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November 26, 2015
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Cheney Sidesteps White House Rules

Posted on Jun 21, 2007
AP Photo/Eric Gay

In his typically reassuring style, Dick Cheney has stated that his office is not a part of the executive branch of the U.S. government and is therefore not bound by certain White House rules.  According to a new letter from the office of Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., Cheney’s office has repeatedly refused to provide details to the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) during routine inspections required by law.  It’s comforting, however, to know that Cheney’s office did comply with the oversight office during the first two years of the George W. Bush administration.  Unfortunately (and perhaps unsurprisingly), since 2003 Cheney’s office has failed to report statistics on the number of documents it has classified and declassified.

Coincidence that Cheney’s office stopped complying with the ISOO at the onset of the Iraq war? Discuss.

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By Claire Wasserman.

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By great_satan, June 23, 2007 at 1:57 pm Link to this comment

#80737 by RAE
“Nuff said. For now.”

Hell, dialecktics, you’ve said enough to last a lifetime!”

  Valid criticism indeed. No doubt it was long. Sorry. just got goin’...started as comment, ended as article of its own.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, June 23, 2007 at 1:49 pm Link to this comment

“Nuff said. For now.”

Hell, dialecktics, you’ve said enough to last a lifetime!

I doubt 1% of visitors to this site will read your posting, not because OF the content, but because of the AMOUNT. If your objective is to be read and considered, you’re just going to have be a lot more succinct. Truthdig is not the place for pieces just shy of dissertation length!

I’m sorry… but one screenful is all I’ll read. Note the words of several of the world’s greatest authors: “Apologies for the LENGTH of this letter. I just didn’t have the TIME TO MAKE IT SHORTER.”

Please try, dialecktics to boil down your verbiage… take YOUR time to make your point, not OURS! Some of us don’t have that much time left!

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By Republicae, June 23, 2007 at 1:47 pm Link to this comment

Cheney is such a Fascist Fart!

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By great_satan, June 23, 2007 at 1:09 pm Link to this comment

Regarding all of this To Action talk, which is indeed just more talk, I will ask for some more specific suggestions.
  There is that ever mentioned problem of the apathy of the vast majority, so ACTION!!! will be done by a very few. Maybe a few sheeple will jump in, amybe a few disenfranchised will feel they have something to plug into and join in.
  To the streets!!! Oh yeah?
  The press was fascinated with the 60s protests. Gandhi got news real footage galore! It is with the attention of the media that such tactics have some power. Gandhi ran a whole regime out. The civil rights activists got legislation overturned. The sixties war marches, uh, sort of got something done, maybe. The rallies against LBJ got…Nixon? The anti globalization, made the news.
  A bunch of tear gas, rubber bullets, we might get. If we’re lucky. But the Regime has a better tactic. It’s called either no publicity or three minute quip and “Now,back to Paris Hilton.” 
  The Regime is very savvy and their governance of the mass media allows them to turn pretty much any move to their advantage. But their methods rely on an emotionally based, superficial means. They call us “whackos,” and get some apparently “legitimate” authorities to make comment.
  But a small party of free persons can make a difference.
  About 75% are total sheep. Of those a good portion are conservative “{rednecks” (for lack of a better term) and their own culture is more responsible for their beliefs, not the media. The rest move with the tide of the media. Their political tendencies are largely regional. The West Coast more liberal, the East Coast a mix, the deep south conservative and christian, the midwest a middle of the road and the North Midwest more Left.
  Of the remaining 25%, about fifteen percent are rather vocal semi sheep, responding to the tides within the free thinking, subject to the charisma of their leaders. So, this leaves about ten percent, who are saying and doing the things that influence the rest.
  Figure then that among this small percentage of people the tendency is split between conservative and progressive. The conservative have money and power, but the progressive has more wits and are more based in conviction. So the actions of these people have a ripple effect down through the rest. Thus a few people can make a difference.
  The neo-cons are so bloated with money and power, so arrogant with their control of media that they are really quite slack. They don’t really try to cover anything up anymore. They are just certain that their control of the media will handle it. it gets exposed,  there is chatter on the news, the Dems make a weak gesture or two and then, “Back to Paris Hilton.”
  Their strength is basically in calling us “liberal whackos!” “conspiracy nut cases” and the rest.
  Our only hope, the way I see it is to patiently get n with publishing and discussing, exposing their corruptions and ‘conspiracies.’ NO WAy to fight them on their own turf, with their own means. NO WAY.
  Diluting factuality to create a counter propoganda is stupid. It will just feed their machine. Gore Vidal and Noam Chomski and others are basically preaching to the choir, as Michael Moore even admits. The liberals watch their movies and read their books and feel some satisfaction that their views are being presented.
  But to do research to continue to publish facts…the facts are on our side. In time, to a significant number of people, the accusations against us will become apparent for what they are.
  For now, our haven is the internet, but not for long, I think. This quote is from the now famous PNAC document, called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” confirms this “crazy paranoia.
“‘CONTROL THE NEW “INTERNATIONAL COMMONS” OF SPACE AND “CYBERSPACE,” and pave the way for the creation of a new military service – U.S. Space Forces – with the mission of space control.”

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By great_satan, June 23, 2007 at 1:09 pm Link to this comment


    We need patience. The overwhelming historical precedent is ill timed ACTION!!! is just stupid. There is no greater loss than an unpopular revolution. 
    Though the propaganda was that the country was suddenly unified when the WTC collapsed is total BS. It was split, right then and there. There were those who pasted poorly manufactured flags on their SUVs and those who turned pale and realized “they finally went there,” and we weren’t thinking about “the terrorists.”
    I know it is still a matter of great debate. Such debate is the point of this statement. I’ll just preach to the choir for a moment.
    Why was it so obvious. Why so many loose threads. Why such a complete half-assed attempt at a cover up. Why is it so easy to find flaws, to point out the corruption?
    As much as a propaganda device toward the sheep, it was a blatant message to not so easily brainwashed. That message, “Look, we just killed 3000 civilians in a couple of hours, right in down town New York and there aint a goddam thing you’re gonna do about it.We will not hesitate to kill our opposition and we are the USA!”
    There is no historical precendent for stopping a super-power regime in its ascent. None. There is however plenty for the futility of giving it the old college try, plenty for masses of people getting murdered in the process. There is plenty of precedent for control of the mass media, for supression of main stream acedemia and scientific community. Pervasively so I might add.
    Is this different, because its America? If so, it can only be different because the approach to the problem will be different. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security were established for one reason, to nip revolution in the bud.
    Will we just vote them out? Will it all tone down? Maybe. I remember the glee when Carter came into office, when Clinton did. The neo-cons use that period to strengthen their ranks, while the liberals sort of slacken. The neo-cons do not slacken! Whether in office or out, they push on to the next and greater stage of the game.
    The worst that can happen is that we count the shift on polls, the decrease in popularity of the admin as a victory. They count on that.
    Our real windowthen is to do what they do not expect. I hear people cry for impeachment, to “get them out of office!” I can feel that false sense of security coming.
    Try this. Should the windowarise and the neo-cons fall into the background, keep pushing. Push on to expose and hold then accountable for their crimes. Push for prosecution, push for the establishment of independent investigative bodies and world courts and the rest. Do not slacken in the attempt to root them out and destroy them, discrediting them for ages to come. Do not slacken the push to root out their influence in the new administration.
    But most of all, maintain credibility. Gradually cultivate the image of the level-headed and intelligent faction. Increase this! Patient perseverance and complete integrity. Win the real respect of people and keep it.
    Furthermore, expand the audience and the body of allies. Why are we just addressing our own? I don’t mean trying to convert conservatives, but taking our case to allied powers over the globe. All of those critics overseas who rail on the lazy, brainwashed Americans, take them by suprise. Be humble and ask them to pitch in rather than criticize. Establish an international movement and link in with that which already exists.
  What he neo-cons tried to pull off with their coalition of the willing is very weak! They try to convince the rest of the free world that American interest is in everyone’s interest. Well that is of course true, but not in the way they intend it.  Quite the opposite.

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By great_satan, June 23, 2007 at 1:06 pm Link to this comment

PART 3. 
Communicate with other citizens of other nations, rally them to pressure their governments to support the overturning and UPROOTING of the American neo-cons. Use tact and scholarship. Confront their image of Americans, ask for assistance instead of criticism. Tell them if they want to trim down the American dominance, their best bet is to help empower our own attempts to trim it down.
  Nuff said. For now.

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By Bukko in Australia, June 23, 2007 at 10:02 am Link to this comment

Verne, the American people are sheep. They’re also asleep. As long as there is food in the pantry and petrol in the tank, they will not get upset about any abuse the BuSSh Crime Family commits.

The sheeple can easily be whipped into a frenzy, as was the case during the Clinton blow-job impeachment. All it takes is for the mass media to tell them what to do, often enough. (Never mind that Clinton’s approval rating, even during the height of those bogus proceedings, was twice as high as BuSSh’s is today. Clinton’s supposed crime of perjury dominated the discussion then.) However, the lick-spittle corporate media don’t want to rouse the population over something substantial. Something unpredictable might happen, something that might threaten corporate profits. So they’ll keep focused on trivialities like white girls gone missing on Caribbean islands, or sluttish blondes in jail or the morgue, while the death march of war and the theft of constitutional rights is mentioned sotto voce in passing.

The American masses won’t wake up until it all falls apart. Good luck when that happens. I’m glad I’ll be watching from the other side of the pond, instead of right in the middle.

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By Sang Ze, June 23, 2007 at 9:04 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

If the Democrats responded effectively to this kind of bull, the problem would end. Unfortunately, we elected a bunch a do-nothing wimps . . .

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By ardee, June 23, 2007 at 7:41 am Link to this comment

“I think your wasting your breath on this site.  I’ve seen some (a few) posters saying the same thing many times, but these people just want to sit at their computers and blog us to death.  Yawn….screw articulation, screw erudition, screw all of the talking…act damn it! “

“For to accuse requires less eloquence, such is man’s nature, than to excuse; and condemnation, than absolution more resmebles justice.” Hobbes, Leviathon

Sarcastic and bitter condemnation of folks who gather and discuss says much more about you than about them. I have seen no revolutionary suggestions from you as to what actions to take, yet you rail against those concerned enough to gather and talk.

Ill bet we contact our senators and congresspersons at a greater average than do most, we march, we write, we editorialise and we discuss. I would think that those who became the Sons of Liberty went through a similar phase as well.

I see Bushs’ numbers have fallen again. Do you think that those of us who writeand wrangle might play some small part in that decline? I do….

You know, I remember , in the violent sixties, when overthrowing the government seemed doable and proper, those who talked up the most violent acts were almost always government agents ....

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By Chaseme, June 23, 2007 at 6:54 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

What an incredible comment #80587 by johnofportland!

I read through the sites you posted as I followed your comment, and I have to say that it has taken me to an entirely different level of thinking about this administration.

Whenever I think they can’t get any more diabolic, I learn something and find they have completely redefined the word, to an even more diabolic level. Who are these people, really? Can greed drive people to be this evil to other humans? Or, are they human?

Thanks for your comment and the sites you posted!

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By Verne Arnold, June 23, 2007 at 6:20 am Link to this comment

I would rail against Cheney but to what purpose?

Many times I have asked why, with all of the anti-bush rhetoric, we have not gotten anywhere.  Opinion polls would have us believe the majority want a change.  So…in a democracy? shouldn’t the majority rule?  That’s what I have been taught to think.  Am I wrong?  Are we wrong?  Just what is going on here?

I would question why are the American people so afraid?  Are we really afraid?  What is the reason the democratic majority are ineffective?  What is the reason for this apparent inaction?

Are the American people (us) confused, unsure, are we lacking intelligence for these matters?

Please tell me this is not apathy.  Apathy is a form of death!

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By Toby, June 22, 2007 at 10:03 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Typically reassuring? More like typically reaffirming!

More clear evidence that Richard Cheney is a run-a-way despot!

Once again, I plead with all of you, get behind Kucinich!

This is not about the election folks. This is about putting restraints on a dangerous maniac!

Cheney’s smugness and abuse is related directly to the fact that he has been allowed to function as the un-elected ruler! What is it going to take to bring this man to accountability?

Please, if you care anything about your immediate future start putting pressure on your elected representative to join Kucinich and sign on to HR 333. I do not exaggerate. Left unchecked this man could lead us into World War III, which could very well be a nuclear holocaust!

Supporting Documents for H Res 333

Dick Cheney Becomes
Ever More Impeachable
“UPDATE: June 8, 2007 (EIRNS)—A breakthrough in the drive to build support for House Resolution 333, Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s (D-Ohio) bill for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, occurred on June 7, when the vice chairmen of the 71-person Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Lynn Woolsey and Rep. Barbara Lee, both California Democrats, signed on as co-sponsors. Kucinich is also a member of the Caucus. They join four other co-sponsors: Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.); Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.); Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.), and Rep. Albert Wynn (D-Md.).”

The action by the two Congresswomen is backed by the California Democratic Party

Cheney’s Impeachable Crimes
Highlighted at UDC Forum

“On May 7, a group of leading U.S. intelligence and military veterans joined investigative authors Peter Eisner and Knut Royce in a forum at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), that provided, among many revelations, dramatic new evidence as to why Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Kucinich working on ‘renewed efforts’ for Cheney impeachment

“I believe this is another milestone,” Kucinich said. “With the support of the leaders of the Progressive Caucus and the leader of the Out of Iraq Caucus we will see more and more Members of Congress signing on in this effort to save our Constitution and protect the very values that bind us as a nation.”
Cheney Drive for Civil War Succeeding in Gaza Strip

“On May 17, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) had warned about the bloody game towards civil war that was coming from an Anglo-American fascist circle, of which Dick Cheney is the best-known figure.”

“The central role of Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams, a close ally of Dick Cheney, has been identified by EIR over recent months and years. On May 17, EIR reported that Abrams was working covertly to provoke armed confrontation between Hamas and Fatah. According to well-placed Washington and Egyptian sources, EIR wrote, Abrams is running a covert fund under the guise of “democracy promotion,” that is providing arms to Palestinian factions, to provoke Hamas-Fatah fighting.”

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By johnofportland, June 22, 2007 at 9:24 pm Link to this comment

It reads like a cheap novel:

The ShadowGov is highly secretive, although it surfaces occasionally.  It was seen in 1978 when House Democrat Jack Brooks futilely condemned it during Iran-Contra Hearings.  Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were Reagan’s architects of a duplicate government at Mount Weather, the FEMA command center near Bluemont, Virginia.  They worked on it under George H. W. Bush, and under George Jr. they are institutionalizing it - with 9-11 instead of the Cold War as excuse for subverting the Constitution– but still bypassing the nation’s legitimate duly elected representatives, and now supported by their ideologically impaired Supreme Court.

“Rumsfeld and Cheney were principal figures in one of the most highly classified programs of the Reagan administration.  Under it, the administration furtively carried out detailed planning exercises to establish a new American ‘president’ and his staff, outside and beyond the specifications of the U. S. Constitution…” - Mann, J. Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War Cabinet (Viking Adult, 2004).

Mount Weather is the premier “undisclosed location” where Cheney goes to plan the domestic mechanisms of the ShadowGov (he went there when 9-11 went down).  Rumsfeld still has an office near the Pentagon, all his security clearances, and a large staff working on internment and interrogation, and martial law, among other things (which we don’t know about).
Reprint: William Poundstone article. reports:  Without so much as a press statement, President Bush signed a directive on May 9, 2007 that grants near dictatorial powers to the president in the event of a to-be-identified “national emergency” declared by the president. In layman’s terms, Bush becomes our dictator so he can direct any and all government and business activities until he declares the emergency over. Under Directive NSPD-51/HSPD-20 a new National Continuity Coordinator takes over all government functions and directs all private sector activities to ensure we will emerge from the emergency with an “enduring constitutional government,” but makes no meaningful reference whatsoever to Congress, suggesting that the powers of the executive order can be implemented without any congressional approval or oversight. It puts the Homeland Security Director third in the succession chain - (not Speaker Pelosi).  By this internal hollowing out, they don’t need a military coup to take power.  Recall, the Roman senate had a constitutional position under the Caesars, but it wasn’t worth much.

Add to the pot: send the Army and National Guard out of the country to a hopeless war; employ thousands of “Blackwater” private security forces for foreign and domestic use (see New Orleans, and Kansas - where they also practiced martial law); and, shut off habeas corpus and the posse Comitatus law.  Heckuva mise en scene for our bestseller. 

Reporting the directive on Air America, Thom Hartmann pointed out that it’s the conditional as opposed to absolute statements that most threaten us.  It’s weasel speak, and the courts and congress ought to be in the loop (at least as much as Michael Chertoff (?) - for gosh sakes). 

An Italian Renaissance astronomer once saw a new comet through his telescope, then called everyone in his household, then passersby off the street, until their confirmations made him certain that he really saw what he saw.  Maybe there isn’t a comet here, but it seems problematic taken all together.  Gonzogate, and the sado-masochistic disaster at Abu Graib are ultimately related. To square this five billion pound monster blocking us from a peaceful and progressive future, the whole country must blithely ignore its collective dysfunction daily.

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By QuyTran, June 22, 2007 at 1:44 pm Link to this comment

Just give that guy an “F”. This word has been used by him daily in his family !

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By Dale Headley, June 22, 2007 at 12:47 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Since his days in the Nixon Administration, which he served by obtaining five deferments from having to serve his country, Dick Cheney has been furious at the encroachment of the Consitution into the activities of the Executive Branch.  So, naturally, since he knows he is the REAL President, he does not believe he should be bound by any of the nation’s laws.

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By great_satan, June 22, 2007 at 11:41 am Link to this comment

“#80444 by Don Knutsen on 6/22 at 8:45 am
(Unregistered commenter)

I’ve got an idea…next time, when confronted by a republican supporter of these criminals…instead of launching into the usual laundary list of transgressions commited by this admin….just ask them to name something they have done that has benifitted the american people.”

Good luck. They are like born-agains, okay most ARE born-agains; any angle of reason just won’t work.
  “They’re protecting us from Terrorists.”
  “Their gettin rid of abortion.”
  “Their not whacko liberals or nutjob wierdo secular humanists.”

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By Mark in NY, June 22, 2007 at 10:34 am Link to this comment

I’m with drew:  no executive privilege!  Let the subpoenas roll!

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By Chaseme, June 22, 2007 at 10:12 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It would surely be nice if that microphone had an exposed wire to give him just enough of an electric shock to stop that pace-maker.

Please God, if not for me, for all those who have died because of the decisions made by him, please.

God, are you there? Okay then…Jesus, come in. What’s your 20?

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By Ohioan4truth, June 22, 2007 at 9:48 am Link to this comment

Thomas Payne…....a “typo” on my part…and I feel terrible about it, too, since he was a man among childish people and does not deserve this “slight” by me.

Sorry Mr. Payne…wherever you are!

May the Great Spirit forgive me.

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By Don Knutsen, June 22, 2007 at 9:45 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I’ve got an idea…next time, when confronted by a republican supporter of these criminals…instead of launching into the usual laundary list of transgressions commited by this admin….just ask them to name something they have done that has benifitted the american people. See if they can come up with anything at all. To use Saint Reagan’s old line: Are you better off today then before this admin ?

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By Ohioan4truth, June 22, 2007 at 9:40 am Link to this comment

And by a plain method of argument, as we are running the next generation into debt, we ought to do the work of it, otherwise we use them meanly and pitifully. In order to discover the line of our duty rightly, we should take our children in our hand, and fix our station a few years farther into life; that eminence will present a prospect, which a few present fears and prejudices conceal from our sight.


Interested men, who are not to be trusted; weak men, who cannot see; prejudiced men, who will not see; and a certain set of moderate men, who think better of the European world than it deserves; and this last class, by an ill-judged deliberation, will be the cause of more calamities to this continent, than all the other three.


To the evil of monarchy we have added that of hereditary succession; and as the first is a degradation and lessening of ourselves, so the second, claimed as a matter of right, is an insult and imposition on posterity. For all men being originally equals, no one by birth could have a right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others for ever, and tho’ himself might deserve some decent degree of honours of his contemporaries, yet his descendants might be far too unworthy to inherit them. One of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary right in Kings, is that nature disapproves it, otherwise she would not so frequently turn it into ridicule, by giving mankind an ASS FOR A LION.

Secondly, as no man at first could possess any other public honors than were bestowed upon him, so the givers of those honors could have no power to give away the right of posterity, and though they might say “We choose you for our head,” they could not without manifest injustice to their children say “that your children and your children’s children shall reign over ours forever.” Because such an unwise, unjust, unnatural compact might (perhaps) in the next succession put them under the government of a rogue or a fool. Most wise men in their private sentiments have ever treated hereditary right with contempt; yet it is one of those evils which when once established is not easily removed: many submit from fear, others from superstition, and the more powerful part shares with the king the plunder of the rest.


These are the times that try men’s souls

Thomas Payne

We all should re-read Mr. Panye’s words more closely now…than ever before!

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By Thomas Payne, June 22, 2007 at 9:16 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

That so far as we approve as monarchy, that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other. But lest any ill use should afterwards arise, let the crown at the conclusion of the ceremony be demolished, and scattered among the people whose right it is.

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By Dr. Nonothingatall, Phud, June 22, 2007 at 6:13 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

#80324 by John Kooms on 6/21 at 10:21 pm

“The only way to get these power mad criminals out and to take our country back is by the people hitting the streets , organized and in mass , demanding it , not asking but demanding it.”

I couldn’t agree more!!!  But….

I think your wasting your breath on this site.  I’ve seen some (a few) posters saying the same thing many times, but these people just want to sit at their computers and blog us to death.  Yawn….screw articulation, screw erudition, screw all of the talking…act damn it!

We have forgotten the “ass on the line” commitment of actually going to the streets.  Alas the 60’s verve is long gone.

Yeah, yeah, I know I can’t keep from trying.

I think we be F#@KED!!!

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By ardee, June 22, 2007 at 4:33 am Link to this comment

Is this some sort of new tactic for eliciting the support of the majority? If so I would be amazed if it worked at all. The “slime trail leaving neocons” who fill our forum with lies and distortions are certainly fair enough game. However we just might want to avoid blanket indictments of those whose votes are necesary to make any sort of progress.
Im just saying here….

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By Dr. Nonothingatall, Phud, June 22, 2007 at 4:29 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Isn’t it about time for some of these truthdig writers to writean article about ALL of the transgretions of the Republicans presently running this country?  I mean all of them!

Oh…how silly of me…the article would be way too long and by the time it was written they would be out of office…never mind!

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By Frank Martino, June 22, 2007 at 3:12 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“OUR” government is just a minor department of The Corporation-get over it and go back to work.

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By Margaret Currey, June 22, 2007 at 12:43 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


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By John Kooms, June 21, 2007 at 11:21 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Obviously we can’t rely on the Repukes to uphold the Constitution and the law , they are the ones who have backed and enabled these traitors and criminals now in our the White House and the Dems are   corrupted with people who for all practical purpose are Repukes ,  they don’t have enough power ( or enough balls )to do anything about it . The Dems can’t even get Gonzo out ! The only way to get these power mad criminals out and to take our country back is by the people hitting the streets , organized and in mass , demanding it , not asking but demanding it . But alas , most Americans these days are lazy , apathetic ,  ignorant fools who are completely oblivious to what is and has been going down and we who do know , who are outraged and beside ourselves , we sit at the computer and blog about it ... whoopdeedo ! Well folks , we are getting just what we deserve .

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By THOMAS BILLIS, June 21, 2007 at 10:45 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

King Dick not bound by the laws of mortal man.King Dick does not observe the rule of law he is the rule of law.King Dick does not go to jail the little dicks do{Scooter Libby}.King Dick the motion picture will be appearing at a Haliburton theatre near you.

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By Forkboy, June 21, 2007 at 9:22 pm Link to this comment

Just when you thought Cheney couldn’t sink any lower…....

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By Dawn, June 21, 2007 at 9:05 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Call Congress to support HR333 - Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney. That is the answer to this absurdly brazen and dangerous power grab. If Cheney isn’t part of the executive branch, what is he part of? A cult of Satan worshippers?

If it seems like the fox is still guarding the hen house even though the Democrats are in the majority now—it is. For one thing, the Democrats don’t have a large enough majority to pass necessary legislation. But the really big problem is big money has come knocking on the Democrats doors now and some people are raking it in and faking us out. They are not doing what we elected them to do—end the Iraq occupation and throw treasonous traitors out of the government. They are too invested in their own golden parachutes for that. They are invested in some very shady hedge funds as well.

The only way to get some decent government is campaign finance reform. Publicly funded elections would free up our officials time to work for us rather than themselves. Imagine how much time they would have to concentrate on solving problems like, feeding, educating and curing the poor.

Kucinich has the right idea. It all starts with getting rid of Cheney. He is the impediment to PEACE.

HR 333 is the constitutional answer to a power maniac who sits in the White House and doesn’t accept the fact that he is part of the executive branch of our government.

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By drew, June 21, 2007 at 7:54 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Does this mean Cheney’s office is NOT covered by executive privilege?

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By DennisD, June 21, 2007 at 7:45 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“Rules, what rules, I don’t follow no fucking rules”. - Darth Cheney, holder of five Vietnam war exemptions, a true corporate American hero.

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By TDoff, June 21, 2007 at 7:24 pm Link to this comment

Cheney finally erupted in a fit of rage, cursing, saying ‘I shouldn’t even be wasting my time talking to you f*cking idiots in Congress, except when I went to the Pentagon and stood under their new ‘Invisibility’ machine, the dumfucks didn’t tell me you had to stand under it 24/7 for it to work, so now I have to writea new law about my being F****** invisible, and my F****** secretary’s pregnant again and took off work today, so here I am, but this is the last time you’re gonna get my F****** full cooperation, because starting soon, you won’t be able to F****** find me. And stick your F****** supoenaes up your F****** ass*s’

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By ardee, June 21, 2007 at 6:52 pm Link to this comment

This stuff is piling up pretty high. With the recent “disclosure” that, in response to subpoenas for them, the emails on the RNC server have “just vanished unaccountably” , emails that seemingly violated the law in the first place by not using normal White House channels to communicate between administration officials. Can anyone say “The Presidential papers requirement”, which states that all such documents MUST be saved…..

It seems that this administration has committed about a zillion constitutional and legal violations, clearly! I wish Waxman and Schumer would speed the subpoenas and the hearings along as impeachment would seem to be a foregone conclusion.

Of course, when the GOP was in charge of the legislature they ruled all, now that Democrats are in charge the GOP still seems to rule all…wonder why this is?

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, June 21, 2007 at 5:39 pm Link to this comment


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By felicity, June 21, 2007 at 5:39 pm Link to this comment

Well, this is good news.  No more ‘executive privilege’ for you Mr. Cheney.  Might even be possible to remove you from office without having to resort to the tedious process of impeachment.

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By JohnDWoodSr, June 21, 2007 at 5:39 pm Link to this comment

The only ways to get rid of Cheney are exorcism, wooden stake through the heart, or rat trap.Time to go shopping!

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By kevin99999, June 21, 2007 at 5:38 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

While we got rid of mafia, now we have far more dangerous criminals in the republican party. Is this country still a country of laws….or may be it never was…it was just a scam.

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By great_satan, June 21, 2007 at 5:32 pm Link to this comment

Poor ISOO. Did anyone see Leonard’s’ testimony during the CIA leak investigations?
  I guess the VP is technically part of the Legislative Branch. But I think Cheney thinks he is his own branch of government.

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By Bukko in Australia, June 21, 2007 at 5:19 pm Link to this comment

Remember how Repiglicans got SOOOOO upset with Bill Clinton parsing what the meaning of “is” is, and with Al Gore for saying “There is no controlling legal authority” about him making fund-raising phone calls from his official residence? Where is their outrage about this? Wii Cheney’s next excuse be that he didn’t have to obey the law because no one shouted “Simon says!” beforehand?

I know that Repigs won’t be bothered by these bastards breaking yet another law. But I hope that Democratic Congress members, and any Rethuglican legislators with a conscience (is that an oxymoron?) will be angry enough that they DEMAND this information, with subpoenas to back up the demands.

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