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McCain Cries Bias, Forgets About Fox

Posted on Sep 10, 2008

While MSNBC reshuffles its anchor chairs, thanks in part to criticism from rival media outlets and a certain presidential candidate, Fox News continues to be a loudmouth right-wing spin factory. Is it a case of the boy who cried “terrorist,” or is there a double standard for Murdoch’s media empire? Truthdig contributor Elliot Cohen has more.


On September 7, The New York Times printed a story titled, “MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts from Anchor Seat.” The “incendiary” hosts in question were Countdown’s Keith Olbermann and Hardball’s Chris Matthews, and the anchor seat referred to was that of the upcoming presidential debates as well as election night. According to the Times, the McCain/Palin campaign had filed letters of complaint to NBC about the coverage these pundits were giving the McCain campaign. Unfortunately, the climate of media hypocrisy and censorship that now feeds this campaign may be a predictor of its intolerance for healthy, reciprocal disagreement, and freedom of the press should it ascend on the White House in 2009.

What did Olbermann do to warrant a complaint lodged by the McCain/Palin campaign? The Times accounted that after showing a “tribute to the victims of 9/11,” on the last night of the Republican National Convention, which contained graphic footage of the World Trade Center attacks, he claimed it exploited the memories of the dead and that it was probably inappropriate. Olbermann has been a critic of Palin’s alleged lack of experience and misrepresentation of facts about her record. He has also steadily attacked McCain’s record since the inception of the campaign.

But why should Olbermann’s left-leaning arguments have been called out given the assembly of anti-Obama attacks launched from the right. There was, after all, no complaint filed by the Obama campaign against Fox when Karl Rove was on hand to criticize Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention for not showing enough love for her country, despite the fact that she repeatedly talked about her love for America. Nor was a complaint filed with Fox when Bill Kristol was on hand to say the speech was “generic” and that Michelle Obama “really didn’t say that much that was interesting.” Isn’t this bias?

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By Sodium, September 10, 2008 at 8:55 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Subject:Keith Olbermann is the Straight-Shooter in TV Journalism….

One needs NOT be a liberal,not even a Democrat to detect who is honest and who is dishonest in reporting and analyzing the political events of the day.All of what it takes to achieve that is an average intelligence and honesty with one’s own conscience.

First and foremost,I must be honest with myself first and with everybody else second and publicly declare that I am very fond of the way Keith Olbermann dissects
the news,exposes the lies and liars,and the hidden and obvious deceptions.

Keith Olberman’s straight-shooting ability
reminds me of Eric Sevareid,one of the greatest political analysts in the field of journalism,of all times.Although differ in the style of presentation of their profound analysis,both Sevareid and Olberman have one important factor in common:HONESTY FIRST,HONEST SECOND,HONESTY

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about Eric Sevareid should GOOGLE the following:

Eric Sevareid’s library at the School of Journalism at the University of Minnesota.

I watched and listened,on my Black&White;TV,to Sevareid’s penetrating commentaries and profound political analysis for years.The more I watched and listened,the more I had found myself more attached to his ways of analysis which he presented in an obvious objectivity and in a touch of clear honesty and most admirable humility.

Since the retirement of Eric Sevareid and
his ultimate death on July 9,1992,I have looked for a substitute.I have found CLOSE to what I was looking for in Bill Moyers Chris Hedges,Robert Scheer,the late Peter Jennings and KEITH OLbERMANN.Since the topic at hand has to do with censorship of
KEITH OLBERMANN,I will express precisely how I feel about him:

My fondness of Keith stems from the fact that he is very very HONEST in what he tells his viewers and he does not shy away
from keenly dissecting lies nor does he
refrain from exposing the liars as they must be exposed;whether the liar is George W.Bush,Dick Cheney,John McCain/his Hockey Mom,Rupert Murdech and his LOUSY FIXED NOISE and all the jerks who do his dirty work from his cable channel of ill
reputation,or Rush and his ilks etc..KEITH
is the badly needed power of persuasion to neutralize the vile voices of evil that proliferate through some TV channels and
airwaves of radio stations.

Therefore,I suggest to the management of MSNBC to be extremely careful as to how to treat the GOLD MINE they have in the PERSONA of KEITH OLBERMANN….He should not be censored at all for being HONEST.
If he is censored,the whole VOICES OF ARROGANCE proliferate from the FIXED NOISE
cable channel of Rupert Murdech must also
be censored to play it fair…...

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Outraged's avatar

By Outraged, September 10, 2008 at 8:52 pm Link to this comment

Article quote: “Critiquing the political assumes values and there is no universal set of values to which all good pundits must subscribe. Still, value judgments worth their salt must be anchored in the facts. So the question is not whether there is bias in Olbermann’s coverage but rather whether it is guilty of making misstatements of fact, intentionally attempting to deceive the public, making groundless claims, or engaging in other forms of misrepresentation and chicanery. The answer is that Olbermann has worked hard to get the facts straight and has been an ardent critic of those who don’t—most notably, Fox’s very own Bill O’Reilly.”(emphasis mine)

>>  Good point. Great article.  But you had to find the stunts during Palin’s speech comical.  I was trying to imagine “soccer moms” down on the convention floor LET ALONE “hockey moms”....LOL   Now imagine for a minute…a bunch of ACTUAL “hockey moms” in that environment…..  for a better visual, imagine these moms brought their “hockey sons” along….  better yet, imagine they were competing teams in their last game (fresh scars the whole thing..ya’ know)  Let’s say then that one of the “boys” remembers one of the other “boys”....vividly.  Now…were talkin’ hockey.

Re: Charles Marion

Your comment: “can you imagine Palin and that strangled cat voice talking to Ahmadinejad (shudder)”

>> Actually Charles…I can..Hahahaha…hahaha.  Nothing to worry about there either…right…?  Just two fundamentalists from DIFFERENT RELIGIONS sitting down for a cup o’ java….maybe they’ll bring their guns…hey, we’ll only have to worry about one of them after that.  Pollyanna was right!  There is a silver-lining in every cloud…..

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By Charles Marion, September 10, 2008 at 12:28 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I am not voting for Obama,
I am voting for America and Obama just happens to the one who is more concerned about our (we the people..) well being and safety.
He also happens to be the only one running for president who has had his wife, patriotism, ethnicity, religion, and Race challenged, attacked, and insulted for 19 months, and through it all he shown true character, honor, courage, and grace under fire.
Americans really need to take a long hard look at what is coming out of the McCain camp. Palin and McCain cry “Sexism” or “unpatriotic” every time someone questions their ability, experience and character, this is unbelievably childish and we should be asking; If they can’t handle honest criticism here, how in the world are they going to handle:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin
Venezuela President Hugo Rafael Chávez
I don’t want to got to war every time some world leader disagrees with McCain or Palin, can you imagine Palin and that strangled cat voice talking to Ahmadinejad (shudder)

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By Aegrus, September 10, 2008 at 10:52 am Link to this comment

Media ownership has been a sad and pitiful plight of the few for the last forty years. While virtually any person you speak with will complain about the media, each person seems to have a nonsensical reason to take issue at instead of looking at the crisis of media conglomerates and consolidation of enterprise.

It’s a Corporate Media Monopoly, and they don’t give a damn about red or blue. Just green.

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By Mudbones, September 10, 2008 at 10:45 am Link to this comment

Rage, I hope you’re right

Aegrus, I agree with you, tired of the media, flat out tired.  We not only need to take our country back but our Media as well.  Wasn’t it the Republican party that loosened media ownership laws and regulations?  I read over the weekend where Rupert would love to buy the NYT.

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By rage, September 10, 2008 at 10:39 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

So, despite the Roverian treachery of that idiot self-proclaimed pop-culturalist Steve Schmidt, there are still left-wing media renegades out there refusing to be cowed and bamboozled into misinforming us the way Charlie Gibson is doing huh?

Great! Good job! Go, progressives!

I reiterate, the incessant corruption of information we need to make a viable decision in the voting booth, just so the elusive ‘they’ can hang the marionette of their choice in the halls of our government, has only resulted in the sort of election malfeasance and vote tampering that ought to be prosecuted as a felony with jail time, not ignorantly abused by idiots in every election. This tactic does NOTHING to support the image Gramps is desperately trying to hijack of being the Maverick of Change.

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By Aegrus, September 10, 2008 at 10:37 am Link to this comment

What a worrisome article. I’m so sick of all the media. All of it…

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By rage, September 10, 2008 at 10:35 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

So, despite the most recent ploys launched by that idiot self-proclaimed pop culturalist Steve Schmidt, Gramps’ campaign is still suffering the well deserved violence brought by the breath of any life known to the failed, dead 4th estate refusing to be cowed or bamboozled again by GOP numbskulls, huh? Good! Excellent!

I reiterate, the only thing Gramps’ past screwings of the media pooch has ever brought him is the scorn of dogs offended. Incessant corruption of information we need to make a viable decision in the voting booth, just so the elusive ‘they’ can hang the marionette of their choice in the halls of our government, has only resulted in the sort of election malfeasance and vote tampering that ought to be prosecuted as a felony with jail time, not ignorantly abused by idiots in every election. This tactic does NOTHING to support the image Gramps is desperately trying to hijack of being the Maverick of Change.

Gramps and the candy heiress are going down!

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