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Apr 16, 2014

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Ear to the Ground

Crisis of Capitalism

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Posted on Jul 6, 2010

Today’s list features an amazing animation on the crisis of capitalism, a dispatch from a Gulf Coast media felon and a debate on the ownership of breasts.

On a regular basis, Truthdig brings you the news items and odds and ends that found their way to Larry Gross, director of the USC Annenberg School for Communication. A specialist in media and culture, art and communication, visual communication and media portrayals of minorities, Gross helped found the field of gay and lesbian studies.

The links below open in a new window. Newer ones are on top.

David Harvey: The crisis of capitalism

It’s not just BP’s oil in the Gulf that threatens world’s oceans
A sobering new report warns that the oceans face a “fundamental and irreversible ecological transformation” not seen in millions of years as greenhouse gases and climate change already have affected temperature, acidity, sea and oxygen levels, the food chain and possibly major currents that could alter global weather.

Obama Derangement Syndrome grips conservative media once again
In recent weeks, conservative media have been consumed by “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” accusing President Obama of being insane, of colluding with Russian spies, of trying to create a civil war and implement one world government, among other things, while also claiming that his administration is trying to control everything under the sun, including the Internet and, inexplicably, your toilet.

Facing the Future as a Media Felon on the Gulf Coast
The United States Coast Guard considers me a felon now, because I “willfully” want to obtain more photos like these to show you the utter devastation occurring in Barataria Bay, Louisiana as a result of the BP oil catastrophe.

Democrats Forced to Cheat to Fund War
The Democratic leadership in the House had to resort to an unusual and underhanded tactic to pass war funding Thursday night.

Dept of Duh: House, Grey’s Anatomy Violate Codes of Conduct
Researchers analyzing episodes of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and Fox’s “House” determine the hospital dramas are “rife” with incidents that violate professional codes of conduct.

Does a lover really have first claim on breasts?
Women’s bodies have become so associated with sex that now a mothers’ magazine has called breast-feeding “creepy.” Rowan Pelling is appalled.

How The Declaration Of Independence Created American Prose
One of the most amazing thoughts in that most amazing of documents, the Declaration of Independence, comes in the second half of the second paragraph.

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ThomasG's avatar

By ThomasG, July 6, 2010 at 10:20 am Link to this comment

There is more of a crisis in the United States today than just a “Crisis of Capitalism”.

There is a “Crisis of Political Representation” that intentionally excludes the American Populace from political representation and participation in the making and enforcing of legislated law and order that is in the best interest of the American Populace.

There is a “Crisis of Confidence” that selective democracy of the United States can or will ever do anything other than represent life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with freedom and justice for all of the American Aristocracy and the Professional Middle Class, and intentionally exclude the same benefit for the American Populace, the 70% Majority Common Population of the United States.

We are the American Populace, the 70% Majority Common Population of the United States, and we have the Voting Strength as a United Class and Culture to take and hold power over the Government, the Congress, and the Judiciary of the United States.

You, the American Aristocracy and the Professional Middle Class, say that we, the American Populace, are mean, vile, and vulgar, because we are not enlightened; but, enlightened or not, we have the voting strength to seize control over all levels of government in the United States and it is necessary that we do so; otherwise, we will not be represented by legislated law and order in the government of the United States.

Those who consider themselves to be enlightened that do not want to be ruled by what they consider to be the mean, vile, and vulgar American Populace had best start doing all that they can to bring the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th Centuries, that they have built upon for 400 years at the present time at the start of the 21st Century, to maintain their own power, control, and benefit to the American Populace, or prepare to gradually cede power to the American Populace as a mean, vile, and vulgar unenlightened majority common population that is awakening and realizing that its communal wealth is being used for the benefit of the American Aristocracy and the Professional Middle Class while the American Populace is being excluded from benefit from its own communal wealth, and being intentionally excluded from participation in legislated law and order and governance that can remedy the problem.

A good place to start is the elimination of “Savant Education” in the Public School System of the United States and replacement of “Savant Education” with “Causal Education”, so that the American Populace do not continue to be programmed by all levels of U.S. Governance to be unenlightened mean, vile, and vulgar tools that are trained like monkeys from the Cradle to the Grave to be nothing more than tools of the American Aristocracy and Professional Middle Class, and distracted by entertainment in the same manner in order to perpetuate an unenlightened work force that does not share in the benefit of its own labor.

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