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* Common Dreams ejected me without a reason, without a word and it’s gatekeepers have ignored my dozens and dozens of emails, phone calls and even one snail mail letter. Gatekeepers are everwhere. Usually, The establishment unleashes it’s gatekeepers -  thuggish police, ignorant yahoo youngsters seeking to get away from the video console and kill in the real world, paid lobbyists from Big Pharma, or business generally, etc - knowingly, but they can creep into an org and cause problems if that org’s owners and managers are sleeping on the job. My voice has been silenced on Common Dreams and I just want everyone who cares to know that.
I’m a single, 53 yr old white male without dependents. I didn’t deliberately choose to be single and childless, but that’s what happens when you lack, let’s say, the romance gene. Women just don’t notice me. They never have. No, I don’t have a great hump on my back or anything. Now that I’m over 50, though, I’m not getting any more attractive. :-(

I like an intellectual challenge (stimulating conversation), coffee, good food and fantasy. And I like to know what’s going on in the world, which is why I’m here. I’m also religious. Say what you will about that, Becoming religious got my mind active. And that is what led me into politics. If your thought is: ‘The world could do without religion’, I’d agree (conditionally). Organized religion will be destroyed by God, in time. All I can say is; I don’t preach at people. You could know me for a long time and not know I’m religious. When the subject comes up, I can talk about it and I’m happy to, unless the person I’m talking to is scary.

I hate the way people with religious views (strictly speaking and not strictly speaking; political views are religious) are so willing to force them on others. That doesn’t work. In fact, It’s a sign that the religionist is not godly. The so-called theocracies of this world, which are worse than mere terror states (like the U.S. and Israel) - for the entire people and culture is one with the state - are abominations. I would say this: If there’s a God, He certainly has marked for destruction those places and their supporters.

That’s all for now. As the Christian Bible says, ‘Peace to men of goodwill’. Later…