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China Now Consumes More Energy Than Anyone Else

Posted on Jul 20, 2010
Flickr / rahim (CC-BY)

The United States’ century-long reign as the world’s greediest energy nation is over. China has usurped the throne, as expected, though Beijing reportedly disputes the title. The International Energy Agency, which keeps track of these things, also points out that China’s per capita consumption is below the global average and far less than the U.S.’

Press release here.


Provisional figures from the International Energy Agency indicate that China’s energy demand has doubled in a decade.

The IEA said China had taken first place because it was hit less hard than the US by the global financial crisis.

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By jph, July 23, 2010 at 6:27 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“You hyperventilate too much to be reasoned with.”

I see, my breathing somehow comes across in my typing?  I guess that is why mr. suave can provied NO actual reasoning, around any of these issues, for us to debat. No responce to the insanity of the current bankster run capitalist system of infinite growth from a limited resource pool? Peek oil, peek uranium, the death of the fisheries, massive loss of biodevirsity etc. none of this is caused by or can be effected by humans and our activities??  But this is what we should expect from someone arguing FOR extinction. Yes, lets kill off all natural biodiversity and replace dynamic living eco-systems with a corporate owned and top-down controled geneticly modified, and therfore pateneted, mono-crop of tastless products.  Yes that is the ‘utopia’ that this type of corportate cheerleading will bring about.

“fuking dumb animals”,. indeed.

People can do way better,.

Here is some homework for you, upgrade your undersanding and perhaps we can debat;

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 22, 2010 at 6:13 pm Link to this comment


You hyperventilate too much to be reasoned with.

“The only reason that big agro does genetic modification is so they can patent and claim to own lifeforms.”

No. The reason they do genetic mods is to grow more food per acre and reap more profit on the sale. That’s a good thing. More people are fed, less land and water are used. Period. There is no conspiracy.

What is “jebus”?

It’s fortunate that humans weren’t around 75 million years ago during the great extinction, when 80% of species then living disappeared. Can you imagine the gnashing of teeth.

Your Haiti comments- Oh puh-leeze!

FISH DON’T CARE! They’re fucking dumb animals!

“Are you blind or just in total FOX based denial?”...“you are just an ignorent fool calling people names who you know nothing about.” It’s a pot and kettle thing I see.

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By jph, July 22, 2010 at 12:02 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“hubris” really?  Wake up, PEOPLE are killing the planet, not sunspots, not jebus. Are you blind or just in total FOX based denial?

“Genetically modified crops require far less land and water than natural strains”

That is pure BS! The only reason that big agro does genetic modification is so they can patent and claim to own lifeforms,. see;

Haiti is being held in a state of slavery through the IMF/worldbank as the banksters are still pissed that slaves could rebel and take control of their own island,. read the history. US/Canadian/French manipulation is the source of Haiti’s troubles, not charcoal farmers. Also, there may in fact be a great deal of natural pertolium resources to exploite so these corporate plunderers are maintinig control there.  As well, it is a convinent launching point for a coming Venezuelan invasion,. for what? resources yet again!

Actually fish do care,. and are currently dieing all over the planet (when they have survived the massive over fishing!), a few degrees change and whole spawns are killed off,. you know nothing about evolution if you think we can evolve our way out of this massive killing spree.  We have only been burnig oil for 100 years,. evolution takes many many millennia!

  I did not limit my first comment to climate change, I was talking about the end of oil, the forests and the fisheries, and all the resources we consume so mindlessly.  But like a good corporate defender, you try to conflate reality, into one simple issue that your corporate PR people have been working ever so hard to cast doubt on in the minds of the mass media feed consumers.  Global warming is but one issue that comes with massive over consumption of an ever increasing population fed simplistic ideas of freedom while they are more inslaved to a dieing systems than most can imagine.

“wooly-headed Gaia freaks” “whiny Greens” “those zealots” well these are telling,. you are just an ignorent fool calling people names who you know nothing about. The whole basis of your favored “free market” is infinite growth!  This is not posible on a finite planet. The bottom of this impossible silly pyramid scam has just begun to fall out. I think they are calling this the econimic collapse,. or the sovereign debt crisis,. but what it really is is that the planet has reached its finite limits,. this in not some loony ‘hippy’ idea,. it is pure logic, thermodynamics and basic physics.  Growth stops when the resources run out,. then dieback,.. as the corporate system in not at all sustainable.

Don’t invest in the rigged stockmarket scam, push for real monitary reform;

Don’t shop at corporate megastores, start making yourself and your community more sustainable an dinterconected localy, Permaculture is the way forward;

You reading me “captin”?

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 22, 2010 at 10:37 am Link to this comment

The “jph” post is a perfect example of the hubris and vanity of Green progressives.

Why oh why do these people think “the planet” even cares about our existence? It took care of itself for 4 billion years before we got here, and most certainly will do just fine without us when we’re gone. Greens are hubristic enough to think they can actually stop the planet from changing. (A good start is to destroy wealth.)

Take deforestation- Why is it occurring? 1. People want more farm land. Genetically modified crops require far less land and water than natural strains, yet Greens want nothing to do with them. So, paradoxically, we’ll need more land to grow a given amount of food. 2. People need wood for fuel. Haiti was stripped naked by charcoal makers. Charcoal! But we can’t have “big corporate energy” exploiting the poor Haitians by developing more modern energy resources now can we? So they fend for themselves under successive despots who pretend to “fight for the poor” but just further impoverish the country 3. Are nuclear power companies denuding the Amazon rain forest in Brazil? Is ExxonMobil? BP? Is modernity and “wealth” to blame at all?

“The planet” doesn’t care what the mean temperature is today vs two hundred years ago vs two hundred years from now. Only “homo economicus” cares. Fish don’t care, they move to water that suits their survival. Polar bears don’t care, they will have fewer cubs and eventually will go the way of the dodo. Extinction is not painful. Only wooly-headed Gaia freaks think that polar bears can anticipate and lose sleep over the thought of their own extinction. The last human will die in a zoo somewhere and hopefully the species which succeeds us will have enough moral developement to allow him to die painlessly as well.

Animals and plants will adapt to climate change by changing habitats or evolving. Or they will not and they will die out. Green progressives are stubborn and vain enough to think they can, paradoxically,  stop climate progress. Malibu Beach lefties worry about rising oceans washing away their lives, but rather than move to higher ground, like any dumb rat would do, they demand that we control the climate of the entire fucking planet so they don’t HAVE to move. What megalomania!

Even the most rabid warming alarmist can’t claim that warming is ALL man’s fault. It’s happening. Rather than tilt at windmills, we should go with the flow, just like every other species on the planet does.

You go China! Ignore those whiny Greens. Build your nation, make your people rich. And while you’re at it, invent a way for humanity to survive the time when it’s no longer sunny and 72 degrees, rather than submit to those zealots who think we must keep it ever so.

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By jph, July 22, 2010 at 5:12 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The entire eco-sphear will collapse under the strain long before they even get going in China/India/etc.

The rate of extinction, deforestation, riseing global temperatures, dieing oceans, etc. taken together will inevitably lead to a massive failue of the life supporting systems of this small bluegreen planet.  The dieback will be trumentous, and the survivours will perhaps be the unlucky ones..,

Unless people wake up to the fact that we are not separate from the planet,. that we have risen up from the dirt, that we are just a part of the eco-spear and fully dependant on it for our lives,. we where not droped here by some invisible ‘man’ in the sky.

Unless people in the so called developed areas begin to change the way they live, and then help these in the developing areas avoid the same over-consumption resourse-exhosting misakes the eco-speare will not survive humanities childhood.

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rico, suave's avatar

By rico, suave, July 21, 2010 at 4:41 am Link to this comment

Their energy consumption will doubt every decade into the forseeable future. It won’t be long before the per capita rate approaches the U.S. It’s called progress and improving living standards. We are entering the China Century.

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