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The Next Quagmire

Posted on Sep 3, 2007
Armed Iranian women
AP Photo / Hasan Sarbakhshian

Iranian female militia members (Basiji) take part in a rally in support of Iran’s nuclear program in Tehran in 2005.

The most effective diplomats, like the most effective intelligence officers and foreign correspondents, possess empathy.  They have the intellectual, cultural and linguistic literacy to get inside the heads of those they must analyze or cover.  They know the vast array of historical, religious, economic and cultural antecedents that go into making up decisions and reactions.  And because of this—endowed with the ability to communicate and more able to find ways of resolving conflicts through diplomacy—they are less prone to blunders.

But we live in an age where dialogue is dismissed and empathy is suspect.  We prefer the illusion that we can dictate events through force.  It hasn’t worked well in Iraq.  It hasn’t worked well in Afghanistan.  And it won’t work in Iran.  But those who once tried to reach out and understand, who developed expertise to explain the world to us and ourselves to the world, no longer have a voice in the new imperial project.  We are instead governed and informed by moral and intellectual trolls.

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To make rational decisions in international relations we must perceive how others see us.  We must grasp how they think about us and be sensitive to their fears and insecurities.  But this is becoming hard to accomplish.  Our embassies are packed with analysts whose main attribute is long service in the armed forces and who frequently report to intelligence agencies rather than the State Department.  Our area specialists in the State Department are ignored by the ideologues driving foreign policy.  Their complex view of the world is an inconvenience.  And foreign correspondents are an endangered species, along with foreign coverage.

We speak to the rest of the globe in the language of violence.  The proposed multibillion-dollar arms supply package for the Persian Gulf countries is the newest form of weapons-systems-as-message.  U.S. Undersecretary of State
R. Nicholas Burns was rather blunt about the deal.  He told the International Herald Tribune that the arms package “says to the Iranians and Syrians that the United States is the major power in the Middle East and will continue to be and is not going away.” 

The arrogant call for U.S. hegemony over the rest of the globe is making enemies of a lot of people who might be predisposed to support us, even in the Middle East.  And it is terrifying those, such as the Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians, whom we have demonized.  Empathy and knowledge, the qualities that make real communication possible, have been discarded.  We use tough talk and big weapons deals to communicate.  We spread fear, distrust and violence.  And we expect missile systems to protect us.

“Imagine an Iranian government that was powerful, radical, and in possession of nuclear weapons; imagine the threat that would pose to Israel and to the American-led balance of power, which has been so important in the Middle East since the close of the Second World War,” Burns said in a speech at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston last April 11.  “That is our first challenge.”


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    “Our second challenge is that Iran continues to be the central banker of Middle East terrorism,” he went on. “It is the leading funder and director of Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine general command.  Third, Iran is in our judgment a major violator of the human rights of its own people; it denies religious, political, and press rights to the people of a very great country representing a very great civilization.  And so we see a problem that is going to be with us for a long time, and we are trying to fashion a strategy that will work for the long term.”

George W. Bush’s latest salvo, on Aug. 28, was more of the same. 

“Iran’s active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust,” he said.  Bush warned that the United States and its allies would confront Iran “before it is too late.” 

These kinds of words, pouring out of the administration, send a clear message to any Iranian: You are in trouble.  Bend to our will or we destroy you.  These were the same words, with a few minor changes, that the Bush administration delivered to Saddam Hussein, who, despite numerous compromises, including letting the U.N. inspectors back into his country, was overthrown and put to death during a U.S. occupation.

  And the Iranians know that without the bomb, which no intelligence agency thinks they can produce for a few years, they are now probably going to be attacked. 

The Pentagon has reportedly drawn up plans for a series of airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran.  The air attacks are designed to cripple the Iranians’ military capability in three days. The Bushehr nuclear power plant, along with targets in Saghand and Yazd, the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, a heavy-water plant and radioisotope facility in Arak, the Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Unit, and the uranium conversion facility and nuclear technology center in Isfahan, will all probably be struck by the United States and perhaps even Israeli warplanes.  The Tehran Nuclear Research Center, the Tehran molybdenum, iodine and xenon radioisotope production facility, the Tehran Jabr Ibn Hayan Multipurpose Laboratories, and the Kalaye Electric Co. in the Tehran suburbs will also most likely come under attack.

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By Carl Baydala, September 3, 2007 at 3:47 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Let’s say you are sitting in the backseat of your family car as it pulls into yet another gas station that your father is about to rob.  And, maybe even kill the gas station attendant and drive off before being caught.

Daddy has pulled this crime off in the past and will do it again.  Yet, the family is not starving, it is only that we cannot stop daddy from doing what he is doing. He seems determined to just keep on robbing and killing. Why does he do it?  He is the head of the family and he knows what is best, and he is in charge and has all of the power.  He is also driving the car and mommy is sitting up front with him and agrees with what he is doing. She is in love with daddy.

But, as child you are terrified and you know that daddy should not be robbing gas stations and killing innocent people. It is wrong, just plain wrong and daddy should be stopped before he gets into more trouble.

So, what to do?  Your parents are in charge and have all of the power and they are driving the car. You want to escape and leave the family because you know that the whole thing is wrong: daddy killing innocent people and stealing their money. You have talked to mommy about daddy and the things that he does and mommy agrees that it is wrong.  But, she cannot stop him. You tell mommy that she should convince him to stop and she says that she will talk to daddy about his behavior. She talks to daddy but he still keeps doing these bad things.

How many other Americans are out there sitting in the back seats of their parents car and watching their fathers commit acts of theft and murder?

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By TAO Walker, September 3, 2007 at 3:31 pm Link to this comment

Welcome, Sisters and Brothers, to The Rez.  The plutoligarchs and the tormentors they front-for are about at the end of their rope.  Their grand pyramid scheme has finally come to nothing, as it was doomed to do when they first instigated it ages ago.

Yes, the collapse is sure to be spectacular.  It is supposed to be terrifying….and no doubt will be (for awhile anyway) to those who panic.  There’s no real cause for alarm, though, here in Indian Country.  The whole damned thing is only make-believe, after all….remember?

So everybody take a deep breath….then another one….and another….and another….and keep on like that through all the “special effects” that’re even now showing in “theaters” all around the World.  Just take care of one another, where you live, and the reign-of-terror will take care of itself and its perpetrators….those who thought they could fuck with LifeHerownself but have only fucked theirownselfs.

This heyoka world is even now turning back around, and those who tried vainly to perpetuate and profit from it are, quite obviously, losing their “grip” on Reality.  Meantime, us free wild Indians (including any and all of you soon-to-be “refugees” from “civilization” who care to be) remain firmly lodged in the Great Hoop. 

So we thank Chris Hedges and others for the warning, even while reminding each other that it’s our wanabe owners and rulers and would-be tormentors who are in a shitload of trouble now, trapped as they are in their vanishing virtual world-o’-hurt….clinging desperately to its last disintegrating shreds of illusion.  “....just prisoners here,” as The Eagles sang, “of (their) own device.”

Welcome to The Rez, Brothers and Sisters.  Breathe deeply.  And remember…......


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By Tim Kelly, September 3, 2007 at 3:15 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

So as the military escalates for yet another war, where is farmertx saying we have to give them more money?  farmertx claims the military people have to obey a direct order unless it is an illegal order.  Attacking Iran without provocation is a war crime and illegal.  Will the military decide not to follow the illegal (and insane) order to bomb Iran?  Or will America and farmertx say we have to support the troops because they are not giving the orders?

Do not support the troops.  Tell every soldier you see to not follow the order to attack Iran.  Ask them if they are willing to commit genocide.  Ask them, will they turn their guns on Americans afterward?  Because if this government attacks Iran it must be removed from power, and this government has made it clear it will not leave peacefully.  No matter how non-violent the protests, the response from the government will always be violent.

Stop the military.  Bush is insane.

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By dick, September 3, 2007 at 1:48 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The coming war on Iran is all according to Israel’s plan for us,  prepared and clearly written by the same neocons now manipulating Bush. It’s on the web, in both earlier and later forms,  both by the same neocons.

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GodSend's avatar

By GodSend, September 3, 2007 at 1:34 pm Link to this comment

KenDen, et al:

Don’t anyone waste their time writing to or phoning their Senator or Congressional Rep. These folks are either embedded with the Zionists or cowed, coerced or bribed into silence and anything worthwhile doing is ‘off the table’! This kind of advice plays into the hands of the Zionists and their sympathizers. Procrastinate and waste time doing what no longer makes any sense or has any effect. Yeah, right! wink

A General Strike WILL have effect - it’s just a matter of time! (it starts on 9/11/2007). You can’t be arrested for staying home, doing nothing and buying nothing! Watch some sunrises, smell the roses and then watch the sunsets! smile When the cash registers stop ringing for long enough, TPTB will finally get the message: Americans are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! We’re going to take our country and freedoms back! Bush and his Zionist bosses can go to hell! (although hell is too good for those evil bastards).

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hazmaq's avatar

By hazmaq, September 3, 2007 at 1:23 pm Link to this comment

Take a close look at that photo of the armed Iranian women.  Since Bush came into office, you could take take similar photos in almost every nation in the world now.

You’ll see the same thing in America, one day.

Most people will die for their families and their land.
But to make their causes look unworthy and undemocratic and terroristic, Bush and the entire Congress have chosen to call label them ‘terrorist affiliates’.
And passed horrendous new laws to deal with peole like that.
Gee. We used to call those people ..patriots, didn’t we?
Well, that was the ‘old’ United States.

Apparently there are now only two nations allowed to re-interpret and dictate what ‘patriotism’ really means.
And THEY will decide who IS patriotic and who ISN’T.

Everyone need only to look at last summer’s war in Lebanon to see the bigger picture and the real truth.
First the the chronic chant of “Israel is surrounded by enemies”, is pure propaganda.

Other than nagging border disputes, common to every border, it’s all one big mouth show of bravado from leaders trying to impress their own citizenry. 
Ron Paul is right,  They don’t get involved in our border clashes; we should stay the hell out of theirs. 

Lebanon’s own government admitted their were only about 6000 Hizb’allah fighters in the entire country, and they were primarily located along the southern border. Bush and Blair helped inflame their border dispute with Israel into a devastaing all out war.
After a 34 day long war where Israel butchered every inch of Lebanese soil, and while Bush and Blair (who just sent double orders of weaponry right before the war began), held back any ceasefire attempts in effect cheering Israel on, the best these ‘enemies of Israel’ could do were to launch poorly made, inaccurate and weak rockets. Rockets on a stick shouldered by sandaled savvy street fighters killing a tenth as many people as Israel killed,  (well over one thousand) and potholing a few Israeli streets.

Now, the US is more hated and more at risk than ever.
That armed photo above, also represents early Palestinian women, who now call themselves women of Hamas after Israel invaded their lands, or women of Hizb’allah after Israel invaded Lebanon.

That all led to Al-Qaeda.
And now Iraqis who protest, are called their terrorist insurgents and Al-Qaeda affiliates.

Col. Douglas Macgregor called it right when he described Bush’s policies:
“... a “war against all”. ... “a blunder of Hitlerian proportions”.

And damn this self-serving Congress all to hell for acting as Bush’s SS men.

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By Conservative Yankee, September 3, 2007 at 1:20 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

98364 by felicity on 9/03 at 11:07 am

“I have a faint but gnawing memory of the Iran/Contra Affair, negotiated by Israel, brokered by Israel, carried through by Israel.”

NOT exactly!  Although Israel was involved in brokering and some exchange, this was Oliver North’s and John Poindexter’s baby.  They brokered the deal, sold it to Reagan, and “found” the money to get it off the ground.  Although large amounts of cash came to the Contra rebels from the arms sale, there was also a drug running and sales operation.  Funds from the illegal sale of drugs were diverted to the Contras. 

When Ronald Reagan was confronted with evidence of his involvement in Iran Contra,  he gave a nationally televised speech. Reagan confessed that he “misspoke” and that the U.S. had traded arms for hostages. He implicated George H.W. Bush, his Vice President, by stating “He (G.H.W. Bush) knew of the plan and was in favor of it.  We elected Bush President the following year anyway.

Of all the scandles of my lifetime, from Sherm Adams, and Richard Nixon to the Bush II foibles, Iran Contra was the most reprehensible. Nancy was advising “Just say no” while Ronald’s foreign policy depended on the American drug users. Reagan never suffered from his involvement in Iran Contra.and his approval rating was 63% by the following year, proving how easy it is to scam the average US citizen

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By KenDen, September 3, 2007 at 1:01 pm Link to this comment

Okay, there are a lot of people here voicing their opinions, but how many of you have taken the time to writeyour senators asking them to do something to stop this war with Iran before it really gets going.  It may make no difference, but I believe we have to try.  See Ray McGovern’s article on Truthout:

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By weather, September 3, 2007 at 12:14 pm Link to this comment

Israel looks for trouble w/a flashlight
They better pray nothing happens to America.

For all that they have they remain spiritually impoverished, humility eludes them, history haunts them and denial becomes them.

and again,  while this is really a part of their sad and very selfish pathology, its infected us now too in Technicolor.

As long as Mrs. Charles Schumer NY’s drama queen and Joe Lieberman stalk Washington riding their trojan horses, America ovulates in regressive and dangerous dysfunction.
With the board pieces Nestor and Sarkozy in place the king of Ugly Netanyahu changes Sharon’s bedpan.

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By felicity, September 3, 2007 at 12:07 pm Link to this comment

I have a faint but gnawing memory of the Iran/Contra Affair, negotiated by Israel, brokered by Israel, carried through by Israel.  The deal was the US would ship weapons to Israel to replace the weapons Israel was to sell Iran.  (Some of the Israeli weapons were so old as to be useless - the Iranians had the AUDACITY to ship them back).  Money from this rather peculiar transaction would then go to funding the Contras.

Nevermind that the whole thing was illegal given that Congress had refused to OK funding the Contras, countries really have to make up their minds on who’s in and who’s out, who’s a friend, who’s an enemy, are the weapons I sell you today going to be used against me tomorrow.  If I think about it, it’s really all about making a very profitable sale.

The logical question then might be, who’s going to ‘profit’ from an attack on Iran.

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By 911truthdotorg, September 3, 2007 at 11:41 am Link to this comment

How would Iran respond to bush’s unprovoked attack?

Google videos: 9/11 Press for Truth, Loose Change 2nd Edition, Terror Storm

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By Adam, September 3, 2007 at 11:34 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Bush, Inc. and Congress have already laid the legal groundwork for the abolition of our civil rights (we’ve lost habeus corpus!, and that’s only one example)—I’d like to think that the US system is strong enough to withstand Bush’s power-grab, but I’m deeply concerned that this is all heading toward military dictatorship in this country.  Spiking gas prices (which will cripple our economy, not just everyone’s cars—people will lose jobs, our food prices will sky-rocket), the collapse of the dollar (more lost jobs, further crippling the economy)—we’re in trouble anyway, but the consequences to the American people of attacking Iran are potentially catastrophic.

Yes, “we” get what “we” deserve—we drive cars, we buy products made in China, we eat food flown to us from around the world—we don’t make enough noise, we haven’t organized a general strike, we haven’t stopped participating in this death machine.

But this isn’t about judgment and smug cynicism—we have to take action.  As Americans, we’re responsible for the hideous criminal actions of our leaders, at home and abroad, no matter how radically they attempt to steal power from us—from us!!  We can’t give up now—we have no choice to but to do what we can.

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By THOMAS BILLIS, September 3, 2007 at 11:13 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Ah the chimp wants to turn stupid into absurd and with the help of a compliant media and enabling democrats I am sure he will be successfful.Chris seems to describe the rapture in the holy land.I am sure when our President has his weekly talks with God that is what is being reccommended.Just out of curiousity how many troops has Sarkozy promised to this effort since he has expressed some interest in bombing Iran.I wonder if the French have figured out how to get their troops past the Maginot Line.

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By purplewolf, September 3, 2007 at 11:01 am Link to this comment

R.Nichols Burns Under Suckretary of State:

Imagine a threat that would pose to Israel and to the American led balance of power- It’s time to cut the umbilical cord between Israel and America. Notice how we always put Israel first. Ask yourself, the the positions were reversed, would Israel put itself in debt, with its armies and money for us?

3rd: Iran in our judgement is a major violator of human rights of it’s own people;it denies religious,political,and press rights to the people of a very great country”...

First: when was the last time this goverment was right about it’s judgement about anither country?

Second: who was also considered a violator of the rights of it’s people who now are in a far worst situation than before we invaded them?

Third: which country could also be considered in violation of human rights in her own country as well as other countries? This country that claims religious freedom for its people also denies many their right to practice it as they want because it man not be the only acceptable one according to this goverment-Christianity. And what country manipulated the election process in their favor or outright cheats to steal the election,not once but twice. And what country has censored the news the people are allowed to hear for the last 6 years plus?
We have a goverment that for lack of a better example has gone from the frying pan into the fire.

Bush warns that the United States and its allies would confront Iran “before it’s to late”. 

What allies? Most other countries have little repsect left for us now and we had very little help with the illegal war we are currently in. To keep threatening every other country in the world because Bushit cannot respectt others for their differences and refuse to try to get along with them is asking for major trouble for which America can niether afford military and money wise. Like the shool yard bully who threatens the weaker or different kid,Bushit then sets back and lets his blind followers do his dirty work Bushit has over abused this scenerio and his blind followers are starting to see him for what he really is. Eventually the victims of his abuse will stand up and say enough. When that day happens it will be a sorry day for America, as all those who opposed his madness to war in the first place will be sacrifaced for nothing more than an over inflated view of himself as Dicatator of the world.

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GodSend's avatar

By GodSend, September 3, 2007 at 10:59 am Link to this comment

Non Credo:

Israel’s nukes are forward-deployed into most of their Embassies and other secret places around the world - including ‘friendly’ countries like America. They are set to go off automatically, unless stopped by an electronic code signal from Israel (arriving constantly). In case Israel is wiped off the map by a nuke in a surprise attack, this ‘sword of Damocles’ which hangs over the world, will ensure that the rest of the world is wiped off the map even after Israel ceases to exist. (Where, do you suppose, those high radiation ‘readings’ come from in the Israeli Embassy in NYC?) All Israeli Embassies should be visually inspected (like Israel’s nuclear facilities at Dimona and elsewhere) and all nuclear devices confiscated!

Will Israel agree to that? wink

PS That’s called ‘Nuclear Blackmail’!

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By Scott, September 3, 2007 at 10:50 am Link to this comment

I would suggest that global warming far exceeds any problem we think we may face. Gay senators are just cheap entertainment.

I can actually see some good in all of this myself. Gas at $8 - $10 a gallon will probably do more to stem global warming than anything else we’ve done so far.

Russia and China are probably the least of our worries, their ecosystems, economies and societies are even less sustainable than ours. Especially should they decide to wade into the M.E. quagmire. 

Chickens and vegetable gardens are definitely a good idea. So’s moving to the country.

It’s also at least a little heartening to know that those generations most responsible for the mess the planet’s in will probably get to live with the consequences after all. It was really starting to look like we might get away with our attempted intergenerationl theft of the planet’s resources.

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By Louise, September 3, 2007 at 10:48 am Link to this comment

#98341 by purplewolf on 9/03 at 9:32 am
(145 comments total)

“I see we are being censored again”

Yep, seems that way ... I couldn’t get anything on for a bit. But, I’ve about decided we’re not being censored, but being attacked by those who hate free speech and/or this site, keep finding ways to muck things up!

Maybe we should be flattered that they see us as a real threat!

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GodSend's avatar

By GodSend, September 3, 2007 at 10:42 am Link to this comment

Hey, Chris….listen up:

Propelled by Israel and Zionism! (to attack Iran)

Got it?

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By purplewolf, September 3, 2007 at 10:32 am Link to this comment

I see we are being censored again

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By Lee Driver, September 3, 2007 at 10:27 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It’s hard to believe what this actually means. One doesn’t want to. We don’t want to think that our leaders would take us all and shove our heads into the lions mouth. What could they be thinking?

If you think about it at all, it is very dreadful what’s at the bottom of this plan. The policies of this administration have drained the treasury, made economic collapse a quite real possibility, stretched our military beyond it’s non-nuclear capabilities, armed the middle east to the teeth, enraged the international community, allowed the creation a myriad of private armies under the control of… who exactly? Everyone knows we don’t have the soldiers for a mop up operation in Iran, and that the rest of the world, big and small, is going to be very pissed off that some one has set out to capture or threaten the flow of oil.

Someone, not just me, is aware that the only chesspiece in this deadly game that could carry the day is the threat or use of nuclear weapons. We certainly don’t have the troops, nor the support of other countries. Sitting in the war room somewhere in the Pentagon or some think tank, it’s reasonable to surmise that in an exchange or nukes, the U.S., or at least the leaders in charge, would eventually come out on top. But it’s not so easy to grasp how or why one would come around to the decision it’s worth taking the shot. Especially when you think about people’s flesh and blood lives.

If this saber rattling becomes the real thing, it’s not only because a relatively few men think it’s worth the mayhem, but because they want it.

That’s the hard part to wrap the mind around.
It’s no longer “speak softly and carry a big stick.” It’s taking it to the point where there is only the big stick.

There’s only one link in the chain that could stop this action from taking place if it was decided to go ahead. It’s not congress, and it’s not we the people. It’s somebody refusing to do it.

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By purplewolf, September 3, 2007 at 10:19 am Link to this comment

# 98321 Rae:

“We are going to get exactly what we deserve.”

Unfortunately,it will be the “little people” like us who have no desire for this,who will suffer the consequences from this insane administration. The bushit bunch and the rest of his enablers will be hidden safely away from all the suffering and turmoil they have caused.

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By felicity, September 3, 2007 at 10:04 am Link to this comment

It has been argued that it is not power that actually corrupts, it is fear that unfailingly accompanies power which corrupts.  (For an example of fear in operation check out any dictator, past or present, real or INCIPIENT and the layers of body guards surrounding him, his constant need to change locations, his amassing of weapons, his random imprisoning of potential enemies (often imagined), his obsession with secrecy…Is this an accurate description of Bush?  How about Cheney? In fact, we are presently ruled by very fearful men.

Finally, it is fear, not power, that overwhelms reason.  Without the ability to reason and with access to massive amounts of weaponry, such rulers are extremely dangerous. 

No German stopped Hitler.  Will we be saying in future no members of Congress stopped Bush/Cheney?

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By Louise, September 3, 2007 at 9:35 am Link to this comment

You simply MUST read this!

Iraq comes home: the war of ideas, by Philip Weiss

“Simply put, the book proves that the tail has wagged the dog on the greatest foreign policy mistake of the last 40 years, a mistake that has caused incredible suffering in Iraq and the U.S., and blasted my country’s image. The evidence the authors marshal is so compelling that it leaves me, as a progressive Jew, weeping with distress over what the fervid particularist imagination of rightwing Jews has done to my country. I applaud the authors for being cold. They don’t seem to have any of my feeling. They leave it to the readers, and they trust educated Americans to be able to discuss these issues without setting loose the cossacks.”

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 3, 2007 at 9:23 am Link to this comment

If this administration carries out an attack against Iran against the wishes of a solid majority of Americans it will be a prelude to civil war in this country.

The revolutionary war that follows will be the people versus King George all over again.

What happened to our senate and congress?  They had better act soon and hamstring these plans before this madman acts.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, September 3, 2007 at 9:21 am Link to this comment

It’s my guess that China and Russia are just biding their time - waiting for the USA to exhaust itself in the Middle East - then they’ll simply walk in and take over.

I don’t mean an actual invasion with troops. That’s old hat. They’ll do it like Japan did - economically. The US is almost bankrupt now… just wait until hundreds of billions more are blown trying to tell yet another sovereign nation how to run its affairs.

China and Russia will OWN the USA. And he who has the money (ownership) calls the tune. What? You don’t like Chinese and Russian “tunes?” Well, as my parents used to say… “you shouldda thought of that before you (fill in the blank).”

As for me… I’m learning home gardening and how to raise chickens as fast as I can. It ain’t gonna be fun to be stuck in a any North American city in future - no power - no gas - little food - and not a damned thing you can do about it. Enjoy!

Global warming, gay marriage and “Senator Footsie”  right now are THE LEAST OF OUR WORRIES! So what do we concentrate on? Right. Global warming, gay marriage and “Senator Footsie.”

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. We’re going to get exactly what we deserve.

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, September 3, 2007 at 8:55 am Link to this comment

Any attack on Iran will destroy us. The world will see it in equivlant terms to that of Hilter’s unprovoked attack on Poland.

America will be seen as a criminal regime, much like Germany was in World Wart II, and there will be economic sanctions against us by the rest of the world.

Our Weimar Republic in Washington, both Democrats and Repubican’s will do nothing to stop it from happening, but only argue and point fingers at each other once the initial strikes are done.

They have given president Bush the power to act without their consent or approval, and are too cowardly to deny him the money for the continued war.

This war will cost us hundreds of thousands of war dead at the very minimum, and if tactical nuclear weapons are used, it will act as a justificaition for both sides to use nulcear weapons, or WMD on each other.

The foolishness of President Bush which can be seen in his incompetant leadership in Iraq, will be magnified 100 times in Iran, and the resultant economic chaos in the United States, there will be $10 a gallon gas, after Iran closes the Gulf of Hormuz.

Because of the sorry state of our military, a draft will be required.

It will be the end of America as a free country, the end of our rights, and the demise of our standard of living.

Report this

By Enemy of State, September 3, 2007 at 8:45 am Link to this comment

I’m not convinced we are going to go ahead with this foolishness. I wish I could be convinced we wouldn’t. A lot
of this comes from the countries growing anti-intellectualism.
Those empathic experts Chris writes about are all “pointy-headed intellectuals”, and oh so easy to dismiss.

  I really doubt if this comes to pass, that gas will be merely $4gal ($5 to $8) sounds much more likely.

  Paolo may be right, with the Repubs almost surely on course for a historic defeat in 08, the tempatation to make a major throw of the dice grows. With lots of angry demonstrators (such as myself) on the streets shouting anti-American slogans, the reactionary instincts thus arosed might be just what the rightwing needs to take power.

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By Tom, September 3, 2007 at 7:29 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Probably Bush wants to try out Hitler’s scorched earth policy?
Or Poker? When you see you’re losing, you’re raising your bet until your opponent gives up. Or the whole middle east explodes (missing analogy).
To gamble with millions of lives only to hold the power seems to be a bit unethical to me.

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Paolo's avatar

By Paolo, September 3, 2007 at 7:22 am Link to this comment

Victor Davis Hanson, the Neocons court boy-historian, has said that Bush promised him, during a visit to the White House, that Iran would be attacked before the end of his term.

The Democrats, true believers in unquestioning support for Israel, will not oppose this; in fact, by all indications, they will embrace the attack on Iran with enthusiasm.

Don’t hope for a miracle like the election of Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich—the only candidates who oppose the war. By the time of the 2008 elections, the war will already be well under way. Don’t be surprised if speaking against the war leads to arrests and imprisonments, because doing so “undercuts the morale of the troops.”

In summary, we’re screwed. Gas WILL go to $4 per gallon, if not significantly higher. There WILL be a massive economic dislocation. Politicians WILL use these facts—which they themselves have created—to further widen the war, on the hopes the “rally ‘round the flag” effect will save them politically.

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By weather, September 3, 2007 at 6:37 am Link to this comment

Israel’s gifts to America

Acrimony, angst and a inexhustable supply of highly manipulated deceit - all very carefully packaged and all at our immense expense. How very lovely.

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By Michael Gass, September 3, 2007 at 6:24 am Link to this comment

Mr. Hedges,

You are most correct on all counts. 

I have been watching Pakistan closely.  Musharraf is, and has been, in trouble, trying to balance being “our friend” with appeasing the muslim community inside his own nation.  It isn’t working out well for him, btw.

While Condi Rice spouted about Iraq and mushroom clouds, she knew in the fall of 2002 that Iraq possessed no WMD programs.  Tyler Drumheller stated this during a 60 Minutes interview.

While Colin Powell spouted exaggerations and untruths to the United Nations about Iraq, the CIA analysts who provided that information were pressured to give that result by Vice President Cheney.  We know this from other news reports.

The same lies and exaggerations are being trotted out once again to bomb Iran, only this time, we have no military left to back up the air strikes.  Our forces in Iraq will be sitting ducks.

While Americans are taught to fear non-existent threats of nuclear holocaust to justify regime change and taking over control of the oil in the Middle East, the extremist’s in Pakistan my very well take control of the nuclear arsenal Pakistan has in its inventory.

But, it goes deeper and I didn’t see you touch on it; the fact that Russia and China have already held joint-military exercises.

There can be no doubt that China and Russia see our invasion of the Middle East for what it is; control of the oil.  There can be no doubt that if we gain that control, it will be used to bludgeon and blackmail those countries into whimpering compliance to anything we wish in the future.  They know this and are preparing, have been preparing, to counter this, militarily if need be.

Can America win a ground war in Iran?  Not on your life at this moment.  Do we truly believe we can take on Iran, Iraq insurgents, Russia AND China, all at the same time?

Welcome to what could very well be the start of WWIII - an airstrike on Iran.

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