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Apr 23, 2014

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By James Joyce

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Ear to the Ground

Holder Says WikiLeaks’ Gitmo Documents Won’t Affect Prosecutions

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Posted on Apr 26, 2011
Flickr / The National Guard

Attorney General Eric Holder said Guantanamo documents recently released by WikiLeaks will not impact military tribunals for terror suspects. The documents reveal flaws in the U.S. detention program at the facility.

The Obama administration had initially moved to close Guantanamo and hold terror trials in civilian courts but now finds itself defending Bush administration methodology that has been carried over. The more than 700 WikiLeaks documents tell of at least 160 “high risk” prisoners who may have been released erroneously, as well as a number who were wrongfully imprisoned.  —KDG


Holder said his decision to shift the September 11 defendants back to military tribunals will not have any impact on prosecuting future terrorism cases in U.S. courts.

Besides the defendants accused in the September 11 attacks, a number of other Guantanamo prisoners are expected to be tried in military tribunals.

The documents made available by WikiLeaks were largely silent about the use of the harsh interrogation tactics at Guantanamo that have drawn widespread condemnation and have created problems in prosecuting some cases.

Holder said the administration could not release its assessments of the Guantanamo prisoners because they were partly based on a wide range of sources, some classified, and to take that out would give incomplete information.

But lawyers for the Guantanamo prisoners will likely use the WikiLeaks documents to defend their clients.

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By Lew Ciefer, April 27, 2011 at 4:34 pm Link to this comment

Why does the MSM lie so much?

We all know that Prez Obama, true to his word, closed down Gitmo, just a few days after he took office. Next they’ll be trying to tell us that there are still troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We all know that the greatest president in the history of the U.S. withdrew all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in his first month in office ... finally a man of his word ... and he’s a leftist!

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johnnyfarout's avatar

By johnnyfarout, April 27, 2011 at 10:28 am Link to this comment

These are all drumhead trials. There never was any intention of justice involved. Guantanamo is to serve the state as a cloak hides the assassin in the alley. This is one of the points the Joint Chiefs snickered at when O’Bama told them his plans. This is one of the dungeons the crusaders have tossed these unfortunate ones they ran into in their slog across the empire, the ones who didn’t get ransomed in their war on civilization. The luckless they get to practice their inquisition on… the nonsense of military intelligence, torture, and evil scheming. One would have thought the evangelicals would step forward, but they are swimming with the these mutated sharks, and as O’Bama learned in his oval office at that first meeting with these righteous rightist of all… you change— not the empire.

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, April 27, 2011 at 5:08 am Link to this comment

This reprinted story has been up for a day and there’s been a total of four (4) comments.  The latest Chris Hedges rant concerning Corporate Amerika saw one-hundred and eighteen (118) comments in the same one day.

TruthDig regulars would much rather argue, incessantly, over the same worn-out subjects we see after every Hedges article than to think about GITMO and its international ramifications.

The last posted story covering Kosovo’s free and open elections saw a total of one (1) comment before it moved down the index page into oblivion.

Even the uprisings in Egypt saw almost no interest amongst liberal progressives until the very last days of Mubarak.  Only after every television news program in “Amerika” began looping the violence between Mubarak defenders and critics did TruthDiggers seem interested.

Most people on this Web space would rather talk about themselves than think about people outside U.S. borders.

I find these facts sad and embarrassing.

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By TDoff, April 26, 2011 at 8:02 pm Link to this comment

Of course the Wikileak revelations will have no effect on the military tribunal ‘trials’ of the Guantanamo victims. NOTHING, not truth, not common-sense, not morality, not a nuclear melt-down will have an effect on those ‘trials’.
The current military purpose will be to justify and not ‘embarrass’ the deeds of the military that came before them, that kidnapped, renditioned, tortured, and held without charges for years, people ranging from early teens to over eighty, THAT THEY, OUR MILITARY, KNEW WERE INNOCENT OF WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSEDLY BEING HELD FOR. Which, of course, our military kept secret from their victims and We, the People.
What an ignoble disgrace our military, the pentagon, the joint chiefs, the entire chain of command, including the presidents in charge during this fiasco, have made We, the People, of the once-proud US of A, a party to. They have trampled the ‘Honor’ that, once upon a time, graced our forces, our standards, and our nation.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, April 26, 2011 at 5:36 pm Link to this comment

As long as the military kangaroo court convenes there will be prosecutions, years in the making, with torture induced ‘confessions’.  So much for the speedy trial or any of the other violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

These cases deserve to be televised in a U.S. Federal Court with U.S. citizens as jurors.

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By ardee, April 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm Link to this comment

Thanks to Wikileaks, a very useful tool in breaking through the cloak of secrecy that surrounds most everything this government does. Err didn’t Obama promise a more open administration?  Gee, yet another in a rather large pile of lies and unfulfilled promises.

That these exposures seems always to highlight incredible incompetence is a real bonus to those of us who love our nation enough to want it to stop breaking the law, numerous laws in fact.

A sidebar:

We spend trillions fighting a relative few zealots, though our misguided policies are great recruiting tools for that zealotry. They, on the other hand, make do with box cutters and shovels, a rather astonishing thing dontcha think?

Imagine, if you will, if we had treated 9/11 as it should have been treated, as a criminal activity, and used the police, including Interpol. Why, instead of alienating Muslims one of them might have actually turned bin Laden in. Heck, our national debt would certainly have been more than a bit more manageable.

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By gerard, April 26, 2011 at 3:35 pm Link to this comment

Karzai better restrict the sale of shovels in Afghanistan to people with proper credentials or the Taliban (given their proclivity for tunnel-digging) will dig a hole to Gitmo. Or would that be the perfect answer for Obama?

And by the way, the fact that Saddam Hussein was trapped in a spider hole and captured must prove that he had no connection with AlQaeda.  Or is AlQaeda part of the Taliban?  Oh, no.  I forgot.  It’s Radical Islam.

So, what about those heroic fellows who saved the miners in Chile? Did they study digging in a terrorist training center?

And what about those tunnels to get food to Palestinians whom Israel was trying to starve. Quick!  Burn the Koran! We are living in the Dark Ages again.

PS—For all the literal-minded people who comment here, the above is supposed to be a joke—sinister but humorous in a twisted sort of way.

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