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October 9, 2015
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Propaganda? What Propaganda?

Posted on Dec 12, 2005

“There is no U.S. footprint” is the proud boast of one of the Pentagon’s propaganda contractors, and it prompts the questions: Why not? What are they ashamed of? One thing is that most of us in this democracy did not know we were paying for this vast official propaganda operation until we read it in Jeff Gerth’s excellent investigative piece in The New York Times. A truly free press is our most valuable export, and its reputation should not be undermined by the Bushies’ addiction to government propaganda.

—Posted by Robert Scheer.

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By Theway2k, December 14, 2005 at 5:33 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I have to admit that there are some conservative columnists, but you have to admit the NY Times push is liberal as well as supporting liberal themes. As for past Administrations, I am afraid I am not as well read as you. Maybe you are talking about Clinton immorality or selling American technology to Communist China an obvious political rival. Or possibily President Kennedy initiating support for South Vietnam by having Diem assasinated so the corrupt South Vietnamese government would bow to American wishes. Or maybe Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Or possibly Truman allowing Communist China call the shots in North Korea when MacArthur had the opportunity to weaken that government. Yes the politics of weakness and appeasement is what the MSM (O yeah - Main Stream Media) and the Democratic Party is all about.

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By Paul, December 14, 2005 at 8:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Googling “MSM” yielded only:

1) methylsulfonylmethane
2) Morehouse School of Medicine

If the NYT is so “liberal”, who the hell was Judy Miller?

Interestingly, I have just been reading Robert Scheer’s 1960’s pieces on Vietnam, among other topics, in his old book Thinking Tuna Fish, Talking Death: Essays on the Pornography of Power. It seems that the current US regime is repeating the mistakes from back then, but with greater zeal and ruthlessness.

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By Brandywine, December 13, 2005 at 3:12 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Are most of us in a democracy?  Last time I looked I seriously questioned that.  We are innundated with corporations who rule our lives due to their lobbying and their connections to Bush—we did not elect them. We are faced with the fact that perhaps two of the last elections were not honest elections—certainly, when we must rely upon illegal decisions by our Supreme Court, we must ask—is this democracy? We are faced with millions upon millions of dollars doled out to churches upon the whim of a president using our money, without the consent of Congress to rope in churches thus shackling them to his political views—or else they lose that generous endowment. Is that democracy?

Our president has been reported to say that he has received word from a god to invade Iraq and Afganistan. Is that democracy. He is also rumored to have said that the Constitution is a piece of paper and that he is the president and we had better do what he says.

He has also exhibited signs of mental derangement and delusionals thinking, yet we have no way of removing him from office, or worse yet, no way of even informing the public of his derangements due to the ass kissing of the media as we have seen it tumbling down in the pit in order to—to do what?  Keep their jobs?

What democracy, Mr. Sheer?

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By McLain Causey, December 12, 2005 at 8:13 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

How can we export something we no longer have?

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By Theway2k, December 12, 2005 at 6:38 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Most of the propaganda is actually coming from MSM. Accuracy in reporting to most of the liberal media is reporting some facts and leaving out key facts or (as Dan Rather) publishing dubious information altogether. The NY Times is one of Americans most liberal slanted rags in America. So we all ask, “Propaganda? What Propaganda?”

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