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South Carolina Lt. Gov. Apologizes for Comparing the Poor to ‘Stray Animals’

Posted on Jan 25, 2010
Flickr / Mat Packer

This baby does a solid Andre Bauer impersonation.

South Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has apologized for comparing poor people to “stray animals” that are encouraged by gifts of food to breed uncontrollably. Bauer, who is running in the state’s gubernatorial election, told CNN while apologizing that he is “not against animals.”

What he is is maybe a little dense. After telling the news network that “I never intended to tie people to animals,” Bauer repeated the error by offering this pearl of wisdom: “If you have a cat, if you take it in your house and feed it and love it, what happens when you go out of town?” Consider them tied, gov.

Click here for a report on Bauer’s original comments.  —PZS

CNN via PoliticalWire:

In a phone interview with CNN, Bauer, a Republican candidate for governor, said, “I wish I had used a different metaphor.” Bauer told an audience Friday that people receiving government assistance are like “stray animals” because “they breed” and “don’t know any better.”

“I never intended to tie people to animals,” he said, before opting for a kinder animal metaphor: “If you have a cat, if you take it in your house and feed it and love it, what happens when you go out of town?”

Noting that he has raised money for a group that protects animals, Bauer also said he is “not against animals.”

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By doublestandards/glasshouses, January 26, 2010 at 11:23 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The least the press could do is break down his closet
door.  There might be some “stray cats” in there.

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By purplewolf, January 26, 2010 at 9:47 am Link to this comment

Teadrinker, Andre never did say what became of his cat now did he? Did he get it fixed or did it run away from mistreatment or lack of food? Perhaps they were so poor,as he mentioned the lack of education of his grandmother,that they ate the cat to keep from starving. Wonder if this person is suggesting that we exterminate the excessive poor people and maybe turn them into a food source. Soylent Green is people sort of thing.

I worked and yes, I did receive assistance when I was pregnant and after my child was born until I returned to work. Working 48 hours a week in a nursing home back then paid $1.60 an hour before taxes and it took about 3 1/2 weeks to make the rent. I stopped at one child, I cannot understand how women even 40 years later still fail to limit the number of children they bring into poverty.Might have a lot to do with all the interference from the outsiders who do not have the best interest of the poor in mind when enacting all the b.s. that goes along with owning a uterus.

There must be something in the water, air or whatever in South Carolina that brings out the depraved indifference in Repukelicans and some of the Dimmwitrats or is this a job requirement? Glad I don’t live in their state. Perhaps these “public sernants” be paid like the rest of the working people, minimum wage, no perks, no benefits, no paid breaks(something we still had in the 70’s-80’s), no vacation pay, no sick pay(we used to have 3 days per month-2 paid,not any more),no medical, dental, vision, hearing coverage, no family leave to care for family, no 3 days leave for a death in family, 1/2 a day is more than enough, no time off for doctor appointments like real people, let them schedule them after hours or weekends like when the drs. are not there like we are told to do, no unions to try to help attain a better wage and treatment on the job, no OSHA,etc… you get the point.

They claim we have to pay top dollar to get the best, well from what we have all witnessed, we have gotten the worst, so we want our money back. Pay them as a service worker as that is what they are, not royalty that they think they are. Pay them according to what they actually accomplish, they would not be able to buy a can of generic tomato soup from the dollar store. American citizens have tightened the belt for too long to keep these fat cat do nothings afloat, time to let them sink under their own making.

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By teadrinker, January 26, 2010 at 8:16 am Link to this comment

Two precious quotes from Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer: “I never intended to tie people to animals,” and his other quote: “If you have a cat, if you take it in your house and feed it and love it, what happens when you go out of town?” Yes Lt Gov., what if you’re out to lunch?

Analyze his comments. Now isn’t it good to question his education and possibly (does he take drugs) his mental fitness for the job? I’m serious. This guy is truly scary. I won’t be surprised if we find that he’s addicted to some type of drugs and he has a forged degree bought for a high price. Maybe there’s some Clif’s Notes to help him make speeches.

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By teadrinker, January 26, 2010 at 7:28 am Link to this comment

BTW, wonderfully truthful comments by two previous posters! For the most part, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer reflects that inherent revulsion and distaste, by Republicans and some Democrats, for the common man. Their sick ambition for power and money overrules any humanity they once had or never had to begin with. Besides, one of those political experts mentioned in the article, named Thigpen, whose name might as well have been Pigpen, so ably predicted that his loyal, ‘Evanghysterical Repugnican’ followers just love him and they, as forgiving as Jesus is, will forget all about this condecension. Isn’t that sweet!

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By Ron N. Bykal, January 26, 2010 at 6:09 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Kudos, purplewolf. You nailed it.

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By purplewolf, January 25, 2010 at 4:40 pm Link to this comment

Another Republican jackass. These are the same people whom want to deny birth control be covered by Medicaid, yet cover Viagra. Same for private insurance denying women reproductive care coverage including birth control, but givig men Viagra, Ensyte, Cialis, etc..or else does erectile dysfunction medications go under the category of a recreational drug, thereby making it coverable?

AS for referring the poor to animals, which party has done the most to dumb down the masses, push abstinence only education, interfere with women’s reproductive choices, deny birth control and abortion or made it much harder at attain? Why hasn’t that been the GOP, right wingers, Christian conservatives, tea bagging fringe? All the while cutting food and medical coverage for the poor? Yes it has.

If they were really interested in cutting welfare, let’s start with the over inflated corporate welfare and the MIC, along with all those over paid and very under worked people elected to office. Actual welfare for “wethe people”, includes: all social security,Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, disability programs, health programs, education, just to start with and yet less than 5% of every tax dollar is spent on these programs,but for decades the Republican party has played this drumbeat so long that the skins on the drum broke long ago. We spent well over 5% of each tax dollar on the war machine, more than over half of each tax dollar, yet where is the outrage on that. Are we really safer that we were before 9-11? No. But lets buy the Pentagon the newest toys to destroy people even when those toys don’t work and they know before they buy them that they don’t work, but hey, it’s taxpayer money so no problem.

It is time for those highly gifted by the corps bought and paid for politicians to be kicked off the dole. They have no clue that since they welcomed sending most of the good paying jobs out of the country, that even if you are lucky enough to have a job, you may still need medical help or food assistance or both as jobs do not pay a living wage in many instances and now thanks to the Supreme court latest f-ckup, these big corps will no doubt cut wages even more.Offer health insurance-no way.

Besides, if they educate the “breeders” they may get smarter and quit making so many babies for the war games of the elite and that would equal less cannon fodder. They got us where they want us, just enough food to be able to produce the next generation of soldiers, which, thanks to the job losses, offer the poor fewer choices for employment other than permanent war.

BTW when we had a few jobs supposedly open up in my area several years ago when things were still good in the job market, but the jobs were just starting to go to Mexico, AC spark plugs in Flint announced it was hiring-12 jobs only, over 1,300 people showed up for those job openings,now that company was sold out to Delphi and we all know that is gone in America anyway, they still have their overseas lower pay operations that were originally paid for by the workers in this country.

If these political hacks were truly interested in limiting the births of the poor, have them sterilized after 2 children on welfare, no extra money or foodstamps for additional babies, just like the real working job market of those of us who still have a job and to all the men who just get women pregnant and go on to the next, sterilize them after the first proven child the father sires and do not pay child support on. That night curb their over population of the poor in South Carolina.

Oh yes, sterilize all politicians and give them a lobotomy also, they need it the most.

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By David Ehrenstein, January 25, 2010 at 2:59 pm Link to this comment

What do you expect from a pathetic Republican closet queen?

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By faith, January 25, 2010 at 2:40 pm Link to this comment

Why is it that these thoughtless, self serving, morally vapid individuals can get
by with saying false innuendo, or cruel statements, with a simple matter of fact
statement saying “sorry”. 
We have witnessed this behavior for more than eight years.  From Bush stating
we were going to invade Iraq because they, unequivocably had WMDs.  To Colin
Powell uttering such false statements to the United Nations Council.  To Sarah
Palin stating that our sitting president hung around with dangerous felons.  I
am not including all the outrageous-misleading statements spoken by Rove,
Cheney, et al. quickly forgiven by a statement that, oops I was wrong.  Not
good enough.  It is time for accountability and truth in statements.  I believe in
free speech, I understand the theories of public vs. private persons, and proper
forums.  However, it is time to return to civility, to compassion, and to
“understanding” that we are different and we come from very different points of
That stated, I continue to believe that those individuals running for leadership
and political offices should be held to a higher standard.  Talking trash about
the poor is a cultural taboo it is not merely a mistatement.

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