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October 21, 2016
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Breaking the Sound Barrier

Breaking the Sound Barrier

By Amy Goodman

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Ear to the Ground
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Fortune Frowns on McCain

Posted on Jul 23, 2008
John McCain
Flickr / marcn

John McCain had hoped for a photo op atop an oil rig, but he got a hurricane and an oil spill instead. The senator is known for his superstitions, but lately his lucky charms don’t seem to be doing the trick. The Washington Post takes a closer look at McCain’s week of bad luck and finds there’s more to frown about on the horizon.

Although, just between us, the whole oil rig photo-op idea wasn’t so crackerjack to begin with. Forget that the policy itself is bunk; is this really the election year to stand on top of a symbol of big oil and wave?

Washington Post:

It seemed like a great way to counter Obamamania. Sen. John McCain would board a helicopter in New Orleans today, skim quickly over the Gulf of Mexico and land on an oil rig—a made-for-TV moment to highlight his call for offshore drilling, an issue that Republicans believe will be a big winner in November.

Then came Hurricane Dolly, a Category 2 storm that made a helicopter ride impossible. And then, improbably, a 600-foot oil tanker collided with a barge on the Mississippi River, creating a 12-mile oil slick and causing diesel fumes to waft over the city’s French Quarter. The trip was off.

In this campaign, it seems, McCain just can’t catch a break.

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By cyrena, July 24, 2008 at 7:45 pm Link to this comment

•  “..And somewhere along the way, mainstreammedia finally gave up their last bit of legitimacy and began reporting dumb is smart and lazy is ambitious and bad is good, and really, really bad is really, really good, and helped Bush send whatever was left of our perceived good standing in the world, into history…”

Louise..more excellent markswomanship here.

Ya know what I think is actually even WORSE than the lost of what might have been left of our perceived good standing in the world, is the permanency of the lunacy. This phenomena of brainwashing that has turned dumb into smart, and lazy into ambitious, and bad into good, and insane into…THE NORM, is the greatest tragedy of it all.

And, you address that here..

•  “…he has managed through the years to present a facade of normal. Which once again calls into question, what is normal?

There it is. What is ‘normal’? Nobody knows anymore, and that’s been the whole point.

On this…

•  “…If someone was looking for material to develop a theses on how to drive an entire society completely bonkers, all they need do is look up the GOP. The RNC. The Bush administration…”

HOW DID YOU KNOW? You’ve been reading my mind!! That’s exactly the theses I’ve been trying to develop!! Actually, it’s more to explaining how they’ve ALREADY driven a society bonkers, because the fact of the matter is that this has already been accomplished. I’ll only say that they are not the first to do it. They copied some pretty tried and true methods from earlier tyrants and Totalitarian regimes. Hitler and his Nazis did it well, and it always begins with creating alternative realities, and inverting reason and logic.

So, give Karl Rove his due credit on that. He’s the one who made it clear that since we were an “Empire”, we could create our own realities. That’s how bad got to be good, and lunacy became the norm. It’s a form of psychological terror…creating chaos for the purposes of destabilizing whatever the subject is. If you can drive a person or a society insane by changing the definition of reality…you gain total control.

Hurray for the few hold-outs so far. Still, the 6% points difference between McCain and Obama shows clearly that the tactics have been successful. The mainstream media has become the primary Ministry of Propaganda in creating the chaos of the reality inversion.

It’s a fight just to stay sane, because it requires an ever vigilant hold on reality.

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By Louise, July 24, 2008 at 12:33 pm Link to this comment

McCain. The more he speaks the less sense he makes. The harder he tries the harder he has to try. The line between reality and the way he sees it grows wider. And now it would seem even Mother Nature thinks McCain is a misfit. But is he? Perhaps he is exactly the kind of fit misfits need to maintain their edge on complete lunacy.

The media [specifically Katie Couric] loses news to give McCain news-speak validity. His advisors are nuts. His supporters are nuts. He is nuts. And that is exactly why he is the PERFECT candidate for the republican party!

We had access to tons of info documenting Dubya pre-prez. While pleasant enough, he was a spoiled dolt. A nincompoop with a gift for collapsing every enterprise he touched. A deserter. A loser and a really fun guy to be around. Go figure.

So we knew the Supremes made a conscious decision to put a dumbbell in charge. Then we all set about the daunting task of trying to make sense out of everything the dumbbell did. And somewhere along the way, mainstreammedia finally gave up their last bit of legitimacy and began reporting dumb is smart and lazy is ambitious and bad is good, and really, really bad is really, really good, and helped Bush send whatever was left of our perceived good standing in the world, into history.

While we watched.

So, why is anyone surprised that McCain appears to be a few pennies short of a quarter? McCain is a republican! Duh ...

Was Nixon anything but nuts? Was Ford? Was Reagan? Perhaps the only almost sane, albeit amoral, repub in the White House since Ike, was Bush One. Which is probably why the criminal cable that runs things made sure he didn’t stick around for four more years. Dubya was the perfect choice. McCain is almost as good if not better. Cause while he is equal to Dubya’s level of [in] sincerity, he has managed through the years to present a facade of normal. Which once again calls into question, what is normal?

If someone was looking for material to develop a theses on how to drive an entire society completely bonkers, all they need do is look up the GOP. The RNC. The Bush administration. Karl Rove. Although it’s unfair to give Rove more credit than he deserves. He didn’t create republican corruption, he just recognized “home” when he saw it. Nor is it fair to blame Bush. He is the product of a level of corruption synonymous with the GOP. Devine right by ancestry and birth. And we must remember to give credit to all those little pricks with an (R) in congress. And more than a few with D’s who long since sold out, or simply went nuts. I mean, how else can we explain Lieberman or Pelosi?

And credit to mainstreammedia, organized Christianity, Israel, and the reliable electronic fix. smile

Absolutely nuts!
The whole lot of them!

“Despite his recent problems, McCain remains just six percentage points behind Obama, according to an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll released last night, unchanged from the survey’s results a month ago.”

God bless america.
Got that god ... you’re getting a direct order here!

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By webbedouin, July 24, 2008 at 11:43 am Link to this comment

It is my belief that despite the fact that MacCain has wrapped up the Repugnican Nomination - the convention will pick another candidate.

If for no other reason, the old man can’t win, but more likely a there is a championship Howard Dean moment a comin’.


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By felicity, July 24, 2008 at 11:08 am Link to this comment

Montymarket - The fact that Buchanan wrote that is really scary.  He was Reagan’s communications director and along with Jack Abramoff (there’s a scary guy) they were the engines driving the so-called Reagan revolution. 

They and others were committed to achieving a quasi-military victory over liberalism.  In the process they would have no truck with civility or fair play. As the heroes of outrage-courting lib-fighters, they were ultimately responsible for the rise of kill-or-be-killed politics which we have experienced for the last 25 years.  Harpers Aug. ‘08.

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By montymarket, July 24, 2008 at 9:06 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

According to a column today from Pat Buchanan, Emir of the American Taliban, McSame must now make the switch from minority coddler to champion of the bigots, racists, and unwashed masses of white supremacists.  Following the Iraq model, McSame must split the electorate on religious and ethnic lines and then exploit the hatred. 

With that switch, according to Bigcannon, McSame can become McHate and win the election.  So, when McSame’s current incarnation drowns in dirty water, the new McCain will rise from the sandy beach on a wave of racial intolerance.

That’s what we may soon expect to turn things around.

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By felicity, July 24, 2008 at 8:41 am Link to this comment

Apparently the media are counting on a ratings- booster-moment for them when and if Obama fails to get a spike in his national poll ratings following his trip abroad. The media will try to spin it into a moment of profound import.

However, in reality the ‘spike’ can be a mere 5 point difference nationally between the two candidates for Obama, should the difference hold to election day, to have the electoral college wrapped up.

That said, McCain not only looks on the verge of physical collapse, he’s becoming his own worst enemy.  Obama may just win by default.

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By Fadel Abdallah, July 24, 2008 at 5:47 am Link to this comment

Leaving aside the bad luck days, presidential campaign’s gaffes, exaggerated rhetoric and flip flaps, which all candidates are likely to have their share of, let’s consider some of the most serious and substantial issues that should be used to evaluate McCain. Here are some that I gathered from my latest readings on the McCain’s lives:

1. In his first year at the Naval Academy, as a young cadet, McCain spent his time womanizing and drinking, and was failing to the point that he was slated for being kicked out from the Academy. I am sure he only got a second chance because of his father and grandfather’s connections as Admirals.

2. Then he was sent as a pilot in an evil imperialist war to kill people and destroy their infrastructure and was shot down; more likely for his poor performance or by a lucky chance, and not as heroism as he’s been selling himself.

3. In his early years as a Senator, he was involved in a big money scandal, later to be known as the “Lincoln Saving Scandal.” He was investigated by a group of his peers in Congress, who naturally went soft on him in case they are caught in the same situation, and their verdict was that “McCain exhibited poor judgment” in this matter.

4. It’s known now that his current wife Cindy established a charitable organization, I am sure for the purpose of tax-deduction. Then later when she became drug addicted, she stole money from that very same charity to support her habit, before she was forced to declare her addiction and starting receiving treatment.

In light of these known facts now about the McCain’s: Failure of duty,womanizing-drinking, participation in an evil war, poor judgment and theft, I am wondering if there is anyone, beyond partisan politics, who really wants this couple as the Commander-in-Chief and the First Lady! That would another disaster worse than the eight years of Bush’s!

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