ...’

I don’t think “women” per se were the target of McCain’s move.  (Whatever that may mean in electoral terms—do women vote en bloc?  I don’t think so.)  What McCain and company wanted to overcome was the charge leveled at him by Paris Hilton, which was that he was “wrinkly”, that is, old and therefore cautious and ineffectual.  How to do that?  Make a daring, risky move, get people talking and wondering.  I think he has succeeded for the moment, although if Palin turns out to be as dumb as Quayle she may turn into a liability. 

Meanwhile, Obama makes magnficent, eloquent speeches which middle-brow policy wonks adore.  Sounds like he’s following in Adlai Stevenson’s footsteps.  But maybe the people have gotten smarter than they were in 1956?  Well, they elected George W. Bush four years ago.

Report this

By lodipete, August 30, 2008 at 6:23 am Link to this comment

Neophyte at what? She’s apparently enmeshed in her own little scandal in Alaska involving her ex-brother in law, a state trooper, whom she wanted fired. The guy who was supposed to fire him refused and was fired himself. Palin swore that no pressure was brought to bear, but an investigation is turning up info to the contrary. Sounds more like New York or New Jersey.

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By Pacrat, August 30, 2008 at 5:55 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Hardly! She might grow as a politician but a two year govenor of a state with a smaller population than Raleigh NC?

Wow, those are real credentials for a national position! John’s choice for Secretary of State will likely be truck driver from Ohio! (Might be a good idea - anyone would be better than Condoleeeeeza!)

Poor John can’t help being a maverick - but since when does the word “maverick” mean “intelligent?”

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By altara, August 30, 2008 at 5:31 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

McCain Picks Palin as VP Nominee

McCain did manage to step on the buzz from Obama’s stirring closing ceremony speech. Palin-Biden seems a clear mismatch but perhaps not since she is such a charmer

Since Palin was a successful point guard, maybe she and Obama should go one-on-one.


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By Fahrenheit 451, August 30, 2008 at 1:49 am Link to this comment

Much ado about nothing; but the comments here are a riot.

Report this

By nikto, August 30, 2008 at 1:34 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Sarah Palin=Redundant

If McCain wanted
a former beauty queen
with no experience
and a
criminal investigation
on her record,
then why didn’t he
just pick his own wife?

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Outraged's avatar

By Outraged, August 29, 2008 at 11:54 pm Link to this comment

Re: Purplewolf

Your comment: “Her husband works for BP.”

I would say that sums it up.  Do we really need to entertain any other premises with Mrs. AppearsOutofNowhere…?

Report this

By Big E, August 29, 2008 at 11:54 pm Link to this comment


calmly,....step away from the table…
put down the kool aid…

there are people who can help you,
there is still time..

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CJ's avatar

By CJ, August 29, 2008 at 11:15 pm Link to this comment

Obama got upstaged today when McCain picked Palin as his would-be Veep. Obama, as we know, picked Joe Biden, who appeared bored last nigh, not all that surprisingly. Despite Palin being Paleolithic feminist (especially with respect to abortion), McCain’s staff proved far more clever than Obama’s. With respect to showmanship, I mean. Which counts most when it comes to what we refer to as electoral politics. Either of two candidates who will be elected is already bought and paid for.

I could only laugh as liberals in media fell all over themselves going on about how Palin is lacking in experience. Unlike, Barack Obama. The “experience” thing is pretty much irrelevant, but since media persists in making such a (two-faced) fuss…my mother’s Cocker Spaniel could answer the phone at 3:00 am and not do worse than people who’ve been answering that phone since Ike.

The dog would bark a couple times, whereupon Putin or whomever was on the other end, would heel, I’ve no doubt. Like when Bush told Ruskies to get out of S. Osetia. Biden too. Ruskies did heel, as we know. Turned out Putin isn’t quite the soulful push-over Saakashvili is. Oh well, when the other side’s got real WMD, not a lot we can do, no matter phone connection. Like when we do stuff all other sides (except for Israel and Marshall Islands or whatever island group it is that always goes along) don’t approve of.

We might concern ourselves more with who’s answering 3:00 am call when we call them. Don’t call us; we’ll call you.

McCain scored big with his pick. Despite patent social Darwinist philosophy, she has got after Alaska Mob, plus—in the spirit of neo-con artistry gotten an even bigger hand-out from big oil for each and every Alaskan. Each and every has been getting a check ever since a majority voted (or whatever) to sell their votes to big oil. Which would be more seriously embarrassing were it not for justifying selling of votes by claims to higher cost of living. Never mentioned are higher wages—from going fishing for $150,000 a season to rough-necking for about the same figure. If those aren’t your thing, there’s cashing-in on cruisers.

Someone at the Obama Network mentioned that Palin has no idea of inner-city poverty—how to deal with that. I wonder why not? Which is not to say that Native Alaskans aren’t as destitute as Appalachians. They are, but no mention of that by talking head. To be Native American (more or less recently) is to remain anonymous, mostly destitute. Well, unless operating a casino. (Irony of which one could go on about at length.) Meanwhile, Native Alaskans continue to produce some of the world’s finest, most authentic art—painting and sculpture in particular. As opposed to, say, Madonna wailing (not whaling, thankfully. Pardon as I put on CD of Ella here) away while strutting in dandy top-hat and pointy bra, and with dandy cane. Who says Madonna doesn’t embody ersatz culture?

So, coup for McCain, such that what Obama delivered up last night—including mention of oxymoron, “clean coal,” and abomination that would be building of more nuclear-power plants—seems by now so much hot air gone cold to ground.

If Obama’s words were hot air, McCain’s choice turned out hotter (meant only in the best way), thereby causing an inversion, well-known to those of us here in LA.

And if big-media personnel must carry on like damn (not to say disinterested) fools, it’s impossible not to mock.

Most especially when another yap at the Obama Network mentioned that all of America was present last night at Invesco: black and white, and Hispanic and Asian, and female, as well as rich and poor. As though being rich or poor were on a biological par with being black, white, Hispanic and Asian, all both male or female. Obama said something similar if I recall, subconsciously revealing his own rootedness in social Darwinism.

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By wildflower, August 29, 2008 at 10:41 pm Link to this comment

It’s pretty obvious why McCain choose Palin to be his VP.  She reminds him a lot his beloved Turd Blossom Trio – George, Dick and Karl. 

Just think about it for a second . . .

Palin has a vendetta against a certain individual. Someone inside her administration pressures a state Department official to fire that particular individual. The official declines so Palin fires the official.

The official goes public and complains about being fired unfairly.  There is an investigation about the firing and state records are requested from the governor’s office. Palin, of course, ignores the requests and cites Executive Privilege. 

Conduct sound familiar?  It does to me.

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By Reubenesque, August 29, 2008 at 10:36 pm Link to this comment


“What a low blow by the Republican party!!  How stupid does McCain think the American people are?”

The American people are plenty stupid.  What do you think the republican party depends on election after election to grasp power.  It is shameful politics but necessary considering their real agenda of more wealth and power for the most wealthy and powerful and tiny crumbs for the masses can yet be made tinier still.

Report this

By Reubenesque, August 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm Link to this comment

Sounds like her agenda is merely a note-taking session from Rush’s last show.  How flattering to fatso.

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By Reubenesque, August 29, 2008 at 10:15 pm Link to this comment

Are those real glasses or just props to make her appear intelligent?

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 9:31 pm Link to this comment

Hey, Frank Cajon, I don’t think she’s really all that “hot.”  In fact, if she lived in California instead of Alaska I doubt she’d even qualify as a participant in a beauty pageant.  But then, I’ve never been into Stepford wives.

Report this

By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 9:27 pm Link to this comment

Well, Leefeller, McCain has a consistency of sorts.  His first wife was a former beauty queen.  When McCain was returning from his stay in the Hanoi Hilton, wife number one was horribly disfigured in an auto accident, so McCain cheats with Cindy, also a former beauty queen and, since she was an heiress who could give McCain more houses than he knew how to count, he left wife one, took up with Cindy and, more recently, while on the campaign trail, offered Cindy up as a participant in a biker beauty pageant—a pageant where the contestants go topless, some bottomless.  And now there’s Palin, so at least there’s a consistency of sorts.

(Curious how the corporate media slammed John Edwards for his affair but, for the most part, remains mum about McCain’s less than stellar character).

McCain has voted 125 times in the Senate against women’s health issues including a steadfast opposition to a woman’s right to choose, but also opposing a measure that would require insurance companies to pay for prescription birth control.

McCain’s real attitude toward women, and his quick temper, were on display when Cindy made the mistake of commenting about his lack of hair.  He told her she dressed “like a tramp” and called her the C-word. 
What a guy!

It is said that a Vice Presidential selection provides the first concrete example of the judgment that will be exercised by a future President.  Obama selected someone who has served in the Senate since 1972, including as the Chairmen of the Foreign Relations Committee and the Judiciary Committee.

Palin is the best McCain can do?  How pathetic!

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 29, 2008 at 9:09 pm Link to this comment

Vice President wolf killer, She hunts, she fishes and supported shooting the wolves in Alaska, your next vice president, the governor of Alaska, a state with the population of San Jose.

Believes in creationism, wants to hunt the polar bear, cannot except the idea gay people should have rights, nor women with their bodies. Global warming is not man made. 

After listening to her speech, I feel we need a stepford wife in the white house has some thing to do with McCain and the hottie part.

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 9:07 pm Link to this comment

The cynacism reflected by Anarcissie’s post and McCain’s desperation pick will be their final downfall.  They actually believe that women are so dumb they won’t be able to see through this Dan Quayle like selection of a woman whose political experience up until two years ago was that of a mayor of a tiny Alaskan hamlet.

The gun-toting Palin is Ann Coulter with darker hair.  She is virulently anti-choice, pro-drilling in ANWAR and so idiotically anti-environmental that she denies the human connection to global warming and has called for removing the polar bear from the endangered species list.

As revealed tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, her opening remarks today included the first flip-flop, stating, “I told Congress thanks but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere,” when, in truth, in 2006 she was pushing to get a Congressional earmark for the project from the currently indicted Senator Ted Stevens before the Repukes lost control of Congress—so much for claims of “fiscal” conservatism.

I have little doubt that prior to the Obama speech, McCain had every intent on selecting Pawlenti.  That was before McCain witnessed, along with 32 million Americans, erudition so powerful that even the conservative Pat Buchanan commented that Obama’s was the best acceptance speech he had heard in his entire life.  That speech, of course, followed Hillary Clinton’s masterful demonstration as to “why” those who supported her must support Obama, President Clinton’s ringing endorsement and Al Gore’s having reminded us of another man who ran for President after 8 years in the Illinois legislature and two years in Congress and who also criticized a prior President for taking us into an unnecessary war—Abraham Lincoln.

McCain was so stunned that he panicked; selected a woman with zero qualifications and policy positions that are contrary to everything Hillary stands for even though he had only spoken with her on two previous occasions.  Indeed, where Palin sought to praise Clinton today, during the primaries Palin said Hillary should stop whining.  Great, McIdiots.  First your chief financial adviser says “we” are a nation of whiners and now McCain selects an unqualified ideologue who called Hillary a whiner.

“No way.  No how.  No McCain!”

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By Frank Cajon, August 29, 2008 at 8:30 pm Link to this comment

Rightwing: In reply, again, to your 2:10 pm post (and leaving your obligatory Obama bashing for the threads that are here for that), your summation of this woman’s qualifications to be VP-and presumeably president-are ‘She is NRA, Pro-Choice, and unlike Dem. women still pretty hot.’
One out of three is not good; do five minutes of research and you will find she is not Pro-Choice for those that care, and frankly relative ‘hotness’ isn’t going to help her govern (and your remark objectifies women and is sexist, but as a Republican you probably consider that praise). That leaves her sole qualification being a member of the NRA. Boy, that will pull over some undecided Democrats. I frankly think she’s a great choice since I want to see Bush III go down in flames and she will help make that happen; but strictly on its’ own merits this is the weakest VP choice by either party in the last three decades. It is puzzling why McCain keeps getting involved with one younger, moderately attractive woman after another (lobbyists, first wife, second wife while married to first, now this confusing tandem). It isn’t really an admirable trait, Democratic icons have been shunned for years for similar tastes.

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By Winni, August 29, 2008 at 8:03 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

What a low blow by the Republican party!!  How stupid does McCain think the American people are?

Talk about inexperienced!  And some are worried Obama is inexperienced??  Give me a break!!

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By jaja, August 29, 2008 at 7:51 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

republicans will settle for anyone inferior, especially when desperate, just as long as they’re not Black. our republic is not worth a warm bucket of spit sometimes.

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By RightWing, August 29, 2008 at 7:28 pm Link to this comment

And when was the last Lib in Alaska?,, I thought so.and the Lib’s are the ones that play the victim, Barrack,Jesse, Rev Al. Rev Wright.. oh poor me I,m so disenfranchised….Speaking of image wasn’t it Biden who spoke of Obama’s image “well dressed,Clean cut,,speaks well” isn’t that an image.look at him when he speaks, his nose goes up in the air like my German Shepherds when they are tracking down a turd..and don’t forget about Obama’s extra states, you know the 53 of them, and was it St. Louis or KC Mo. his 8 year old had to give him a small lesson in geography.You poor poor saps.

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By Sara Cass, August 29, 2008 at 7:23 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This news is awesome!  It will get so many more voters out this year as well now!  McCain and Palin ticket in 2008 is where the vote is at!!!

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By RightWing, August 29, 2008 at 7:18 pm Link to this comment

you libs sound like cry babies, Obama/bi-la=den got the wind knocked out of their sails…. CRY CRY CRY.You only had a 12 hour party…... and Big B your still sound like a racist.

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By Folktruther, August 29, 2008 at 7:12 pm Link to this comment

You know, camm4ing, I’ve always wondered about Bush being Reagan’s vice=president after being head of the CIA.  The guy who shot Reagan was the son of close friends of Bush.  Maybe Bush wasn’t taking any chances.  His vp couldn’t even spell potato if you spotted him the p and o.  But not the plotting kind.

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By purplewolf, August 29, 2008 at 7:10 pm Link to this comment

What is it with McCain having to surround himself with former beauty pageant contestants? Is he a dirty old man? Or just another Repukelican pervert?

Now on to the Alaskan governor. This person supported the “Bridge to Nowhere”, when it first came out, now she claims she is against it. Flip-flopper. She does not believe that human activity, including excessive people on the planet hasten global warming. Thinks nothing of the aerial hunting of Alaskan wolves, which have recently been taken off the endangered list. Won’t be long before they are back on it. I take a great interest in wolf restoration, as I have been working with the public for years educating them to the true facts about wolves and have supported several programs for animals. I was a member of Wolfsong of Alaska since the start of it, Defenders of Wildlife, WWF, Humane Society of the United States and the ASPEC-the ones who produce Animal Precinct, and the wolf restoration in my home state of Michigan since 1987. She is even working on suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove polar bears from the endangered list. Just for those who might think I do not support any programs for people, I do, The Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Her husband works for BP. No wonder she is for big oil, regardless of the damage to the environment. This is a great conflict interest and needs to be investigated as to her real reasons she favors putting Big Oil over sound scientific proof. Could it be because of her husbands job?

For Sarah being a woman, yet she does not want women to have the right to decide and control their own reproductive systems is deeply troubling. She is a throwback to the dark ages of recorded history(where she wants to take all women). Abortion has been around since it was discovered and by making it illegal, will only drive desperate women to back alley abortionists and the days of coat hangers. You have to wonder why she hates women so much that she feels that they have to be denied the freedoms to choose how to live their lives. America can no longer be called a FREE COUNTRY, as total strangers feel it is their God given right to tell and force other people how to live their lives. If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it, however, to force all women into your narrow and unenlightened view of how you think it should be. Maybe I feel you should have had no more than 2 children, rather than the 5 you had, since that exceeds the ZPG(zero population growth) by 2 1/2 times. And don’t be fooled by the group name Feminists for Life which she is a member of. If this woman attains office, women in America can kiss their life as they know it good-bye. She and John, along with those who want us living our lives the way the Bible(Old Testament) as it was written(which version? and I want to see the original one and not these altered and changed ones of today)we will stumble into the dark ages and be no better off than those women in the Middle east which we are waring with. Education, scientific knowledge, medical training and women’s rights are out the door.

How do they think America can rebuilt itself by taking us back hundreds of years into the past where women and children were property of men. Are we not individuals?


Now will they have their own version of the Burka here in America? Are women allowed to choose the color they want or is that decided for us too Sarah?

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Anarcissie's avatar

By Anarcissie, August 29, 2008 at 7:07 pm Link to this comment

Most people vote for image.  Thus all the talk here about Palin’s character, experience and political positions is pretty irrelevant.  What matters is that while Obama, who is supposed to be the reformer, the renewer, played it safe and picked the traditional old White man, and a Beltway insider at that, McCain went out on a limb, picked a comparatively young woman, and thus reinforced his “maverick” logo and neutralized the “McSame” charge for the time being.  A risky but probably very sharp move.  I think one must give the Devil his due: this guy is a contender, and the Democrats, being as usual cautious and conservative, having dumped the Left and thus many of the people who would have fought hardest for them, unable to take an unequivocal position on war, imperialism, medical insurance, the economy, Civil Liberties, the economic rights and interests of working-class people, and pretty much anything else, are once again managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Well, maybe Palin will make a fool out of herself and McCain; but don’t count on it.

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By Rockytonker, August 29, 2008 at 6:23 pm Link to this comment

“Or Rudy could have dressed in drag again .... there’s real “experience” for you!”

Maybe that would help the Republicans draw a crowd, and viewers.  Obama drew over 80,000.  McCain doesn’t look like he can fill the Xcel, which holds about 10,000.  And they’re having trouble rounding up voluteers to work the convention.  (The hookers are planning to show, though.)

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By klynnrn, August 29, 2008 at 6:16 pm Link to this comment

I wonder if Mrs. Palin realizes what she is sacrificing for the sake of her party.  How they are using her as a poor substitute for Sen. Clinton to try and pick up her supporters.  The pundits will slay her due to her lack of experience and her every move since birth parsed in the public forum.  She will have to give the care & therapy of her special-needs child over to stangers during the critical first years of his life while she pursues the highest office in the land.  Maybe this woman is truly ambitious and dedicated to her party or maybe she has just agreed to let the GOP pimp her out to win this election.  Personally, I hope it’s the former for her sake.

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By Rockytonker, August 29, 2008 at 6:15 pm Link to this comment

Palin for Veep is:

1.  a “Hail, Mary pass” to snare disappointed Hillary supporters, and

2.  an attempt to disarm Joe Biden in the VP debate. 
Rove is hoping Biden will be afraid to go at her hard, or that he will, and she can be painted as the victim.

If Bidem rips her up on foreign policy, and Rove tries to turn it gainst him, the response is, “I don’t think vladinir Putin can be counted on to play nice.”

Biden complement Obama, shoring up his inexperience on the world stage.  McCain admits he’s weak on economics; admitted as much 8 years ago, but didn’t care enough to study for the retake of the test.  Palin majored in political science and journalism; she brings nothing to his area of inexpertise.  And that shows poor judgement.

This strikes me as bizarre; clever, rather than smart.  Such blatant pandering that it will disgust more voters than it wins.  I think it possible McCain will come out of the GOP convention with a dip, rather than a bounce.

Besides, the feeble old man and the hot MILF remind me of a porn movie.

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By KPinSEA, August 29, 2008 at 6:00 pm Link to this comment

If it’s possible for someone with Palin’s politics to appeal to someone who used to support Hillary, they might as well have just asked Romney to have a sex-change operation.

Or Rudy could have dressed in drag again .... there’s real “experience” for you!

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By Frank Cajon, August 29, 2008 at 5:41 pm Link to this comment

Reading the pros and cons presented in this thread, I find it surprising that the GOP folks have pointed out what a good candidate Palin is based on her being (I paraphrase) ‘pretty hot’, and ‘pro-choice’. Well, this isn’t a beauty contest as far as the first characterization despite its’ sexism, and she isn’t pro-choice and is a member of Feminists for Life. I really hope that the debates ask about creationism. Alaska is a beautiful place that took nature millions of years to carve from rock and ice and until oil companies and other human profiteers came on the scene it was unspoiled. I’d like to hear her tell millions of people on TV that it was created 4000 years ago in a day.
Regardless of how you feel about Obama or Biden, this was a desperation move by McCain. I really think the time has come for a qualified woman to be on the ticket, one which won’t (like Hillary) cost either candidate votes due to baggage, but has the credentials to hold the office given McCain’s obviously failing health. It’s too bad there isn’t a Republican woman that fits the bill anywhere in the country, evidently, if this is the best they can do.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, August 29, 2008 at 5:12 pm Link to this comment

Governor Palin Wolves Killer, is a great choice, she has experience as the Governor of Alaska, from which I have heard Alaska’s population is equal to soggy tits West Va. She played basketball, maybe she should play a little one on one against Obama. After hearing her speech this morning, I had visions of being back in High School. Do they have the KKK in Alaska? Might be a tad cold and no front lawns. Must admit if I was a women I would vote for her, after all she has five kids, means she is a real women. 

Well you guys can keep up with the whining, I am voting for McCain because his VP choice is a hottie. Issues be damned.

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By Frank, August 29, 2008 at 5:10 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

While McCain’s choice for VP takes the issue of experience off the table, Obama and Co. should tread lightly on criticizing Palin’s stint as a small town mayor from Alaska.  Obama is targeting and trying to flip states in the Mountain West (where I live), states with a large percentage of their people in smaller cities and may identify with someone from Alaska.  He’s done a great job so far in courting voters in these states and he doesn’t want to undo the progress by coming off as looking down on small town folk.  Stick to the issues.

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Blackspeare's avatar

By Blackspeare, August 29, 2008 at 5:08 pm Link to this comment

Let’s see——McCain’s first wife was a beauty queen; his second wife is a Barbie doll; and his VP selection is a former Miss Alaska——-personally I can’t wait to see his cabinet!!!

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 4:46 pm Link to this comment

Folktruther.  McCain nominated Palin for the same reason that George H.W. Bush picked Dan Quayle.  Both men had a need to pick VP running mates who were the only people they could find that were more clueless than they are.  It has been a very long time since the Republicans have picked candidates with even modest intelligence.  But those chosen by the Bush regime to fill things like, oh say FEMA or the Justice Department, the measure has never been competence so much as ideological purity.

RightWing—great we have empty heads like you around TD to talk about empty suits.

Ed Harges:  Loved your post.  Maybe we can get Bush/McCain/Palin to classify those polar bears as “evil doers” and send Blackwater out to destroy them.

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skmacksk's avatar

By skmacksk, August 29, 2008 at 4:32 pm Link to this comment

I love a rollicking,good,no holds barred debate!!!!

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By Big B, August 29, 2008 at 4:01 pm Link to this comment

“I believe it because it is absurd.”

How absurd is it to believe that an invisible man in the sky is in control of eveything that has ever been? And it’s only been for 7000 years or so!

But once again, I digress.

Just for the sake of argument, the civil rights act was proposed by a democratic pres, then passed by a democratic congress(all be it with republican support, primarily because conservatives of that time accuratly predicted that southern racist voters would quickly move away from the dixiecrats and create the largest most loyal republican voting block ever in response to giving those nigras civil rights.)
I still have not figured out the first repub woman in the white house? Or is that a hope for this year?
Anyway, wouldn’t naked pics on the net of our next vice pres be just what america needs?(and no, I don’t mean Biden, you sick bastards!)

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By Folktruther, August 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm Link to this comment

What a sour chorus!  The Gops have finally done something almost charming, as near they can, nominating a genuine dingbat for the second highest office.  Just imaagine, if McCain keels over, the American people will be represented by someone who doesn’t believe in evolution!

She will embody in her own lovely person the barbarism, corruption and dementia of the American power system.  Moyer said publically in 2004 that the biggest change in his lifetime was that the delusional had come in from the margins and assumed the seat of power.  Who better to represent it than this former beauty queen.

She is much better than my former sentemental favorite, Huckabebe. The right wing loonies voted for him on the grounds that he was a populist.  This Gop populist favored the Fair Tax act that would eliminate income tax on the rich and raise their living expenses 50%. 

But hey, he was a preacher man and one their kind.  He knew that the earth was only five thousand years old and…. well, you know the rest.

Kevin Phillips estimates that forty or fifty percent of Gop voters are now religious loonies.  Would you begrudge them representation?  I can see that when the Rapture comes none of you will be flying up to meet your Maker.

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By Rich, August 29, 2008 at 3:48 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I’m an Alaskan. I know Palin. She is a winner. Strategically, McCain could not have made a better choice. When America gets to know her, they will wonder why she is not at the top of the ticket…someday…in the mean time, I hope she pushes for as many VP debates as possible - she steals the show in that venue. This will change the race as much as Clinton’s focus on the economy vs Bush 1. She is the best representative women could have. This is not a political hail mary, but a shrewd and wise choice for VP. It fundamentally changes the nature of this race, and makes a Obama’s call for ‘change’ look superficial and weak.

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By wordsonfire, August 29, 2008 at 3:36 pm Link to this comment

I see that white entitlement thing is really working out for you!

Do you have even a clue of the caliber of thinking/reasoning skills you have to have to become the editor of the Harvard Law Review?

This whole thing of “experience” is a very weird hurdle . . .

I’ll take the first black man (who didn’t apply as a black man to any of his schools and graduated at the tippy tippy top of his class) to ever be head of the law review before a true affirmative action candidate/ John McCain who graduated 3rd from the bottom of his class . . .  Meritocracy is A-Okay, until a man of substance and color actually merits his leadership status and then there it is . . . you and Geraldine . . . Of course, we are all where we are because of who we are and as result of the sum of our parts.

To create the passion from nothing to run serious ground campaigns in 50 states . . . He is an extraordinary leader.  We should want extraordinary.

Keep lying to yourself about his undeservedenss/affirmative action status . . .

Must make you feel better to imagine him as being given this because of his melanin content.  Could never have earned it by being a uniquely focused and gifted individual who has decided to dedicated his life to building a healthy and sustainable community.

Go spend your time in some cross-cultural competency training and lose your entitlement.

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By dasm, August 29, 2008 at 3:29 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Palin - creationist, anti-women, pro-life, pro oil drilling, pro tax cuts for the rich.  And virtually no experience in anything - ANYTHING - but the PTA. And McCain thinks she’s ready to be president? What a fool. Hillary supporters- run away from Palin, a regressive in women’s terms, and McCain, an adulterer & woman-belittler from way back.  No real family values here.

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By WR Curley, August 29, 2008 at 3:23 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

These people actually intend to run to the right of Bush/Cheney. They intend to take it way out there to the edges of sane discourse.

What troubles me is the simple fact that they have confidence they can win with it.

Any suggestion that simply by grafting a woman onto the ticket, Hillary supporters will leap onto the McCain bus is either a breath-taking act of self deluded cynicism, or a knee-rattling exercise in focus-group political calculation.

Either way, be apprised…the outcome of this campaign can destroy our current global efforts to reclaim some vestige of the natural order.

The beauty queen is puckered up to kiss the planet goodbye.

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By RightWing, August 29, 2008 at 3:20 pm Link to this comment

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler

The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusivel y.

What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved Africans brought toAmerica chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah.

It’s something Hillary doesn’t understand - how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Dem nomination from her. Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still be lieve in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being white.

Thus Obama has become the white liberals’ Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it.  The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quid absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior

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By RightWing, August 29, 2008 at 3:17 pm Link to this comment

MMM lets see, civil rights act= GOP
          First black in office= GOP
          First woman in the White House=GOP
          Blacks in a position of power=GOP
          Obama is 1/2 white by the way.
ssssssssssssssssssssssssss. whats that hissing noise?
The air leaking out of your party balloon…......

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By hippy pam, August 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm Link to this comment

OH JOY…WHAT A CHOICE WE ARE BEING GIVEN!!!A septegenarian warmonger and his pick for VP who is against endangered species preservation[she is FOR KILLING WOLVES in ALASKA].....OR…..An inexperienced black man[affirmative action at it’s FINEST]......Putting either of these people AT THE HELM is gonna be a BIG MISTAKE…...

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By RightWing, August 29, 2008 at 3:10 pm Link to this comment

Boy it sure didn’t take long for you guys to start the traditional BooHoo whine. She has more than Obama does, beat out her own party to win her position, brought Dem’s and GOP together in AK. Likes the outdoors,Is a conservative, and John McCain took the wind right out of the sails of the Dem Party., She is NRA Pro Choice,and unlike Dem. women still pretty hot.You guys might have blown it again.I dont even want to go int how the Obama team is squashing freedom of speech in chicago. You Know. WGN Radio was going to have an opposing view of the Annenberg project,now that the papers were mysteriously released the day of his speech, his camp threatened to boycott the station,the Dem. party threatened a few TV stations also. My question is, he was or his people were given the chance to rebut everything , and they refused. Just like OB refused to debate McCain, yet last night he said he would, wont do a town hall though. ABC was also arrested for filming your leaders meeting with the lobbyist at a hotel in Denver, Oh, I see change ......MLK would be rolling over….

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By Onan, August 29, 2008 at 3:09 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

And in her acceptance speech to a world wide audience , she broke military protocol as well as security by naming the destination and date of her son’s army units deployment , endangering her son as well as his unite . McC and his camp should have put more thought into this instead of worrying about halting O’s bounce

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By felicity, August 29, 2008 at 3:07 pm Link to this comment

Palin, thus McCain, will be supported unconditionally by those who supported Hillary - according to their representative.  Nevermind, that Palin’s political, social, economic, ecological etc. stands are diametrically opposed to Hillary’s.

That is a direct slap in the face to Hillary who probably thought that she was being supported not because she is a woman but because of her message.  Disgraceful.

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By omniadeo, August 29, 2008 at 3:05 pm Link to this comment

Seems to me everyone is missing the real story here:

First the Obama and Biden’s feel-good pitch for a neo-con foreign policy with health insurance. Now McCain using Palin’s genitals and child with Downs Syndrome as Presidential credentials.

It’s official! American politics has merged with show business completely.

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, August 29, 2008 at 2:38 pm Link to this comment

Rule number one for a veep pick is that the person is plausible as someone to step in as president.

This is especially true when the presidential candidate is 72, visibly doddering, and lousy with cancer.

This women is simply not credible as someone to take up the presidency on short notice.

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By Inherit The Wind, August 29, 2008 at 2:32 pm Link to this comment

Watch out, Cindy! She’s younger and prettier!  (But you’re richer!)

One thing is absolutely true: A Republican Governor (especially a right-wing-nut) who won’t let her staff do illegal things (even if they don’t get caught) IS TRULY A MAVERICK!

I thought he’d pick Charlie Crist, but there’s too much speculation that he’s really gay—and, of course, to the so-called “Christians” of the reactionary right that’s the kiss of death.  Pity (for the GOP).  Crist is a Southerner, could deliver Florida, he’s much more centrist than McCain.  Good for us Democrats, though, that he picked Palin (Sarah, not Michael).

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By Big B, August 29, 2008 at 2:31 pm Link to this comment

Did she have to sign a waver permitting McCain to pinch her ass any time he wants with his old crippled hand(cripes, I got a bad taste in my mouth just typing that!)
We have the makings of a repug conundrum. Yes, the neocons love this choice because she is socially just to the right of Pol Pot. But where is her cock?
What is a good bible thumping moron to do? On one hand, they hate Barry. Now, on the other hand, you have a woman in a position of power. The only position of power a true right wing religeous wacko wants a woman to have is on her knees.
Big business will love her because she is yet another oily repug flagsucker. But she’s still a chick!
Imagine what is going through Hagee’s mind right now!
She adamantly wants to protect the unborn. But she pees sitting down!
This election just more interesting by the minute!

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, August 29, 2008 at 2:30 pm Link to this comment

Watchdogs make it harder for politicians to stretch the truth

Cindy McCain’s past is the latest to be questioned after errors were found.

By Alexandra Marks | August 20, 2008 edition

“The latest embellishments come from the McCain camp. Cindy McCain has repeatedly referred to herself as an “only child.” This week came news that she actually has two half sisters, although apparently she had very little contact with them.

The McCain campaign had also put out the story that Mother Teresa “convinced” Cindy to bring home two orphans from Bangladesh in 1991.

Mrs. McCain, it turns out, never met Mother Teresa on that trip. (Once contacted by the Monitor, the campaign revised the story on its website.)”

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, August 29, 2008 at 2:30 pm Link to this comment

Now McCain is sure to snap up all those disgruntled Hillary supporters who were until now thinking about voting for Obama!

I was just talking to one of these people today.

She said, “Well, what really excites me about Palin is her principled opposition to classifying polar bears as an endangered species! Teaching creationism in public schools, getting tough on polar bears, and requiring pregnant women to give birth regardless of their wishes — as a disgruntled Hillary supporter, I’m elated that Palin is standing up for my issues!”

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 2:03 pm Link to this comment

Better be careful, Sarah.  McCain’s first wife was also a former beauty queen—that is until she was horribly disfigured in an auto accident when McCain cheated on her with Cindy, the heiress to a beer fortune.

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 2:00 pm Link to this comment

This from the Wildlife Action Fund

“Governor Palin’s dismal record, from her staunch support for special interests and Big Oil to her terrible assault on wolves and other wildlife.”

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, August 29, 2008 at 1:55 pm Link to this comment

Note to my fellow progressives:

Don’t believe anyone, who sees this choice as anything other than it is, a cynical attempt to try to sabotage change, a tried and true Republican tactic.

It’s like Nixon establishing the EPA, because he knew that Congress was going to make some laws protecting the environment, what better way to thwart that, than by creating a Republican EPA.

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By VietnamVet, August 29, 2008 at 1:54 pm Link to this comment

Wow! I can hardly wait for the vice presidential debates! This lady will have no trouble telling time after the debates: Biden will clean her clock thoroughly. What a stupid choice! But, I guess since McCain realizes he is going to loose anyway, it really does not make much difference, huh? I am going to go out on a limb and predict that Obama will win by a significant margin, if not a landslide!

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By cann4ing, August 29, 2008 at 1:53 pm Link to this comment

It is a testament to the cynicism of a guy who has consistently voted against women’s health issues, not only pertaining to the right to choose but even opposing a requirement that insurance companies pay for prescription birth control as well as opposition to equal pay, that McCain could select a neophyte who, despite her gender, is as far to the right on women’s issues as he is.  Does McCain really think that the women who consistently vote Democratic because of Republican hostility to their needs will be dumb enough to fall for this simply because his running mate is a woman?

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By WARIS SHERE, August 29, 2008 at 1:53 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is a poor choice for Vice President post. May God help the Republicans. It is indeed a blunder to select such an young inexperienced political upstart next to the 72 year old John McCain. If he had to chose a woman, John McCain should have picked a much more experienced lady within the Republican party. It will be a field day for the Democrats. John McCain has once again shown his poor judgement.

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By Chris1274, August 29, 2008 at 1:52 pm Link to this comment

If I were a republican, I’d be swallowing my tongue right now. What were they smoking?! This is their sop to disaffected Hilary supporters? There’s not a chance in hell that she could handle the reins as president if McCain’s hourglass ran out. For a while there I thought the dems were all set to double-fault on yet another election, give how badly they’ve alienated the prog wing of the party, but this choice could very well nail shut the repugs’ coffin.

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skmacksk's avatar

By skmacksk, August 29, 2008 at 1:45 pm Link to this comment

A note to my fellow Progressives:
McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin is, if nothing else, a bold and imaginative one! For a supposedly, out of touch with reality old man. This is the kind of boldness and imagination missing from Obama’s choice of Joe Biden. The Democrats may lose in November because they started to play it too safe: willfully forgetting the power of their own vision, of Obamas’ vision of change, for change has driven this whole movement. Surely McCain has with this one choice elevated himself with women voters, or at least, gotten their undivided attention, that he is serious. It is not always about substance in politics, it sometimes about perceptions and how to manipulate them. Karl Rove is a master of the art of manipulations of political perception it “won” him two terms for an incompetent. The old line Democrats (i.e. the Clintons and their shopworn advisors) have taken over the Obama campaign. My respect for Mr. Obama has diminished, or perhaps better said my faith has diminished, and I confess a bit of disenchantment. All to the good, as David Sirota has made a critical path for us here in his “The Conquest of Presidentialism”. Naomi Kline on this site titled “Holding Obama Accountable” has also suggested that we can hold Obamas’ feet to the fire, and not be his political doormat.
I have just finished reading John Cheney-Lippolds’ Sarah Polin: Maverick or Neophyte?
and found his analysis cogent, well argued, and critically on target, especially his observations of Republican cynicism, he is always a pleasure to read.

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By Diane, August 29, 2008 at 1:32 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It’s not an either/or, she is a maverick neophyte who surely doesn’t belong potentially becoming the president of the United States.

McCain is just using her skirts the way he used Cindy’s - McCain uses women for his gain…...

She’s his ‘token’ - a bauble; something to lure the votes that the old man couldn’t get on his own.

Let’s hope Biden suddenly gets a physical exam; is pronounced unable to continue as the VP candidate, and has to turn over (at the last minute) the reins to Hillary.  Now wouldn’t that just blow the Republican’s scheme all to bits???!!!!

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Ed Harges's avatar

By Ed Harges, August 29, 2008 at 1:31 pm Link to this comment

What a stunningly weak choice. Wow.

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By thornsoftristan, August 29, 2008 at 1:30 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

hey, I think you’re right: Newsome would have made a far better VP choice, than Palin (or even Biden, or that matter).

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By Frank Cajon, August 29, 2008 at 1:21 pm Link to this comment

The Anti-Hillary is here. No experience, but an X chromosome and no baggage. No Bill, and Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant. Too bad the GOP couldn’t find a woman anywhere in the party who didn’t have a closet full of issues, until they got to a creationist, anti-gay, anti-environmental soccer mom two years removed from being on the city council of a backwater Alaskan town. Here is the problem: she is a better pick from the standpoint of the GOP than some stiff like Romney would have been. Since McCain likely has Alzheimer’s or metastatic brain cancer, one wonders what kind of president this unknown player would be. It is obvious that she has been pulled in to snag disaffected HillBill fans, but I think that is a flawed strategy-she is anti-choice, and a Washington outsider. Now, the VP debates will at least be interesting to watch.

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By BobZ, August 29, 2008 at 12:53 pm Link to this comment

Nominating Governor Palin is the equivalent of the Democrats nominating Gavin Newsom as VP. San Francisco has more population than the state of Alaska. Newson is also probably more conversant on economic and foreign policy than Palin. This nomination shows just how shallow the Republican bench is and how desperate they are to siphon off any women voters from the Democrats. Maybe they think women have no interest in the issues which is an insult to them. If the Democrats can focus the message on the issues they will win in a landslide. Biden just needs to take on Palin straight up on the issues and he will blow her away. Likewise with Obama over McCain.

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