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HHS Proposal: Some Contraceptives Are Abortion

Posted on Jul 16, 2008
Wiki Commons

Redefining when life begins along fundamentalist Christian lines, a leaked proposal from the Health and Human Services Department would reclassify some contraceptives as being “abortions,” reports One possible fallout: decreased access.

The religious fervor is carefully hidden in the minutia.  The leaked proposal initially reads as a defense of healthcare providers who fear being discriminated against for refusing to provide services that are contrary to their religious beliefs.  Basically, just because a clinic or insurance plan receives federal funding “does not authorize any court or any public official or other public authority to require” the entity to provide or pay for services such as sterilization or abortion. 

Which seems somewhat harmless, until you change the meaning of abortion to include contraceptive medicines that 40 percent of women in the U.S. use regularly.

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By Jim Yell, July 17, 2008 at 12:27 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It is a very interesting thing that Fundamentalist Christian’s #1 ignore the teaching of Christ and #2 ignore anything in the supposedly word perfect Bible that they find inconvenient.

The Bible makes clear that an un born child is not the same as a born child, or the mother or any other born person. In the Bible a man causes a women to lose a pregnancy and compensation is made to the husband. It is only murder when the pregnant woman dies. This entire bit of sillness is the result of trying to force women to carry all pregnancies to term regardless of the circumstance.

When all is said and done each individual woman should have complete control over how her body is used, even in marriage. Children can be a blessing when wanted, but too many can mean abject poverty for the entire family. Birth control generally practiced would do a lot to decrease the need for abortion. But it is each woman as an individual that should control the dicision for themselves. It is their health, it is their life that is at risk. No one elses. In the normal events of pregnancy many, many are terminated by natural causes. Stop making things criminal that aren’t. It is not even supported by this supposed singular dictation of God.

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jcbrap's avatar

By jcbrap, July 17, 2008 at 10:31 am Link to this comment

I’m 45 years old and it’s getting so bad that I can’t even find my outrage over stuff like this anymore.  It’s everywhere you turn with these right-wing moron hypocrites.  I’m literally numb.

I’m actually almost to the point where I wish we could have at it with their “armegeddon” vision so we (humanity) could wipe the slate clean and start all over again.  Whoever is left (when the dust clears), hopefully, will not be able to even FIND a bible, koran, etc. and start the whole insane loop all over again.

In my humble opinion, that’s the only hope we have.  Total eradication of the plague on humanity called religion.  Seriously, they won’t be happy until they control every facet of every minutia of life.  Convert or DIE!  God help us all from these rabid wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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By southparker, July 17, 2008 at 8:37 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This comes as no surprise, a mormon is the head of HHS.  The ultra-religious won’t be happy until they herd all women of child-bearing age into communes and breed them like horses.  They need all those babies to be born into the world, into whatever conditions await them, so they have cannon fodder for their wars and criminals to put into their prisons and on their death rows to prove their point that those without religion are without morals and thus, a burden to society.  They seek to become strong and powerful by sheer numbers, just as tribal warfare sought to eliminate future generations of trouble by killing women and children of those conquered.

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Outraged's avatar

By Outraged, July 17, 2008 at 1:00 am Link to this comment

Re: purplewolf, July 16

I agree, but they(fanatics) “technically” don’t mean EVERYONE.  But they do mean “you” as opposed to “them”.  Fundamentalists of ANY religion ALWAYS mean YOU.  YOU…. the unworthy, the tainted, the sinners.  And from their vantage point (as ridiculous as that sounds) this is absolutely correct.  Logic and principle are not a condition upon which they base their premise.  Therefore, it is “perfectly” fine for them to engage in these activities because they have the “divine authorization”.  This is no small matter.  Do they believe it….you bet they do.

Re: cynner, July 16

Your comment: “but instead of arguing liberals and progressives need to find a way to engage these people and get them focused on their own problems like healthcare and jobs to name just two.”

On this I disagree, although I understand your intent.  I was once a fundamentalist christian and can assure you that for them this will mean very little.  Fundamentalists DO fore go healthcare and economic viability to proclaim “the message”.

It is much better to CALMLY argue the logic of their faith and expose their leaders.  But even in this one needs to be intuitive when dealing directly with a fundamentalist since they are threatened by “outsiders” who’s intent “is to steer one away from the TRUE GOD” and concurrently “endorse Satan and his evil machinations” while “professing to be a savior”.  Fundamentalist religions of EVERY STRIPE hammer this into the heads of their unwitting adherents. Also, note that MANY are raised with this admonition from birth, it is a formidable task to attempt to disengage them from their ideology.  Better to agree with them “except” and challenge the logic of THE LEADERS OF THEIR FAITH, rather than the faith itself.  Since challenging the faith itself, for them is a direct ASSAULT upon the divine ruler himself, UNLESS IT IS TEMPERED with the assertion, I agree, EXCEPT….

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By minamoto no taira, July 16, 2008 at 7:38 pm Link to this comment

go to Hell.  They have the ability to re-absorb their young if environmental conditions on the ground are not favorable (rabbits only “breed like rabbits” when the conditions are right).  No doubt I’m sure the fundies would be down on them too.

Who was it who said, “I love your Christ, but your Christians…”

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ApprxAm's avatar

By ApprxAm, July 16, 2008 at 7:12 pm Link to this comment

What next? Pulling out?

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By samosamo, July 16, 2008 at 6:18 pm Link to this comment

This is horrible, what if some underage 17 year old sees this picture of an egg with a sperm attached to it. Won’t that cause severe phsycological problems down the road. I mean, how do you explain this when the kids know the stork brought them to their parents.
Good luck and good hunting.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, July 16, 2008 at 5:17 pm Link to this comment

When these hysterical, do-gooder pro-lifers GUARANTEE to cover ALL COSTS involved to bring about a successful birth then they will have the right to dictate to others on the issue. And by “all costs” I mean everything… pre-natal medical care AND all living expenses, if required, for the mother-to-be, the actual birthing expenses, and ALL COSTS, health and education included, to support child and mother until the child reaches either majority (21 years) or joins the work force.

When these fuzzy-headed nincompoops GUARANTEE all the bills, THEN and ONLY THEN will I support their cause.

Sure it would be far preferable that all babies conceived are WANTED by both parents who themselves are financially, physically and mentally competent to raise them, BUT THIS ISN’T THE REALITY.

I would guess it costs in excess of $250,000 to raise a child these days. So c’mon, all ye fervent pro-lifers, PUT UP or SHUT UP. When you offer to pay the piper, I’ll listen to your tune.

Until then, how about MYOB?

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By cynner, July 16, 2008 at 4:01 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Xypher is correct about Dark Age Morality, but instead of arguing liberals and progressives need to find a way to engage these people and get them focused on their own problems like healthcare and jobs to name just two.

It’s scarier than you think.  Read “Deer Hunting with Jesus”.

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By purplewolf, July 16, 2008 at 3:43 pm Link to this comment



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By purplewolf, July 16, 2008 at 3:40 pm Link to this comment

It’s time to put a stop to these ignorant religious fanatics.Back when the first abortion clinics were picketed,one of the goals of these uneducated right-to-lifers was to also make contraception illegal. Now it looks like they may just get their goal. Their goal should be,“That every child born,is a wanted child”.Women are given “birth control” pills for a variety of reasons besides contraception.

It is time for them to mind their own damned business and get out of the sex and reproductive lives of total strangers.Maybe others,who feel differently,believe there should be a forced limit on the number of children say 1 or 2 children only for zero population growth enforced upon all those who want excessive children.How would they like it if other people denied them their rights to their own reproductive systems and personal lives? Bet they would resent it.So why then do these religious nuts believe their views of reproductive rights should be forced unto others who feel differently? Are these people going to help take care of these unwanted babies?Hardly.

It is to bad for a country that claims freedoms for it’s people(I know, that was before Bush and the religious groups stole the government)that women are still property and are considered TO STUPID to make an educated decision about their own bodies.Like the bumper sticker:If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?

In a perfect world,everyone would have adequate housing,income,food,healthcare and anything else they need to ensure that an arrival of a child would not be a hardship or burden on an already strained household.There would be NO WARS in which to kill these so called precious gifts from their God.If all life is truly as sacred as they claim-all wars would stop immediately and everyone on the planet would help each other to make a better world for all of us and not just lip service.

Too often these same religious people who want to deny a woman the right to their own bodies are the first to go out and attack the so-called perceived enemies and think it is perfectly A-Okay to slaughter those who believe differently see how much life means to them after it is here-worthless.
Besides,they still continue to ignore doctors and educated knowledgeable sources for accurate information and want to take us back to the dark ages of ignorance and superstition and heresy.

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By xypher, July 16, 2008 at 3:07 pm Link to this comment

is abortion?!

Why are we still discussing Dark Age Morality in 2008? What happened to sanity and intelligence in America?!

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By VillageElder, July 16, 2008 at 2:53 pm Link to this comment

Our country is held hostage by a group of reactionary and ill informed religious zealots.  That this minority can conspire to and force their views onto the majority is criminal.  Not only do they openly use their propaganda, but they also follow Pat Robertson’s advice to run as stealth candidates & etc..  They can’t even be honest about their views.  Pity they haven’t been prosecuted using the Rico laws.

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By Marion Ross, July 16, 2008 at 2:35 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This is time! Pregnant women with no health care and new moms with infants without health coverage - this is your time to descend on Washington, directly into the offices of those who think that they know better what a woman wants to do with her life. Ask each bastard if he prohibits his grown children to use contraceptives. Ask how he and his wife control their family’s size. The questions must be direct. Each and every Republican must answer this very important for the GOP question! - Show us the virtuous example! Explain how you are always ready to produce another human being and never-ever think about preventing a pregnancy with contraceptives. Even better, ask how their children treat the topic. The GOPers think that the privacy is not important to all us the half-witted girls. - Well, let us explore what they and their wives – and daughters and sons - do in real life; how many children they have and whether these grown ups use the birth control.

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