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February 6, 2016
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‘Troopergate’ Probe: Palin Abused Executive Power

Posted on Oct 10, 2008
AP photo / Nati Harnik

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks during a rally in Omaha, Neb., last Sunday.

Special prosecutor Steven Branchflower has investigated Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan—who claimed he was fired because he refused to fire Palin’s brother-in-law, state Trooper Mike Wooten—and the news isn’t good for the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Update: Monegan says he feels “vindicated” by the bipartisan committee’s findings.

Update 2:On Saturday, Palin said the report demonstrates that she didn’t do anything wrong in firing Monegan.

Also, check out the full text of the report by following this link.

“The Trail” in The Washington Post:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) abused her executive power when she fired her public safety commissioner this year in the midst of an intense effort to oust her former brother-in-law from the state police force, a special prosecutor has concluded.


Palin’s supporters argued that the report, released less than four weeks from Election Day, was a politically motivated attempt to damage the Republican presidential ticket. The report initially had been due at the end of the month, but the Democrat managing the investigation said its release was moved to Oct. 10 so it would not come on the eve of the election.

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By JNagarya, October 13, 2008 at 3:03 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

By troublesum, October 12 at 1:50 pm #

Tempest in a teapot.  Every governor does this stuff.  A recent democratic governor of NY had the republican president of the state senate followed by the state police.

Yer right!—two wrongs make a right!

So, if Palin were a murderer—so what?  So one else committed murder too, and might even be a Democrat, therefore it’s okay to commit murder.

But only if one is a Republican.

In other words: your “agument” is based both upon an implicit claim to moral superiority, and a rejection of morality.  It is immoral.  It is irrational.  It is Republican.

Meanwhile, McPalin’s campaign is nothing more or less or other than an effort to TERRORIZE the voter.  Which doesn’t surprise: McPalin are Republican.

So, who is extremist lunatic fringe bimbo Palin pal[l]in’ around with?  Two terrorists, one name McSlimer, the other named Palin.

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thebeerdoctor's avatar

By thebeerdoctor, October 13, 2008 at 4:12 am Link to this comment

re: Romira

Since I read your comments about your post deleted, I think the reason is more than likely a technical glitch rather than an editorial one. Funny thing about technical glitches, last April I was banned from the Huffington Post without any explanation. Well I raised a bit of hell about it, and eventually, I was not only restored to comment, but have my newscloud journal blog linked on their Off The Bus page (beerdoctor on their blog roll).
So keep posting, I look forward to reading what you have to say. Peace.

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, October 12, 2008 at 2:02 pm Link to this comment

Well, I still like that there crumbcake at meetins, you betcha.  Hey, has she said “betcha” lately? 

Rule of law is amusing to the executive branch, and may stay just same, amusing as long as Congress has it’s head up its ass. Look, most of Congress has to be paid off, threatend or morons, it really does not matter.  The people take it in the shorts every time.

Plutocracy is nice for the plutocrats, for everyone else it sucks, except most don’t know what the sucking sound is yet.

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By troublesum, October 12, 2008 at 1:50 pm Link to this comment

Tempest in a teapot.  Every governor does this stuff.  A recent democratic governor of NY had the republican president of the state senate followed by the state police.

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By truther3, October 12, 2008 at 1:42 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Ttruthdig has four pictures of Sarah Palin upfront.
Isn’t one picture is enough? What is going on? Is
truthdig doing some PR work for her??

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By Romira, October 12, 2008 at 11:46 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I just joined truthdig a few days ago and earlier on today I posted a very short personal comment about how Palins voice now grates on me and how I cannot even stand to look at her seeing how she is such a self-serving creature. I also mentioned that her husband Tod, always looks like a thug to me.

The post was initially put up and now its been deleted. What exactly was so terrible about what I said? Is this the freedom of speech that Truth dig promotes?

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Leefeller's avatar

By Leefeller, October 12, 2008 at 7:14 am Link to this comment


Your racist sheets are showing, burned any crosses lately?

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thebeerdoctor's avatar

By thebeerdoctor, October 12, 2008 at 3:58 am Link to this comment

This should have been expected. In a sparsely populated state like Alaska. all politics becomes local, petty and vicious. You don’t have to look very much under the hood of the glistening Palin vehicle, to know that car facts dot com has a revealing and disturbing history to this ride.
Woe betide this nation if ever she should be enthroned.

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By blainesmith, October 11, 2008 at 11:06 pm Link to this comment

So is the plan of Sarah Palin, a supporter and backer of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), to wheel and deal her way into having Alaska become Independent of the United States and declare themselves a Sovereign Nation!!!
While Sarah Palin points fingers at Barack Obama and his relative bleak relationship with Ayers, accusing him of “Palling around with a terrorist”, she has hesitated to tell us about her GRAND PLAN and ULTERIOR MOTIVES.
Sarah Palin in the last year, along with her card caring member husband Todd Palin, was a featured speaker for the AIP, in which she said “Keep up the good work”. Well, exactly what is the founding and goals of the AIP. The website ( ) spells the matter out very plainly on the homepage:
The Alaskan Independence Party’s goal is the vote we were entitled to in 1958, one choice from among the following four alternatives:

1) Remain a Territory.
2) Become a separate and Independent Nation.
3) Accept Commonwealth status.
4) Become a State.

The call for this vote is in furtherance of the dream of the Alaskan Independence Party’s founding father, Joe Vogler, which was for Alaskans to achieve independence under a minimal government, fully responsive to the people, promoting a peaceful and lawful means of resolving differences.
Basically, the comment that Sarah Palin made during her debate with Biden, regarding the increased power of the Vice President’s role in the Senate via the US Constitution is becoming increasingly clear. While the Constitution provides no more such authority, it appears that she may intend to at least try and overthrow our Country in some manner and declare Alaska as an Independent Nation. The pieces are starting to fit together slowly. This is also called “Treason” and is punishable by the Death Penalty. While they promote a lawful means, it would certainly help to have ‘Good Ol Sarah’ pushing the measure through and turning her State into a Nation of her own. Quietly overthrown the US and forget about all the money that the other 49 States have paid into the development of Alaska.
Let’s take a look at the founder of AIP, Joe Vogler, who was murdered shortly after his beginning attempts to try and have Alaska become Independent from the US. A true patriot of the US Government, Joe Vogler made the following remarks in 1991 in an interview which is now housed in the Oral History Program in the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

“The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government,” Vogler said in the interview, in which he talked extensively about his desire for Alaskan secession, the key goal of the AIP.

“And I won’t be buried under their damn flag,” Vogler continued in the interview, which also touched on his disappointment with the American judicial system. “I’ll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.”

Volger also advocated renouncing allegiance to the United States. “And then you get mad. And you say, the hell with them. And you renounce allegiance, and you pledge your efforts, your effects, your honor, your life to Alaska.”

AFTER these comments, Todd signed up and became a card carrying member and Sarah started attending their conventions. In fact she addressed their convention this past March.

There you have it folks, Sarah and Todd Palin support having Alaska as an Independent Nation, advocate a party and founder who renounces allegiance to the United States. If that does not sound a bit like an overthrow and treason, I just don’t know what does!

Seems Sarah pals around with people who don’t want to be a part of the United States and have renounced their allegiance.

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By Opening Eyes, October 11, 2008 at 7:19 pm Link to this comment

Check out the info on the Anti-Palin Rally in Juneau, Alaska on the steps of the State Capital Building on 10-11-08.

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By Inherit The Wind, October 11, 2008 at 5:22 pm Link to this comment

Frank Cajon, October 11 at 3:20 pm #

McCain’s weakness for relatively attractive, vacuuous younger women of various hair dye shades should not become a national liability.
Let’s not forget he’s a compulsive gambler as well.  We are just coming out of 8 years of “management” by a dry drunk and NOW the GOP is giving us a gambler, whose wife is a recovering drug addict.  We’ve seen him “roll the dice” and come up with snake-eyes (AKA, Sarah Palin).

What’s next from the GOP, a pederast (or are they only in Congress?)

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By wildflower, October 11, 2008 at 4:53 pm Link to this comment

Re: RightWing

Some Alaskans like Andrew Halcro suggest the facts tell a different story:

“In the fall of 2004, Trooper Mike Wooten had decided the differences between he and his wife Molly of four years had grown to the point of being irreconcilable. His wife just happened to be the younger sister of Sarah Palin.

The beginning of the divorce proceedings set off a chain of bizarre and chilling events that has continued through today. . .

Beginning in spring of 2005 . . . over 25 formal complaints were filed by Palin and Heath family members against Trooper Mike Wooten. . . In all cases except one, the charges were ruled unfounded after an internal investigation. And the one charge that was valid, Wooten immediately admitted to. . .

But it didn’t stop there. Threatening phone calls, private detectives that were hired to follow Wooten, notes left on windshields, Todd Palin taking pictures then submitting them to Wooten’s supervisor, all designed to intimidate Wooten into backing off from demanding equal child custody rights.

But every time they filed a spurious complaint, the Troopers would bring in an Administrative Investigator who after seeing more than two dozen of these ridiculous and time consuming complaints stated that in all his years he had never seen such a shotgun pattern against one officer. . .

.  . . Twice in the last few months complaints were filed by the governor’s office accusing Wooten of improperly using his patrol car. Both times he was visiting his kids at school and both times he had permission from his sargent. . . .

A short time afterwards, it was discovered that confidential material in Wooten’s Administrative Investigation file had been released to his ex-wife and her attorney. . . AI files are strictly confidential and can only be released with the written signature of the Trooper, but yet no one could explain how the detailed confidential information was released.

Reportedly, both Commissioner Monegan and Colonel Audie Halloway warned that if they found out the file was leaked by the governor’s office, they would pursue charges. . .

The most tragic part of this whole story is Trooper Mike Wooten. For the last four years his children have endured inexcusable stress at the hands of the governor and her family. The same governor who has been on television telling Alaskans how important it is to love your kids and spend time with them. Truth be told, Governor Palin should watch her own television commercial.”

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By ocjim, October 11, 2008 at 4:37 pm Link to this comment

Just remember, there is a one in four chance that Palin would succeed McCain in a four year term if they are elected, given McCain’s age and his cancer.

An extension of the Bush eight year plague by four years is what dumbed-down voters want?

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By Frank Cajon, October 11, 2008 at 3:20 pm Link to this comment

McCain’s weakness for relatively attractive, vacuuous younger women of various hair dye shades should not become a national liability. Influence peddling, ignorance, acceptance of gifts in conflict of interest with her position, and this obvious cluster of broken laws show that podunk Annie is, as a friend of mine pointed out, not qualified to run a Burger King. McCain, thinking with his dick and not his cerebrum, nonetheless stuck with her because despite her obvious lack of even rudimentary knowledge she gave his moribund campaign a bump until people who can read discovered she can’t. Now, she will play a role in the final death throes of the Grand Old Party and that is cause for minor rejoicing, though we need a similar dirge to sound for the Democrats in four years as a Labor Party must become a force. Too late to save capitalism or our retirement accounts, it still can save our children’s futures.

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By wildflower, October 11, 2008 at 2:54 pm Link to this comment

Notes From the Branchflower report in Anchorage Daily News:

“Governor Palin knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda, to wit: to get Trooper Michael Wooten fired. She had the authority and power to require Mr. Palin to cease contacting subordinates, but she failed to act.

Such impermissible and repeated contacts create conflicts of interests for subordinate employees who must choose to either please a superior or run the risk of facing that superior’s displeasure and the possible consequences of such displeasure. This was one of the very reasons the Ethics Act was promulgated by the Legislature.

Governor Palin has stated publicly that she and her family feared Trooper Wooten. Yet the evidence presented has been inconsistent with such claims of fear. The testimony from Trooper Wheeler, who was part of her security detail from the start, was that shortly after elected to office, she ordered a substantial reduction in manpower in her personal protection detail ... an act that is inconsistent with a desire to avoid harm from Trooper Wooten or others.

...It is noteworthy that in almost every contact with the subordinate employees, Mr. Palin’s comments were couched in terms of his desire to see Trooper Wooten fired for reasons that had nothing to do with fear. His comments were always couched in terms that he was a bad Trooper, that he was not a good recruiting image for the AST, that his discipline amounted to nothing more than a slap on the wrist, that nothing had happened to him following the administrative investigation, and so forth…

I conclude that such claims of fear were not bona fide and were offered to provide cover for the Palins’ real motivation: to get Trooper Wooten fired for personal family related reasons.”

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By felicity, October 11, 2008 at 1:59 pm Link to this comment

Welcome to the land of the imperial presidency.  Bush/Cheney, to name a few, put it in place and McCain/Palin will be handed the orb and scepter, emblems of imperial splendor, in November. 

Kings and Queens rule by divine right. Above the law which applies to their subjects only, they are forever guiltless of wrong doing.  God says so.

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By GrannyGeese, October 11, 2008 at 10:26 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Stopping for a moment to think, one has to wonder. How come McCain picked the hillbilly from the Tundra anyway?

Seriously. Could it be she was the only person his election committee could find who demonstrated she could sling shit faster than a runaway cow?

And speaking of cows, what’s with the eating moose meat, [poached or not] and the damn the brother-in-law and hang the consequence, [or maybe the other way around] as being an object of legislative investigation anyway?

Not that those actions may or may not have been cause for considerable anx for Palin and her State, [don’t mean to make lite of it] but hardly earthshaking when held up against a bunch of people killed in an immoral war and a whole bunch more threatened with losing everything they have.

Oh geez! I have it now! They had to find someone who demonstrated a complete disregard for the law in her land, but in such a petty way as to say of her character, “No problem, you want petty shit, I can give you petty shit! Just show me where to throw it!”

I think somewhere along the way McCain misread, misunderstood, or misunderestimated. [;)]

And now he’s finding himself in the uncomfortable position of having to eat that shit! And Palin’s STILL THROWING IT!

The news report I heard last night said the findings were delivered by a committee of 13 repubs and four dems, but no matter. We all know the Alaska legislature is dominated by repubs. The report also said Palins people defended her by stating this was obviously an Obama led liberal conspiracy to diminish Palin’s character. A real thigh slapper,
like she needs help diminishing her character.

[Like Obama doesn’t have more important things to do]

Speaking of character. [Perfect word choice] Palin is indeed a character.

Like in the comics. Popsiclewoman wandering in the frozen North, looking for a crisis to compound.

So Alaska has decided to air her dirty laundry, petty or not, in front of the whole world. Even at the risk of possibly being seen as petty and backwards themselves. Which tells me, they must be mighty anxious to get rid of her!

And there’s just got to be a really good reason for that, eh?

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By Kashilinus, October 11, 2008 at 9:49 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Abuse of power? So what else is new? This will be glossed over.Consider the report, just out, which will also be buried, on the firings of the US Attorneys. Still, in my private musings, it is beyond amazing that this improbable candidate for the White House hasn’t already been given a one way ticket to Wasilia.

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By Palli Davis Holubar, October 11, 2008 at 9:17 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Blame Obama….
If Obama loses blame the Rovian chimera of voter fraud before citizen walk into the voting booth and manipulated electronic voting machines

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By bogglesthemind, October 11, 2008 at 7:51 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“This news, as I see it, doesn’t guarantee that Barack Obama will be the next president of the USA. But if he loses now, after all the mistakes and general dumbness of the McCain camp, Obama will have only himself to blame.”

How nice. You have just said nothing at all.

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By Eric L. Prentis, October 11, 2008 at 7:45 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Sarah Palin is guilty of abusing her power while governor of Alaska. The Alaskan people have performed a heroic service by pointing out why Americans should distrust Gov. Palin. By selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, Sen. McCain demonstrates his reckless gambling attitude and poor judgment, both terrible character traits for a US president. Democrats must broadcast these Republican character trait flaws 24/7 on every Christian radio station in the country, right up until election day. If these radio stations say they will not accept the adds, double the money, they will take them.

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By Linda, October 11, 2008 at 7:31 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Wasn’t there some testimony that Todd Palin was able to review (unlawfully) confidential personell files?  If so, I would expect that the next phase of this scandal would be lawsuits from the state employees who had their privacy violated.

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By Beetlejiuce, October 11, 2008 at 7:24 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The investigation clearly indicates Palin was on a vendetta and had no problem with using her position as governor, the office, state resources and state personnel as proxies to accomplish her desires while she remained in the shadows. Clearly, she actions and inactions are violations of the state’s ethics laws.

Unfortunately, for the matter to go to its’logical conclusion would require the state AG to bring Palin up on charges of violating the public’s trust. The same state AG that instructed those seven state employees who worked Palin not to honor the legislature subpoenas. The same state AG, who lacks qualified experience, that was appointed by Palin. Turns out the Legislature is powerless to pursue a legal challenge. They may consider impeachment, but they’re not scheduled to meet until January and only for 90 days to settle more pressing state matters.

She’s guilty, but cannot be prosecuted because of conflicting jurisdictions and schedules. In short, she won’t serve the time for the crime.

Palin’s hopes are all for winning the election with McCain to avoid returning to Alaska. She will probably serve out the remainder of her term with a hostile Legislature that will give her no quarter. And fade into the sunset after her term expires.

So the only way to punish Palin now would for Obama and Biden to win the election and make her go back and face her constituents in Alaska.

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By wildflower, October 11, 2008 at 7:21 am Link to this comment

Interesting to read Alaska’s Halcro’s observations on Todd Palin’s deposition. He thinks, “The first dude was trying to get out in front of a fast moving train.”  Halcro also notes that Todd “ . . . covers old ground . . . about State Trooper Mike Wooten and events that occurred years before his wife was elected governor,” and suggests some of Todd’s comments are   “half truths:”

Page 1, Line 17: “(Wooten) illegally shot a cow moose without a permit”

Palin. . . leaves out . . . his entire family knew the moose was shot illegally in 2003 but that didn’t stop him . . . from butchering and eating the meat, only to file the complaint two years later when Wooten was divorcing Sarah’s sister.

Page 2, Line 16: “In 2005 and 2006, State Trooper Mike Wooten was the subject of a court ordered domestic violence protective order.”

Palin . . . leaves out . . .the order was granted while Wooten was out of state taking his step son to Portland. .  .  without any evidence of domestic violence. Upon his return. . .Judge Suddock questioned Palin’s sister and immediately revoked the order, calling it an egregious abuse of the legal system.

Page 3, Line 1: “Threats against a public official, and his or her family, fall within the responsibilities of the Department of Public Safety.”

True. But the last complaint of any threat occurred over a year before Governor Palin was elected. . . .

Page 3, Line 13: “I was not aware of the Grimes report until July 2008. . .

This is a blatant untruth. Monegan made it very clear that Wooten had already been punished and that is why he couldn’t take any further action . . .

Page 4, Line 3: “I had hundreds of conversations and communications about Trooper Wooten over the last several years with my family, friends, with colleagues, just about everyone I could including government officials. . . “

In a July 18, 2008 press release, Governor Palin stated; “To allege that I, or any member of my family….directed disciplinary action be taken against any employee of the Department of Public Safety, is, quite simply, outrageous.

. . . Having this many conversations, over two years after the last interaction with Wooten shows a pattern of Palin’s obsession with getting even with Wooten.”

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By Inherit The Wind, October 11, 2008 at 4:53 am Link to this comment

As we see the McCain/Palin campaign spinning out of control I’m wondering what caused McCain to finally say Obama is an American and a decent family person?

1) Is McCain thinking that he needs to say this to salvage his campaign against the neg press relating some mental midget yelling “Kill Him!”?

2) Is McCain realizing that he has irretrievably lost the Presidential race and is now trying to salvage his reputation and respect for when he returns to the Senate so he maybe be effective?

3) Or is McCain FINALLY sick of going against his better nature to get elected and is actually horrified by the rabid intensity and calls for violence against someone who is simply a political opponent and doesn’t deserve threats of assassination?  That McCain has realized what his desperate campaign has wrought?

I don’t know.

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By Jim Yell, October 11, 2008 at 4:49 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

What is going on in this country? High Officials who should be held if anything to a higher standard consistently are let off of law breaking with frequently not even an inconvenience. If Sarah Palin misused her power as govenor, why is she not arrested? Why isn’t Rove in Jail? Why isn’t Bush/Cheney impeached and if guilty, why wouldn’t they be removed from office and jailed?

Every time there is no punishment for this governmental treason, the rule of law slides further down the hill towards gangsterism. In Fact with the defacto pass on prosecution of Bush/Cheney, we have probably already lost any chance of restoring the Republic. It is probably past time to plant banana trees on the White House lawn.

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Paul_GA's avatar

By Paul_GA, October 11, 2008 at 4:48 am Link to this comment

This news, as I see it, doesn’t guarantee that Barack Obama will be the next president of the USA. But if he loses now, after all the mistakes and general dumbness of the McCain camp, Obama will have only himself to blame.

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By Expat, October 11, 2008 at 4:20 am Link to this comment

@ Allan Krueger;

Yeah, by December of 2002, I was telling my friends that if Bush invaded Iraq I would leave the U.S.  Providentially an opportunity came along in April of ‘03 and I got out.  Palin is the icing on the cake for me.  I haven’t regretted my move once in 6 years.  I hope America wakes up in time; but it may already be too late.  I grieve only this; that which could have been a beacon to the world has become a death ray.  RIP.

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Allan Krueger's avatar

By Allan Krueger, October 11, 2008 at 3:50 am Link to this comment

Abuse of power? SARAH? NEVER! She is a true patriot and one of the most brilliant politicians to come down the road since… well… her soul mate, John McCain!

Pass the barf bag!

It took ‘til the beginning of 2002 for me to figure out that BUSH was completely incompetent… McPAIN has accomplished this task BEFORE the election - a new record!

What a sorry end to a career of public service - if that is what he was doing… And please, when the smoke clears send this phucking bimbo back to Alaska, so she can keep an eye on Russia for us!

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By cyrena, October 10, 2008 at 10:50 pm Link to this comment

Opening Eyes…

Your point is definitely on the bulls-eye. Absolutely anything to avoid a black president.

THAT’S what scares me. That my fellow country men and women would sell us all down the river, (or the rapture…whatever the hell that is) just to avoid having a black man in the white house. They’ve already done it twice, (even when the threat wasn’t a black man) and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

Maybe by now they think we should already be familar with this abuse of power, and willing to march dumbly to our graves.

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By wildflower, October 10, 2008 at 8:19 pm Link to this comment

It’s amusing to hear Palin’s supporters complain about the political motivations of other people.  Before she became a VP candidate, Palin saw no problem with the investigation.  After she became a candidate, she suddenly saw a problem. I’d say this shift is pretty politically motivated, but her supporters fail to mention this.

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By Anthony Look, October 10, 2008 at 7:25 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

So what’s Alaska’s Legislature to do? The Governor is basically thumbing her nose at the charges and that’s the end of the matter.
All of America is watching a powerless state being sucker punched by the power of the GOP; indeed all the world is watching.
Alaska doesn’t come first apparently for Palin. Alaskan’s should be proud of their representative to the world; like them she is powerless and acts only at the behest of GOP men.
If I were from Alaska, I’d be ashamed.

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By Kwaayesnama, October 10, 2008 at 7:05 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Dam the members of the partisan investigation committee they are picking on the bulldog with lipstick!

Ops! Ten republicans and four democrats, blame them anyway it is McCain’s style of politics.

Oh! I know it was the Moslems on the committee, what no Moslems?

Ok! Lets blame the Blacks, what!!! No blacks?

That leaves us with the fact that the members were sexist, lets get the Hillary Clinton supporters to protest the sexist Alaska legislature.

If all else fails just blame the liberal media for reporting this.

You go girl, wink, wink. wink

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By Opening Eyes, October 10, 2008 at 6:53 pm Link to this comment

Gov P, you screwed up,... you and your loving power hungry hubby Todd.  We don’t need Todd as co-vice president, or God forbid co-president.  But no doubt the racial bigots will cry foul and defend you.  They fear this man Obama more than they fear how else you and Todd will abuse power.  I know you will keep working at spreading fear of Obama, that’s what the GOP is fostering and nurturing. 
But I fear you and Todd. Try praying away this example of how you and Todd handle power. 
I know you want us to share in your destiny of ending this world for the sake of Rapture! Those GOP sheep want to share in this more than be ruled by a black man.  They’ll use any excuse to justify not supporting him, except their own bigotry.

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