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Media Critic on Why It’s Only Getting Worse

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

Jeff Cohen joins Truthdig to talk about life in the big media trenches, why news coverage is only getting worse, and how horse race politics and the corporatization of information are killing American democracy. Cohen was the communications director for the 2004 Dennis Kucinich campaign, founder of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, and author most recently of “Cable News Confidential” (excerpted here).

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    Selected excerpts from “Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media,” by Jeff Cohen:

    I know TV news better than I ever wanted to. I started appearing as a guest on CNN in the 1980s when it was the only news channel on cable. But CNN attracted competitors, as others saw how easy and relatively cheap it could be to spatter “news” across 24 hours. Over the years, I’ve been a pundit on all three such channels: I got my feet wet at CNN, waded halfway in at Fox News, where I appeared each week for five years—and then became completely submerged at MSNBC, where I was a producer and pundit until terminated for political reasons three weeks before the Iraq war. 


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    What I found inside cable news was a drunken exuberance for sex, crime and celebrity stories, matched by a grim timidity and fear of offending the powers-that-be—especially if the powers-that-be are conservatives. The biggest fear is of doing anything that could get you, or your network, accused of being liberal.

    I also found in cable news a passion for following the media pack (sometimes resembling a lynch mob)—whether in pursuit of a sex scandal or war. And a fear of finding yourself alone, asking questions no one else is asking.

    Cable news is in the business of entertainment, using traditional Hollywood genres to attract viewers: lurid crime drama (O.J., JonBenet, Laci Peterson), sex farce (Clinton/Lewinsky), suspense thriller (Beltway sniper), war (with special theme music and graphics).

    Once upon a time, TV news put journalists on camera. Today, cable news has on-air “talent”—who are “cast,” not just hired. A Walter Cronkite would have big trouble getting a job today in TV news. But an actor? No problem. CNN a few years ago cast a former actress from “NYPD Blue” as one of its “Headline News” anchors. At Fox News, where lip gloss and blond hair go further than a background in journalism, I could find no proof to the charge that executives reviewed audition tapes of potential female anchors with the sound turned off.

    * * *

    Schooled in the protocols of cable news, the Bush administration brilliantly exploited the medium’s worship of live events. When I was at MSNBC in 2002/2003, I witnessed producers nearly orgasm at word that the White House would soon be serving up a photo-op or briefing. Upon hearing of these events—called “pressers”—all else is put on hold to assure that the second the administration event starts, MSNBC and the other news channels are ready to air it live.

    Team Bush might schedule a White House press secretary’s briefing (“the president stands tough against terrorism”) ... followed by a Pentagon briefing (“war on terror is on track”) ... followed by an afternoon speech from President Bush in front of a patriotic flag backdrop and cheering handpicked crowd ... followed by a briefing on the latest terrorism arrest or scare from the Justice Department or Homeland Security. Through its ability to dictate the rhythms of the news day, the White House’s often singular view of reality would air at length in near monologue fashion.

    As I sat at my MSNBC desk watching Bush or a top associate carry on, I knew painfully well that my network would not be following the administration event with a critical view, no matter how dubious or manipulative were the official claims. To do so—to practice actual journalism—might prompt the dreaded charge of “liberal bias.”

    Dominance of the media agenda bred contempt at the White House for facts and journalism. In a conversation with author Ron Suskind during this period, an anonymous senior Bush adviser dismissed journalists and others of “the reality-based community”—explaining, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality ... we’ll act again, creating other new realities.”

    And actual journalism might undermine the “show.” Stars might refuse to appear on your channel. Big “gets” from the White House would be found only on rival programs. 

    When Phil Donahue toughly interviewed big-name guests, MSNBC execs were petrified that the VIPs would be offended and not make return engagements. They’d complain that Phil was “badgering” the guests.  “Access is everything in Washington,” Phil later told a reporter. “If you’re the executive producer at one of the big news shows and you piss off Karl Rove, you’re not going to get Condi or Rummy or any of those guests who would legitimize your show as a serious, important program.”

    * * *

    On MSNBC’s “Donahue,” we once booked foreign policy critic Ramsey Clark as an in-studio guest. The former U.S. attorney general denounced Bush’s Iraq policy. Soon after, I was told it wasn’t supposed to happen; MSNBC bosses had Clark on some sort of blacklist.


    * * *

    Not all “weapons experts” got it wrong before the Iraq invasion. In the last months of 2002, Scott Ritter told any audience or journalist who would hear him that Iraqi WMD represented no weapons threat to our country. “Send in the inspectors,” urged Ritter, “don’t send in the Marines.”

    It’s telling that in the run-up to war, no American TV network hired any on-air analysts from among the experts who questioned White House WMD claims. None would hire Ritter.

    Inside MSNBC in 2002, Ritter was the target of a smear that he was receiving covert funds from Saddam Hussein’s government. The slur, obviously aimed at reducing his appearances, insinuated that Ritter’s views were not genuine and heartfelt, but procured. The “covert funding” charge surfaced repeatedly at MSNBC, especially when we sought to book Ritter as a guest on “Donahue.”

    The irony is that MSNBC at the time regularly featured another commentator who would soon be receiving covert government funds. The covert funder was the Bush administration, specifically its Education Department—which, beginning in 2003, paid pundit Armstrong Williams nearly a quarter-million dollars to promote Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. The Bush team broke its promise to fully fund the Act but kept faith with the pundit. When I repeatedly debated Williams at MSNBC, I had no idea he’d become part of a No Pundit Left Behind program.


    * * *

    TV’s big broadcast networks were no more open to critical voices than cable news, as illustrated by FAIR’s study of the nightly newscasts on CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS in the week before and the week after Colin Powell’s bellicose U.N. Security Council presentation on Iraqi WMD. Powell’s February 2003 speech was built on obvious exaggerations and falsehoods. But nightly news viewers would have been largely clueless. Of the 393 people interviewed about Iraq during those crucial weeks, only three were antiwar advocates. That’s a fraction of 1 percent—a nondebate, at a time when polls showed half the country opposing a rush to war. 

    For more information, visit Cohen’s website or the homepage for “Cable News Confidential.”

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    By Lina, April 27, 2011 at 11:13 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Toucdohwn! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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    By THOMAS BILLIS, April 22, 2007 at 3:23 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Mr Cohen identifies one aspect of the problem but does not go far enough.It is what the public wants to see.If you could make money broadcasting Motzart that is all you would see and hear on television and radio.The people who will demand more will move to the internet and the large majority of Americans will continue to watch the trash that doubles as news on the cable networks.Until the public demands more unfortunately all we will see is more of Anna Nicole Smith status quo.

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    By Douglas Chalmers, April 20, 2007 at 1:31 pm Link to this comment

    “...I started appearing as a guest on CNN in the 1980s when it was the only news channel on cable….”

    Strange outcome considering that it was CNN which had a guy living in a hotel in Baghdad and reporting with video all through the first Gulf war bombing. They even filmed some of the cruise missiles flying down the street outside their bedroom windows several stories up!

    Well, try this for a picture story - “Pentagon Strike” - This short, yet powerful film raises important questions regarding what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. Only five-minutes in length, it is well worth watching. Available for free viewing at

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    By jon b, April 6, 2007 at 1:43 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    To Jeff Badura…

    Plenty of us on the left, even far left don’t buy into some sort of 9/11 conspiracy theory. The problem is that we can say it all we want, but that doesn’t convince the people who desire a conspiracy. And don’t think that people on the right are non-believers, a Zogby poll in 2006 found that 46% don’t believe in the official version of 9/11, that’s more than just the left.

    For a far left view that doesn’t buy the conspiracy theory see CounterPunch and Alexander Cockburn.

    As much as I despise Bush and his gang, I can’t pin 9/11 on him much more than just negligence for not paying attention to information that they had available to them that they might have gleaned an immenent attack.

    Why you expect the left to respond to conspiracy theories every time it comes up and in a forum following an article that had nothing to do with 9/11 is beyond me. You respond, you argue the points, if you so desire. But, have fun. I’ve long found that talking people out of a position based on the lack of hard evidence is near impossible. It’s like trying to disprove a God. Like trying to understand how the religious right can believe in a God when there is no proof. A conspiracy theory is just like religion, it’s all based on faith.

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    By Ga, April 4, 2007 at 11:31 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Many say that the MSM give the people what they want….

    So, do you call in to your local news station and say, “Thank you so much for interrupting my TV shows all night about that horrendous accident that you have film of on your news broadcast! I really wanted to know all about that!”

    Yeah, right.

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    By Jeff Badura, April 4, 2007 at 4:13 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    in the near future Mark Cuban is producing a movie to be narrated by Charlie Sheen and the movie is in support of the 9/11 plot theory!!

    I’m sure many here are excited, for they believe the truth will come out, and tarnish our government, and expose the doers of this deed,

    i have different angle, though i too am reluctantly happy about the movies release!! for it will take this nonsense out of this forum (the dark nut-roots) and bring it into the light of day, were engineers and experts in their fields after the release will be able to break down the kookie reasoning, and debunk this garbage once and for all!!!

    its a sign of the time’s, and a indictment of the subculture, who wish to believe in this bovine- feces

    it really is a shame, that when our country is attacked by an enemy at war the far left whacked out Hate America first libs have to twist the truth to blame there own society, not just for the fault, but for actual plotting and caring out the deed ??? and those who also sit on the left who know this is not true, (most of you reading this) sit in silence because it fits into your over all political plans !!(to discredit Bush)

    illgramaticus knee o’kaun

    PS- talk like this, will only discredit the left,(bank rollers of the Dem’s) and get the GOP elected again 08, so, in a way, this treasonous babble, will do the country some good,  ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, thanks nut-roots for helping to put a Repub. in the White House again !!

    Report this

    By jojo, April 3, 2007 at 9:10 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Please Mr.Cohen explain why no politician or major media demand an investigation into 911 or a least a lawsuit againist the commision of 911 or NIST. Where is the media to expose Popular Mechaics and the zealot author Chertoff. WHY IS IT THAT MOST POLITICIANS ARE SURROUNDED BY LIKES (religion)OF COHEN AS ARE MOST OWNERS AND REPORTERS IN THE MEDIA.  They are not stupid—they know who really was behand the actual 911. A close network frat club and they sure don’t want us the stupid dumb folks to know it was them.
    Getting back to exposing 911—NIST is about to be sued—GOODIE!
    Check this out and wait for them to plead mercy-
    No arabs did 911—Mr.Cohen and you know it.

    Report this

    By Thomas, April 3, 2007 at 7:55 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    What happened to the last half of the interview?  The file is only 15 mb, not 29 mb.

    Report this

    By Sleeper, April 3, 2007 at 9:37 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Steel will melt and people who make a living from or around that process will tell you it isn’t going to happen by an oxygen starved hydrocarbon fueled fire.  These blast furnaces have been greatly improved since we began making, molding, and melting steel. 

    The tempertures obtainable from a hydrocarbon fueled fire even when in an atmosphere where the oxygen can be enriched still are to low to melt steel unless they can focus that heat instantly on a small portion of the steel.  The most telling factor of the fall sequence is the 10 seconds it took the buildings to fall into their own footprint.

    It takes a billard ball 10 seconds to fall a similar height with no resistance.  The pancake theory would require 96 seconds for that process to reach ground and it would not result in its own footprint.  Just the facts.  Nothing but the facts.

    Report this

    By Jeff Badura, April 2, 2007 at 3:13 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    @ black olive,

    against my better judgment ( because its so boring and ridicules) ill answer you question to both Bill, and Jeff Cohen, and who ever else you asked !

    the building in question I’m amusing was the 15 some story?? building in Houston last wk ???

    i saw it on the news when i got home, and the fire trucks were able to put water up that high, they were able to cool the fire, so the steel did not have time to melt !!

    as i told you in my previous explanation, steel melts, its not fire proof !!! there was no way to cool, the fires of the Trade Center Towers, cause they were 80 stories 90 stories high, and started by tons and tons of Jet fuel !!

    the building in Houston was not loaded down with tons of jet fuel, and the fire department got to the fire !!

    it’s disinformation that feed’s the “9/11 plot” believers, disinformation and plain ignorance of the facts !!!

    hope you see this !!

    illgramaticus knee o’kaun

    Report this

    By Sleeper, April 2, 2007 at 9:24 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    It seems as though there are some personality clashes here followed by a ton of false justification.  I have no problem seeing someone say something other then what I believe.

    Wars are primarily fought by the young at the direction of the old for one reason.  A two time Medal of Honor recepient wrote a book that addressed this fact quite well.  The book is “WAR IS A RACKET” by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler.  In his book he states that as long as a few can make a bunch of money we will have continuous WAR.

    It is a Racket.  The Racketeers have been making a killing.  Exactly how much of a killing may never be truly considered because to many avoid looking for TRUTH.  They are content to keep TRUTH wrapped up in secrecy and a cloud of deception.

    On 9/11 no one has explained the fall sequence.  Ten seconds can only be explained by a professional demolition.  NIST went out of its way not to test for Thermite or Thermate.  That seems like a cover-up to me. 

    Some commanders when under attack immediately get all the inteligence they can so they can serve the men and women under their command or their country, others read “MY Pet Goat” and appear uninfluenced.  I guess some people might like to hear My Pet Goat while their friends are dying but not me.

    I have been underfire and was given a “Combat Action Ribbon” among other awards.  I also took an oath to defend “The Constitution of the United States against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic”.  You can love America and be awake enough to know that this Administration could easily be considered an enemy of our Constitution.

    Report this

    By jon b, April 2, 2007 at 8:02 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Sharon “The media, either intended or unintended, fill our senses with lower (and lowest) level consciousness information.  War, hate, murder, greed, rape, you name the aggression or the fear, and you will find it based in the lower and lowest levels of consciousness.”
    I can’t decide if the public has become obsessed with death or whether the media has decided that the public is obsessed with death. It’s certainly a symbiotic relationship, but the answer whether viewers create the ratings (thus the most popular programming) or whether the media offers limited choices (that overwhelmingly use death as the subject) that force viewers to choose from a limited selection, that answer is tough for me to understand. Does the media help create the death obsession or does the public desire a death saturated media?

    Maybe it has to do with the baby boomers. They are the generation with the most influence right now. I’m a tail end baby boomer and have watched those older than me that drive my generation live their lives. I’m of the opinion that the boomers are intrigued by death, obsessed with it, actively trying to deny their own aging and future death, and want extensive information about death. I think unconsciously that many boomers like to observe other’s death on TV (whether fictional or in the news) as a confirmation that personally they live yet another day, week, year as compared with what they see in the media. Was the Anna Nicole Smith death really about celebrity or about boomers getting to unconsciously look down upon her life and equally get to unconsciously think “I out lived her.”

    There is this other aspect about other’s death, of the empathy for those who die in awful circumstances and the desire to stop it. Whether from life threatening illnesses or useless wars in countries around the world that most Americans couldn’t find on a map, there is this sort of wish to solve it. And the media provides us with plenty of that info as well.

    Understand that my generalizing about an age generation can be a potholed road, not everyone in a generation is the same.

    TV death fare is on virtually every station on cable. Any time of the 24 hour day I can find something either about murder, war, tragic accidental death, illness as well as trying to extend ones life, diet, exercise, medical advances, etc. From infomercials about exercise equipment to the latest bombing in Iraq to CourtTV (which is always about death) to the multiple versions of Law and Order, the TV subject is death or death avoidance. The media is currently run by boomers and mostly viewed by boomers. It was boomers that used and became used by TV.

    If anyone knows whether there has been some sort of study of what I’m talking about, please let me know. I do think there is a link between baby boomers and death obsession, with the modern media playing the role of conveyance of the subject for massive dissemination in a symbiotic relationship.

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    By Jeff Badura, April 1, 2007 at 8:30 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    to the Comment #60884 by DH,

    you say “most incompetent, treasonous, criminal regime in the history of humankind”

    - i think you need a history lesson ?? one given to a 4th grader ands then you can learn about many regimes in mankind’s bloody past that make Bush look like a saint !!  STRIKE 1

    you say"Bush & Dick aided and abetted, if not outright planned, the attacks on 9-11-01.
    ...Anyone who doesn’t already know that is too stupid to be allowed to have an opinion.”

    - then according to you about 90% of the American people are too stupid to have an opinion cause the last poll i saw put your kind at about 10% (10% is still ridicules and speaks volumes of our national intelligence) so must be tough being so much smarter than the rest of us, who don’t believe in the “hate America first, no proof 9/11 boogie man under the bed behind the corner plot”    STRIKE 2

    then you say “Anyone who supports them is a traitor.  Anyone who supports the invasion is a traitor.  Traitors and war criminals should be executed…And if you “support the war,” then your cowardly fat lazy useless ass can get right down to the recruiting station, and take your entire cowardly fat useless lazy family with you.”

    -news flash genius !! many do go right down to the recruiting station and join many re-up in the war zone (we have a 100% voluntary military and if you want you can say “I’m not going to war” and get thrown out too, with out your benny’s of coarse, but you can refuse to go) !! i myself am a proud vet !! so i dare you, no, (ill get down to your juvenile level) i double dare you, to go to your nearest military post put your “cool” words on big piece of white cardboard with a black Sharpy, and wait and see who comes out of the gate to have a “nice conversation about how treasonous they are, and how cowardly they are, and how they deserve execution, and then insult there fat family members ”  ha ha ha ha ha   STRIKE 3 YOUR OUT…......its back to the minors with you, then a bus trip home !! “in the baggage compartment” come back when you grow up !! your post gives your naive age away !!!

    illgramaticus knee o’kaun

    Report this

    By Ernest Canning, April 1, 2007 at 7:47 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Simplistic “messages-of-the-day” that reverberate throughout the right-wing echo chamber, also known as cable news, did not begin with the Bush administration.

    “All effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand….Propaganda had to be continuous and unvarying in its message.  It should never admit a glimmer of doubt in its own claims, or concede the tiniest element of right in the claims of the other side.” —Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”

    “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.” —George W. Bush, 2005.

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    By yours truly, March 31, 2007 at 8:10 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    MSM?  Not worth our attention any more.  We just change the world despite their dereliction of duty.  “And what of the 4th Estate/”  “For being accomplices in mass murder and other crimes against humanity, guilty as charged.”

    Report this

    By Bill Blackolive, March 31, 2007 at 9:21 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Mr. Cohen, The past week I noticed on regular news something of a high-rise structure, with top couple floors in a roaring blaze, and heard at least one person had to jump to his/her death.  Nobody with a career openly wonders why the building did not melt its steel beams clear to its basement and sink, straight down, because, naturally, except for the 9/ll elephant, this never happens.  That 3 tall buildings did this 9/ll is at minimum “odd,” certainly odd enough for you, or somebody less fearful who gets heard, to bring it up.

    Report this

    By Sharon Ash, March 31, 2007 at 8:56 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    The media, either intended or unintended, fill our senses with lower (and lowest) level consciousness information.  War, hate, murder, greed, rape, you name the aggression or the fear, and you will find it based in the lower and lowest levels of consciousness. And, it is what we are bombarded with, almost non-stop, in our news.  Peace, love, harmony, justice, serving the common good, etc., are all based from the higher levels of consciousness and we almost have to isolate ourselves, or at least turn off the TV, to enjoy that level of consciousness.  Two major problems with our society being stuck in the lower level of consciousness are one, there is an enormous amount of fear at that level and fear numbs the mind making it more difficult to move out of that level.  And the second is, what you focus on expands.  So the more we focus on the reality of lower level consciousness, the more we expand that reality.  The challenge we face is to get out of the gripes of fear and hate and decide what we want positive in our own lives, our country, and our world, and focus on being pro for those issues.  We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it, and chart a better future.  We can do it by creating a better reality,and we begin by rejecting the reality of lower level consciousness.

    Report this

    By FicusElasticus, March 31, 2007 at 12:56 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Peter Arnet was right…
      Then he was fired.

      America has become an aristocracy, and the right has it as backwards about the “Liberal media bias” as Ted Haggard’s buddy had him. 
      Democracy is sandwiched between Nut-jobs from Chistofascists, Fundamentalist Moslem’s, Israeli Mystics, and corporate pumpkin heads who think that “everything is off the record” is something that a great reporter would even think.
      These people thought that Iraq would be easy, but they don’t even have the guts to take on Philip Morris.  They should stick to fighting with Teletubbies who carry purses, Sesame Street Characters and Harry Potter.
      If the news was honest, Reagan would be known as the criminal behind Iran/Contra, who waged a class war against urban America, who granted blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, destroyed Unions, let his wife’s astrologer (that’s a good Christian profession, like sorcerer or wizard) dictate his schedule, and made divorce “cool.”
      I’m not surprised that he has become their false idol, ‘cause this media would NEVER say something bad about Nancy’s wife…  She might make a voodoo doll or something.

    Report this

    By Youffraita, March 30, 2007 at 8:45 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    When I was in journ school (for print journalism) we always looked down on the broadcast journ students.  They certainly didn’t seem very bright, and journalism on tv never did have much opportunity to go beyond sound bites:  it’s just the nature of the medium.

    So it’s not terribly surprising that, with more people getting the news from a medium that is not particularly good at giving in-depth, nuanced coverage, and with newspaper circulation rates going through the sewer, the American public is increasingly misinformed (or uninformed) and the GOP needs only to rely on talking points, not substance.

    My great hope is the netroots.  Certainly there’s misinformation on-line; but there’s also a self-correcting factor that makes me optimistic about a new paradigm for disseminating information.

    Report this

    By Louise, March 30, 2007 at 10:14 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Love the cover on your new book Jeff!

    However did you manage to get Bush, Cheney and Rove to pose?

    Great job!

    Report this

    By John, March 29, 2007 at 11:24 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)


    ” The nation’s largest broadcast companies that will benefit from looser ownership standards have given more than $13.3 million in political contributions to federal candidates and national parties since 1995. These same media giants have spent more than $68 million lobbying Washington since 1999.

    To their corporate owners, media outlets do not exist to promote the public interest; they exist to make profits. But media companies don’t manufacture widgets; they provide information. And information from diverse, competitive, and independent sources is vitally important to the health of a democracy.

    Viacom owns CBS; General Electric owns NBC; Disney owns ABC; and News Corporation owns Fox Broadcasting Company.”  -Rupert Murdoch has admitted that he propogandized the iraq war!!!!:

    “The Telecommunications Act of 1996 lifted ownership limits for radio stations, leading to incredible consolidation of radio station ownership. One company alone, Clear Channel Inc., now owns nearly 1,200 radio stations across the country. Before the change, a company could not own more than 40 stations nationwide.

    Three media giants own all of the cable news networks.  Comcast and AOL Time Warner serve 40 percent of cable households.”

    if your reading this, you’re probably not the average lulled to sleep american.  SO PLEASE DISTURB THE PEACE!

    this “democracy,” where stolen elections, illegal wars, and issues that matter are overlooked for celebrity gossip, simply cannot sustain itself.

    Report this

    By Cheryl Johnson, March 29, 2007 at 6:31 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    I have not watched tv in over 2 years.  I don’t feel any less informed. I go on the Internet and CHOOSE what I want to read. I read papers from all over the world and I listen to NPR for my news.

    One of the NPR shows featured Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who talked about how their is a move across this country towards communities creating their own news that focuses on things they care about at the local level.  I hope this movement sweeps across this country like a brush fire.  I am sick of this irrelavant, contrived, sterile crap on national tv parading as news.  Anybody who watches tv and thinks they are informed are in in serious trouble.

    Report this

    By jon b, March 29, 2007 at 6:02 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    The news media is absolutely getting worse. It’s hard to find anything that isn’t biased, and bias in all sorts of ways.

    First, the media bias begins with bias toward making money. It’s biased in favor of corporations, logically it must be as the way the media makes money is though corporate advertising. The mainstream media is corporate and sells its’ ads to other corporations. 

    Second, look at the four main cable “news” channels. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and Headline News. In the evening none of them report news anymore. They all have talk formats with variously biased hosts. Most are right wing, one or two might be described as unbiased or centrist, a couple would be left. Certainly none except Olbermann represent anything close to progressive.

    The reason for this lopsided political bias is simple. The cables began to swing right because the White House became right wing. The media in order to receive “insider” information has to cozy up to whatever party runs the White House.

    It always comes down to ratings. Now that Bush has languished below a 40% approval rating for more than a year (basically since Katrina) the media recognizes that and will begin swinging back left gradually. Why? Because they will understand that their potential viewers are increasingly leaning left. Bear in mind, progressive voices will still be hard to find, that’s too far left for mainstream media. Again, why? Because progressives are plenty angry with corporations and mainstream media won’t bite the hand that feeds it much.

    The Iraq War was promoted by the media for one main reason, money. War sells, ratings went up. It was easy to accept the Bush lies when the media, print and TV, was in the process of having their reporters go through embed training prior to the start of the war. I saw that training on C-Span, I knew right then that the Iraq War was sure to happen. The media was preparing for what they knew would be increased ratings. It was no accident that Bush and company came up with the embedded reporter idea. They knew it would be a symbiotic relationship. They could control where the reporters would be and what they would see, as well the reporters would be dependent on the military unit for protection.

    One of the biggest problems with the media is that they have to cozy up to political elite. There are a few that still will question our government (regardless of which party runs the White House) such as Helen Thomas, but that type of reporter is becoming a dinosaur. Far too many are nothing but stenographers for the political parties. They report the spin as if it were the truth and don’t do due diligence to see if the spin is really the truth.

    The reporters dutifully convey the political talking points, but never offer alternative answers to the talking points. They report the Washington Republican talking point and counter it with the Washington Democratic talking point or vice versa. No other opinions allowed.

    I had to laugh when Neb. Sen. Chuck Hagel suggested that there would be calls for the impeachment of Bush and the media thinks that was so candid and new. People have been calling for impeachment since prior to the Iraq War and the one poll I saw (which was at least 6 months ago) had half the population in favor of it. But this goes to the media as it’s the media that does most of the polling and plain isn’t polling about the impeachment question. So how would we the people know much about how our fellow Americans feel about impeachment? Here is a case where the media controls what we know. And of course that is what the biggest problem is, the media decides what we should know.

    Report this

    By John Hanks, March 28, 2007 at 5:13 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Only real institutional changes will get rid of the media monster.  Half should be non-profit.  The other half should be government sponsored.  The commercial media has always been on Republican crack-cocaine.

    Report this

    By Jeff Badura, March 28, 2007 at 5:08 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    to the Comment #60870 by SH,
        (Sigh)......i said Fox News leans right !! you must have not read my post just commented on it !! but that being the case the rest of the media lean left !! (other than talk radio, who are commentators, not newsmen, a big difference)  if your looking for hate the USA, anti USA, anti capitalist, overly Pro Castro Pro Chavez Pro Terrorist liberal lying press. like you find on the nut-roots !! well your not going too find them on TV !!! because all the above mentioned nonsense has no place in honest News !!! but the press is pro Dem, and does lean left, it just not far enough for you !!! Case in point: Webb, and the resent gun story ??? if he was a republican it would be 24/7 on news, but since hes a Dem, its a hush, hush, 3 minute story !!  look at the Times ?? they are disgraceful, they are blatantly lying every other week to make another lib point (lady rapped in Iraq and baby torn from breast) !! I’m going to quot Gingrich !! you love Gingrich, right !! ha ha ha, he recently said on O’Riely, you love O’Riely right !! ha ha ha, he said what has become of the modern press is they would rather go left and be caught lying, (Dan Rather) then tell the truth if it helps the right !! (swift boat) and that’s the truth !! pick up a copy of Goldberg’s “Bias” its full of instance after instance of left wing dogma that controls the modern media (Fox excluded) but i repeat, if your looking for rabid hatred, anti-USA coverage, stick to the Internet or watch AL-Jasera !! 

    illgramatricus knee o’kaun

    Report this

    By zenseeker, March 28, 2007 at 3:36 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    zenseeker: Hello everyone.  Regarding the media, you would think that putting the sledge hammer back into storage you would not need it again so soon, but, unfortunately, I think another one of those crucial moment is upon us once again regarding the situation in Iran. Do you guys smell what I smell? It is said that ‘Desperate men will do desperate things’, but I think that desperate cabals will do dastardly and even despicable things. More on that later, but if my hunches are correct, I think the plans are already in motion to create a situation in the Persian gulf to deftly manufacture justifications for a pre-emtive strike on Iran. Watch this video from
    here is the link:


    about two aircraft carriers miraculously being in position in the Persian Gulf
    and see if you guys sense it too.

    Report this

    By Sleeper, March 28, 2007 at 11:44 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Do you think that this push for a cashless society might be large enough to have some play in many of our problems?

    Report this

    By DH, March 28, 2007 at 2:44 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    The BushDick(less) regime invaded Iraq for exactly one reason:  profiteering.  Big Oil and Big Drugs and Big War Machine bought their campaign, bought the five Supreme Whores who illegally installed them, and bought control of this most incompetent, treasonous, criminal regime in the history of humankind. 

    BushDick(less) aided and abetted, if not outright planned, the attacks on 9-11-01.  BushDick(less) had the plans that Poppy poopy-pants had drawn up to invade Iraq in their filthy hands before they were installed. 

    Anyone who doesn’t already know that is too stupid to be allowed to have an opinion.

    Anyone who believes the moronic shit-nosed whoring that comes out of Big Media is too stupid to be allowed to have an opinion.  Even NPR is a bunch of Herr Rove’s Whores.

    The illegally-installed war criminals who invaded Iraq for their personal profits are traitors.  Anyone who supports them is a traitor.  Anyone who supports the invasion is a traitor.  Traitors and war criminals should be executed.

    And if you “support the war,” then your cowardly fat lazy useless ass can get right down to the recruiting station, and take your entire cowardly fat useless lazy family with you.

    Report this

    By SH, March 27, 2007 at 11:33 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    re Jeff Badura… I see another American Idiot has fallen victim to propaganda… if I see another person refer to the “liberal media” I might spontaneously combust. Didn’t they send all you righties the memo fonfessing that they made it all up? Please… the ignorance is killing me…

    “The liberal media were never that powerful and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.” ~Bill Kristol, conservative pundit

    “I’ve gotten balanced coverage, and broad coverage—all we could have asked. For heaven sakes, we kid about the ‘liberal media,’ but every Republican on earth does that.” ~ Pat Buchanan, conservative pundit, Republican presidential candidate

    “There’s been a massive change in media in this country over the last 15 years. Now it’s 2002 and the traditional liberal media monopoly doesn’t exist anymore.” Rush Limbaugh, Conservative talk radio host

    “Fox News is obviously biased toward the right. It’s simply loopy to pretend otherwise. Ailes’ attempt to deny the bleeding obvious is pathetic… It’s embarrassing and undermines their credibility on everything else.” ~Andrew Sullivan, conservative writer

    and, the most disturbing for last…

    “It was because of our coverage that it all happened. We’ve become so influential now that people watch us and they take their electoral cues from us. No one should doubt the influence of Fox News in these matters.” Brit Hume, Fox News reporter on the Republican victory in the 2002 mid term elections

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    By Michael, March 27, 2007 at 7:20 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Jeff Cohen is on the Progressive Democrats of America Advisory Board.  He was in DC with PDA this past weekend, and he lobbied on Friday during the supplemental vote along with PDA acitivists from around the nation. Together they went to the offices of Reps. Woolsey, Lee, Watson, Kucinich, McGovern, and others.  I was with the Ohio PDA team and we went to the offices of Sutton and Senator Brown as well.

    Cohen is a great guy with a great sense of humor and a lot of insight.  How does PDA attact such people?

    See and find out.

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    By Polly Ester, March 27, 2007 at 4:22 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    ”What I found inside cable news was a drunken exuberance for sex, crime and celebrity stories, matched by a grim timidity and fear of offending the powers-that-be—especially if the powers-that-be are conservatives. The biggest fear is of doing anything that could get you, or your network, accused of being liberal.”

    TV “NEWS” should be called Entertainment Tonight!  But what do you expect, television is corporately owned—-five conglomerates control all of MSM.  Why would the ruling class criticize themselves?  MSM is a tool, used to implement propaganda and to distract and misinform.  Oh, and of course, to sell junk.

    Just look at who gets to be a reporter: Tucker Carlson, whose father is Richard W. Carlson, he was president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from 1992 to 1997; and Tucker Carlson’s stepmother is Patricia Carlson, heir to the Swanson frozen-food fortune.  Anderson Cooper’s, mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and Andrea Mitchell’s husband is married to Alan Greenspan.  And if these reporters aren’t born or married into the ruling class, then they are actors or former beauty contestants.

    No real reporters are hired, who can actually write news stories, and do critical analyses of political events.

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality ... we’ll act again, creating other new realities.”

    Report this

    By Jeff Badura, March 26, 2007 at 3:26 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    to the Comment #60471 by AMIGO !!

    who says nothing good is coming out of Iraq ??? again here is a historically challenged lib !! first of all, we took over the country in about a month, we deposed a ruthless Tyrant who was a know open supporter of terror, he was tried and executed,  because of that Libya got nervous and turned states evidence on the terrorist !! we are in the process of setting up a democratic government in the middle of the middle east !! we are opening schools, opening hospitals, and most of the countries 18 Providences are secure, only a handful in and around the Sunni triangle is sill under siege by bad guys !! we did all this with 3000 casualties in 4 yrs of fighting !! On D-day in WW II we lost 9000 men in one day !! and they called it a great victory !! if that happened today you libs would declare the war lost !! like you do every time a Humvee gets blown up !!! negative, negative, negative, treason and lies, that’s our culture today, and it shows itself most prominently in the coverage of the war !!

    Mr. AMIGO, just like Cheney says about the Dem’s, you are feeding right into the extremist plans to run us out of the Middle East !! Bin Ladden says your a coward and he’s right !! but thank god Bush is not !!!

    illgramaticus knee o’kaun

    Report this

    By AMIGO, March 26, 2007 at 9:50 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    To all who complain and whine about the media being biased by not showing anything “positive” from Iraq, here is the deal once and for all to shut you up - -> THERE
    If you need to be convinced, any “positive” news coming out of Iraq would have been seen ( repeatedly, 24 hours a day, I am sure)  on the official bush/republican ‘mouth-piece’  a.k.a   FOX NEWS TV !!!!!
    The sooner,all you, blind and insane supporters of the ‘Bush-Cheyne-Rove CABAL”  start admitting the obvious truth and stop being delusional, our troops will stop being slaughtered in the meat-grinder and KILLING ZONE called IRAQ; NOW, that will be considered TRUE PATRIOTISM and SUPPORTING our military, instead of indulging in phony flag waving !!!!! [sending them into a bottomless ‘hell-hole’ is TREASONOUS !!!]
    (The quickest way to end the war is to send our “cheerleader-in-chief” and other top administration officials, top generals and the Bush twins into the war zone in Iraq.)
    Oh, and about ‘history’ - - have you heard of “Vietnam”, “Algeirs”,“Lebanon”, “colonialism”, “imperialism” etc,etc ? - - may be, you all should go back and re-take HISTORY 101 FOR DUMMIES with your Cheerleader-In-Chief !!!!!!!

    p.s.  Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go do what the ‘C-in-C’ told us in the begining - - GO SHOP !!!!!!!!

    Report this

    By AMIGO, March 26, 2007 at 9:01 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    As I see it - - - -  A PHONY president, A PHONY war and a complicit,PHONY media.

    Report this

    By DH, March 26, 2007 at 5:47 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Glancing through the articles here, I notice “Jeff Badura” (or someone equally ignorant and illiterate) trolling through with the same willfully stupid opinions and inability to handle the English language.  Must be a freeper past-time (reminiscent of the time Limpdick was caught by a high school student with a voice analyzer using the same five “callers”—his own staff—over and over), since so few of them are gainfully employed.

    This is why the so-called “moderate” views that Cohen points out are skewed so far towards fascist fanaticism—because of these psychotic hypocrites who suck off the government dole while declaring that people in real need should be denied help, who flood the corporate whore mass media with their idiotic ranting, who are absolutely convinced that voting for the ultra-wealthy and power-mad will someday, somehow, trickle down to imbue them with money and power.

    We do have a very effective counter to the nutcases who are goose-stepping behind the people who are murdering them—speaking out.  Don’t just write to blogs like this one—write to every one of your local news media, paper and TV and radio.  Call in to local talk shows, and if they’re rightwingnut, yell back at them.

    Speak truth to power.

    I volunteer at adult literacy classes.  Most of these people believe they’re alone in their opinions, and are afraid to speak out.  When they find out that yes, they CAN speak out, and yes, there ARE people with advanced degrees who agree with them, then they remember that it was LIBERALS who built this nation, LIBERALS who founded all religions, LIBERALS who changed the world—and that we all hold that power as well.

    Report this

    By Truth Be Told, March 25, 2007 at 8:19 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Jeff Badura is correct.

    To spead deceitful lies which undermine this great country of ours is treasonous.

    God Bless America!!!

    Report this

    By Jeff Badura, March 25, 2007 at 9:01 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    to the Comment #60025 by 911truthdotorg !! if you think the anti-war lib press is nothing but a mouthpiece for Bush ??? well than Mr 9/11 Truth, you are not seeing things clearly !! this statement and your willingness to believe the most outlandish conspiracy theory’s possible shows your not fit to sit on the jury !! your blinded by your pre-disposed idea’s!!  i guess its the “NWO” skull and bones theory ?? i don’t know ??? but its total bovine-feces !!

    as far as the story goes about the press the see, hear, speak, no evil monkeys ?? well in a way your right but its sort of backwards, it see no good that sells in the media !!  disaster sells !! so that’s what we see and hear in the media !! MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, all see no good in anything Bush does, and they a twist the news to there Pro-Dem’s political bend !! and FOX does the same for the GOP, i find it so amazing that the hatred for FOX, is so open and blatant by the left, when they have every other station in there pocket !! it makes me think maybe the left is afraid of the truth coming out ??

    now there a new player in the culture of disinformation !! the Internet ! place like Truthdig !! you guys might think its great to have your voices heard you can take comfort on you wacky views cause other believe in the same ridiculousness as you do !! but this infant medium can also do its readers a huge disservice !! by spreading lies and false-hoods masked in truth to turn the gullible down the wrong path !! i believe truthdig and the nation or the daily KOS or what ever, owes it to there readers to try to be honest !! don’t just tell your readers what they want to hear, but tell them the truth !! and to be honest the nut-roots has turned into the opposite!! were any crazy USA hatred is floated as fact, and the truth is no were to be found !!
    remember, Internet media !! we are at war !! in war its fair to report the truth !! but if you report lies, in support of the enemy, just to please your readers, than you are in fact an agent of the enemy, you are helping him in his propaganda war, and you are responsible for the disasters that takes place in such a war !  9/11 is a perfect example !! Clinton did not wish to inform the American people of the threats we faced, because his polls showed you guys on the far-left (his bass) would not like the message and might shoot the messenger (him and now his wife) as you are currently doing with Bush !! and the guilty press before 9/11 didn’t talk about the threats we faced !! so the press hunting for rating over substance mixed with the governments political dismissals, we got the attacks of 9/11, and we are all to blame !! now 5 yrs later the population grows weary of the fight, so these crazy conspiracy theories come out of the woodwork, and web sites preach hatred of the government, and the war, and libs long for the good old days of Vietnam were you stuck it to the “man” and wish to do the same here too !! well truthdig, and its readers, and posters, you do this “treason” at our nations own peril !! and when the next attack happens !! don’t waste time blaming the sitting president or coming up with convoluted conspiracy theories ?? no, just look in the mirror for you will find the blame for the next attack !! we all will be to blame !! for our national fecklessness !!

    illgramaticus knee o’kaun

    Report this

    By Ken Mitchell, March 25, 2007 at 6:11 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    So much for that “LIBERAL” news bias.

    Report this

    By D. H., March 25, 2007 at 4:14 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    TV news has been in the dis-infotainment business since lipstick was invented.  Advertising is everything….  Elizabeth Taylor was once chided by an ad exec for not wearing ENOUGH makeup and diamonds.  (Side rant here:  DON’T BUY ANYTHING NAME BRAND OR ADVERTISED, EVER.)  When I worked for NASA, I would routinely throw a shoe at the TV for getting it so COMPLETELY wrong.  Ever since the total crap-out about the real causes of losing Columbia, I only watch the sci-fi channel, where you EXPECT them to make things up.

    Thank ghu for the internet.  Otherwise, we really would have no choice except to buy into this corrupt, incompetent regime’s version of “reality.”

    Report this

    By Ken, March 25, 2007 at 1:16 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Most Americans are far too self-absorbed to pay much attention to any of this nonsense.  Rove + Bush morphs into Rush…  Chancellor Sutler lives at 1600 Pennsylvania and Mr. Creedy is his VP; secretary Prothero has been thrown to the wolves.

    People will not take to the streets until the backlash from all of this nonsense begins to effect their personal lives. Bushco and their media cohorts work hard to ensure that this does not happen while they continue to perpetrate their mad schemes of world dominance.

    This absurd house of cards is due for a tumble in short order and it will not be a pretty sight.

    Report this

    By 911truthdotorg, March 24, 2007 at 10:39 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Benjamin, you are insane.

    You said:
    “Besides, it’s how the administration reacted to 9/11 that matters, no matter who did it”.

    So you are saying that it’s perfectly OK if bush/cheney, etc were involved with 9/11, that it doesn’t matter, just how they used their mass murder to accomplish their agenda after the fact, does!

    That’s the same as saying that if you took out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on your spouse, then murdered them, that it’s perfectly OK!

    The fact that YOU made it happen DOES matter!


    Report this

    By writerman, March 24, 2007 at 9:53 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    In contradiction to what most of us assume some newsworthy stories are just too good to publish, even if they’re exclusive. Take Seymour Hersh’s last brave piece for the New Yorker. One should have seen headlines all over the country blazing “Whitehouse Bankrolls Bin Laden’s Terrorists!” What did we get? Nothing! Where were the appalled and angry leader writers? Invisible and strangely silent. Too many journalists have become the modern equivalant the priesthood in the european darkages. Their job is to push a myth, the myth that we still live in functioning democracy, rather than a corrupt and degenerate post-democratic dictatorship.

    Report this

    By GW=MCHammered, March 23, 2007 at 7:35 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Alas, more confirmation that we’ve become a nation who savors spoon-fed diversion over facts. And the more one-sided our feeding, the better we feel about holding tight to our burning biases. Seems we’re in a battle to the bottom with leaders whose actions now labeled ‘just politics’ would have been considered scandalous outrage or outright treason not so long ago. Ugh!

    The NeoCon-stitution
    We the NeoRepublicrats of the disUnited States, in order to form a more perfect regime, establish social control by global market and media influence, insure Government servant tranquility and provide for our common legal defense, promote the general political power structure, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity entirely at taxpayer expense, do ordain and establish this federal authority’s NeoCon-stitution for these disUnited States of America.

    God Bless the NeoRepublicrats!

    Report this

    By Benjamin, March 23, 2007 at 5:40 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Sigh!  It’s the end of the day, and only 9 comments.  I posted earlier and came back to see how much of America is reading important stuff like this.  All I can say is: we need more!  One comment though: Antiwar people shoot themselves in the foot if they bring up weird 9/11 conspiracy theories.  Not that they are impossible, but so improbable that lacking real evidence, the entire antiwar movement is discredited.  Besides, it’s how the administration reacted to 9/11 that matters, no matter who did it.

    Report this

    By Truth Be Told, March 23, 2007 at 4:24 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    There’s two sides to every story. Check out

    Report this

    By Kol Klink, March 23, 2007 at 1:31 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Thanks Jeff for the fine report lending credence to what many of us allready suspected or knew.

    Once in a while I tune into CNN to see if they have altered their continual barrage of bs that they term news, they havent. Now I get my news from sources like Truth Dig, Anti, Democracy Now, Asia Times Online, Today in Iraq, and many others on the internet.

    Bushco realizes that the internet is a huge threat to any demopub regime for the truth is out their in the ether but they have yet to figure out how to control access to it. Some countries, like China, use firewalls to block sites from their citizens. I suppose in time our ‘democracy’ will deem the internet a tool of terrorisim and do something similar. Bushco or whatever demopub regime that follows will probably use the lobster in the pot technique. First one site is deemed ‘terrorist’ and if they get away with that then more will be banned. I hope we can stop them.

    Report this

    By Denis Mercier, March 23, 2007 at 12:20 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Someone please tell the Bushies that 9-11 is over and the time for exploiting it is over as well.

    At last the American Public is catching on to the fact that simple dissent is not tantamount to being in league with the terrorists!

    Report this

    By TAO Walker, March 23, 2007 at 11:49 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    So many pieces to the puzzle….so few with a public platform making any real effort to put them all together into some semblance of “the big picture.”  Jeff Cohen here holds up another possibly “corner” piece that anyone paying attention has long since put into its place in the grandiose scheme of things.  Meantime, establishmentarians everywhere, including this site, continue to insist there is no overarching or underlying “theme” at all, no carefully-kept-private agenda….and to insinuate or say outright that those who see such a thing are “conspiracy theorists,” or just plain nuts.

    What an unexpected (or maybe not) advantage this willful blindness must give to those clever operators here working to a design with a ten-thousand-year timetable on what is now clearly at least an interplanetary “game-board.”  (GHW Bush claimed openly he wanted to be remembered as “....the Mars president.”  His eldest son worships eagerly at that god’s feet, but is otherwise merely moonstruck.)

    To be fair, it is maybe a lot to ask, of people totally immersed (and still relatively comfortable)in a world of make-believe, that they might somehow come to see that world IN context rather than only AS context.  It would be, anyway, if there wasn’t so much ready-to-hand evidence available to them, and weren’t such increasingly dire incentives hanging over their heads, here in these latter days, to at least give it an honest try.

    A ‘Nam vet here on the Rez likes to sum-up Americans this way:  Instead of “e pluribus unum” on their money, these wasichus oughta put “comfort uber alles.”  Maybe that is in fact the real key to the fundamental character of theamericanpeople….and to their seemingly congenital incapacity to recognize that it is this long-time (and coldly unrequited) love-affair they’ve carried-on, with comfort-for-its-own-sake, which is killing them (softly?) right this minute.

    Like The Gambler said to The Greenhorn, “The best thing you can hope for is to die in your sleep.”  What’re the chances, given their Tormentors’ growing appetite for human misery, that this entertainment-addled, ideologically punch-drunk people are going to be that lucky?


    Report this

    By Quy Tran, March 23, 2007 at 10:38 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Under Bush/Cheney dynasty eveything’s getting worse but not media.

    Report this

    By Benjamin, March 23, 2007 at 10:21 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    I used to be studiously ‘moderate’—not too ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’.  I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt on WMD intel and on good intentions.  I considered guys like Scheer to be radioactive lefty America haters, because someone ‘normal’ said so.  And so on.  Since reading every damn thing on the internet, from FrontPageMag to The Nation, I’ve decided that you guys are basically right about US foreign policy.  In a word, it’s imperialistic, wrong-headed and the public is clueless.  I hope other ordinary guys get educated by ‘fringe’ websites like this.  I am especially distressed that you say that PBS fell flat on the Colin Powell UN info, though I do think Frontline is pretty good—perhaps too late.  Another promising ‘normal’ guy:  Scott Ritter.  Great work, Scott!

    Report this

    By Steve Hammons, March 23, 2007 at 9:30 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    The news media do seem to be part of the problem, at least the centralized media owners who control large chunks of the newspaper, TV and radio businesses.

    Many in the press have worked hand-in-hand with the Bush-Cheney administration, the neocons and the warmongers regarding the decision to invade Iraq and other matters.

    Thankfully, we also have independent media (print, broadcast and Web-based) that still tell the truth and question corrupt authorities.

    For more on this, the article below may be of interest:

    “Iraq War Psychology: Exploring hearts and minds of U.S. officials, press, profiteers”

    By Steve Hammons
    Populist Party of America
    February 15, 2007

    Report this

    By L.A. Piltz, March 23, 2007 at 8:50 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Get Phil Donohue a prime spot on the Air America network, and, Brothers Green, get to work now on an Air America Satellite TV channel…..NOW!

    Report this

    By 911truthdotorg, March 23, 2007 at 7:56 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    The media has become nothing but the moutpiece for the bush regime.

    The control of the media was critical in accomplishing 9/11 and manipulating the American sheeple into believing the official lie of what happened. They questioned nothing about 9/11 and about Iraq’s supposed WMD’s. Now they’re not questioning anything about Iran.

    It’s so very sad how few people know that *three* WTC towers collapsed that day. WTC7 for no reason and in a perfect controlled demolition. And it has been rebuilt already.

    This regime and the media puppets are leading the sheeple of this country down the same road that Hitler led Germany in the 1930’s. All this country cares about is American Idol, Britney Spears, etc, etc.

    Demand a new, true investigation into 9/11!
    Their 9/11 house of cards needs to come down before it’s too late!

    Report this

    By Jonas South, March 23, 2007 at 7:13 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    I used to live a short distance from the University of California Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism, and regularly attended their social and academic functions. It struck me then, and even more so now, how many young men and women that liberal enclave was nurturing, whose main career goal was to land a job with a national ‘media corporation of record’, knowing full well their reporting bias and financial ties. Until selection criteria for college recruitment emphasize journalistic and personal responsibility, quality can only worsen further.

    Report this

    By SuGee, March 23, 2007 at 4:31 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    I remember seeing Scott Ritter on TV before the pre-emptive war on Iraq and it was so obvious to me that Iraq was no threat.  It’s clear that the reason why the Liar in Chief attacked Iraq WAS because “the Decider” thought he could win.  He knew that Hussein did not have any weapons of mass destruction.  Otherwise he would not have attacked.

    George W. Bush is a serial killer.  No wonder he doesn’t have a problem sleeping at night.  I guess that wealthy people don’t need to train their children to be human beings.  Apparently, Barabara was too busy either lushing up or porking out to actually be involved in properly raising her child.  He got his alcolism from someone.  Hmmm.

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