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Rep.‘s ‘Anti-American’ Comments Could Cost Her Re-Election

Posted on Oct 21, 2008

Rep. Michelle Bachmann was cakewalking to re-election in her Republican-leaning Minnesota district until she told Chris Matthews the media should investigate anti-Americanism in Congress. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee calls that a “$1 million mistake.” 

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza explains:

Those comments, made to Chris Matthews on “Hardball” last Friday, alleging that Barack Obama held “anti-American” views immediately lit up the blogosphere, energized the campaign of former Blaine Mayor Elwyn Tinklenberg (great name!) and turned Bachmann’s race from an afterthought into one of the most high profile House races in the country.

Tinklenberg has raised more than $800,000 in the aftermath of Bachmann’s comments and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee communications director Jen Crider has called this a “$1 million mistake” on the part of the Republican incumbent.

The DCCC, sensing opportunity, began airing an ad hitting Bachmann on her opposition to government regulation of the financial industry—the leading edge of a seven-figure television buy that runs through election day.

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In case you missed it, the controversy begins near seven minutes in:


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By Leisure Suit Larry, November 1, 2008 at 6:30 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“Jack Murtha, Dem, is going to “lose” his seat cuz he dared to speak the truth”

No Jack Murtha is going to lose his seat because he’s a thief a liar and a cantankerous old fool, who happened to get one thing right during his tenure. being right about Iraq couldn’t change the smell of Murtha or his office which he disgraced.

Good riddance.

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By yellowbird2525, October 26, 2008 at 1:20 pm Link to this comment

Jack Murtha, Dem, is going to “lose” his seat cuz he dared to speak the truth: that our troops are killing innocent civilians (there ARE no al quieda in Iraq nor links to any found in exhaustive study); the Gov LIED; and the “uproar” caused by the media set up by the very ones who lied to begin with: is so typical; isn’t ignorance bliss? I was asked when I first started trying to find out why other countries were talking about Hitler & how it was done then; & how it is being done now in the USA? & they were talking “genocide” in the USA? What the blazes is going on in my own country that I know nothing about: **********was my quest; the person had known all along many of what was being done; as I wept when I found out all the atrocities; I am sorry I am not eloquent; but right now our politicians working with the Corps are agressively going to deliberately cause water shortage in the USA; in Germany many folks did nothing when knowing what was being done; every single thing done then including the news; is being done today in the USA; I am not one that is going to do nothing; I refused to give my email address;name or number to a young 17 year old confused & wanting to know the truth when I spoke up repeated shedding light on the lies at a meeting; he was confused; this I have heard he said: is it true? Tears filled my eyes as I could not reply to him: what your country wants to do is to harm you, & kill you. YOU have the choice: be ignorant & do nothing; or like be a disabled woman asking our Gov “am I Ruby Ridge enough for you?” I arm myself with knowledge; and speak out & up; I am targeted which is fine with me; you have the choice: do something or do nothing; I specifically asked the Mexicans to take their problems to the ROOT of the problem: the politicians & the Corps who run them: not to take it out on the citizens of the USA; they have suffered enough from our own Gov & their policies is what I told them. I am for the people of the USA & the planet 1st and foremost; that sets me against the politicians & political parties & their agenda; so be it; do nothing & continue in ignorance; or take the steps to help as many as you can; ignorance is NOT bliss; helping the people & the planet is. They fired & killed some of us at Kent University; for daring to speak out against their policies; I am sure they will fire upon many more of us; you have to be willing to die for some things: or you might as well be dead now. Our nation is the Nazi’s folks: the atrocities they have done, are doing, and will continue to do until they have global dominion is beyond excuse. They do the exact opposite of what they say. I am for the USA PEOPLE and for the PLANET; that is the exact opposite of the political parties in the USA today.

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By cyrena, October 22, 2008 at 11:50 am Link to this comment

Ah shucks CY

“..Shit on the Democratic party and all their friends, Our best hope for some short-term stability is to put a cranky old idiot in the white house and leave congress with the spinless bunch of amoeba who are there now. Maybe with a few more Democrats to counter folks like Lieberman and Clinton…”


Presumably you mean the McCain cranky old idiot and not Nader the cranky old idiot. NO!! (to both!)

It’s not about the Democratic party, or the Republican party CY, it’s about all of us, and the three branches of government that need to get back to the blueprint provided by the Constitution, regardless of what political party they represent. 

This Criminal Cabal has taken over and politicized the entire government infrastructure based on their own agenda, which has little (no NOTHING) to do with former political party principles. They represent the CORPORATE party, and the Corporate Party *is* the government. Producing grid lock within the infrastructure of the government (your solution) *isn’t* what the founding peeps had in mind with the checks and balances concept.

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By Arnie, October 22, 2008 at 10:01 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It appears that rep Bachmann repented after losing financial support by implying Obama’s anti-American. Today she’s now calling Obama a socialist. When you’re in a hole & want out, stop digging

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By Skruff, October 22, 2008 at 6:09 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Dear Democratic Surrogates

Most people know…can see… the Republican party has abandoned principle, long-standing views, and morality, but is the answer to give the equally corrupt Democrats the power?

Little has been said here about Joe Biden’s long stnding defense of the Banking Indrustry. Back when he first ran for President in 1988, the line was Joe Biden (D) Citibank.

He authored and backed the Bankrupcy reform act prohibiting poor and middle class families from the protections he just voted to give the banking indrustry. But banks are not the only recipient of Joe’s largess. He also likes the RIAA and their policy of prohibiting internet trading of music. He likes sports teal owners, Credit card franchizers, and big energy, but here we talk about Sara Palin’s wardrobe.

How did Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan workers fare under Clinton?  He gave them NAFTA, while he gave China MFN status. His wife served on Walmart’s board of Directors, and while there she did absolutely NOTHING Nada, Zip for that company’s workers who must also collect food stamps (while working “full time” for the biggest company in the world)

Lawrence Massachusetts, New Englan’s most notorious slum has been impoverashed since the late 1970’s and has long been represented by Democrats and sits in Ed Kennedy’s back yard.

Flint Michigan also represented by Democrats is a Michael Moore joke. Pattrson New Jersey, Compton California Gary Indiana, East St Louis Illinois (where Barak Obama is their Senator) embarrassing streaches of poverty and broken glass on Democratic turf.

So we elected a Democratic congress (The tally in the Senate is 49/49 with two Independents Bernie Sanders usually votes with the Democrats) They promised us “Out of Iraq” they haven’t done it. They promised us a curb on Bush power, they haven’t done it… What they have done is support Bush’s “Surge” his illegal bypass of the Constitution, and his plan to take from the poor and middle class and give to the big banks

What do we get in return?

more jobs lost, more homes foreclosed, and more promises broken.

Shit on the Democratic party and all their friends, Our best hope for some short-term stability is to put a cranky old idiot in the white house and leave congress with the spinless bunch of amoeba who are there now. Maybe with a few more Democrats to counter folks like Lieberman and Clinton.

The idea that “Democrats will bring change” is utter nonsense, and if you believe that line you were not paying attention in ‘06.

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By purplewolf, October 22, 2008 at 5:29 am Link to this comment

We have seen the Republicans loyalty lies in Iraq and the Middle East and not America. Anyone who has any doubt only needs to go back and look and listen to Bush’s obsession with the whole mess of Iraq/Israel starting before he stole the 2000 election. He has spent more time, energy and money on that one country in which he invaded illegally than he has all of America, where he continues to destroy every chance he gets. Now who is really pro-America? The real Americans are not the Republicans I see today.

This is the same person who tried to have the movie Aladdin banned in her state as claiming it had witchcraft and other unchristian things in it. Talk about a nutjob. I cannot understand how someone with her repressive views is elected into office only to start trying to force her beliefs and views unto others because of her religious brainwashing. Where is America, you remember her? Where you were supposed to be free to decide for yourself what to do and not let strangers do it for you. Where did she go?

It is well past time to get these religious dictators out of politics. There was a time when there were(and still is) no rules mandating that those in politics have to be religious.It would be better to have those with no religious beliefs at all since we have all seen what happens when those elected claim Christian values and beliefs. It clouds their intelligence(if they had any) and leads to separation, hatred, more poverty, wars, oppression of others and the list goes on.

I think that all those who want to divide America, as this Republican party has done this year, should be rounded up and shipped off to Alaska, where they can await the Rapture and secede from the United States and fight among themselves as to who is a better God fearing American and leave the rest of America to those of us they think are un-American. That way we can start to repair the damaged done the last 8 years and make a better America than what we have right now.

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By samosamo, October 21, 2008 at 11:40 pm Link to this comment

By cyrena, October 21 at 10:59 pm

Here lady, I had to google it and you may have to type it into the address bar but it appears to be what was on the video.

I just check it and this link took me to the site so it should work for you. Glad to help.

And if you can get to see it on video, you will see what I am talking about as a motor mouth, of course the time lag from earth to satelite back to earth did not help and I don’t see HardBall at all really mostly because I did not hook up an antenna, cable or dish for my tv when I moved up here in May of 2000. Just watch videos and movies I like when I want to see them.

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By cyrena, October 21, 2008 at 10:59 pm Link to this comment

Well, I’m taking your word on this samosamo, since I trust you. I say that because I don’t get any sound from this borrowed computer, and I don’t have the stomach for MSM, (including Chris Mathews) so I wouldn’t see in on TV either.

That meant that I followed the link, hoping for a written transcript. But alas, there was none. I’ve been realizing how much I relied on these video clips now that I’m not ‘wired for sound’. (funny how we acclimate to this technology, eh?)

So, if ya’ll are tired of sending your pennies to political candidates, you can send them to me to support a new computer with sound. (For some reason, my computers followed in the footsteps of Louise’s computers…both crashing (fatally) within a week of each other).

‘Till then, I guess I’ll just have to read the comments, or hang out at the library all day with the earphones.

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By samosamo, October 21, 2008 at 10:09 pm Link to this comment

Geez, does this woman ever give palin a run for her money as being the stupidest politician in america. And how in the world did the people in Minnesota ever elect this crown jewel of the republican party. Very Very depressing being a part of our political system. I don’t think this woman’s IQ is over 75. And I don’t think I have heard a more prejudiced and hatred talking person in a long time, especially for a woman and an elected person at that.
And after hearing the whole 14:40 clip I can see why I don’t try to watch this show. I have a good bit of respect for chris matthews but his role as mediator in this was less than sterling mostly because both women are motor mouths and especially the rep from minnesota being an ignorant subversive that I would not want speaking for my side of anything just like I would not want w OR dick speaking for me.
The phone message, from what I have been able to research on the internet and read in books(What happened in Ohio 2004) this is what I expect from the republican party. The other things I expect are the subversion and disruption of the elections in November because the republicans have not ‘won’ an election since bush was elected in 1988, this is daddy, those elections were stolen.

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By Paul, October 21, 2008 at 9:27 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Back in the days when Minnesota was reliably a Democratic state (both as a proper noun and a common noun), Bachmann wouldn’t have been able to run for PTA secretary, let alone Congresswoman.

Bachmann is a lot like Sarah Palin, a know-nothing McCarthyite (as well as a Bible-thumper) who depends on know-nothing suburbanite “pink-necks” to stay in office.

Now she lamely claims to have been “entrapped” into making her remarks, but I can’t imagine Al Franken or Barack Obama - or even Minnesota’s oily Republican senator Norm Coleman - eagerly taking that kind of rotten, stinking bait.

This so much reminds me of The Ali G. Show, with his bizarre pseudo-interviews of public figures. I’d love to see some current politicians get eaten alive there!

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By Hugo Norton, October 21, 2008 at 7:52 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Dear Republican Surrogates…

If you believe patriotism is only found in blind allegiance to what our government feeds us, you are sadly mistaken.  This great country, my friends, was born out of dissent.  Your party, and its “leaders” have had the reins of power for 8 years now.  You have blown it, and we doth protest.  We despise your unnecessary war, we scoff at your allegations that we spend money unwisely, when it is YOU that live in a very fragile glass house.  Each and every time one of you call us un-American because we do not like your failed president, and his criminal understudies, you be-little yourselves.  We wish only to dispatch your candidate as Bush’s successor to the ash bin of history, along with his cynical vice presidential candidate.  We do not seek to question his patriotism or his loyalties, only to rebuke his methods.

You however cannot exit with grace it appears.  You must slander those who feel maybe it is time for the government to work for it’s citizens as opposed to imposing it’s will around the globe—while ignoring pressing needs like alternative energy, healthcare for those left behind, and a crumbling infrastructure.  Calling us un-American because we oppose YOU casts you in the same light as McCarthy.  The tactics are not unlike a certain German leader in the middle of the last century.  You should be ashamed of yourselves, and next time you place a flag pin upon your lapel, or hang a flag beside your front door, consider the lives given in support of freedom, and understand, please, that to be free is not the same as to be sheep.  I am proudly American, and yet I am ashamed by the tactics of the right.  If you cannot defend your candidate with dignity, then shut up.

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