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Iraq Awards Iran Contracts, U.S. Sulks

Posted on Oct 18, 2007
Iraq power line

Determined to show just how adolescent they can be, U.S. representatives in Baghdad have expressed dissatisfaction and suspicion over a pair of power plants that Iranian and Chinese companies plan to build in Iraq. One American military official described the contracts this way: “As you know, it’s not always as it appears.”

This, from an occupying power that has funneled billions into the coffers of corporate cronies while managing to provide only a few hours of electricity a day more than four years after invading.

New York Times:

The Iraqi electricity minister, Karim Wahid, said that the Iranian project would be built in Sadr City, a Shiite enclave in Baghdad that is controlled by followers of the anti-American cleric Moktada al-Sadr. He added that Iran had also agreed to provide cheap electricity from its own grid to southern Iraq, and to build a large power plant essentially free of charge in an area between the two southern Shiite holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.

The expansion of ties between Iraq and Iran comes as the United States and Iran clash on nuclear issues and about what American officials have repeatedly said is Iranian support for armed groups in Iraq. American officials have charged that Iranians, through the international military wing known as the Quds Force, are particularly active in support of elite elements of the Mahdi Army, a militia largely controlled by Mr. Sadr.

An American military official in Baghdad said that while he had no specific knowledge of the power plant contracts, any expansion of Iranian interests was a concern for the military here.

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By Nick, October 20, 2007 at 10:42 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Dang… blah blah blah What are we going to do about it besides complain on a website like this? Nothing. That’s why your reading this, that’s why your going to respond to all of the above… Can we, the civilians of the United States, take back our own country and do things the right way? Power to the people? Nah.  We just live here in the US and pay taxes for some crappy crap. Hey! Let’s go vote! (ppffffttt…) Think about it, who was our last good president? When we the people vote for a president, we vote with only HOPES and WISHES that the guy does a good job… you never really know what will happen when you vote for your president. Hey, To me it’s almost a joke with Dick N’ BUSH. We should only do what we have to do in the middle east and then get the heck out of there… besides we all know sooner or later we will be at war with Russia and Iran, China will have there finger in the bowl too. Now I don’t care how many words I didn’t spell right, I don’t care if my words were jumbled up and I didn’t use perfect grammar, I don’t care if I’m not on topic 100%, i don’t care to hear your complaints about what I typed up here… but I do care that USA is crumbling, and what can we do about it? What will you do about it? Crazy.

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By Trixie, October 19, 2007 at 1:40 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

(I’ll try to proofread this one!)

Wanna bet that once the power plant is up and running in Iraq that the US will find some excuse to destroy it on the grounds that it’s run by terrorists?

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By rodney, October 19, 2007 at 1:12 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

All payed for bu U S tax dollars. F$CK YOU B$SH YOU MORON.

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By Trixie, October 19, 2007 at 10:25 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Oh my stars!  Everybody panic!  Someone’s actually about to provide real help to that poor ravaged country of Iraq.  Iran’s going to provide cheap electricity to its neighbor and build a power plant almost free of chage?  Gee, these guys are as bad as Chavez, who dared to let poor Americans have heating oil at a huge discount!  Can’t let these Good Samaritans get away with such Christian behavior!! 

Suppose Iran and China could be persuaded to come help rebuild the deteriorating infrastructure in the US?

Back in the Fifties, during the Cold War, many Americans saw a Communist under every rock and were in constant dread of attack from Russia.  Some far-sighted seer said at the time in rebuttal to the paranoia that optimists among the savvy were learning Russian and the pessmists were learning Chinese.  Well, I just heard on the news that a good many young school children in the US are studying Mandarin!  You gotta laugh.

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By great_satan, October 19, 2007 at 2:38 am Link to this comment

I hope the US doesn’t interfere with this movement.
  This is the first step in the creation of the individual state-regions that many think is the solution to the endless infighting of Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. Obviously, I ran is going to give juice to the neighboring Shiah population, and leave the Sunnis high and dry. This will create a bit of unrest perhaps, but will hopefully spur some of the oil-rich Sunnis of the region to offer a similar “hook up” to the Sunni nations.
  The US pipe dream of a functional centralized parlimentary democracy of a unified Irag is not working. A unified Iraq could work if the US empowered a dictator, gave him lots of covert support and weapons of mass destruction…then. Sure it worked once, why not again…plan for the future, Gulf War 2015!
  But if the Shiahs hook up the shias, the Sunnis hook up the Sunnis, then the regions will naturally grow more segregated, more peaceful, and after each attains adequacy and hopefully relative prosperity, ...then they can deal with each other on more civil terms; and if the Iraqis actually want a single unified Iraq…if their national identty is really stronger than their Sectarian identies (which it appears is not the case,) then let them work out their own shit.

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By purplewolf, October 18, 2007 at 11:38 pm Link to this comment

So this is what has had Georgies undies bunched up in a knot so much so that he had to go on tv and start in with that over played script of lies,this time about Iran and WWIII. His cronies might miss out on a ton of borrowed money to build these power plants, which would never get done anyway.No wonder he is p-o-ed about Iran again.

So we have spent over 5 billion so far to rebuilt the electric grid in Iraq and its a failure. Gee,did our electric grid ever get fixed that went out in Bushies first term? It was only going to cost 4 billion dollars.He said -too much. I guess he spent in on all the spy cameras that are popping up all over America.

As for Louise’s comment that is does a person good to thru a fit every now and then.Fine,but G.W. throws them hourly 24/7 for the last 7 years almost.It’s too much. Since it seems like he cannot get along with anyone else in the world without threatening them, why hasn’t his family,doctor or parents have him evaluated, as he obviously has mental problems. They make medicine for that you know.It is past time to see he takes his medication.

It’s about time those in Iraq who are actually the people who lived there before the US squarters arrives,started to take some of the responsibility to see to it that they start to rebuild their country.Thanks to the destruction provided by the Bush administration, this would have all been unnecessary if he had let sleeping dogs lay-as the saying goes.Hurricane George has done nothing but leave a path of destruction where ever he decides to invade and now is off to his next mistake.

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By Louise, October 18, 2007 at 9:01 pm Link to this comment

#108055 by cyrena

“Funny he didn’t mention the thing with China. If Iran being in the area is a ‘concern for the military’ (nevermind that they’ve been ‘in the area’ for 1000’s of years) then it seems like they’d have mentioned the same concern about China’s involvement – eh? Nope…I forgot. China owns us ... “

Great post cyrena!

I don’t know whether to call this:

“Iraq Grows Balls and Flips off Bush” or:

“Finally They get it! Being Free Means Making Decisions!”

But no matter, this is good news for Iraq, ‘cause the empire i’nt about to build nothin’ for ‘em!

So I say yea China and Iran! ‘Bout time somebody did something to help the Iraqis. Beside the GI’s over there who ARE trying to do positive things for them. And a few aid groups and doctors from here, who in spite of being “verboten” keep on keepin on.

Funny huh, those evil communists and those evil Islamic dictators see a need and want to do something about it. Who’da thought?

The ever popular “un-named” who worry about Iranian “spy’s” needn’t. We have as many “secret agent guys” over there as we do troops! Give ‘em somthin’ to do besides start trouble! Besides those evil communists are good enough for us to keep borrowing money from. And those evil Islamists are good enough for us to keep buying oil from, and squarely facing the double standard that bushism is might be a good thing, doncha think?

If this doesn’t give Bush fits, I don’t know what will! But then, everybody needs to have a good fit once in a while. Helps drain the sinuses. And any drainage to allow a slight expansion of brain matter is a good thing too, right?

The worm turns. In spite of the wheezing and muttering coming from the White House, we may live to see all the people of the Middle East working together to re-build what the Tin man and his pile of straw have destroyed. And those from the West who have had it with this playpen empire will be there working with them. How deliciously beautiful! A world tired of waiting for adults to return to the White House will finally render the little king and everything he stands for utterly meaningless.

#108046 by thomas billis

“This is a major concern to Bush’s corporate masters they were guaranteed that only America companies would be able to rip off the taxpayers of America. Halliburton in a tersely worded statement issued by press liaison Dick N.Balz “if Iranian companies rip off America instead of us terrorism wins”.


Personally I think the corporate masters are as fed up with George and Dick as everybody. Well with the possible exception of main-stream media. Want another good laugh? Today on the PBS news hour some neo [sorry didn’t catch his name] said, [with a straight face] “One in four Americans still support Bush.” Like that is a notable thing! Actually it is, because the number is under 19%. So there ya go. Things in the White House are soooo bad their pumping 25% as a good thing. Hee-hee.

Meanwhile, I’ll bet those OIL moguls that Dick so badly wants to please have had it up to here! After all, their making out like bandits! How much better could it be if they had a real live responsible group of adults to work with? Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a fly on the wall in one of those “behind closed doors” meetings.

“This stupid fighting has got to stop! It’s getting damn hard to make an honest living stealing oil! Lets just buy it from the folks who own it!” 

Well, they cant just march in and drag mean and meaner out of the White House. That would be a not nice thing! But oh boy, they can render them and their terror war and their self-importance utterly impotent, if they want to.

So I don’t think for one minute they aren’t talking to the “evil” guys too!  How’s a little king gonna deal with a revolting court? Ooops, I mean. How’s a little king gonna deal with a court in revolt? [that’s better]

Yeh you go guys!

Note to congress: Pay attention!

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By felicity, October 18, 2007 at 12:59 pm Link to this comment

At the beginning of the Iraq fiasco Iraqi companies were shut out of the rebuilding process because ‘they were state-owned.’  Or so the story went. Nevermind that paying Iraqi companies to rebuild Iraq would have saved the US tax payer 90% of the costs AND been far more efficient.

Iran?  China?  Geez, and our largest embassy in the world is being built in Iraq.  Must be a give-away to Halliburton or Bechtel, certainly not to hold sway over our interests in the country.

Or maybe Churchill was right when he said, “You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.”

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By cyrena, October 18, 2007 at 11:38 am Link to this comment

#108028 by mary

Well Mary, I can remind you how long they’ve been BEGGING us to LEAVE!! Since 4 years worth of occupation has done some serious damage. And, I won’t even begin to start sprouting off all of the “Laws of Occupation” Cheney has disregarded. (But, I AM keeping a list) smile

Meantime, all of those billions that we sent over there (shrink wrapped and on pallets) has apparently gone with the wind. (And, I think it went really fast too). By now, it’s traveled all through the Middle East. It pops up in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt. Some probably even managed to make it to Israel. Thing is, I’mn not sure it’s really worth anything anymore.

You know what continues to strike me as so surreal, is that these “military officials”, or any other ‘official’ always stays nameless. They can never talk about anything with their names attached. Doesn’t matter if they’re over there, or over here. They always have to remain nameless and faceless. And, they get to keep spinning innuendo like this:

•  One American military official described the contracts this way: “As you know, it’s not always as it appears.”

Yeah well, we SURE know that!!! And we know that the Thugs have been so single-mindedly dedicated to shoving that oil theft law down Iraq’s throat, that they haven’t been able to pay attention to anything else. And, that’s also why they won’t leave. They don’t have the OIL yet. Dick Bush has been so busy pushing the OIL contracts, that the Kurds have now signed with Hunt Oil of Dallas, (another Dick Bush company) and lo’ and behold…look what happened. Iraq’s finally gonna get some electricity.

Funny he didn’t mention the thing with China. If Iran being in the area is a ‘concern for the military’ (nevermind that they’ve been ‘in the area’ for 1000’s of years) then it seems like they’d have mentioned the same concern about China’s involvement – eh? Nope…I forgot. China owns us as well. Guess we shouldn’t cast any unfavorable light on our sponsors. Not even from nameless and faceless “American officials”.

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By Kevin James, October 18, 2007 at 11:23 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Americans are too busy building 15 military bases(mostly on Iranian border) and the biggest embassy (spy nest) any country has ever had. There just isn’t any money left of our tax dollars to build civil infrastructure in Iraq (or even in US for that matter). Building was never the intention any way, destruction was. Just like pulling out of Iraq isn’t an intention a greater war is!

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By thomas billis, October 18, 2007 at 11:05 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

This is a major concern to Bush’s corporate masters they were guaranteed that only America companies would be able to rip off the taxpayers of America.Halliburton in a tersely worded statement issued by press liason Dick N.Balz"if Iranian companies rip off America instead of us terrorism wins”.

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By dale Headley, October 18, 2007 at 11:05 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

What’s with the Iranians, Anyway?  Don’t they realize that Iraq is the sole property of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

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By mary, October 18, 2007 at 9:27 am Link to this comment

Remind me again how awful it will be for Iraq if we pulled out immediately.  And I still want to know what happened to our tax dollars shipped to Iraq on pallets.  Let Iran help provide the electricity we can’t or won’t provide.  70% of Americans want us out.  How much of a thumping are we going to take before our moron leaders see the light.  It’s time to move on…..

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hazmaq's avatar

By hazmaq, October 18, 2007 at 9:17 am Link to this comment

The Bush Administration the Bush Supreme sheep have shown a real disdain for history and precedent, both domestic and foreign. 
Because they’ve managed to thwart justice and the rule of law ‘here’, they think can get away with it over ‘there’.

Go Iraq!

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By Akira_Maritias, October 18, 2007 at 8:06 am Link to this comment

How dare they be more heroic than us! Isn’t this pathetic? We’ve been here for quite a while and can’t manage to do ANYTHING right. Iran just bitch-slapped America by saying ‘we’ll give ya’ free electricity, Iraq!’.

Damn. We’re screwed. We’re WAY too greedy to give anyone anything for free. Nothing says ‘villain’ more than America right now…that’s terrible.

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