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Revote Schemes Stall and Fizzle

Posted on Mar 18, 2008

Florida has dropped plans to hold a revote because, in the words of the state party chair: “The consensus is clear: Florida doesn’t want to vote again.” That’s a setback for Hillary Clinton, who probably would have picked up delegates in the Sunshine State. Another revote proposal is stalling in Michigan, the other state with a disputed delegation.

The problem there is that the proposed revote legislation, which would likely exclude many Barack Obama supporters, has to make it passed an Obama-friendly Michigan Legislature.

(h/t: Political Wire)

Congressional Quarterly:

Florida Democrats’ proposed plan to conduct a statewide revote in order to seat their delegates at this summer’s convention was deemed dead in the water Monday when state party chairwoman Karen Thurman dropped the idea because of widespread opposition.

“The consensus is clear: Florida doesn’t want to vote again. So we won’t,” Thurman wrote in a letter distributed to Florida Democrats Monday evening.

Democrats are also struggling over what to do about Michigan which, like Florida, was stripped of its delegates for moving up the date of its votes. Leading Michigan Democrats last week proposed a do-over primary for June 3, which would require approval of the state legislature.

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By RdV, March 19, 2008 at 5:00 am Link to this comment

These states attempted to move their primaries up and the DNC warned them if they did there would be consequences. All the candidates signed off and agreed the primaries were little more than a “beauty contest”, didn’t campaign and, in some cases, didn’t even have their names on the ballot. Now Clinton claims these contests are legitimate, benefitting herself, but claiming it would disenfranchise FLA or Michigan voters. But what about the voters who didn’t even bother to vote because they knew it would be meaningless? The Clintons demand a redo at great expense to the party (which needs the money for campaign funds) or possibly the taxpayer and the Clintonistas blame Dean, who they detest and hate because he represents a power in the DNC they don’t control. Dean should stand strong—it would set precedent if those who break the rules didn’t pay the price—and what is to stop any other state that decides not to cooperate? The irony is those states who thought that moving their primaries up would increase their influence find that the later states really make the case this time around.
20% of Democratic voters claim they will not vote for Clinton should she snatch the nomination unethically. TWENTY PERCENT of DEMOCRATS!

  The Clintons are bad for the party—and their brazen attempts to break the rules mean they would be bad for the country too.

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By cyrena, March 18, 2008 at 6:32 pm Link to this comment


Very curious here…How is it that the use of the word ‘schemes’ somehow ‘anti-Hillary’?

If they had said something like:

Revote PLANS, or revote STRATEGIES, or revote EFFORTS, or anything else, would you have considered that to be ‘anti-Hillary’?

I think your reaction might be a Freudian slip of it’s own. It seems like YOU’RE the only one who made a mental connection between Hillary and the word ‘schemes’.

I certainly didn’t make such a connection in my mind, and the text of the article doesn’t either.

Did anybody else make that ‘connection’?

Meantime, I’m always curious about why folks who hate this site so much, (and find it so BORING) even bother to read or post to it.

Can anybody clue me in on the social-psychology behind that? I can’t find anything close to any logic there.

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By jackpine savage, March 18, 2008 at 6:21 pm Link to this comment

A revote, at least in Michigan, is pointless.

First, it would raise the “magic” number and the proportional split probably wouldn’t change anything.  Second, it would let Brewer, Dingell, Granholm, etc. off the hook.

I can’t/won’t speak for residents of FL, but i believe that the voters of MI need to handle this ourselves and punish those responsible…i know i will.  I’m compiling a list of every MI Dem who was in favor of this (and the decision was made by 80 people total, with one voting against it), so i can vote/campaign against them.

And i hope that Clinton doesn’t win the WH, just so none of them can get appointments…which was the real reason they did what they did.

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By cyrena, March 18, 2008 at 6:10 pm Link to this comment

Great post purplewolf…Thanks…

I’m inclined to agree with you on the re-vote. I didn’t at first, since it seemed so unfair to the citizens of Michigan and Florida, to be disenfranchised.

BUT…they knew the rules going in, (as did all of the candidates) and they’d agreed on them.

That’s the way it is. Re-doing it sounds SO much like the Jr. Shrub from his earliest days of changing the rules of the game, (or extending the duration) whenever he was losing.

It’s time to move on, at least on this part. All will have an opportunity to cast a vote in the general election.

Well, not really ALL, since there are so many OTHER disenfranchised citizens who are not able to cast a vote, but…you know what I mean.

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By Aegrus, March 18, 2008 at 9:21 am Link to this comment

Well, campaigns usually go this long. Everyone is tired and jaded now because it’s been so fervent for one side or another. I don’t have a problem with the bar code so long as there is a legal clause for privacy of the individual. That can be accomplished.

If Obama keeps thwarting attacks with as much grace and competency as he did today, though, Hillary would be awfully foolish to stay in the race. We’re seeing another shift right now, and I am not going to argue against the length of the campaigns.

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By Sharon Ash, March 18, 2008 at 8:27 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Pardon me but your anti-Hillary bias is showing, once again, or is that still?  Just really gets boring and insulting that ‘Lack of Truthdig’ continues to resort to these attempts to frame the debate.  Boring!  Did I mention that you are starting to be really, really, boring?

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By purplewolf, March 18, 2008 at 7:32 am Link to this comment

Aegrus, here in Michigan we do have the bar code next to our names on the voting register. Sort of makes you feel like livestock being kept track of by big brother. As we all know, your vote is not private, as the bar code is scanned on who you are and your ballot number is scanned. The myth of privacy is just that-a myth. Our local officials have gone in and seen how many people(race of your choice) vote for the people up for election(whatever race). I feel this keeps the people divided rather than uniting people.It’s time to ignore what color a person is and rather concentrate on the type of person who is running for this position, like honesty to start with. Also by seeing who votes for who race wise, this further proves the lack of privacy in elections. Then there are the questionable integrity of the voting machines, which can be rigged in a multitude of ways along the route of being cast to counted. Bush cheated both times, but hey, lying and cheating seems to be the new American way.

As the comment, let sleeping dogs lay, leave this unfortunate voting situation alone. Correct it for future elections, provided we still have them. I was not happy with the ballot here. Clinton’s name and several other democrats were on the ballot, including some who had already dropped out of the race, which makes you wonder how far in advance do they print up the election ballots. Obama’s name was not on the ballot as was one other, however, there was a space for uncommitted which is what I marked as my choice was not named.

Shillary is a poor sportsman(woman)to keep whining all the time. Her personality changes remind me of someone who is bipolar or schizophrenia. She is TOO unstable to run the country and for those who do not agree, ask yourself this: If you were going to have surgery and your surgeon showed the mental and emotional changes as frequently as Hillary, would you let them operate on you? Didn’t think so. She is showing her colors in shades of Bush and not to be trusted.

As a person who always votes even though I am poor and the statistics claim the poor don’t vote, a do-over is a waste of time and money. Not everyone who voted the first time around is still alive, new voters have registered since the last time and others have left the state hoping to find work. So the re-do in Michigan could possibly not be what Hillary wants.

This campaigning has gone on too long, people are losing interest. It should be no longer than 6-8 weeks like in other countries. Longer is not better. Less is more, especially with politics.

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By Aegrus, March 18, 2008 at 4:39 am Link to this comment

I’m not really surprised by this event. A lot of people here in Florida don’t want to re-vote. Their reasons are beyond my comprehension, but I guess our electorate is pretty much jaded and feels fatigue about the whole matter.

There are those who say this will hurt the democratic party. I think that argument is pretty off base. Yeah, everyone’s presidential vote “didn’t matter,” but dems aren’t going to vote for McCain because of this mishap. Most of us Florida progressives and Democrats understand the whole problem is rooted in Republican tampering and has to do with following the rules. We would rather follow the party rules than act like whining brats about our delegates not counting.

Personally, I’d rather we do the re-vote, but because our idiot Florida Democratic Party doesn’t know how to verify signatures (Get a damned receipt on the ballot, MORONS! with a freaking bar code!) it’s all about fraud-protection and bunk fears perpetuated by a weak minority party in an otherwise Republican state. Dumbasses, the lot of them. Thankfully, at least we have Wexler.

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