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Apr 21, 2014

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The Evolution of God

The Evolution of God

By Robert Wright

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Kim Jong Il
Mike Luckovich

Robert Scheer: Dear Leader Brings It On

Right-wingers want to blame Bill Clinton for North Korea’s nuclear provocation, but it was the wannabe cowboy in the Oval Office who goaded the Hermit Kingdom’s leader into a Cold War-style bout of nuclear brinkmanship.

  • UPDATE: Jimmy Carter,  former emissary to N. Korea, calls for resumption of negotiations with Pyongyang
  • McCain rips Clinton’s N. Korea policy (read or watch)

  • Posted on Oct 10, 2006 READ MORE


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    Hadden and Luce
    Time Inc. /From "The Man Time Forgot"

    The Betrayal at the Heart of Time Magazine

    Why did Henry Luce, titan of 20th-century journalism, bury the legacy of his boyhood friend and rival, Time magazine co-founder Briton Hadden? That’s the provocative and never-before-told story at the heart of the new book “The Man Time Forgot.” Truthdig interviews its author, Isaiah Wilner. (Above: Hadden, left, and Luce, center, in 1925.)

    Posted on Oct 10, 2006 READ MORE

    Molly Ivins: The Not-So-Great Texas Gubernatorial Debate

    Kinky Friedman came off as an unrepentant racist on Friday night, so the contest has come down to Rick Perry, who has really good hair, and Chris Bell, who has everything else.

    Posted on Oct 9, 2006 READ MORE

    Marie Cocco: The Death of Safia Ama Jan

    The unpunished slaying of an Afghan women’s-rights worker belies America’s commitment to the liberation of Afghanistan’s female population.

    Posted on Oct 9, 2006 READ MORE

    Iran's nuclear missile
    AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

    Chris Hedges: Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse

    The former Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times and author of the bestseller “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” reports on Bush’s plan for Iran, and how a callous war, conceived by zealots, will lead to a disaster of biblical proportions.

    Posted on Oct 9, 2006 READ MORE

    Jabari Asim: ‘Fry That Chicken’

    Asim examines a hot internet video for the potency of its racist content, and wonders why a black entertainer would make a music video that is more racist than “Birth of a Nation.”

    Posted on Oct 8, 2006 READ MORE

    Andy Borowitz—Bush on Foley: We Must Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

    Bush remained resolute that America’s immigration crisis, and not the behavior of Mr. Foley, was the true root cause of the scandal.

    Posted on Oct 6, 2006 READ MORE

    Bob Woodward

    Truthdigger of the Week: Bob Woodward

    Truthdig tips its hat this week to Bob Woodward, whose book “State of Denial” plowed over much-trod territory and still managed to surface plenty of fresh headlines. (Video and more after the jump…)

    Posted on Oct 6, 2006 READ MORE

    Molly Ivins: Return of the War Criminal

    The fact that Henry Kissinger is ascendant in the Bush administration is easily the most vile revelation to surface in Bob Woodward’s new book.

    Posted on Oct 5, 2006 READ MORE

    Joe Conason: The Gang That Couldn’t Talk Straight

    More disturbing than the GOP’s attempts to shift blame in the Foley scandal is the emerging narrative of dereliction and coverup.

    Posted on Oct 5, 2006 READ MORE

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