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Afghanistan Leans Away From Censorship

Posted on Mar 14, 2010
AP / Rafiq Maqbool

U.S. soldiers search a house during an operation in Afghanistan’s Khost province.

The Afghan government has stepped away from a total ban on the broadcasting of “disturbing images” that was implemented earlier this month. The move had set off howls among media and rights groups.

The initial censorship law used the decades-old excuse that such images would embolden the enemy. Many critics say that images of security operations would point up the shortcomings of government forces in dealing with insurgent attacks. —JCL


Afghanistan rowed back on Saturday from a total ban on media broadcasts of “disturbing” images from insurgent attacks or live pictures of security operations.

The new rules for media were agreed over the past week after an outcry over restrictions imposed on March 1 by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) spy agency that threatened to arrest journalists who film attacks.

The NDS had imposed the ban on international as well as local media, saying the images emboldened the militants and allowed them to gain tactical information. The move outraged Afghan media and rights groups who said the public would be deprived of vital security information.

The president’s chief spokesman, Waheed Omer, said the new guidelines, hammered out over three days of meetings between officials and media representatives, would guarantee freedom from censorship while addressing government concerns about safety.

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 9:42 am Link to this comment

There were more journalists locked up , some tortured,
in Bagdad then ever recorded in history while we are
(caugh, caugh) restoring freedom and democracy to the
republic (caugh, coffff, there too).

Journalism even dropped that !!!!!!!!!!!!from coverage!

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 9:29 am Link to this comment

When i quit watching Keith, Cris, and the girl…

I believe it was around election time or shortly after..
It was great to them take Limbaugh to task and make the
baffoon out of him that he is….for a day….

But instead of reporting news…...for three weeks
one hour after the other , first Cris, then Keith, then
the girl, with help always from Eugene….damning
Rush Limbaugh, giving him waaaayyyyyy more coverage than
he deserves… after day…..when there was so much
news that needed reporting…..I shook my head and thought
another wasted opportunity for a major network to make
a difference..
There were and still are as guilty as FOX ever has
been in not reporting news….just damning the enemy…

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 9:03 am Link to this comment

All present journalism is doing is helping
Capitol Hill rewrite history…to be more favorable for
Was anyone ever held accountable for the 10 to 15 billion
(whats 5 billion or so) that vanished at the Bagdad
airport and made to pay it back….journalism dropped that
Has anyone been held accountable for billions wasted
building an unnessessary embassy in Bagdad,  all the graft
, no bid contracts in which billions were in reality just
given away by Capitol Hill of taxpayers money ????
Journalism dropped that one.
For years now we have been told that there will be no
permanent bases built in Iraq, that permanent occupation
was not apart of the mix , and that everyone and their
brother knows that isn’t true…
Journalism dropped that one toooooooooo….....
or that Americans main interest in Afganistan is to
establish a route to unload the resources from the
Caspian Sea,  that terrorism is being used as the lame
excuse to do this…
NOOO NOOO,  journalism has never even brought this up!!!
Has journalism taken Obama to task or questioned him
why, when he was president elect that he remained silent
while Isreal unloaded phosphorous and cluster on trapped
humans in Gaza….  no, no,  gosh no, for he is our
Savior….......Our mainstream savior , our status quo
savior, our wall street protector, our pill pushers
salesman,  our ins companies spokesman..

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 8:11 am Link to this comment

They just may be right Truth Dig…..

It is pointless to point out to Truth Diggers that the
whole employment system in this country revolves around
spending for the military and its wars,,,and that there
is very little return for the buck…that most of it
ends up upstairs with our investment bankers,,  that
before we even begin to discuss the ending of terrorism
this employment system HAS to be addressed by our
lawmakers as soon as posible..and that it has also
bankrupted our nation just as it did the Soviet Union, who
in order to pay back all their waste on the military had
to give their country away to foriegn inverstors making
filthy rich the old executives of the Soviet Union and
leaving its citizens in poverty and hunger.  The same that
is happening right now in the United States of America and
has been happening all along except now it is even
affecting the “middleclass” and feathers are getting
ruffled,  not because of the waste or the blood or the
thievery,,,,but because their precious pocketbooks are
getting robbed also now…......poor, poor,  babies….

This is also considered pointless….SAMOSAMO huh, samo ??

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 7:59 am Link to this comment

But i imagine Truth Dig…. That most of the
posters on here are Journalists.

So i very well understand them calling me pointless.

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 7:51 am Link to this comment

And there is not one damn thing pointless

  about the great topical song written and sung

  by   JAMES McMURTRY….........


  it, of course,  was also considered pointless
      for it   is   not   mainstream enough

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 7:47 am Link to this comment

It is no wonder that the citizens assosiated with
the tea baggers are running to the right….

Yesterday, some of your long time posters, the very ones
that I believe are some your best commenters…labeled
me pointless.

Here are some of the pointless issues.
Where are the numbers indicating just how much someone
is going to be mandated to pay the insurance companies
for the samosamo health care coverage…Is someone making
25k or less still going to have to come up with $500
a month or so…????????  That question was considered
The House of Representatives just voted on a war powers
authorization….  war won 356 to 65 .....
I emphasized this vote… was considered pointless
Terrorism (which apparently everyone has trouble defining)
was being defined again on post in which the Author
wrote an article showing with sarcasm just how rediculous
this discussion is… This is journalism fault..
I made this point…..It was considered pointless.
Listening to Dr. West and his discussion about “fault lines”,  it didn’t take long into the video to realize
Dr. West was saying a whole lot about nothing.. The
questioneer’s head was even shaking…like SAY something
Dr. West..
I commented on that… was considered pointless..
For six weeks now,  TD posters have ranted on and on
and on about Glen Beck and the tea baggers…saying
almost nothing,  just demonizing the citizens, offering
nothing that might just strike into those potential votes.
I commented on this… was considered pointless.
What I consider pointless is what is going on
at the Calling All Rebels post…................

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By ofersince72, March 15, 2010 at 7:22 am Link to this comment

Well Truth Dig ,,, i quess that i have this
blog for myself also….  Even though I do make
multible consecutive posts,  I usually do wait until
most have made their comments or the same comment starts
getting repeated over and over…  Then when I come on
with my multible two liners,  feathers get ruffled.

Thank you for offering this article,,  I believe it is
a very important issue…...especially with all the complaints that are registared on TD about our spineless
media corp. Need also to thank the editors of
Truth Dig for your articles on the Iraq elections,,,,
it offered space for so many that have expressed so much
concern for U.S.  involvement in that country,  it is
ashame that no one took the opportunity that you gave them
to comment on the U.S.  occupation of that country.
How much money was spent to fill corporate executives
pockets and how much U.S.  and Iraqi blood was
spilled needlessly in order to fill those executives
I   very well may seem quite obnoxious at times Truth Dig
, but it is for these very reasons that i have just

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By ofersince72, March 14, 2010 at 2:08 pm Link to this comment

The U.S.  media corps ought to take that lesson
  in democracy from the AFGAN government. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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