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By Chris Abani

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‘Dirty War’ Dictator Goes on Trial

Posted on Jul 10, 2010
jorge videla
Wikimedia Commons

Jorge Videla, shown here in 1976, has already been tried and found guilty for an assortment of crimes committed while dictator of Argentina.

A former military dictator of Argentina is on trial again. Gen. Jorge Videla, who helped lead the country’s “Dirty War” of state terror in the late 1970s and early 1980s, is one of more than 20 defendants being tried for the 1976 murders of 31 jailed dissidents.

Argentina’s “Dirty War” saw an estimated 30,000 people murdered under the military junta that ruled the country for more than half a decade. —JCL

Los Angeles Times:

The aging former military dictator of Argentina is facing criminal charges for the killings of 31 jailed dissidents during the country’s “Dirty War.” The trial of Jorge Videla, now 84 and with prostate cancer, opened last week in a court in Cordoba.

The shooting deaths occurred in the central city shortly after the 1976 coup that brought the military junta to power in Argentina. The military said at the time that the jailed dissidents were trying to escape.

Videla is being tried alongside more than 20 other defendants, including former general Luciano Menendez, reports in Argentina said. Videla also faces a trial set for September for charges that he stole 33 infants from political opponents.

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By berniem, July 11, 2010 at 5:15 pm Link to this comment

The US complicity in crimes against humanity committed by it’s right-wing clients throughout Central and South America has been documented and well known for years. The crimes of the Bush regime committed via rendition or at the unknown numbers of “black” sites by both US authorized personnel or by Amerika’s SS, Blackwater, are also well established and beyond doubt, despite the absurd legal technicality of “plausible deniability”. Nothing has been done to the previous “perps” nor will anything happen to the most recent practioners, Obama included! The only way that the ruling elite will ever be brought to justice in this capitalist cesspool is when the entire corrupt system is dismantled and replaced by one that believes in the value of intelligence and compassion and not in the notion of some overarching supernatural enitity guiding our every action in the true spirit of righteousness! Its unfortunate that so many citizens of this nation are as gullible and ego involved with their flags, guns , and bibles as they are for they have allowed themselves to be blinded to the reality of what evil is being done in their name as well as to their environment and persons!

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By MeHere, July 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm Link to this comment

Terrible episode in that country’s history, with full economic, military, and
intelligence support from the US. under Ford, Carter and Reagan. The dirty war
was part of a concerted, repressive operation that involved Chile, Argentina,
Brazil, Uruguay.  Carter condemned the dirty war but the military aid and the repression continued.  In contrast to the outcry we’ve been hearing from the US government, the media and public opinion about repressive regimes, corruption, lawlessness, and civil rights abuses in the Middle East and elsewhere, the dirty wars went on almost unnoticed here. Nothing about this is mentioned in this article either.

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By FRTothus, July 10, 2010 at 4:12 pm Link to this comment

Ordinarily, word will not come out until years hence
of the US leadership of the South American Terror
Network, and Jorge Videla’s fascist US patrons, but
given the widespread evidence unearthed by previous
investigations, and the slipping stranglehold of the
corporate press, still, the danger trials such as
this might present to this hemisphere’s corporate
aristocracy leads one to conclude that if there was
any danger of any exposure of the hand of US
officials, this trial will be held in secret, being
much easier that way to avoid pesky witnesses.  Rest
assured, the US role will be as well hidden as the
(actual or threat of) force (our favorite card) or
(actual or threat of) economic sanctions (our second
favorite) is possible to accomplish.  As it serves to
re-enforce the fear our leaders wish to have us feel
(we need protection from a scary world), this “news”
also serves as a distraction from the corporate
murders in the Gulf, the trillion-dollar corporate
bail-outs (with more to come), the foreclosures (with
more to come), no healthcare, no jobs, no future, and
the gutting that is about to take place of whatever
hasn’t already been stolen, privatized, or sold off
(Social Security, Medicare, eg), from the larger
issue of US foreign policy, and our much larger on-
going crimes and current massacres.  No wonder there
are so many religious people here.  What else have
they got?

The corporate United States is the problem, the most
dangerous and lawless state around. We would never
put men like Kissinger or Cheney or Bush or Clinton
on trial, never impeach Obama for failure to execute
the law. In Argentina they can do it, but the “made
men” of the US Mafia get away with murder on a much
grander scale, killing infants and men and women
daily by the score around the globe (and increasingly
at home) with armed and uniformed henchmen and
mercenary armies.

The hour, it is getting late.

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By Linda Lee, July 10, 2010 at 3:32 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It should be GW and Cheney on trial for war crimes right there with him. I fault the Obama - Pelosi team for covering up the lies and failing to prosecute them. That was a HUGE mistake. A same country that prosecutes for loose sperm overlooks criminal war mongers.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, July 10, 2010 at 9:25 am Link to this comment

OK, when does Cheney get his?

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