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A.G. Huddles With Top Cops About Arizona Law

Posted on May 26, 2010
Wikimedia Commons / U.S. Department of Justice

On Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with police chiefs from several big cities—including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Houston and Philadelphia—who are concerned about the potential effects of Arizona’s SB 1070 on relations between law enforcement officers and their own communities. —KA

The Wall Street Journal:

Attorney General Eric Holder, weighing a likely challenge to Arizona’s new immigration law, met Wednesday with a group of big-city policy chiefs who oppose the law on the grounds that it could hurt crime-fighting efforts.

Among those at the meeting were chiefs from Phoenix and Tucson, who expressed concern that police officers are being dragged into the nation’s volatile immigration debate.

A Justice Department legal team is reviewing the Arizona law and studying ways to bring a legal challenge. One section of the department has already drawn up a possible civil complaint that would contend the state law infringes on federal law. Mr. Holder hasn’t made a final decision, but officials expect a legal challenge could come soon.

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By Francis, May 27, 2010 at 3:03 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

First to go was Senator Arlen Specter who like so many others would amplify the amount of foreign nationals entering our country. Secondary those who have strained our confidence, led by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who has distinguished himself as anti-sovereignty and pro—amnesty. Next to bite the bullet in November a growing run down of charlatans, as Janet Napolitano, Holder, Morton, Graham, Schumer and a lengthy list of politicians who would bring millions more desperate, impoverished people into the country for taxpayers to feed and house. Senator Feinstein has betrayed California as she initiated the first Sanctuary City Now the whole state is struggling with massive welfare debts, who along with the Mayor of Los Angeles and San Francisco who have colluded against their own residents. But we must still be on our guard as there are more eligible legislators playing into the hands of ethno-centralist, faith and religious groups, unions such as the SIEU and entities who are anti-closed borders that include the ACLU and The Council of Foreign Relations.

In desperation Arizona like so many other states are being forced into this ugly solution, of enforcing policing laws such as 287 (G) as widespread financial recovery is impossible without sealing and denying illegal immigrants any kinds of welfare benefits. Our economy cannot recover unless we stop instant entitlements to illegal alien families or instant citizenship for children (Anchor Babies) who can draw from taxpayer’s benefits. Realize that the dollar amounts transferred to foreign banks from illegal workers under-the-table wages, or the never specified amounts that are extracted from taxpayers for health care, education and silent welfare programs is beyond imagination. THE US GOVERNMENT FOR DECADES HAVE REFUSED TO ENFORCE SUCH IMMIGRATION LAWS, SUCH AS THE 1986 SIMPSON/MAZZOLI BILL.

Almost all states are suffering under this terrible reality as Liberal-backed state assemblies, catering to every foreign national who ignores an expired visa or slips past the border fences in search of handouts. The use of E-verify can reduce illegal immigrants hunting for work to some extent, but it must be a permanent tool that every business must execute.  We must fight any pro-amnesty legislation or fall foul to even more uncountable numbers of foreign laborers stealing jobs and then sending billions of our dollars to other lands. The make-up of Liberal opportunists in Washington are now in power, but they haven’t expected opposition from the growing ranks of the Tea Party movement or the regional groups of anti-illegal immigrant groups also growing in number such as NumbersUSA. We are a nation divided and all who see the imminent danger of overpopulation, the astronomical costs involved, need to vote them out of office—those lawmakers who would desecrate our future. We need fresh complexions for Washington and all states that stand for the majority of Americans. Those governors, majors, judges, police chiefs who don’t conform to the will of the people, can join the 15 million unemployed

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By Miguel, May 27, 2010 at 4:04 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Mr. Obama said: “I said to them, look, I disagree with this Arizona law, but I also said I understand the frustration of folks in Arizona. I understand they’re feeling that somehow the federal government can’t control the border effectively, and I’m willing to work with my Republican colleagues to create a stronger border here in California, New Mexico and in Arizona.”
Gee, and I thought Obama was a smart fella. Obviously he’s NOT! He’s not even bothered to look into the core problems that are at the core of why illegals keep entering the USA. Or, is it he doesn’t care? Just find a solution, any solution, so it looks as though Obumer is doing his job.
I believed in this faker (f**k*r) when he was first elected. Later I realised that the US government, and the Presidency, is really owned by the financial corporations, military industrial complex, and, of course, Israel.
To bad, citizens of the USA, you have no power, and no say, to what your government does and says.
Land of the free and the brave? That’s a JOKE!

Ex-American Citizen (who was born in Phoenix Arizona, of all places - I tell people, where I now live, that I’m from California, never from where I’m really from, it would make me sick to admit it!!!).

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By Carl, May 26, 2010 at 6:25 pm Link to this comment

Why is “truthdig” reposting an article from Corporate America’s mouthpiece, the WSJ?

How to fend off the citizen revolt about flooding the nation with cheap labor? Scour the nation for a few “yesm boss” police chiefs who support their “agenda”, gather them at once place, then have the AG meet with them and pretend they represent policemen from all of the USA.

Then publicize the odd meeting in corporate rags like the WSJ, and place a call to covert corporate rags like “truthdig” and insist the post the garbage. Then enjoy a good laugh when so-called “liberals” or “progressives” are duped and support their corporate goal of keeping the floodgates open so wages can be pushed down further and more unions busted up.

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By nemesis2010, May 26, 2010 at 4:52 pm Link to this comment

If he goes after Arizona with the same level of tenacity and integrity he had against the Bush admin and the Wall Street Banksters… Arizona ain’t got a thing to worry ‘bout.

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