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Sarah Palin 2012: ‘Unstoppable’?

Posted on Jul 9, 2010
Wikimedia Commons / Therealbs2002

Like her or not, Sarah Palin isn’t leaving the national stage anytime soon if she and her devoted supporters can help it. But can they?

Well, for his part, The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan sees signs that Palin may rise to the top of the GOP crop and put herself in good standing to win the 2012 Republican nomination. However, Salon’s Jonathan Bernstein isn’t so sure she’s got it in the bag.

Regardless, we can all look forward with certainty to some more fun quips, tweets and gaffes in coming months.  —KA


Anyone who thinks she has it locked up is nuts, and anyone who thinks that there’s zero possibility of her winning is also nuts. But that does raise the question: What can we know now? What should we ignore? And by the way, how does the nomination process work, anyhow?

First: We can’t know what’s in any candidate’s head. Anyone who tells you that they’re certain that Palin is “really” just in it for the money, or is “really” power-crazed and only cares about getting elected, is actually just guessing. My advice: Anyone who tells you they’re sure about stuff like this is someone to usually skip.

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, July 12, 2010 at 12:07 pm Link to this comment

poonckie, July 12 at 1:14 am,

I guess it makes people feel independent to become Independents politically without a representative party, because there is NO Independent Party.  All Independents will still have to vote for either a member of the Democratic Party, a member of the Republican Party or an individual non-member without political party rights in Congress. 

If a non-institutionalized Independent loner non-member gets elected as an Independent loner non-member, that Independent loner non-member will be a non-member under the authority of members of either the institutionalized Democratic Party or the institutionalized Republican Party, a choice between the Left and the Right, if they want a seat in Congress; this is what Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders did.

If a member of the non-institutionalized Green Party gets elected as an independent loner Green Party non-member in Congress, he/she will be only one individual loner non-member under the authority of either the institutionalized members of the Democratic Party or the institutionalized members of the Republican Party, a choice between the Right and the Left,

It would be good to institutionalize the Independent Party as real members, or the Green Party as real members, or both into Constitutional law as a 3rd Party and 4th Party, but currently there are no 3rd or 4th party members in Congress, only single individuals non-members alone in Congress under the authority of either the members of the Republican Party or the members of the Democratic Party.

As single non-institutionalized non-member individuals in Congress, separate from both parties, they can talk, but if one of the two institutionalized leaders do not choose to allow their opinion, then their opinion is not allowed without recourse, which makes is illogical to choose to be an Independent non-member or a Green non-member.  Affiliated doesn’t make one a member.  Non-members are NO THREAT to the status quo, whatsoever.

It would be best for all the Independents and Greens to realize they are only treading water and that if they would join the institutionalized Democratic Party as members they could take over and repair the Democratic Party and take the Democratic Party away from the Corporate DLC and get laws legislated to institutionalize a 3rd and 4th institutionalized political parties where they would be able to be MEMBERS, instead of non-members.

Based on the Political Spectrum Line Graph, it is NEVER in the best interest of the populace to choose to be Conservative Right-Wing Republicans, as all spaces Right of Center are the Kings autocratic positions and the liberal populace are ALL positions to the Left of Center. Right/King-Left/Populace; Center is not a position at all; strictly propaganda.

Sarah Palin is trying to deceive the populace into thinking there is a choice on the Republican side of the spectrum and there is not.  The Republican side of the spectrum is the autocratic GOP King’s side and she will be led by the authoritarian, autocratic leadership of the admitted Atheist Rove and his bunch that led the Conservative Right-Wing Republican EXTREMIST Bush II administration that claimed religion, but followed Rove.

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poonckie's avatar

By poonckie, July 11, 2010 at 9:14 pm Link to this comment

It’s time for a strong third party candidate with a campaign funded by the people. The internet has thrown a wrench into the media monopoly and it’s only a matter of time before it too will be “regulated” by our corrupt government. There have been several runs at it already to “save the children from online predators”. It made the difference in Obama’s campaign by raising millions in small donations. A sane third party candidate could concievably raise enough to make a serious run and I believe the time is right.

The fact is the largest majority of voters are Independant, having become disillusioned with both “mainstream” parties.

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By berniem, July 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm Link to this comment

Its really frightening to realize that most of the Bozos in this nation won’t realize what a totally incompetent half-wit this woman is until she fulfills the premise of the"Peter Principle” by becoming POTUS! The same potential for tragedy, tho not as ruinous on such a large scale, is the ascension of Boner to Speaker ‘o da House if the reactionaries prevail come Nov. With the past stupidity of the electorate in the forefront I truly despair for the country’s future, not that another round of Barry and the Dem. Mismanagement Squad will make things any rosier! Has it gotten to the point where no one can lead this runaway train unless anointed by either the DNC or RNC? And please don’t bore me with the arguements for controlled anarchy, AKA, libertarianism! Heavily defended gated communities went out with the middle ages!

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driving bear's avatar

By driving bear, July 11, 2010 at 6:21 pm Link to this comment

I read am interesting report a few weeks ago about the Israel /palestinian conflict.

It stated that an Israeli foreign ministry source said Israel is just going thought the motions in the peace process and in essence in waiting for Jan 2013 for President Palin to take office

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poonckie's avatar

By poonckie, July 11, 2010 at 5:36 pm Link to this comment

ProfessorDuh, don’t beat up on my State. Alaska is the most beautiful State in the Union,the fact that some of the populous was duped into electing an air-head for Gov doesn’t mean we are all stupid.

Sarah is an imbarassment and a media construct. Her “celebrity” is nothing more than a farce. A half term Governorship and a ghost written book hardly qualifies one for the Presidency, but hell George wasn’t any brighter. The successful blocking of any third party candidate by the DEM/GOP insures we will always have a sock-puppet in the Oval Office.

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, July 11, 2010 at 3:22 pm Link to this comment

Here is some more on Conservatives and Liberals,  the two parties that divide the state of the United States in “The Conservative” by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

It is the primal antagonism, the appearance in trifles of the two poles of nature.

There is always a certain meanness in the argument of conservatism, joined with a certain superiority in its fact. It affirms because it holds. Its fingers clutch the fact, and it will not open its eyes to see a better fact. The castle, which conservatism is set to defend, is the actual state of things, good and bad. The project of innovation is the best possible state of things. Of course, conservatism always has the worst of the argument, is always apologizing, pleading a necessity, pleading that to change would be to deteriorate; it must saddle itself with the mountainous load of the violence and vice of society, must deny the possibility of good, deny ideas, and suspect and stone the prophet; whilst innovation is always in the right, triumphant, attacking, and sure of final success. Conservatism stands on man’s confessed limitations; reform on his indisputable infinitude; conservatism on circumstance; liberalism on power; one goes to make an adroit member of the social frame; the other to postpone all things to the man himself; conservatism is debonnair and social; reform is individual and imperious. We are reformers in spring and summer; in autumn and winter, we stand by the old; reformers in the morning, conservers at night. Reform is affirmative, conservatism negative; conservatism goes for comfort, reform for truth. Conservatism is more candid to behold another’s worth; reform more disposed to maintain and increase its own. Conservatism makes no poetry, breathes no prayer, has no invention; it is all memory. Reform has no gratitude, no prudence, no husbandry. It makes a great difference to your figure and to your thought, whether your foot is advancing or receding. Conservatism never puts the foot forward; in the hour when it does that, it is not establishment, but reform. Conservatism tends to universal seeming and treachery, believes in a negative fate; believes that men’s temper governs them; that for me, it avails not to trust in principles; they will fail me; I must bend a little; it distrusts nature; it thinks there is a general law without a particular application, — law for all that does not include any one. Reform in its antagonism inclines to asinine resistance, to kick with hoofs; it runs to egotism and bloated self-conceit; it runs to a bodiless pretension, to unnatural refining and elevation, which ends in hypocrisy and sensual reaction.

And so whilst we do not go beyond general statements, it may be safely affirmed of these two metaphysical antagonists, that each is a good half, but an impossible whole.”

Palin is a Conservative EXTREMIST like Bush II, who was wired for the answers, therefore she will be wired as well and will come up with answers that no one will believe parroting what she is told by Rove or someone of his ilk, like Reagan and Bush II to pull another Conservative Republican election fraud hoax off.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, July 11, 2010 at 2:01 pm Link to this comment

For cripes’ sake, Soothsayer… let’s not CRUCIFY him. The last guy they did that to turn into a multi-billion dollar, 2,000 year & counting, CON GAME.

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By Soothsayer, July 11, 2010 at 12:11 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

If she even survives the GOP primaries, Palin would be CRUCIFIED by Obama in
the debates. It would be like Einstein debating a fourth-grader on mathematics.

Obama would win 70 percent of the vote and perhaps all 50 states - something
never before accomplished.

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By ProfessorDuh, July 11, 2010 at 8:34 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Palin will run, but only long enough to shake the money tree. She will bow out and
endorse whoever has slipped her enough money under the table, probably
Romney. She is too lazy, greedy, ignorant and stupid to be president. She couldn’t
even stand the work of running her backwoods state.

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Peter Knopfler's avatar

By Peter Knopfler, July 11, 2010 at 8:28 am Link to this comment

“Hitch Your wagon on a Star”,
Thanks MarthA,
Remember Ralph gave the Lecture in A MASONIC Building, this to me says it all. Freemasons of America, that`s where it all started, but then you know that, right, MarthA!
Thankyou for that positive Jolt of energy!
I wrote this article of value, I know You would like!   Feb.2,2009. Have fun!

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, July 10, 2010 at 9:01 pm Link to this comment

poonckie, July 10 at 11:16 pm,

“While we descend into the tribalistic “conservative” “liberal” etc.”poonckie July 10 11:16 pm

Conservative and Liberal innovation are not tribalistic in any way but are political positions—one hoards and the other creates. Conservative will not get our nation out of the mess the Conservatives got our nation into.

Conservative and Liberal innovation are facts of life that have been around as long as time and are explained really well in the following article of which I can only present a small excerpt as follows: 

(Begin Quoting)

“The Conservative by Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Lecture delivered at the Masonic Temple,
Boston, December 9, 1841

The two parties which divide the state, the party of Conservatism and that of Innovation, are very old, and have disputed the possession of the world ever since it was made. This quarrel is the subject of civil history. The conservative party established the reverend hierarchies and monarchies of the most ancient world. The battle of patrician and plebeian, of parent state and colony, of old usage and accommodation to new facts, of the rich and the poor, reappears in all countries and times. The war rages not only in battle-fields, in national councils, and ecclesiastical synods, but agitates every man’s bosom with opposing advantages every hour. On rolls the old world meantime, and now one, now the other gets the day, and still the fight renews itself as if for the first time, under new names and hot personalities.

Such an irreconcilable antagonism, of course, must have a correspondent depth of seat in the human constitution. It is the opposition of Past and Future, of Memory and Hope, of the Understanding and the Reason. It is the primal antagonism, the appearance in trifles of the two poles of nature.

There is a fragment of old fable which seems somehow to have been dropped from the current mythologies, which may deserve attention, as it appears to relate to this subject.”

(End Quoting)

There are 10 pages of posts for this article, which I will not post, but you can read the rest of the quote at the following link:

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By rollzone, July 10, 2010 at 8:15 pm Link to this comment

hello. i have to disagree with anyone doubting her
desire to be in the White House, either as VP or
leader. the family prestige and perks are enormous.
watching her being handled and guided on television
does stink of preordained destiny. finding a more
qualified candidate is easy, but public appeal
appears to decide whom they put in the role of
mouthpiece. our votes are already counted, and the charade is behind schedule (remember the Demoncrats
began to campaign mid summer 2006). so for any viable
opposition from constitutionals or other nonsensical
platforms, they need to begin a Twitter or Facebook
campaign soon to even be in the running. Hillary will
kill her before allowing her to be first.

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poonckie's avatar

By poonckie, July 10, 2010 at 7:16 pm Link to this comment

I agree with Rae. While we descend into the tribalistic “conservative” “liberal” etc. The puppet masters pull the strings. The media and corrupt politicians have rigged the game. Fake voting machines fix the elections and it seems that whoever is elected, they follow the same game plan. Endless wars, more Americans driven into poverty, vilifying one minority group or another, painting the poor as lazy opportunists. The same tactics work decade after decade and the likes of Palin and the fox crowd attempt to give legitimacy to the lies.

Palin doesn’t want to be President, she makes too much money doing what she does and if Katie Couric asking her about her reading habits was too much for her to take then facing the 24/7 scrutiny of the media as President would have her shooting more than just moose.

She, like Bush II, is just an empty suit, a spectacle to be paraded around to draw crowds while successfully spreading the lies of distraction. In the mean time events are unfolding around at home and around the World marginalizing us as a Country.

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By omygodnotagain, July 10, 2010 at 6:33 pm Link to this comment

Palin getting airtime is training for Presidential run, she has sold out for fame and power. But it really doesnt matter, the whole Presidential campaign is a charade. If Gore had won in 2000 chances are he would have been knocked off and Joe Lieberman would have become President and we would in World War 3. American men and women dying for the cause of Zionist hegemony in the Middle East
So we got Bush and Cheney, war in Iraq and Afghanistan guess we should be grateful for small mercies.

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By ocjim, July 10, 2010 at 6:09 pm Link to this comment

We all thought that Sarah’s male counterpart, George W. Bush, was too mediocre and too tainted to be elected, even his own parents had doubts. But he was sold and his troublesome, ineffective background was muted by the media and smoothed over through Rovian propaganda and intimidation.

The people even elected an extremely tarnished Bush for a second term.

It is the Republican way to nominate a dunce who can be manipulated by neocons and the rich elite, utilizing the techniques of propaganda and exploiting the willful ignorance of the people.

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, July 10, 2010 at 6:01 pm Link to this comment

Peter Knopfler, July 10 at 3:12 pm,

The populace must stop the Right-Wing EXTREMISTS, instead of imagining that Sarah Palin and Glen Beck care about the populace, move on their own, and think for their selves, for the life of me, it looks like the populace should be able to understand that these puppet propagandists are highly paid to do what they do; and that they do what they do strictly for MONEY, and MONEY ONLY.

Australian born Conservative Right-Wing Republican EXTREMIST Billionaire Rupert Murdoch pays the salaries of all his political propagandists that jump at his command, therefore, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and all the Fox News Network, the Wall Street Journal and whatever and whoever else Murdoch has bought, jump at Rupert Murdoch’s command.

All the Fox News Network’s propagandists’ Conservative Republicans politicking is under Rupert Murdoch’s command.  Murdoch has sold his soul to Satan, used his wealth to buy his Hitleresque power and is using his Hitleresque power through his propagandists to control the American populace, as well as other populaces around the world and even religion.

The last thing the American populace needs is a another even worse rendition of the Bush II years, which is what a Hitleresque Murdoch led Conservative Right-Wing Republican Sarah Palin/Glen Beck term would be, as Conservative Republicans want to get rid of government, altogether, so the rich will have no controls on them, but the populace need to consider that without government control on the wealthy Conservative Republican autocrats, the populace are nothing more than flies to be used as slaves to the extent that it is possible and swatted away, with the American populace having no more recourse than a fly, as what little control has been put back into place by the Obama administration will be readily removed, as was done in the Bush administration.

Lord forbid, should the puppets Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck be wheedled into the presidency by the Murdoch constituency like Bush II was, then the rich will pay no taxes whatsoever and it will be woe to the populace, the likes of which this nation has never seen.

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By nemesis2010, July 10, 2010 at 1:16 pm Link to this comment

By G.Anderson, July 10 at 1:25 am

”But then since, the president now takes orders from the plutocracy it doesn’t really matter, who it is does it? “

Exactly! If voting could effect any real change it would be illegal.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 10, 2010 at 1:06 pm Link to this comment

If Palin is the best the Republicans can do in 2012, I’m not voting.

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By SoTexGuy, July 10, 2010 at 11:44 am Link to this comment

“By kerryrose, July 9 at 9:05 pm #

What is this article about?  Why does it exist?”

What they said..


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Peter Knopfler's avatar

By Peter Knopfler, July 10, 2010 at 11:12 am Link to this comment

If I was an American, I would be worried, maybe if your not An american more worry.
Murdoch and the Saudi Prince, owners of Fox news network,  supports Sahara Palin, for president and Murdoch`s other puppet Glen Beck as vice President, O`Really secretary of State and Hannity head of Homeland Security and the rest of the crew scattered liberally. 13 years ago Murdoch put Tony BLAIR IN OFFICE PRIME MINISTER, by managing Blair`s media campaign. you never know How far MURDOCH`S MONEY GOES, straight into the White House? Will Obama lose to the Fox from Australia? Only Sahara Knows!

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By also outraged, July 10, 2010 at 11:10 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

How to stop Sarah Palin?

1. Expose her ties to very powerful interests, especially in the defense establishment.

2. Focus on her terrible record as Mayor of Wasilla.

(Conservatives themselves would be outraged if they knew the full story of her election and tenure!)

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, July 10, 2010 at 10:28 am Link to this comment

Nothing is impossible in voting with the diebolding of America.

Even with the outcry against paper-trailess voting machines, the diebold programmers just get more brazen in their electronic ballot box stuffing.

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By bEHOLD_tHE_mATRIX, July 10, 2010 at 10:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The visualization of Justice Roberts placing a diamond,
ruby and sapphire flag and oil well festooned tiara as
well as a polar bear stole upon her person as CEOs hold
up champaign toasts is a nightmarish image both
haunting and frightening.

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By Jimnp72, July 10, 2010 at 7:50 am Link to this comment

I am still waiting for her to come out with her line of the Sara Palin action
figures, esp. the little helicopter with the assault rifle mounted on it.
She is wildly popular with the tea party, and I would suspect if she perceives
she is being spurned by the repug money/slime machine, she will run as an
independent,, or run as the official tea party candidate.
For the presidential debates, she would be okay as she could wear the little
radio receiver that was bulging out of bush’s back during his debate with Kerry.
Also, as I have said many times, let us not misunderestimate the gross stupidity
of many in the US, remember that they re-elected a war criminal in 2004.
The Salon article raises a good point that if she crosses the republican slime
machine, it will devour her.
Some of us are so deeply cynical that we fee bitter, hopeless and powerless.
For myself,  will continue to gain information by reading from various sources,
write to the newspapers and blog as much as I can.
The pen is mightier than the sword and always will be.
The book “Infidel” shows what one person can do with courage and knowledge.

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, July 10, 2010 at 6:27 am Link to this comment

Evaluating Sarah Palin’s chances are the same as evaluating the intentional systemic degradation of the American Populace to serve the purpose of political leadership through mass hysteria; if the American Populace has been properly prepared by the Nobility and the Middle Class, and they are at the proper stage of development to respond to Sarah Palin’s disingenuously expedient political message, Sarah Palin will be successful; otherwise, Sarah Palin will be unsuccessful and the job will be left to a future Republican after the political ground has been properly worked and developed to support the growth of the message it was engineered to support.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, July 10, 2010 at 5:55 am Link to this comment

Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps Palin is the perfect choice. After all, it seems more evident as time passes that the real power lies with those managing the strings to the Oval Office.

So what does it matter if she’s elected? She’ll do exactly as she’s told just like past presidents, or she’ll “disappear” like past presidents who didn’t do as they were told. I submit she’d be the PERFECT president… her antics and airheaded comedic behavior would provide the PERFECT distraction for those who really run things. Palin the Marionette!

And who’s doing the telling? Oh, I don’t know… but I’d look first to Big Corpa, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Fed. They’ve got all the money. If they haven’t got it all yet they will soon. It’s a sure bet the US Government hasn’t got a dime to call its own, except, of course, what they steal from us onlookers.

And to answer kerryrose “What is this article about? Why does it exist?” - my guess is that it’s been planted by “those” whose job it is to keep Palin’s name popping up at the top of the list of candidates. In America it doesn’t take much to make the “news” - the nuttier and less important, the better. Works every time.

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By standard anthony, July 10, 2010 at 3:14 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I would be more concerned with Patraeus and McCrystal if I were you.  Mind the rebels in the RIF…

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By Lawn Man, July 10, 2010 at 1:52 am Link to this comment

I’m in the school of these things being determined not by the people but by the
men behind the curtain, and never for the benefit of the people but for the benefit
of the few. Left and Right really don’t matter anymore, it’s all an illusion - a
distraction - zig-zagging left and right - but always to exactly the same

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By samosamo, July 9, 2010 at 11:04 pm Link to this comment


““Well, for his part, The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan sees signs that
Palin may rise to the top of the GOP crop and put herself in good
standing to win the 2012 Republican nomination.”“

If that is the case then the men behind the curtains have decided
she will be the next president and ain’t much us po’ folks can do
about it.

It also, puts the onus on the people to have to choose between
palin and o for that good old ‘lesser of 2 evils’ choice or
Hobson’s choice. So if it does come down to those 2 then is
insures that the administrations since reagan will remain intact
to further the elitist’s agendas such as the grand larceny in the
financial sector, the perpetual wars, the ever increasing
conservatism of the scotus, lobbying will remains the ciminal
way of doing business and even more crises for to muddle the
serfs thinking all presented by the msm from the ministry of

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G.Anderson's avatar

By G.Anderson, July 9, 2010 at 9:25 pm Link to this comment

Well I wonder who the president will be. It’s doubtful that Obama will be re elected.

But then since, the president now takes orders from the plutocracy it doesn’t really matter, who it is does it?

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By Naz, July 9, 2010 at 9:19 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Remember, we will be voting on electronic machines with no paper trail. Anything can happen. Glen effing Beck could be the next president.

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By xox, July 9, 2010 at 7:02 pm Link to this comment

Palin is “really” just in it for the money.

She’d have to study too hard and too much for Presidential debates.
Ain’t gonna happen.
I am 400% sure.

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By greg, July 9, 2010 at 6:45 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Judging from the bed wetting going on over the release of Palin’s web video yesterday, I’d say that Andy has a lot of company in the mixed nuts department.  Over at Politico, their story about the video has well over 1,000 comments, a large percentage of which are off the derangement meter.  I suspect that many of these people will be out on ledges or putting nooses around their neck when Palin officially announces that she’s running.

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By James H., July 9, 2010 at 5:25 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

We’re all going to fucking die.  That woman is a dangerous Christian Reconstructionist - and there’s nothing they want more than to bring torment and suffering on anyone who hasn’t read and accept Tim LaHaye as their Lord and Savior.

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kerryrose's avatar

By kerryrose, July 9, 2010 at 5:05 pm Link to this comment

What is this article about?  Why does it exist?

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