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London, United Kingdom / Neuhofen Germany
Journalist, author, news correspondent, broadcasting host of
Books, Democracy Now!, New York City, USA America, London, United Kingdom, traveling, culture, international,
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February 6, 1968

Andreas Klamm, Journalist

born on February 6, 1968 in the German city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany.

One of the grandfatheris is a French citizen and was a FRENCH Army officer in 1945, stationed in Germany.
Another of the grandparents left in 1950 Germany for ever and has changed her citizenship.

Journalist, Radio Journalist, TV journalist, independent radio- television- and film producer since 1984, broadcasting host on radio and television since 1984, journalist since 1984, author of several books, news correspondent (English, French, German), British Newsflash Magazine, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty,, Human Rights Reporter.

Awards and promotions in 1986, 1987, 1988. 1989 and current recommendations.

1984: With 16 years of age started to write for newspapers, such as the Tagespost (Daily Mail, Speyer), Morgenpost (Morning Post Speyer) and became with 16 years of age a broadcasting host for radio and television.  He was performing 8-hour-LIVE radio programs and 2-hour LIVE TV programs already with 16 years of age.

As a 2nd professon he became a nurse (R.N,, RGN) since 1993 and also a paramedic. Work experience in the medical field as nurse (R.N., RGN) in London, Clementine Churchill Hospital, ITU nurse in London and in Germany.

1984: Founder of
1986: Founder of British Newsflash Magazine (est. 1986, Leeds, West Yorkshire)
1986: Founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and international service
1988: Covering events about an asylum seeker from former Yugoslavia which was in danger to be send back
by German authorities into the midst of war. This is was a danger to the life of the father of children from former Yugoslavia. Andreas Klamm covered the story on television.
1988: Special coverage about the shooting of Silke Bischof, a hostage which got killed. Interview with the attorney of the family.
1990: Covering a special event for Stadtradio Heilbronn (local commercial radio) with a choir from China in the German city of Heilbronn.
1998: Covering the election campaign in Germany.
2000: Founder and director of XXL-info projects
2001 / 2002: New York City, United States of America, special coverage and research related to 9 11.
2003 and 2004: Student with the Protestant University of Applied Science (welfare, social and health) in the German city o Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
2004: Special coverages about the Tsunami and releated affairs.
2005: Covering the election campaign in Germany.
2005: Covering a world premiere with Gidon Kremer and the Kremerata Balitica with the BASF - The Chemical Company which has made a 50.000 Euro donation to support the Kremerata Balitica.
2006: Co-Founder of the media project “Human Rights Reporter - Menschenrechts-Reporter” in co-operation with Hans-Jürgen Graf, author and other journalists throughout the world.
2006: After his flight to London was cancelled because of a possible terror plot he started to cover from the airport on television about the events, intervews with airport authorities and other passengers.
2006: After he became aware of the situation of the homeless people in Germany the journalist has founded the media project Regional Aid / which is created to help people in danger and need. About one million people in Germany are homeless.
2007: Covering G8 summit in Heiligendamm, as journalist, broadcasting host on television and news correspondent.
2007, October: The request to change citizenship from the German one the U.S. citizenship was issued by the
journalist to the U.S. Department of Jusitice, Washington, D.C. mainly for political and social-political reasons, ARTICLE 15, universal declaration of the Human Rights of he United Nations, (UN), New York City.
2008: Co-Founder of MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8418,  editor in chief, news correspondent, Africa, Togo

Has been traveling to France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, England, United Kingdom and two time to the United States of America (U.S.A.).

ALL these media projects are independent and international media projects which do operate under NO- or LOW budget conditions.

After several attacks against some of our editors and death threats which we have received in 2000, we are also specialized to work under war, crisis and disaster conditions and with mobile units. We have founded also media crisis intervention units. 

For a television production “November 9, 1938 and today”, covering crimes of the Nazis during 1933 to 1945,  the journalist and television producer and some of the participating co-workers have received death threats in Germany in the year 2000.

Any author, reporter, news correspondent, broadcasting host or journalist which want to participate and contribute is friendly welcome. Required language: ENGLISH. We mainly do communicate in the English, some times in the Spanish, French and German language.

Founder and director of Grace MedCare Ltd., London, United Kingdom. A very small company wich offers international all kind of media, medcial and care service.

Andreas Klamm is the author of several books.

Recent books which have been published containing text in the English and in the French language:

British Newsflash Magazine :: Magazin-Buch: Edition 2008, No. 1 :: Themen und Berichte aus Politik, Soziales und Gesellschaft (issues and reports from political and social affairs, culture and society)

200 pages
Books on Demand Gmbh; Edition 1 (Juni 2008)
Language: German, with some articles in the English language
ISBN-10: 3837046001
ISBN-13: 978-3837046007
Size and weight: 29,7 x 21 x 1,2 cm

Die Kinder der John Baptist Mission in Togo: Mission und Hilfe für Kinder

200 pages
Books on Demand Gmbh; Edition 1 (August 2008)
Language: German with articles in the English and French language
ISBN-10: 3837057623
ISBN-13: 978-3837057621
Size and weight: 21 x 14,8 x 1,2 cm

Britih Newsflash Magazine:

Media project Human Rights Reporter

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, international service

Radio IBS Liberty (Leeds)

IBS Television Liberty / Andeaas Klamm TV Journalist

Andreas Klamm, Journalist international services (English, Spanish, French, German)

Regional Aid /