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Apr 21, 2014

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Posted on Aug 7, 2008
Flickr / Sir Mildred Pierce

An investigation by Mother Jones has turned up an interesting life—one Mary McFate, aka Mary Lou Sapone, who for years worked as a national figure in the gun-control movement and a paid spy for the NRA. According to the mag, McFate held board positions in numerous activist groups while her alter ego has been known to infiltrate such organizations for a fee.

Mother Jones:

This is the story of two Marys. Both are in their early 60s, heavyset, with curly reddish hair. But for years they have worked on opposite ends of the same issues. Mary McFate is an advocate of environmental causes and a prominent activist within the gun control movement. For more than a decade, she volunteered for various gun violence prevention organizations, serving on the boards of anti-gun outfits, helping state groups coordinate their activities, lobbying in Washington for gun control legislation, and regularly attending strategy and organizing meetings.

Mary Lou Sapone, by contrast, is a self-described “research consultant,” who for decades has covertly infiltrated citizens groups for private security firms hired by corporations that are targeted by activist campaigns. For some time, Sapone also worked for the National Rifle Association.

But these two Marys share a lot in common—a Mother Jones investigation has found that McFate and Sapone are, in fact, the same person. And this discovery has caused the leaders of gun violence prevention organizations to conclude that for years they have been penetrated—at the highest levels—by the NRA or other pro-gun parties. “It raises the question,” says Paul Helmke, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, “of what did she find out and what did they want her to find out.”

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Purple Girl's avatar

By Purple Girl, August 7, 2008 at 10:08 am Link to this comment

These infiltrators are not jus twatching & reporting back- they are using ‘truthspeak’ type rhetoric to undermine the goal.
This type of reverse psychology can be plainly seen in Hillary’s Nomination run.she had been outward for womens issues- but used the stereotypes we have battle for decades to undermine her oppponent.
She not only used the betrayal card of Racism against Libbers, but their own hope for a Real Equal opportunity to compete.
Hillary used ‘entitlement’, her husbands record, cooking the Voter books on “popular Vote (MI & FL -even when the race was debunked & MI didn’t have a full card to vote on), Used the ‘Their picking on me’, had surrogates cry for her…
Bascially Hillary used every negative lie against women- every argument the Sexist world claims about us- to win, regardless of the effect it would have on women who actually have to compete everyday in a male dominated profession.
Now apparently the Women’s movement is more interested in promoting a Woman, instead of the right person for the if a woman uses ‘good Ol Boy ‘tactics to get what she wants that OK- “Pay backs a Bitch!”???
Funny where were all these ‘Feminist’ when Mosley Braun was Running in ‘04??
If those who claim membership to the womens Movement want nothing more than to be Neo Con’s in Drag- i’m Out! I am not a ‘Feminist’ I am a LIBBER, a Humanist who realizes that Equality is for ALL, otherwise these followers have no idea what it means to be a minority- they are posers/liars/betrayers to their own group and the rest of humankind.
Hillary took Women for a Ride, and laughed while she ran the movement over the edge.
I resent having to inform others- ‘No thsi lil’ lady does not need the bar lowered’, ‘My feelings are not hurt- I’m not going to cry’ “No I am not lying just to make me look good’, ‘No I am not racist, or fear others due to their gender or race or sexual orientation or ethnic backgroud’, ‘No I don’t blame men for all my woes, and can recognize my own shortcomings’ ‘No I didn’t find that joke ‘sexist’, No I don’t think you hate me, and No I don’t hate you’, “Please Treat me the way you always have- on my own merits, abilities and knowledge’

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