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Interior Dept.: Talk to the Hand

Posted on Aug 22, 2008
Wikimedia Commons / Ansgar Walk

Not only is George W. Bush’s secretary of the interior trying to rewrite endangered species protections, he also appears to be tuning out public input, which is required by law. Scientists and activists from more than 100 environmental groups have signed a petition demanding a longer, more democratic hearing before environmental protection goes the way of the icecaps.


Every US government agency must seek public comment on a rules change before making it. Comments are generally accepted for several months—but the species protections are scheduled to pass after only 30 days of discussion.

“It appears as if the [Bush] administration is doing whatever it can to discourage participation in the democratic process,” National Wildlife Federation executive director John Kostyack said.

“I think we can expect more sneaky assaults like this on our public land and wildlife laws as this administration heads for the exits.”

In addition, public comments will only be accepted by mail or through a government website that automatically shares one’s personal information. The limited comments could prevent green groups from generating mass opposition to the new rule via fax and email.

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By kolea, August 25, 2008 at 12:11 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Three useful links:

1. More information (Union of Concerned Scientists’ fact sheet about the proposed changes):

2. Tips from UCS re: incisive, effective letters to editors:

3. DOI’s Proposed Regulation published in the Federal Register:

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By kolea, August 24, 2008 at 12:16 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

A bit of hope to cling to with regard to this story is that Congress will try to block it.  The last time Bush-corp tried to gut the ESA, Nick Rahall and the House sent a letter signed by a couple of dozen representatives reminding the Executive branch that changing legislation isn’t their job, it’s Congress’s (and a Democratic Congress will not gut the ESA).

Yes, this is a democracy we live in (by saying otherwise, you abdicate your responsibility to speak up in venues that have more influence than blogs, e.g., by sumbitting public comments on proposed changes to our federal regulations), and yes there will be a public comment period on this heinous proposed rule (if it indeed goes forward), so read the notice in the Federal Register, and submit comments if you truly care about this.  The websites of wildlife conservation organizations - Defenders of Wildlife, for example - provide guidance on doing that.  Check it out. Get educated about our ESA, how it works, and how it’s threatened by the usual suspects at the top, and DO something about it! 

The distressing thing about most of the comments above is how eloquently they demonstrate how little the public at large knows about the Endangered Species Act, its implementation, and its status as one the best wildlife conservation laws on the planet—many other countries have modeled theirs on ours.  Protecting the natural heritage of our country isn’t high on the list of priorities for most Americans (as it is in, say, New Zealand), and that’s why it’s scientists and conservation groups from *ALL OVER THE WORLD* trying to raise awareness here in the U.S. about this current internal attack on our endangered species legislation.

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By yellowbird2525, August 24, 2008 at 6:48 am Link to this comment;,;; (trying to force microchipping on all animals disastrously folks: then they “conveniently” Gov’s working with our Gov cuz “they have gotten away with it for years & in the USA & made trillions & trillons of $ off us & we don’t ever do anything folks”; bribery, flattery, sex is the 1, 2, 3; find environmentalist groups to folks; networking is what it is all about! find out the scoop even from folks in other countries; found out more from THEM what was going on in the USA than I did any other way; keep different email addresses for all the various ones; keep on your toes that way; you will find out they are radiating the veggies now: here in USA; easier to kill us off & keep us “docile” when we are ill; hydrogen peroxide & vinegar folks: each in it’s own spray bottle: combination of this dynamic duo is STRONGER & MORE EFFECTIVE than clorine & any toxin made; at killing e coli, salmonella, etc; aren’t you glad SOMEONE told you? works fantastically on your cutting boards, veggies, etc; buy them local, buy them fresh, and use; can even use on meat which I highly recommend you buy locally from folks who do NOT use all those nasty things in; go with 5 or 6 familys; learn quickly & easily how to dry, & can even meats that are good folks; also, might try getting the book how the survive birdflu since according to sources on that is coming soon to us folks here in USA; FROM our Gov; do NOT look to them for help; isn’t it just amazing how our Gov developed & sent the Aids virus to Africa along with the polio vaccines; yet THEY use prostitutes all the time; even sending memo’s saying “don’t use any now, cuz have to look good for the public”; do you THINK they would have released it without an antidote? my my my; what a question to THINK about.

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Anarcissie's avatar

By Anarcissie, August 23, 2008 at 8:09 pm Link to this comment

“Give me cheap gas or give me death.”

Uncle Sigmund would say it’s “Give me cheap gas and give me death.”

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By yellowbird2525, August 23, 2008 at 7:44 pm Link to this comment

My vision is this: a NEW GOV; with Environmentalists & Conservations given top priority; with price gouging laws ENFORCED by officials; with war crimes and crimes against humanity charged with all who were involved in poisonings and profiting from deception & criminal charges; deliberate premeditated murder & harm to millions for the profit of a few? Let them & all who profitted from them; be tried BY THE PEOPLE!

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By hippy pam, August 23, 2008 at 4:15 pm Link to this comment


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By yellowbird2525, August 22, 2008 at 10:33 pm Link to this comment

some of us are learning to pollinate by hand; if you want to hear a horror story read up on genetic seeds; NO OTHER country but OURS of course will allow them NOT to be labeled; poisoning us 1st; learned well from the Nazi’s didn’t they; this was THEIR trick; ours has been carried out to the nth degree; watched a short program on our nation having the HIGHEST baby deaths: of ANY country: “they tried to claim it was not good prenatal care; it is NOT; it is because of the POISONS folks; all that matters is THEIR pocket books; there is growth hormone & other toxins in the infant formula; there is formaldehyde one of the most lethal toxins anywhere which they have energetically put in baby shampoos, all other shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, paints, glues, clothing, new furniture, carpeting (tho they try & claim just in carpet glue: they LIE) it is all done to give them $ from chemical companies & then also to Pharma companies; it is a round robin with everything going 1st to the shareholders; this is how THIS country is run. “they” claim”: this is how a democracy runs; it is NOT. NO OTHER country runs this way; we run to other countries and say: no Gov should abuse it’s citizens: NONE have abused for YEARS it’s citizens the way this country has folks; even in FOOD, we are poisoned; other countries ALL KNOW this; do YOU?

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By yellowbird2525, August 22, 2008 at 10:26 pm Link to this comment

the bees are dying off; due to pesticides; altho they try & claim “they don’t know why”; perhaps a disease; NOT; it is PESTICIDES folks: so are the bats; and the monstrously idiotic stupidity that makes personal greed before social or nature deed (known as Congress) who are totally lawless: ignoring USA laws, laws of Congress may times, international laws, & oaths of office by both Pres, V Pres, & Congress: you can BETCHA it is NOT a democracy, not even a FREE society; from what I have observed: they plan to remove all parks, etc, & reservation places & simply build; this is LONG TERM planning folks: just like what is going on now in our society. The only reason gas is high is due to “speculators” for the USA; who by the way, work hand n hand with Gov; (the Corps)THIS is the reason Bush says “we will let the Businesses decide WHEN they want to do something” about STOPPING polluting the whole world (with themselves as well as all the toxins);

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By nino, August 22, 2008 at 7:35 pm Link to this comment

Somehow I think that as natural resources, like energy, dwindle away and prices rise beyond our ability to cope - all the good peoples of the earth will not give a shit about polar bears, clean air or what environmentalists say. “Give me cheap gas or give me death.”

If this isn’t not seeing the forest for the trees…

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By msgmi, August 22, 2008 at 4:23 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The “Butchers of the Environment” are doing everything possible to reinvent their arrogance. This group deserves to hear no whisper of the wind, to see no light from the stars, nor touch or experience the flora and fauna which they are slowly destroying.

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