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Maine Middle School to Offer Birth Control

Posted on Oct 18, 2007
birth control

Contraception 101: King Middle School officials learned the hard way that abstinence education doesn’t always work.

While the nation’s tweens and teens are taught the laughable “abstinence only” government-sponsored curriculum about sex, one middle school in Maine is taking a more realistic approach to the matter, offering a range of birth control options in an effort to curb a troubling trend toward teen pregnancy among its students.  Yes, you read that right:  This is a middle school we’re talking about here.

AP via Yahoo News:

“It’s very rare that middle schools do this,” said Divya Mohan, a spokeswoman for the National Assembly on School-Based Health Care.

Portland’s three middle schools reported 17 pregnancies during the last four years, not counting miscarriages or terminated pregnancies that weren’t reported to the school nurse.

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Carson's avatar

By Carson, May 21, 2008 at 3:34 pm Link to this comment


Confused? I think so are the young people.

I’m not saying what is right or wrong but it used to be considered a very special thing that couples would wait for and spend a lifetime with the same partner.

Now it seems to have been turned into some sort of Olympic event where anything goes as long as you are using some sort of device that make the whole act pointless in its original sense.

It is important to decide where you are heading in life early. Not just in love but in occupation also.

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By Conservative Yankee, May 21, 2008 at 4:30 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


Then please allow me to elucidate.

When Mother’s druggie boyfriend, “Uncle” Frank or the pedophile Priest at the local parish gets horny for underage sex, often the children involved are not forthcoming to their families.

Sometimes Ma just doesn’t want to hear what her boyfriend, brother or family padre are doing while she’s at work, or down on the street earning money for drugs.

Most often children having sex in middle school are doing so with folks far older, They have a real propensity to come down with “social” diseases which maim for life or even kill.

All life isn’t a suburban big-lawn existence. June Cleaver is dead. In the City of Portland, there are an estimated 300 homeless children. Some of them eat out of the McDonald’s dumpsters down on St. John Street.

Now you are probably even more confused about how we, living in the wealthiest Nation on earth can allow this type of thing to continue???  If you find out, let me know!

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By Conservative Yankee, October 20, 2007 at 4:43 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

108509 by driving bear on 10/20 at 1:07

“Is it your position that all parents are guilty of being pedophilia until proven innocent.”


Is it your position that a child from a loving home where Mom and Dad are heavily involved set good rules, and talk to their children about this stuff are going to find their child in the condom line?

“If parents are guilty of this horrible crime , the child should be removed from the home and usually is. Until verifiable proof of pedophilia or another form of abuse or neglect is presented parents should maintain full responsibility for their children including sexual health services and education”

In the best of all possible worlds I would agree. Children are best raised by their parents in a two parent home which is safe.

UNFORTUNATELY we have a bunch of folks in our society who have failed to “grow up” themselves, so they are incapable of parenting children. 

Try this on for size.  If you have children ask them “Have you had sex with anyone yet?”

If this is uncomfortable for you, imagine how a young mother working two jobs, eighth grade drop out, just 14 years older than her daughter feels asking the same question…

AND without the question, children NEVER tell. so tell me I’m always looking for answers to this… How do we find out if that boyfriend who lives with mom isn’t having sex with daughter while mom is at work?  Are you as a taxpayer willing to pay for yet another unwanted child?

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driving bear's avatar

By driving bear, October 20, 2007 at 1:07 pm Link to this comment

reply to   #108199 by Conservative Yankee on 10/19 at 5:13 am

Is it your position that all parents are guilty of being pedophilia until proven innocent. If parents are guilty of this horrible crime , the child should be removed from the home and usually is. Until verifiable proof of pedophilia or another form of abuse or neglect is presented parents should maintain full responsibility for their children including sexual health services and education

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By Conservative Yankee, October 20, 2007 at 4:51 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

108429 by Jacks on 10/20 at 12:42 am

“Having “sex” before you’re even a teenager shouldn’t is undoubtedly an act of pedophilia, regardless of the age of the ‘partner.’”

You seem (if I have interpreted correctly) to have greatly expanded the traditional definition of what constitutes “pedophilia.” Please clarify.

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By Jacks, October 20, 2007 at 12:42 am Link to this comment

Fine, protect against unwanted pregnancy but also report the fact that these children are being abused.  Pedophilia is still a damn crime.  Having “sex” before you’re even a teenager shouldn’t is undoubtedly an act of pedophilia, regardless of the age of the “partner.”  Again, dispense the pill, but report the abuse to police.

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By Dave, October 19, 2007 at 11:25 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

1 pregnancy per school, per year is hardly an outbreak. This is just another attempt for the liberal government and schools to step in and override the rights of the parents. It is sending a wrong message. If this same program is looking out for the kids and parents why not notify the parents when the kids want to get on the pill? They are taking away the deterrent factor. If I know for a fact as a kid that I can get away with this (get on the pill, my friends are saying its ok etc) I am more likely as a young girl or boy to try this. The mom and dad factor are taken out, the pregnancy factor is taken out and now it is a subject that peer pressure and this program is pushing into the minds of kids that wouldn’t be there yet.

        Here is another example. You have a friend in middle school whose parents let him drink at home. They feel it is ok. Well now the morale standard has dropped in the kid’s eyes and they now use safety as the excuse for drinking. “Well if I am going to drink, at least I am at Jimmy’s house where his parents let us sleep over. They never let us drive drunk.”

        When you state as a society that morale things that were previously wrong are not ok but we are going to support programs that help facilitate the problem, you are condoning the new morale low of “well the kids are having sex anyway” Now instead of the outcast minority of 5% of kids that are truly promiscuous you are generalizing and saying that well all of them are doing it so we should make sure they are safe. You have essentially placed a new peer pressure or a spotlight on an issue that probably wouldn’t even be in a lot of kid’s minds. These kids are at one of the hardest developmental stages of their lives when fitting in is everything. Well you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what every girl and boy that age around there is talking about and doing!

        Simply put, we are putting this decision in the hands of an 11yr old girl. Truly sad.

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By Conservative Yankee, October 19, 2007 at 5:13 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It may help, or piss some people off, BUT those who advise “informing the parents” are likely unaware that statistically children engaging in sex before their fourteenth birthday are often victims of sexual abuse in their own homes.

So by informing parents in these (peculiar) cases may well be informing the child’s rapist! This information being a “violation” of “family secrecy” would put the child at EXTREME risk. 

I fully agree that NORMALLY parents should be advised, and empowered in every acpect of their child’s lives.  In this case, I’m not so sure….product of years of learning that all families are NOT safe!

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By Carson, October 19, 2007 at 4:41 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The Unacknowledged Holocaust

Back in the 60’s the Federal Government came into the public schools and brainwashed us as little children with the message that the children we were about to have were unwanted because the population was rising so fast. They launched a program called, “Zero Population Growth”. They pushed Family Planning and birth control pills. Now they call the same programs, “Safe Sex” but the results are the same. I think you and I both know that you only have to trick people for their few child bearing years and there is no going back.

Many of us never had a say in the future of our unborn.

I am the result of two living cells. One from each of my parents. They are the result of two living cells, one from each of their parents. I wasn’t just born. I am a continuation of life. I am a living thing that reaches back into time perhaps 400 million years and the result of billions of joining of pairs of cells. It is possible that if you were to follow my cells back to my parent’s cells and beyond that my family tree touches every living thing here on earth. That is if we limit ourselves to believing life was created here on earth. If it rained down from the immensity of the universe it could reach back into that immensity of time and space, and who knows what relationships and who knows what species.

My family line succeeded, at least until I came up against the Federal Government and their plan to control the population.

I have seen the Federal Government do little else to control the population.

The open border, United States laws only apply to some, is a serious slap in the face. No, not a slap in the face, it reaches well beyond that. Maybe back to the beginning of time and stretch to the bounds of the universe.

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By Dr. Knowitall, PhD, PhD, October 19, 2007 at 4:24 am Link to this comment

There must be an optimum age before which most normal kids aren’t obsessed with or affected by the 24/7 media sex in this effing society.  So, to stop the debate and the unwanted pregnancies, after that age, we should put a drug in their Coke or Dew, like flouride in their water or toothpaste, that will give them sex-lethargy.  Then we can get back to drinking our beer and watching cleavage TV, popping boner pills and not worry about our kids. 
    When it the hell are we ever going to address root causes?  Schools are now handing out BC to mental toddlers while the old man is at home popping boner pills so he’s ready when the time is right.  And the toddlers figure this out because the ad runs pretty much 24/7 during idiotic, stupid low-class potty mouth T&A;sit-coms with laugh tracks while somewhere else in the home some painfully hormonal female is wailing and moaning above a screeching, sax and wanging guitars about the bastard that screwed her and left her for another woman.  Don’t fault Maine; they’re right in their resignation.

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driving bear's avatar

By driving bear, October 18, 2007 at 4:53 pm Link to this comment

This case shows a clear double standard in regards to children health.  sexual health is treated differently than other types of health care. When I was in school a long time ago while at high school football practice I broke my leg/ankle, I was taken to the local ER. The nurse who first saw me said she could not even take my temp until she received verbal permission from my mother or father.
So when it comes to sexual health issues not only do the parents are not required to give permission but even informing them is prohibited.

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By Mark Hoffman, October 18, 2007 at 4:44 pm Link to this comment

Lets not forget that this is a medication we are talking about and I don’t believe that schools are the proper place to dispense medication without a parent’s permission.  The pill has risks and side effects and it is not fair to expose children to that without a parent’s permission (I assume this program is dispensing without notifying the parent but that was not explictly stated).
Also the pill does nothing to protect against STD’s making this policy doubly dangerous.  I would be more comfortable with dispensing condoms then the pill.

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By voice of truth, October 18, 2007 at 2:18 pm Link to this comment


All your points are very well taken.  Clearly, parents are the most important thing in a child’s development.  And we’ll never be able to ban stupidity and ignorance.  That said, I also think its very irresponsible to just be an enabler.  While everyone ridicules the “abstinence only” teaching (and that is pretty pie in the sky), there has to be a middle ground, and schools are not the place to push either.

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By cyrena, October 18, 2007 at 2:03 pm Link to this comment

#108072 by voice of truth

...“I do not buy the “they are going to do it anyway” argument.  That is just a complete abrogation of responsibilities.”...

Voice of truth…

I get your point. Problem is, it’s unrealistic. Easy to say, but nothing more useful. It’s great that you ‘teach’ your daughter. And yes, ALL parents should. But, just exactly how are we gonna MAKE them do that?

You must have missed an earlier post when I was describing a very frightful and depressing field trip I took recently. I found myself in an urban area of my own state, where an entire ring of prostitution had been rigged up…DOZENS of GIRLS…NOT -women- parading the area in tiny bikinis, (likely to catch pneumonia) and they were mostly 12,13,14 years old. Many of them placed in that very operation, by their own parents.

Yes, it’s horrible. It’s more than troubling. But if you read the article, the schools are concerned about the fact that the very same thing has been happening in their own area. So, it’s not just the urban areas, and if parents were in fact doing their jobs as responsible parents, then this wouldn’t be happening, eh?

How likely is it that a 14 year-old giving birth is going to ‘teach’ her child about such things. I had a former co-worker who was a grandma at age 28. She had her first child when she was 14, and then that daughter had a child when SHE was 14.

I guess the ‘talking’ isn’t so helpful. I think this is the first sign that people are finally looking at reality, (as Thomas Billis has suggested) so that kids can in fact learn to connect the dots, instead of keeping everything ‘secret’ and ‘shameful’ so that they remain ignorant.

So yes, seeing as how you’ve suggested that kids this age don’t “understand” sex anyway, it doesn’t keep ‘em from trying to find out about it on their own. Obviously, they aren’t learning it at home, so the result is pre-teen and teen pregnacies. If they don’t understand sex, how are they gonna ‘understand’ how to raise a child? Reality is not always gorgeous, but it’s the only thing we’ve got to work with. Denial leads to horrible things.

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By Conservative Yankee, October 18, 2007 at 1:56 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

108072 by voice of truth on 10/18 at 11:46 am

“Kids at that age do not even understand sex, how are they supposed to understand birth control?”“

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha   You sure washed any credibility you may have had as far as I am concerned. 

9, That’s right 9-years-old is the youngest “parent” I have counseled. about 6 11-year-olds, and 4 12-year-olds… 

That’s just my caseload for one year in Lewiston Maine… Portland is larger, more diverse.

As to younger children understanding sex….maybe not, BUT they sure can learn…. OH, BTW this doesn’t mean BOTH partners are prepubescent!

The age of consent in Maine is 14!

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By mary, October 18, 2007 at 12:06 pm Link to this comment

Middle School children sexually active is a bit troubling to me.  Is it possible a combination of over-worked parents trying to hold the family together and schools that don’t seem to have any control anymore.  If there’s even a chance young girls are getting involved, we need to offer protection.  Then we need to examine why.  Just say no won’t work here either.  And how about the young men involved.  Whatever happened to the coach who could make you work like a dog and feel great about yourself for it.  Whatever the solution is, first we must allow active young people access to safe protection.  Let’s not condem this school system for trying to do something about the problem.  Parents, maybe today is a good day to sit down and have a talk with your children…..

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By voice of truth, October 18, 2007 at 11:46 am Link to this comment

Kids at that age do not even understand sex, how are they supposed to understand birth control?  I have a daughter in 7th grade (my pennance for my earlier life!), and my wife and I as parents have taught her the multitude of negatives that can come from sexual activities (pregnancy, disease, pain, repuatation, stains on her dress, etc.)  This is definitely an area for parents and not teachers.  There is just no reason a public school should be doing this, at any level.  Teach it, yes, but enable it???

I do not buy the “they are going to do it anyway” argument.  That is just a complete abrogation of responsibilities.

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By thomas billis, October 18, 2007 at 11:04 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Sanity is returning to the debate on sex.The only way abstinence works is if the option they really want is used,castration.I am not an expert on when to begin various programs but I am so happy the debate is moving on to real grounds and away from the theological.The funny thing is while all these male religious figures were telling other people to abstain it did not deter them from continuing their affairs with women,other men and boys.

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