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September 1, 2014
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The Divine Comedy

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Cell Phone Cards Lead to Arrests in India

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Posted on Dec 6, 2008
SIM cards

The purchase of SIM cards (some generic ones pictured here) led Indian authorities to make arrests on Friday.

Police in India are looking within their own national borders for possible leads and potential allies involved in late November’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, following a technological trail to two new suspects arrested on Friday.

The Washington Post:

Police arrested two men identified as Tausif Rehman,28, and Mukhtar Ahmed Sheikh, 35, for buying cell phone cards using forged documents. Officials now want to investigate whether the gunmen in Mumbai used these cards to make calls during their attacks last week.

“We are questioning them about procurement of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards used in Mumbai,” Jawed Shamim, the deputy commissioner of police in Calcutta, told news agency Reuters. Mumbai police officials had earlier traced some of the SIM cards used in the Mumbai attack to the state of West Bengal, whose capital is the city of Calcutta.

“Thirteen such SIM cards were bought by Tausif, which were passed on to Sheikh. Some of these cards were used by terrorists involved in the attack in Mumbai,” the public prosecutor in Calcutta, S. Pathak, told the Press Trust of India.

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Volma's avatar

By Volma, December 9, 2008 at 4:46 am Link to this comment

I really , well maybe not enjoyed, but found my reality changing, yet again after I read his article…The initial tid bit of news, “Cell phones lead to arrests in India” seemed like another bit of fishy news to me, like the terrorist attacks in India, fuzzy, vague, rotten smelling, propaganda, who knows what really happened typical news….After reading Robert Fisk’s article, and the comments that followed the old deje vu thing kicked in again…Say it’s not so….really and Hillary really said she would crush smash or otherwise destroy Pakistan if they attacked Israel? She is just frothing with the powers that are before her as secretary of state isn’t she? And if this is all true, it looks real than Obama is truly just another puppet for what, rich elite powers who actually control the world? Nothing is ever as it seems, it’s like reality has flipped, we live in opposite world/land…This is not encouraging or good news at all…Oh well,,,Deal with it or not, what is changes eventually to what will be…George Orwell for President 2012!!!

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A Khokar's avatar

By A Khokar, December 8, 2008 at 4:02 am Link to this comment

With the friends of Pakistan like America; who needs enemies.
Joint attack by US and India from East as well as from west to eliminate Pakistan; the only potent and nuclear country in Islamic world is but natural for both the oppressors to jointly dominate the Middle and Central Eastern lands of future economic resources and check control the other powers like China and Russia in the area.

Pakistan is the country sandwiched between India on the east and mighty U.S forces lurking at her border in the west. Both are getting ready to storm in, any time from both the sides. For other two sides in the north and south; Pakistan finds the towering mountains of Himalayas in the north and in the south the Arabian Sea. No escape and feels herself barricaded. In the absence of any harboring space found in her neighbor hood to divert or to recoil; Pakistan has no choice but to fight it out on both the hostile fronts and fight it frontally.

Pakistan is an ideological state and under the dire circumstances and in order to survive; it is but necessary to run the movement like Lashkar e Toyiba etc.
Pakistanis are the notch above the rest and they know how to come out winning.

India freindship with very new. Enteranc in US friendship are with pomp and show but its termination is horrific. A piece of advice from old U.S proxy-Pakistan may be most usefull.

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By GrannyGeese, December 7, 2008 at 9:58 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Could it be the “terrorists” who attacked Mumbai were actually an offshoot group of the same old thugs who have been stirring up trouble between Pakistan and India over Kashmir since the late 1940s?

Could it be the reason Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, was shot and killed when he arrived at the scene of the carnage was because he could identify the thugs? He had been heading investigations into several recent cases of “terrorist” attacks.

Could it be those thugs badly want this to be blamed on Pakistan, in the hopes a war will start between Pakistan and India, with the hope that the Kashmir issue will be resoved the way THEY want it resolved?

Or maybe, like most violent criminals and thugs, they just like to kill and maim.

Pakistan doesn’t want war with India, any more than India wants war with Pakistan. But I’ll bet both of them would like the thugs to go away!

Could it be our lame-duck bird-brains in the White House, don’t understand the Kasmir issue beyond understanding the percieved enemy mind-set between India and Pakistan?

Is it possible our bird-brains are completely unable to destinguesh between angry, violent criminals and two legitimate governments?

Bingo! That’s it! They do not know the difference!

The predictable outcome of simple minds reducing everything into labels! Heaven help us if those same simple minds manage to start another war based on name-calling!

“suppose the majority of all Kashmiris, including those on both sides of the Line of Control and refugees, want Kashmir to be an independent state. In that case only 35 percent of Indians would find independence unacceptable. Among Pakistanis, only 11 percent would find this outcome unacceptable.”

Do you suppose once the bird-brains have left D.C. we can get rid of GWOT? (Global War On Terror)

Maybe we can come up with a better label for trying to mold the world in our own image, like War Handling Over Rights Earned (WHORE) or, Peace Righteously In-forcing Change (PRIC) Or maybe we can just start a national campaign for education, leading to learning the value of Minding Our Business. (MOB)

And maybe we can go back to the old-fashioned notion that violent crooks and criminals are - violent crooks and criminals.

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