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August 21, 2014
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For the Soul of Mankind

For the Soul of Mankind

By Melvyn P. Leffler

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Ear to the Ground

It Ain’t Over Till the Good Lady Gets Justice

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Posted on Aug 5, 2009
Flickr / squigglycircle

A vigil for murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Anna Politkovskaya was such a fine journalist, so brave in afflicting the comfortable, that she was shot. Probably by her political enemies, which included her government. She was the 13th journalistic critic of the government to be shot down by contract killers during Putin’s reign. After the first sham trial led to nothing, the Russian Supreme Court ordered a retrial of defendants in the case, a trial that is now under way and in a brief adjournment.


The suspected gunman, Rustam Makhmudov - brother of two of the other suspects - has still not been caught. And campaigners say it is those who ordered the killing that they really want to see in the dock.

The Supreme Court decision to order a retrial - taking place at the same military court in Moscow where the first trial was held - came after prosecutors appealed against the original not-guilty verdicts.

The process of the trial was also strongly criticised by Russian journalists and human rights groups.

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Purple Girl's avatar

By Purple Girl, August 6, 2009 at 9:22 am Link to this comment

‘Looked in his eyes and saw his soul’- Like a mirror image ah W? Cold,Arrogant and stupid too?
Lets see- proof of spying on Media types- check
      Good source on Hit Squads- Check
      Case of lying about Friendly Fire- Check
      Several Dead ‘nosey’ journalists and activitist- Check. Let’ not just think of the War correspondants like Pearl, but the young girl run over by a tank in Isreal.Didn’t see that blonde? My ass!
Add it to the Bushies list of High crimes Charges.

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By diamond, August 5, 2009 at 3:35 pm Link to this comment

Those who ordered her killing will never be in the dock because they are the government. She was killed on Putin’s birthday. Happy birthday Mr. President. She is only one of the people who went on TV in Russia and in a debate accused Putin of his many crimes. Most of these people are now dead and while I do believe in coincidences, I don’t believe in that many coincidences. I have read Alexander Litvinenko’s book, ‘Blowing up Russia’ and in it he makes clear that Putin and the FSB blew up apartment buildings all over Moscow so they could invade Chechnya. Now why does that story seem familiar? Oh, that’s right: the Bush crime factory did pretty much the same thing in New York so they could invade Afghanistan and Iraq. And America armed and funded Georgia to invade South Ossetia to try to give Russia the finger and make John McCain and Sarah Palin look like statespeople. To say ‘a plague on both your houses’ is to understate the case.

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By dihey, August 5, 2009 at 8:23 am Link to this comment

Before we Americans shout “sham trial” it would be helpful to look into the mirror.

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By eileen fleming, August 5, 2009 at 5:05 am Link to this comment

No bullets have been fired, but JUSTICE, FREEDOM of the PRESS and Speech are endangered in the ‘democracy’ of Israel.

Mordechai Vanunu’s most recent tribulations began on January 25, 2006, when he was convicted by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court of 15 violations of a military order that prohibited him from talking to non-Israelis and for attempting to leave the state [he has no passport] by taking a cab from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to attend Christmas Eve mass at the Church of the Nativity in 2004-his first since he was released from 18 years-most all of it in solitary-from Ashkeleon prison.

The original indictment included 22 different violations, Vanunu was charged with 19 and acquitted of four. On July 2, 2007, Israel sentenced Vanunu to six months in jail just for speaking to non-Israeli media — and not on the content — of what are hundreds of conversations that began the day Vanunu emerged from a tomb sized cell for providing the photographic proof in 1986 of Israel’s underground WMD facility. However, he was acquitted of speaking to foreign nationals on the Internet and via video and voice chats.

While I was last in occupied east Jerusalem, on June 14, 2009 Mordechai Vanunu told me:

“They renewed the restrictions to not speak to foreigners until November. I meet foreigners every day. I am talking with people every day. But I am not writing or announcing the appeal until after it happens. It was scheduled for January, then May 6th and June 18th. Now I am waiting for a new court date. The Central Commander of the General Army testified in court that it is OK if I speak in public as long as I do not talk about nuclear weapons.”

Vanunu returned to court on July 6, 2009 and “his attorney Avigdor Feldman…and the state agreed that after six months, pending a review of his conduct, Vanunu will be able to ask for the restrictions to be lifted and be allowed to travel abroad.”

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish, continued to deny Vanunu the RIGHT to leave the state because, “the case is still generating great interest, like any other security-related case. The media’s attention he gets is proof of that.”

As I am “the media” who has been reporting on Vanunu’s freedom of speech trial since it began Jan. 2006 I was devastated for Vanunu and that evening I phoned him and as always he said he was “OK” and also stated: “You have freedom of speech and freedom of movement. Do what you want. But I am not publishing anything…Everything is already on the Internet.”

2005, 2006, 2008 Vanunu interviews on video freely streaming @ VANUNU ARCHIVES:

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