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Apr 17, 2014

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Ear to the Ground

Obama Delivered Bunker-Buster Bombs to Israel

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Posted on Sep 26, 2011
Flickr / Barack Obama

Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A report published in Newsweek on Monday reveals that President Obama secretly sold 55 deep-penetrating bombs to Israel in 2009, while publicly pressuring Israeli leaders to pursue concessions with Palestinians.

The Israelis first requested the bombs in 2005, only to be denied by President Bush out of concern that Israel was sharing advanced military technology to China. Bush went forward with the sale in 2007, scheduling delivery for 2009, when Obama executed the transaction.

In addition to the self-defense and general mayhem for which the bombs can be used, they would be well-suited for any military strikes against underground Iranian nuclear sites. —ARK

The Daily Beast:

In an exclusive story to be published Monday on growing military cooperation between the two allies, U.S. and Israeli officials tell Newsweek that the GBU-28 Hard Target Penetrators—potentially useful in any future military strike against Iranian nuclear sites—were delivered to Israel in 2009, just several months after Obama took office.

The military sale was arranged behind the scenes as Obama’s demands for Israel to stop building settlements in disputed territories were fraying political relations between the two countries in public.

… James Cartwright, the Marine Corps general who served until August as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Newsweek the military chiefs had no objections to the sale. Rather, Cartwright said, there was a concern about “how the Iranians would perceive it,” and “how the Israelis might perceive it.” In other words, would the sale be seen as a green light for Israel to attack Iran’s secret nuclear sites one day?

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By Arthur Trafford, March 8, 2012 at 8:17 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Most personnel who join the military in the United States of America profess to be Christians. These Christians for the most part have embraced the motto of the political and religious leaders of Israel, “If you really want to please us, kill an Arab for Jesus”
It would be just as evil if the Christian in the military in America embrace the political and religious motto of the Arab nations, “We love Saddam Hussein, and we want everyone in Israel to be slain”.
In 1948 millions of Jews and Christians motivating 1,000’s of lawyers, politicians, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, and bankers worldwide, and brought about the establishment of the Nation of Israel. So, human intervention, ingenuity, persistence and hard work is what created and fulfilled the dream of a modern day Israel (they didn’t really need Gods help).
God destroyed ancient Israel in 70 A.D.
When Jews and Christians merge their personal desires and goals and seek to presume they are acting on a mandate and guidance from God; then they are lying to you and me and they are carnal disobedient children of God who pretend God is pleased with their religious cause.

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By rend it, September 27, 2011 at 11:06 am Link to this comment

its stories like this that inspire me to brag about how I saw right thru his bullshit and didnt vote for him. I wish more of you were like me.

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By frecklefever, September 27, 2011 at 10:02 am Link to this comment


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LocalHero's avatar

By LocalHero, September 27, 2011 at 2:32 am Link to this comment

Sure, makes perfect sense. Win The Nobel Prize; sell bunker-bombs to the Israeli terrorists. It’s in their somewhere. In the really, really fine print.

Up is down. Black is white.

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Gulam's avatar

By Gulam, September 26, 2011 at 5:46 pm Link to this comment

Most educated people today in the West think that they are so scientific in their
thinking, but they fail to carry over into politics and history the understanding
that a given set of circumstances is likely to give a similar outcome if that has
been the case several times before. This not the first time that the Jewish
people have taken over that tiny land at the crossroads of the continents, nor is
it the first time that they have taken control over the economy of a Western
nation or city state in which they were a small minority. According to the
prophets it was Israel’s own fault when they lost the land the first time. They
were ultimately given the land back by the Shah of Iran; we tend to forget that.
The Jewish writer Flavius Josephus tells us that the second time it was the
internal divisions and contentiousness of the Jews that destroyed Jerusalem,
and the fire that destroyed the Temple was started by Jewish Zealots. In the
second volume of his Mediterranean…. Braudel spends the third chapter telling
of the repeating pattern in Europe of Jews taking over monetary systems for a
small kingdom then being run out when financial bubbles collapsed. When the
Berlin stock exchange collapsed in 1929 more than 1200 of fewer than 1500
seats were in Jewish hands.

We all grew up being told again and again how wrong the Nazi holocaust was,
though somehow we have never heard much at all about the murder of many
times that many Chinese peasants by a regime with which we have important
diplomatic relations. The Nazi persecutions and mass murders of Jews was a
terrible, unforgivable over-reaction, but it did not take place in a vacuum. The
Germans had only recently watched Marxism triumphant in Russia; led by Lenin
and many other secular Jewish leaders, mass executions had taken place and an
entire social order was destroyed. In the history books of American students,
the holocaust comes out of nowhere.

Given the precedents in history, allowing such a small number of people to take
control over the media, academia, government, and the financial system, as has
been done again in the United States, is heedless, willfully ignorant, and
suicidal. My degrees are in religion, and this is a problem that I have talked
about, fretted over for all of my long adult life. Nobody ever wants to discuss
this directly, but late at night in Israel years ago, this Jewish control over
America by Jewish money is what young religious Jews would talk about into the
night. It worried the hell out of them. The more you learn of the histories
involved, how this game has played out before, the more frightening it
becomes, this game called usury.

The Germans and the Jews, who were after all fellow humans living in the same
country, all suffered when the economy collapsed, and during and after the war.
For children living through those years there was some advantage in being
German, but not in all cases. Disproportional Jewish control in the US has
serious implications, and it is not going to be avoided by pretending that
everything is just OK. For a scholar of religious history this time is like a dream
in which one is sitting down at a control panel and seeing all the red lights
flashing at once, you turn and try to show others in the room and everybody
ignores you and keeps partying on. It is probably not a good plan to wave this
issue about the wrong way in public, but I have real trouble believing the the
best thing for the Jews and everyone else concerned is to sit and watch the
same disaster go down again.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 26, 2011 at 4:09 pm Link to this comment

It appears the Issies don’t need any more of these:

The article implies the need more of the bigger and expensive ones to add to the 100 they already have.

My bad.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm Link to this comment

I guess these BLU-109’s will go with all the other ‘defensive munitions’ the Issies get for free.  Move over WP.

I just have to laugh at the hypocrisy of it all.

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Robespierre115's avatar

By Robespierre115, September 26, 2011 at 12:58 pm Link to this comment

Really interested in seeing the Obamatrons justify this with their bizarro world lib/neocon rhetoric.

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By SoTexGuy, September 26, 2011 at 12:03 pm Link to this comment

Crow.. Great link..

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thecrow's avatar

By thecrow, September 26, 2011 at 10:23 am Link to this comment

An offer he can’t refuse.

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