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Apr 19, 2014

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Honduras Agreement Falls Apart

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Posted on Nov 6, 2009
Manuel Zelaya
ABR / Ricardo Stuckert

Zelaya insists elections scheduled for Nov. 29 will not be legitimate unless he is first restored to power.

Honduras’ government is on the ropes again. Roberto Micheletti, the interim president, moved to form a new government after a deal to form a “unity” cabinet collapsed. Manuel Zelaya, the elected president ousted in a coup in June, is now urging a boycott of the election scheduled later this month. —JCL


An agreement to end a four-month political crisis in Honduras collapsed early on Friday after two rival leaders failed to form a unity cabinet to heal the damage from a June coup.

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya declared the pact dead just a week after it was signed and called on Hondurans to boycott presidential elections this month because, in a surprise move, de facto leader Roberto Micheletti moved to form a new government without him.

The rival leaders had agreed to form a so-called unity and reconciliation cabinet by Thursday, but then they clashed over who would lead the cabinet until the Honduran Congress decided whether to reinstate Zelaya.

“It’s absurd what they are doing, trying to mock all of us, the people who elected me and the international community that supports me. We’ve decided not to continue this theater with Mr. Micheletti,” Zelaya said.

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DieDaily's avatar

By DieDaily, November 7, 2009 at 4:33 am Link to this comment

Folktruther, there’s a lot of overlap between our
viewpoints, and we agree on the basic facts. But in
my opinion every one of the things you site are
ACCORDING to the plan, not setbacks. In no way are
those obstacles or disappointments to Obama, if you
think about his true agenda: globalization. Repeat:

He does not seek an American hegemony, he does not
seek anything pro-American, and all of the “setbacks”
you mention are actually just more or less pre-
planned stages, albeit ahead of schedule and a little
out of control, to be sure. But ultimately, and this
has been made very publicly clear, what “he” does
seek, is a global central government, and clearly
America has to be more or less destroyed before there
is any chance of that happening. Thus we are
witnessing the intentional demolition of the US,
starting with de-industrialization (pretty much
done), then financial collapse (well under way), and
finally it will be balkanization cum feudalization
with a generous helping of depopulation all along the

That is, if they get their way. Fortunately for all
of us it appears that there has been an overreaching
on the part of the elites. The Internet is really
screwing up their plans royally. As a result, they
will pay for these crimes eventually, but we the
people will suffer terribly first. People have no
idea of how bad it’s going to get over the next
couple of years and beyond. I must remark that the
punishment fits the crime. We, as a people, sat back
while our leaders did just this sort of nasty thing
to millions of “third world people over there” so in
a very real way we definitely have it coming to us.
True we were conditioned to do so…frightened to
dissent…but those days are over now. People are
talking. We so-called “conspiracy theorists” have
been predicting these events. That lends us an
absolutely inarguable, scientific level of

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By Folktruther, November 7, 2009 at 2:02 am Link to this comment

What you are saying is true, DieDaily, but IN ADDITION TO THAT US puppets are no longer obeying the US unquestioningly.  Israel is not halting, even temporarily or publically, its settlements, Abbas is not pretending to negotiate for peace, UN is increasingly voting against the US, Karzai is openly flaunting the US, Pakistan is oppenly criticizing Clinton, and the Honduras oligarchy is OPENLY flouting a pact negotiated by the US.

Europe is not sending more troops to the Afpak war, and Pfaff, a mainstream truther, openly says that the world increasingly considers the US the major world problem.  Obama is continuing a Bushite policy and the world powerful are not going along.  The US pretending peace and pursuing war has gotten old, and Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize is widely ridiculed.

This is Obama’s responsibility.  Stating one thing in Inspiring rhetoric and doing the other is being rejected not only by the people, but by the powerful.  Obama’s polls are falling rapidly.  They will fall faster when he continues to escalate the Afpak war and as the economy continues to worsen.

Indeed, the NYTimes came out today that the unemployiment rate was over 17% rather than 10% because people no longer believe the offical truth.  The Times felt it had to start telling a more accurate truth to retain whatever shered of credibility it has left.  This is Obama’s america, he is the public face of it and it is not politically viable.  the strategy he has gone along with, a betrayal of Progressives, is not working.  this goes to Obama’s political competence as well as his duplicity.  His duplicity increasingly lacks crediblity.

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DieDaily's avatar

By DieDaily, November 6, 2009 at 11:29 pm Link to this comment

ardee, I wish that you were right about Obama, but in
fact he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Do you not
remember that his endorsement of the new regime was
INSTANTANEOUS. The State Department was beside itself
when it emerged that Zelaya had escaped and wasn’t
rolling over. What sane democracy could sit back and
watch that go down? The guy was elected! Yet we
wanted him out. Why? Well, lots of reasons, the usual
ones. He wanted to share some wealth with the people,
place some constraints on US corporations and
agencies. Butthe mortal sin of Zelaya was his recent
crossing of swords with the CIA/DEA drug runners.
Legalize drugs? Are you kidding? The CIA would NEVER
allow that and Obama (i.e. the puppet) could never
have allowed that as the result. If he had, where on
earth would we get our cash for black ops?

People, all of this was laid bare during Iran/Contra
and prior. There have been six more instance this
year of planes and trucks traced back to the CIA
being found to contain TONS of pure Cocaine from
South America. Obama will do everything in his power
to ensure that Zelaya does not get back into power.
All the while his teleprompter will sooth us with an
continuous rhetoric of “concern” and “sympathy”.
What, like Obama couldn’t put him back in power in a
HEARTBEAT? Obviously he could. Obviously.

I hate to see this confused with presidential
incompetence. It simply isn’t. Obama would have to be
the one making the decisions for that to be true, and
there is no evidence of that!

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By ardee, November 6, 2009 at 5:32 pm Link to this comment

As Folktruther noted and events in Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home confirm, President Obama does not know what he is doing.

Does anyone really believe that this right wing coup in Honduras proceeded without US cooperation?

Does anyone really think we can send enough troops into Afghanistan to persuade that nations populace that the Taliban are worse guys than those ( us) who blow them up by remote control?

How about believing that giving away our children’s and grandchildren’s futures to the ‘dirty dozen’ who collapsed our economy was a grand idea?

Do any of us really think torture will end under this President, or that Guantanamo will ever close, or that real and necessary health care reform will proceed out of Congress?

It just gets worse and worse….because we the people let it!

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By Folktruther, November 6, 2009 at 11:30 am Link to this comment

What’s Obama doing?  Does he not even have determination enough to enforce orders to his puppets?  He is creating new quagmires left and right.  The public, if tacit, support he gives to the war criminals of Israel to continue their settlements makes a two state solution impossible, as Juan Cole stated.  And now he is going to support an election run by the coup government?  This guarantees heightened class war.

  One must entertain the possiblity that Obama not only identifies with neoliberal power, he lacks the competence to be presient.

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