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They Knew They Were Right

By Jacob Heilbrunn

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Americans Could Learn From Israel’s Tent City

Posted on Aug 7, 2011

Economic frustrations, particularly the high cost of rent, have breathed new life into the Israeli left. Residents of a tent city in Tel Aviv, constructed to protest financial woes, put Israel’s conservative prime minister on the defense, forcing him to announce a committee Sunday to look into reforms.  —PZS

The Wall Street Journal:

TEL AVIV—Massive demonstrations across Israel against the high cost of living point to a revival in the fortunes of the country’s long-dormant left-wing movement, forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to focus on economic policy at a time when he enjoys broad support for his handling of policy toward the Palestinians.

In a break with an older generation of Israeli leftists, demonstrators initially dismissed as spoiled youths in Tel Aviv have reached across the country’s left-right divide by focusing exclusively on pocketbook issues rather than contested Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Although Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition doesn’t appear in danger in the short term, it could become vulnerable if the economy plays a role in the next election.

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Gabriel's avatar

By Gabriel, August 8, 2011 at 6:38 pm Link to this comment

@ SarcastiCanuck
LMAO .. i don’t know what you yapping off about since you’re next in line to have austerity measures slapped on you worse than any Harper has done yet. If your pay is not 1 Million per yr after taxes you will be considered as poor. If not over 250 Million you will be middle class. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. BTW: that’s leaked info from Tavistock Inst.

Since you consider yourself as a “Canuck” you might like to know that you’re not a member in good standing unless you have:
- a quarter section of land free of any debt and have claimed all the rights to it
- a house/home, tools, equipment, and whatever else you need to be fully self sufficient
- you grow your own food, provide everything else for your well being from your land and you have a profitable operation
- you are part of prominent culture
- you know how to discharge debt and know rest of monetary system
- you are a Sovereign
- only way you can loose it is if you try to poison your neighbor, breach the peace or break your contracts, and of coarse mismanage your operation.

Missing any of above from full package makes you a “voluntary slave”, a worker/agent for the Corporation of Canada.

You might want to look that up since I put a few errors in there on purpose. The rest is fully true, and then some.

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By PH on Vacation, August 8, 2011 at 5:06 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It’s good to see the rank and file Israelis rise up against that POS government, I hope they overthrow it.

While they are at it, deport all those violent American JDL settler types stirring up all the trouble with the Palestinians.

I understand Israel has a surplus of 60+ billion dollars, time to end all the U.S. handouts to that nation.

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Gabriel's avatar

By Gabriel, August 8, 2011 at 2:36 pm Link to this comment

Re: Cynner
Way ahead of you ... been studying it for over 50 yrs.

Oh I/we are doing something, even though I’m not Israeli.
I/we are writing an article with best Remedies for all nations where Bankers, IMF and that whole fiat fraudulent Usury interest based system has installed itself. Our found knowledge is spreading like wildfire around Earth.

Good part of it is here:
- Study it and links provided carefully
- you can clearly see the resistance from corporate shills whom try to dumb down and redirect the comments.

Their system goes back to Babylon, working it’s way through Arabs, Jewish money traders / merchants, to Romans, Vatican, Templars/Freemasons, present German monarchy in England, East India Company, German Illuminati, Jesuits to Americas, Freemasons of North America, commodity and industry Barons, then spreads via Central Private Banks to rest of Earth.

Federal Reserve, IMF, WTO, Deutsche Bank, Rothschild dynasty, EU, World Bank, UN, and anyone associated with them are all part of a Fascist takeover of Earth by system of Usury (charging interest). They control both legal and illegal markets.

It’s a highly secretive group of Oligarchs who hide behind many layers of deception. The only way to know them is by finding out who the investors are behind all those layers of investors and accounts. The answers are highly surprising.

Anyone you see in the news or in public is only one of their highly trained public agents like Obama, Bush, Netenyahu, Merkel, Saudi Princess and the rest ... OR highly trained dummies like some in provided link.

Present Israel is no exception as it’s built on fraud, by German Illuminati Gorilla Warfare Terrorist group / Jewish Nazis, now the New Fascist Jewish Nazis.
Keep in mind Jews are not all the same. It’s only minority of 10 so-called lost tribes of 13 tribes/houses of original Israelites that practice such Usury. The ones whom infiltrated Europe and took it over by deception and murder.

There is a simple fix, a really good one, already in place in most countries:
Spread the word far and wide.

BTW: Gold and Silver standard is a restrictive money supply, only the ones who have it profit. Don’t fall for it!
They are only indicators of how much you’re getting screwed. Gold used to be 1 dollar per oz. ... as a standard only. Take it from here.

When J. F. Kennedy was talking about “secret societies” he was ready to expose them all with the help of the Free People ... AND install/expand a currency made by Government FREE of debt. That’s why they killed him and actually all presidents that were assassinated.

Learn everything I say and anything related, check it your selves for validity ... Then learn some more ... before they/Oligarchs steal everything you own and hold dear ... especially your kids.

FYI: You have the only country on Earth that has the Right by Law to bring Arms against a corrupt Government and their “agents”.
- Washington DC is a 10 square mile area that has no power outside it unless you agree to it. It’s a privately run organization of Oligarchs. All it would take is to drive all your scrap cars to fill it up and it’s deadlocked ... toast, SOL, gone bye bye ... until the Oligarchs submit to Common Law of The Land ... the real Law.
- same for “inner city” of London England, Vatican city, Chinese Forbidden City, Jerusalem and Cairo Egypt ... actually any and all their financial centers.
- every last one of them should be tried in Common Law court [in front of a full public jury] for murder, genocide, assassinations, crimes against humanity, crimes against Earth, Usury and anything related.
“Even corrupt Vatican used to kill anyone for the crime of Usury.”

Let the Lawful Rebellion begin.

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By diamond, August 8, 2011 at 1:08 pm Link to this comment

In an interview Israeli writer Amos Oz stated that Israel used to have a ‘welfare state’ but they don’t have it any more. The protests are about that. Israelis have finally woken up that all the money is being spent on war and weapons, exactly as it is in America. Deliberately manufactured debt is created to destroy social justice and foment violence and war, in Israel as everywhere else.

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By SarcastiCanuck, August 8, 2011 at 11:00 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

WOW,seeing an Israeli,Gabriel,chastising Americans was really surreal.He/her even has a biblical arch-angel name to make it much scarier.Whats next,locusts?

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By Cynner, August 8, 2011 at 10:09 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


We in the US will take care of our problems in due
time.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest you hop on
over and read the article, “The Other Israelis”.  Do
something about that why don’t you.

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Gabriel's avatar

By Gabriel, August 8, 2011 at 3:32 am Link to this comment

Everywhere else on this planet there are massive rebellions against Bankers and austerity measures accept for USofA. What’s wrong with you people? You fall asleep in your toilets again? Been drinking that funny cool-aid? Too stoned to see you’re about to drive off a cliff?

You have 40 to 70 Million homeless,
20+% unemployment,
70+% with dirt paying jobs,
you just got screwed for your services and social security,
your president is in bed with fascist corporations which are only supposed to be temporary,
your military is fighting a loosing and over expansive war,
banks and super-rich have taken over your government,
millions are still loosing their homes,
evangelists have taken over your communities,
you have the biggest prison business system on Earth,

Are you that dumb and stupid you can’t organize?
And you’re supposed to be the leaders in democracy and being a republic? HA ... what a laugh

“American children will be pissing on their parents graves for being cowards.” ~ Israeli protester

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