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Ahmadinejad Denied 9/11 Tribute

Posted on Sep 19, 2007

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had hoped to lay a wreath at ground zero during his upcoming visit to New York “in order to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorists attack of Sept. 11, 2001,” but local authorities and America’s U.N. ambassador have both said no way to the request.


The request to enter the fenced-in site was rejected because of ongoing construction there, [police spokesman Paul] Browne said.

“Requests for the Iranian president to visit the immediate area would also be opposed by the NYPD on security grounds,” Browne said.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad, told reporters Wednesday that the United States would not support Iran’s attempt to use the site for a “photo op.”

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By gncarlo, September 23, 2007 at 9:38 am Link to this comment

In going to the largest Jewish city on earth, in his quest to have a dialogue with the American people, and avoid the destruction of his country, the much-demonized President Ahmadinejad is probably showing more cojones than wisdom.  I hope he is well-protected (which is a sad reflection on the state of PC America), and gets home alright.

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By Neoconned, September 23, 2007 at 7:49 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Why is it that Israelis are either totally ruthless, vis a vis, rape and murder of unarmed (de-humanized) Palestinians; or shake in their boots when they face an opponent who can fight back?

If that isn’t a definition of a vicious coward, I don’t know what is.

Try something novel Israel. Try to make friends with people instead of viewing the middle east as full of dirty stinking Christian and Muslim Arabs.  Wallowing in all this self pity and narcissism is really wearing thin.  Otherwise it all just plays out like a self fulfilling prophecy.

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By gncarlo, September 23, 2007 at 1:22 am Link to this comment

PH: I don’t “whine”. I was trying to make some points about fundamental economics and human action. They seem to have gone by you. I don’t have a lot of time to dwell on this so we will just have to agree to disagree.

All: On the original topic:  I have read some of Ahmedinajad’s writings, including his open letter to G. Bush, offering to meet and discuss differences, as well as his proposal to make the entire Middle East a nuclear-weapons-free zone, with open
inspections of all parties, including Israel.  Not surprisingly, this was met with a chorus of “anti-Semitism”  from the Usual Suspects.
Buy yourself a bicycle and a bag of silver coins to barter. It won’t hurt to have a little peace of mind.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 22, 2007 at 9:03 pm Link to this comment


If you notice many of the CEO’s make 7 figures and their compensation package is even greater, however the company they run is in the red, or a large percentage of the gross annual revenue goes to them.

It is the responsibility of our elected to ensure for common good of the citizens, unfortunately the CEO’s come through with the reelection monies, more so than Unions who represent only the rank and file.

Domestic automakers have taken some hits lately due to the product line, which is managements responsiblity.  Toyota has UAW workers on some of its more popular truck lines. 

The government has meddled for years in union busting, Reagan and the Air traffic controllers comes to mind, Lately its Bush against Project labor agreements for large infrastructure jobs.

I recall Chrysler getting a loan several years ago under Lee Iacoca but that was paid back, Our steel industry has largely been sold and sent overseas, I am unaware of any subsidies you speak of.

You said:

“I have to pay ridiculous prices to get a little repair work done on my house and if I hire a local handyman, I get picketed and fined for not having “permits.”

“The oil companies perform a desired service, take any profit the market will bear, and that is determined by the competition and what the consumers are willing to pay for a gallon of gas.
At least, the oil companies comply with general accounting standards and you know where they stand.”

I can not follow your reasoning, in one sentence you whine about paying too much for a contractor to do something for you for which you do not have the required permits and are fined and next you are giving kudos to the oil companies who by your own admission have seen their stock prices rise 400% in a couple of years. 

Much to the culture of greed for select industies that permeates Washington now.

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By gncarlo, September 22, 2007 at 5:31 pm Link to this comment

2.  In the last thirty or forty years, the most unionized industries in this country, autos and steel,  are suffering a slow death, with repeated subsidies from the taxpayers.  On the other hand, the most dynamic, and best-paid, growth industry for the same time period, the software side of the computer industry, has steadfastly resisted unionization.
  Another thought: when you think how wonderful it is that UAW workers make $60 + in wages and fringes, do you reflect on all the UAW workers who have lost their jobs or were never hired in the first place,  because there is less demand for their uncompetitive product .
  Bastiat’s Parable of the Broken Window comes to mind:

  What I find really fascinating is that many people styling themselves “liberals” (or I guess it’s been reinvented as “progressives”)  come here deploring the corruption and criminality of government officials, then propose yet more government in our lives as a cure-all for everything.  I guess it is the delusion that “it is others who are corrupt. When we get the reins of power, things will be better because we are of noble intention.”  I would refer you to Lord Acton’s quote: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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By gncarlo, September 22, 2007 at 5:29 pm Link to this comment

1.  Well, yes, PH, we have skewed off the topic, but what you say deserves a response.  I don’t know that “pay and fringes of CEO’s of publically held companies are obscene and need to be regulated even if the controlling share of 5% thinks its OK the other 95% get hosed.”  That seems a glib and oversimplified generalization.  Have you researched all “publically held companies”?  Further, I don’t know that oil companies are any more “notorious” than any other corporations in their practices.  As for “the other 95% getting hosed”, some of these oil companies have seen share prices rise by 400% or more over the last few years.  Let me know how to identify some of the CEOs who are going to “hose” their shareholders in this fashion: I will mortgage the farm to buy shares.  Any CEO instrumental in increasing shareholder value in such a manner is worth every last dime.  If a corporate officer or officers do not perform effectively, the proper remedy is removal by shareholders.  If share prices tumble because a CEO is not doing his job properly, major shareholders can and do remove them quite frequently. Of course, this is too mundane to come to the notice of FOX or CNN. 

  Regarding the politicians you would have regulating them.  What do these people create?  From what I have seen, their principal accomplishments seem to me to be wars, shortages, and the promotion of hatred and misunderstanding.
  “Unlike car manufacturers, I have seldom seen oil companies have losing years like Ford or GM.” 

  Probably because the UAW and AFL-CIO have been for the last fifty years the most politically-connected unions in America.  The Big Three auto companies are a dying industry.  They cannot compete in a world market with companies like Honda or Toyota, when they have to pay every floor sweeper and wrench turner $60 or $70 per hour in wages and fringes. Of course, perhaps you might advocate having the government run the automobile companies?  Would that be more “fair”?  The two most prominent products of state-owned auto companies that come to mind are the French Renault and the Soviet Lada.  In most cases, people owned those only because the State forbade them any choice.  Would you trade a Toyota or even a Ford for one of these?

“...if everyone in this country was affiliated with a union, the problems we face with health care and retirement (social security) would be nonexistent”

  Everybody in this country is “affiliated with a union”; it’s called the federal government.  Social Security is predicted to be broke in 18 years.  From what I hear, most people are unhappy with Medicare.  So, how do you conclude a different union would render these problems nonexistent?  How would it be structured differently? 
  I didn’t say I liked undocumented, uninsured workers.  Don’t put words in my mouth in an effort to polarize the issue.  In an age of litigation, anyone who works for us must furnish proof of insurance.  As for their paying taxes, that’s between them and the authorities.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 22, 2007 at 7:07 am Link to this comment

We have skewed off the main topic here, if Ahmadinejad wants to pay tribute to the victims at the WTC he should be able to and I question the reasoning of those who would deny him.  After all this is a “free” country.

The other point, pay and fringes of CEO’s of publically held companies are obscene and need to be regulated even if the controlling share of 5% thinks its OK the other 95% get hosed.  Oil companies are notorious for this, don’t forget that the gross profits they report are after inflated salaries, PAC contributions, every infrastructure write off you can think of.  They still have enough profits at the end of the year to build new refineries but don’t.

I’d like to see our government stipulate that a portion of the net oil profits must be utilized to build new refineries.

Unlike car manufacturers,I have seldom seen oil companies have losing years like Ford or GM.

In regard to Union labor, if everyone in this country was affiliated with a union, the problems we face with health care and retirement (social security) would be nonexistent. 

Perhaps you like undocumented workers, working unsafe, uninsured, unbonded, not paying taxes so you can save a few bucks. 

Permits are there so the work is inspected in order to mitigate any fires, flooding or structural collapse that can occur when work is not properly done.

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By Neoconned, September 22, 2007 at 4:28 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


You obviously don’t get what Lilmanzer is trying to articulate.  If Iran develops nuclear civil/military capabilites, HOW ON EARTH WILL ISRAEL ACT WITH IMPUNITY SO IT CAN CREATE A GREATER ISRAEL ALL THE WAY TO THE GIANT OIL FIELDS OF IRAQ? 

A militarized Israel will suppress and kill every scum goyim in sight to aquire that prize.  And to do that it has to DE-HUMANIZE everyone who stands in their way.  Look at what is happening to the Palestinian people.  (But we can’t say that because, as we are often told, Palestinians spontaneously kill themselves against a super-militarized Israel.)

Make no mistake.  Israel’s top heavy militarized economy is not for Defence but a WAR MACHINE, built for conquest.

Despite the charming lies of Abba Eban, the Intellectual Dishonesty of Israel is well documented.  Holocaust this and Holocaust that, and before you know it, they are sodomizing you with one of their latest weapons.

Lilmamzer knows this but she is a pseudo liberal apologist.  A vicious coward who only developes a back bone when she has an UZI in her hand.  The rights and wrongs of an issue don’t concern her becasue you and I don’t count. 

She is quite ready to kill you and me, even as she’s whining about the Jewish Holocaust, ad nauseum.  Though we had nothing to do with the, exclusivley, Jewish Holocaust, we are all still anti-semitic becasue we weren’t born Jewish. 

Something she and her right wing gangster friends should know:  Arabs are Semites.  So really, the biggest anti-semites are the Israelis, as they merrily crush every Arab (Both Christian and Muslim) in sight. 

Gestapo Israel Uber Alles?  A tragic, and yet, apt comparison, perhaps.  One would think, as people who have suffered so much in history, they would know the dangers of Imperialism and Hubris.  But then it wouldn’t be the first time in history the Brutalized have become the Brutes. 

What is unique though is this naked Imperialism and Orientalist mindset bizarrely laced with a plaintiff tone.  I’ve never witnessed such immoral intellectual gymnastics explained away in such a neat, polite, tea drinking, policy of Civil Defense.

Now you have to admit, that takes some brain power to pull that off.

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By gncarlo, September 21, 2007 at 11:12 pm Link to this comment

Rowdy, the greatest monopoly of all is the State. In the Soviet Union, the price of bread was jacked down to where no one felt inclined to produce it. As a result, there was no incentive to excellence or productivity.  Long waits in bread lines to get a loaf of wormy bread produced by sullen unmotivated workers. New hotels with bad plumbing, dirty rooms, phones that didn’t work, all courtesy of workers who were paid the same regardless of the quality of their work.
So, you want to trust the State to regulate monopolies in the interest of the public? Like the state where I live: unions pay the politicians and the politicians create union-shop monopolies on labor. I have to pay ridiculous prices to get a little repair work done on my house and if I hire a local handyman, I get picketed and fined for not having “permits.”
In a truly free market, monopolies don’t last. How can a conglomerate own all the bakeries?  Why can’t you start one of your own?  The only reason I can think of is because the monopoly called the “State” coerces you to desist. 
Is Ford still the best selling car because it was in 1921?  Do you still have to buy an RCA radio or a Wang computer?
Life is dynamic and it is only through the coercive power of the State that the people on top can maintain the status quo, even temporarily. Freedom and the human spirit win out in the end, however long it takes.

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By rowdy, September 21, 2007 at 9:47 pm Link to this comment

GNCARLO. based on your line of reasoning; there should be no laws against monopolies. when a conglomerate owns all the bakeries and decides to jack up the price of a loaf of bread, to maybe $10.00,this becomes “what the market will bear”. think of enron. try, you might be able to find examples of your own.

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By gncarlo, September 21, 2007 at 7:26 pm Link to this comment

“The oil industry needs to be heavily regulated,...”  We will have to agree to disagree on that.  If the marriage of convenience between Corporate America and the NWO is a big part of the problem, who’s going to regulate the oil industry?  The federal government?  Aren’t you setting the fox to watch the chicken coop? 
  I don’t know that the billions in profits for the oil companies are unreasonable, given that they are defrayed among more than a hundred million shareholders .  Exxon Mobil, for example, is selling for about 13 times earnings, not historically unreasonable.
And the price of crude is up 26% for the year but that is in dollars.  The dollar has fallen 16% against the Euro, the currency of 13 industrialized nations, over the same time-frame.  So, another way to look at it is that oil is up 10% on the year and the dollar has depreciated 16%.
  I think that, were it not for the war premium posed by the NWO threatening the Persian Gulf and closing down the Iraqi fields, the price of oil might well be within the normal parameters of the last thirty or forty years.  Of course, we will not know until the issues in the Middle East are resolved one way or the other, and I doubt that that will be in your lifetime or mine.
  I have read in recent years that refineries in America are operating at full capacity.  So, there is no shortage of oil.  Consider the high oil prices rather a function of a surplus of dollars chasing a given supply of goods and services plus the state-induced threat of supply disruptions.  The reason that refineries are operating at capacity and are experiencing frequent breakdowns is that, since the Seventies, due to environmental regulations, it has not been cost-effective to build new refineries or retrofit the old ones at the current profit margins. Europe, where pump prices are even higher, suffers from the same malady. 
  I suspect that the only things propping up oil prices are constant war scares and, to lesser extent, the OPEC monopoly. It is the nation-states that own and lease these reserves that profit the most from high oil prices, not the oil companies. The oil companies perform a desired service,  take any profit the market will bear, and that is determined by the competition and what the consumers are willing to pay for a gallon of gas.  At least, the oil companies comply with general accounting standards and you know where they stand.  You can even buy a share or two.
  The real problem, in my view, is government and the stealth taxes called war and inflation.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 21, 2007 at 12:23 pm Link to this comment

#101714 by gncarlo

The key phrase here was “speculation” as with all betting, a large part of pump prices are based on prognosticating the weather (hurricanes), wars and rumors of wars.

The oil industry needs to be heavily regulated, I wonder if they are still contributing to the strategic petroleum reserve in exchange for the right to drill on public lands or has Bush let them slide on that.

If a real war starts all bets are off as to the price we all will pay, for fuel and otherwise.

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By cyrena, September 21, 2007 at 1:11 am Link to this comment

gncarlo,( #101620)
Thanks for the info on the dancers and photo-opers from 9-11. This seems to be a widely known incident, among the many that were never addressed of course. So, I’m reading more as I get time.

For Patrick Henry,

....“I hope the people of Iran know that a majority of Americans do not support our foreign policy against them and that our policy has been hijacked by PNAC, AIPAC and their bevy of like minded Jewish Americans and Israeli cohorts.”

If it makes you or any of us feel any better, the Iranians definitely do know, that Americans do not support our foreign policy against them. Actually, they understand it way better than a lot of Americans do.

So, what they feel these days is obviously fear, because they saw what happened to their next door neighbors, and they know they’re next. No doubt they feel some frustration, (like so many of the rest of us) that the American people have ALLOWED it. That’s the part that’s very confusing to that part of the world, because Americans (at least the U.S. Americans) have always had this great tradition of ‘democracy’. That makes it hard to explain to the rest of the world, why we have been unwilling or unable to stop these madmen.

Maybe they see us as victimized as they are. I do.

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By gncarlo, September 20, 2007 at 11:16 pm Link to this comment

PH, consider yourself damned lucky if you only have to pay fifty cents more a gallon when they get around to bombing Iran…try ten bucks a gallon, at least.  Our NWO masters will solve all our problems when “the little people” (read: ‘you and I’) are riding bicycles and working for five dollars a day, like the “heathen Chinee.”

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By Yellow Cat, September 20, 2007 at 10:41 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

In 1998, three years before Sept 11 2001, Iran and the Taliban were nearly at war over the murders of Iranian diplomats… since Iraq was invaded, the Ayatollah Al-Hakim was assassinated in a huge explosion outside a Shi’ite shrine in what is believed to be an Al-Qa’eda or Al-Qa’eda-inspired attack. The Ayatollah al-Hakim, apart from being a senior Shi’ite cleric, also lived in Iran for many years, his Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq having been organised, more or less, by Iran. Also, these Al-Qa’eda-inspired elements also blew up many Shi’ites on other occasions, and are believed to have blown up the Golden Dome mosque, the mosque of the Hidden Imam, a Shi’ite shrine.

So you see that President Ahmadinejad, representing a regime run by Shi’ite clerics, would commemorate victims of attacks by those forces that blew up Shi’ite shrines and assassinated senior Shi’ite clerics. He and Iran are natural allies against these forces. This claim that they use “terrorism” and therefore are the same as those who took down the towers is absurd. For one thing, the only “terrorist” group they can think of linked to Iran is Hizbullah, and can they think of one Hizbullah terrorist attack, particularly one anything like those of Sept 11th? The Marines barracks bombing, perhaps? Forget it. Firstly, it was not Hizbullah, as it did not exist. Secondly, this was a military attack on a military target.

At the end of the day, all that matters is Israel. Iran’s government doesn’t like Israel, in the end, and according to the American leaders, 911 was committed by all of Israel’s enemies collectively and they all should be condemned as guilty of 911 and punished for that. Though it was Netanyahu who said of 911, “It’s very good”.

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By Louise, September 20, 2007 at 8:36 pm Link to this comment

“White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said ... it seems more than odd that the president of a country that is a state sponsor of terror would visit ground zero.”

It seems more than odd that the president of a country that uses state sponsored terrorism to wage unnecessary wars would deny anyone a visit to ground zero. The place that gave said president the opportunity to create said state sponsored terrorism to wage said unnecessary wars, in the first place.

“U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad, told reporters Wednesday that the United States would not support Iran’s attempt to use the site for a “photo op.”

Absolutely not! That is the exclusive right of George W. Bush!

“Iran can demonstrate its seriousness about concern with regard to terrorism by taking concrete actions,” such as suspending its uranium enrichment program.” Khalilzad said.

You know, like Georgepack demonstrating its seriousness about concern with regard to terrorism by taking concrete actions to end said unnecessary wars.

Oh, and not starting any more.

And by the way, enriching uranium is not a threat. We and dozens of other countries do it all the time to keep those nuclear energy plants going. I know this is a hard concept for the less than 19% who love Bushpack to grasp. But then if they aren’t filthy rich, obviously they cant grasp much of anything anyway.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, September 20, 2007 at 5:11 pm Link to this comment

It is obvious this administration is not interested in any rapproachment with Iran.

I hope the people of Iran know that a majority of Americans do not support our foreign policy against them and that our policy has been hijacked by PNAC, AIPAC and their bevy of like minded Jewish Americans and Israeli cohorts.  They are a very small percentage of the US population, but with marketing and propaganda skills have made it appear they have more votes than they do.

This attempt by Ahmadinejad was an opening our so called diplomats missed to begin a truely meaningful dialog with his country in an attempt to diffuse a situation which causes me to pay an additional 50 cent per gallon at the pump based on pure speculation.

I hope the Iranians shoot down every Israeli jet sent against them and pray that not one American soldier gets placed in harms way for Israel and because of this administrations desire to take over the world.

If Bush tries to proceed with this course of action, he should be removed from office by the military for the nations good.

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By salman, September 20, 2007 at 3:09 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Yes lilamazer it does suck to live in a world, where I am told that half of Europe’s Jews were killed by the Germans; a genocide in which all countries of Europe participated by sending train loads of Jews and then the remaining Jews suddenly discovered that they have a birth right to land in the middle east. The Polish Jew and the Irish Jew and the Russian Jew all were metamorphosed into middle easterners, thanks to Hitler’s final solution.

You are quite right it does suck to live in a world where Presidential candidates in the U.S. dare not cross paths with the Jews for fear of living in obscurity thereafter.

Lila it does suck to live in a world where being anti-murder, anti-oppression, anti-occupation, anti-bulldozing people’s homes; anti-humiliation; is called anti-semitism.

The world will be a much better place when the Jews can learn to live in peace with justice.

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By gncarlo, September 20, 2007 at 12:59 pm Link to this comment

Cyrena, I don’t really have a lot of time right now so I will just cut and paste part of what I posted a few days ago at “The Next Quagmire” C. Hedges at Truthdig. I also inquired a number of times why a search of “Hedges” does not include his 7/02/2007 article critical of Israel. Since I got no answer, I can only assume the “Memory Hole” is operative here as well:
This reminds me of the Carl Cameron story at Fox News a few years ago, a three-part series about Israeli companies AMDOCS and INFOSYS(or something like that) installing and processing telecommunications surveillance systems in the US, as well as the curious story about the Israeli “students” who were witnessed videotaping the first plane hitting the World Trade Center towers.  These fellows were seen jumping up and down, high-fiving each other, etc.  When they were stopped by police, they said “We are Israeli! We were celebrating because now we are allies in the War On Terror.” Of course, they were celebrating before the second plane hit, at a time when everyone else was still thinking it was simply a tragic accident. Curious, don’t you think?  After they and a number of other “exchange students” were rounded up for questioning, the owner of the company that they worked for fled to Israel.  The State of Israel, with our tax money, hired them one of the most expensive New York law firms. After being held about ten months, during which Administration lawyers interfered with their interrogations, the State Department, under protest from both the CIA and the FBI, allowed these people to fly back to Israel.
The point is that the Cameron story, after complaints from various Jewish organizations, and being deluged with carefully-orchestrated phone and email campaigns, simply ceased to exist.  The Fox site said “this story does not exist.” There have been a number of copies posted on Youtube, but they are invariably removed within a few days. 
It is sad to see any site compromise its integrity by bowing to special interest groups but I suppose it is inevitable.  With enough money, and control of the organs of propaganda, any fanatical single-issue lobby group can create the “reality” they choose, and defame and destroy anyone with the courage to dissent.

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By lilmamzer, September 20, 2007 at 12:44 pm Link to this comment

Salman on 9/20 at 6:05 am

“Islamist mass-murderers”?

Yes, the 9-11 perps were Muslims, most of them from Saudi Arabia, but all of them killing nearly three thousand innocents in the name of spreading Islam by force around the world. And that is only one ideological connection to Ahmadinejad’s Iranian regime. There are many others.

...the all-powerful Jews. Cross their path and you write your obituary.

You’ve just explicitly outed yourself. Must suck to have to live in a world where Jews can now defend themselves.

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By Lily Maskew, September 20, 2007 at 11:20 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Iran didn’t do 9/11.  I think a truly courageos country would allow a wreath to be placed at Ground Zero.  To be a great country, great gestures are called for.  A truly great country would not allow hubris to deny what may or not be an olive branch from another nation.  Intelligent, mature people realize this.  You don’t have to be a Christian to know that “Pride comes before a fall,” and that “Vengence belongs to the Lord.”

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By WriterOnTheStorm, September 20, 2007 at 10:30 am Link to this comment

I came to this article looking for a place to vent my frustration at the growing demonization of Iran in a buildup to possible military intervention. But I see that most of the comments have already done a good job.

I’m a little surprised that no one has picked up on yesterday’s story about Iran admitting that it has drawn up plans to counter attack in the event of said military intervention. The media’s tone was one of outrage that a sovereign country would have the audacity to consider this contingency. I’m sure those same folks would be outraged if our own military strategists did NOT make plans and consider every option in advance.

The attitude that is telegraphed around the world is something like: ’ why won’t you annoying people realize that we can and will do whatever we please, because we’ve got the power, the money, and the moral high ground. We know what’s best for you, so shut up and eat your airstrike’.

How could they possibly hate us?

I’m not thrilled about the idea of Ahmedinejad grandstanding at ground zero, but by asking for and being refused access, he has shown millions of Arabs and Persians what many in the US think of them. Bad move, New York City.

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By weather, September 20, 2007 at 7:31 am Link to this comment

ill a manzer

You’re not well, pls. seek sound professional help, for your’s is a pathology of denial so thick, Freud himself could cut it w/a chainsaw.

Confronting the truth takes big balls and even more courage to heal from it and embrace a solution.

Obfuscate, prevaricate and manipulate motivates you and the truth scares you. How sad the black box of fear you call home.

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By Manila Ryce, September 20, 2007 at 7:28 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I wrote about this as well:

It’s convenient for American politicians to define Iran as a terrorist state because it fits their agenda. Any compassionate action taken by Ahmadinejad, which is contrary to his evil “terrorist” label, is buried from the public. Iran does support resistance groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, but not the groups we claim actually attacked us on 9/11. Ironically, the United States is the nation with ties to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and is more responsible for their strength and inception than any other entity. President Bush himself, who has a strong relationship with the Bin Laden family, was even allowed to stand atop the rubble for a photo-op as it was still smoldering. The hypocrisy is outrageous.

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By Salman, September 20, 2007 at 7:05 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“Islamist mass-murderers”?

Sure, the 45 million native Indians killed in the Americas, the 65 million killed in the two world wars started by Europeans, the 3 million poor Vietnamese killed; the countless millions killed during the colonial wars; the millions killed in the Inquisitions; the million plus Iraqis and Afghans killed; the daily slaughter and bloodbath of the Palestinians were all killed by the ” Islamist suicide bombers”.

The people who need to be locked up at Gitmo are all those U.S. politicians who sell their conscience to the highest bidder; and the highest bidder as even the blind man will tell you is the elephant in the room, AIPAC and the all-powerful Jews. Cross their path and you write your obituary. That unfortunately is the story of this so-called democracy.

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By lilmamzer, September 20, 2007 at 6:14 am Link to this comment

No reasonable US official will allow Ahmadinejad to visit the site of the Islamist mass-murders in lower Manhattan, and the reasons are obvious.

Ahmadinejad himslef represents a radical Islamist regime sponsoring acts of terror around the world, one responsible, directly or by proxy, for the deaths of hundreds of innocents over the past decades, including the infamous hostage-taking of the US embassy staff in Tehran in 1979.

Iran’s sponsoring and arming of Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and AL Qaeda in Iraq are just the tip of the Islamist terrorist iceberg.

Ahmadinejad will be lucky if he is not arrested when he lands at JFK. He ought to be arrested, and then shipped to Gitmo with his homicidal co-religionists.

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By Hank van den Berg, September 20, 2007 at 5:24 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It would be interesting to know who has been permitted to visit the site for op eds.

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By weather, September 20, 2007 at 4:23 am Link to this comment

CB Brooklyn - thank you.

19 Saudi’s w/boxcutters was just the tip of the Lie.

The Police/Fire survivors at the scene know a far different chain of events.

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By CB_Brooklyn, September 20, 2007 at 3:47 am Link to this comment

Dr Morgan Reynolds, the former Chief Economist of the US Dept of Labor, is suing private contractors alleging they defrauded the government by supplying bogus analyses for the official 9/11 NIST Report of an aluminum airplane with a plastic nosecone gliding into a steel/concrete building.

Dr Reynolds is represented by attorney Jerry Leaphart, and is demanding a Trial By Jury.

The US District Court, Southern New York, recently unsealed the case and Mr Leaphart is now notifying the Defendants.

See Dr Reynolds site for info and the Court Document PDF:

Dr Judy Wood, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, recently filed an appeal with the government for their refusal to retract their report on the World Trade Center destruction. Dr Wood (and Dr Reynolds) have compiled much evidence demonstrating that the WTC was destroyed with directed energy weapons. She has been in contact with government officials and is getting results. See Dr Wood’s site for evidence of directed energy weapons and PDFs of official Request for Corrections filed with the government:

Dr Wood is also represented by Jerry Leaphart.

It’s every American’s duty to remove corrupt elements in the government.
Please help by distributing the above material to your local media.

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By cyrena, September 20, 2007 at 2:42 am Link to this comment

gncarlo (ref#101533)

Thanks for the link. My first reaction when I started reading was “Oh Shit”. He’s ‘connected’ as well. (the new nominee for AG)

But as I read, I had to keep in mind that this IS from david duke, who is a licensed, card-carrying confirmed racist himself, with a radically anti-Semite agenda of his own. (and he doesn’t like black folks any better). Consequently, this has to be absorbed with that in mind. It’s typical propaganda for the likes of the david dukes. You see how he very loosely refers to ALL Jews as radical extremists, and just being an Orthodox Jew doesn’t make one a radical extremist. And, he said the same thing about Charles Schumer, whom I don’t think is an Orthodox Jew, (though I guess he could be) but I don’t read Schumer as any kind of “extremist”. Joe Lieberman – YES! He’s about as crazy as they get.

So, we have to read david duke with a whole lot of skepticism, but that doesn’t detract from the connections that he’s noted on Mukasey, and his connections to the 9-11 non-investigation. So you’re right. It makes for interesting reading, and it’s worth a follow-up to check his facts. We already know he’s been a federal judge on that circuit, so that’s a real definite place to check.

I guess I’m particularly interested in following up on the allegations of the 5 dancing Mossad agents. So far, I’ve never actually seen any journalistic coverage on them. I didn’t know they were supposedly arrested and/or charged with anything, or any of that. Surely the Official Omissions Commission didn’t mention them. (or I missed it, but I wouldn’t think it would be there). So, maybe this is something worth following up on. If the former judge was involved, there should be a paper trail. Then again…maybe not.

That’s how much stuff has been sucked up into an infinite rabbit hole for the past 7 years.

So, we’ll have to keep an eye on this guy eh? We’ve already got a list of “conditions” for his confirmation, though I doubt the Senate will pay much attention. They haven’t yet.

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By gncarlo, September 20, 2007 at 1:25 am Link to this comment

About half way down the page, the 9/11 connections make rather interesting reading.

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By cyrena, September 19, 2007 at 11:17 pm Link to this comment

#101506 by 911truthdotorg on 9/19
•  I don’t get it! Why not let the Iranian President go down there? Iran didn’t do 9/11!
911truthdotorg, THIS is GOOD. The fact that you don’t get it, means that you are among the survivors. If it made any sense to you, then you’d be a Goner, like so many others walking among us. It means that you can still connect the dots, and use your mind responsibly.
Gncarlo explained the ‘reason’ for this in his comment here.

•  “Ahmadinejad, like Mel Gibson, a man whose reputation only grows better the more his enemies reveal their petty vindictiveness and moral bankruptcy.”

For all of those survivors, this is exactly what we see. I really don’t know about Mel Gibson being a good example, but what we do see are the Gangsters revealing their petty vindictiveness and moral as well as intellectual bankruptcy. It’s such a sophomoric mentality as to make it obvious, (again to the survivors) as to who the bad guys really are. 

Meantime, the Mob began their campaign to demolish Iran at the same time that they planned Iraq. At least that long ago, and that was before the Coup was even official. Since the 2nd Coup, (or the continuation of the first), the Mob has been in overdrive on harassing the Iranians, having made Ahmadinejad the chief target, since they don’t seem quite ready to directly insult the Mullah’s. (though they have indirectly). It’s been easier to target Mamoud, since he’s the President, and because they can easily twist his words with the pre-packaged propaganda that simply tells the American public that Iran is a big bad wolf, and has even managed to get away with influencing others within the UN to see Iran as a threat, when it’s all BS. It’s hard core saber-rattling, and all dirty tricks. It’s a case of slander and false accusations, so it’s too bad there isn’t a way for Iran to sue the Mob. They should sue for making Iran out to look like some sort of criminal nation secretly making bombs, when they are overwhelmingly within the rights of Non-Proliferation Treaty, to develop a nuclear program, and NONE of the experts have discovered anything to indicate that Iran has any plans to make a bomb. (even though we’ve probably given them reason to).

Anyway, a lot of this antagonism toward Iran is a result of old politics, back to an earlier era of the Mob’s reign, (when Regan, Cheney and Rummy were real involved) and they’ve been pissed at Iran since 1979, when the Iranians did their revolution, and deposed the Shah, who was a puppet for the Mob agenda then, the same way that Maliki was intended to be in Iraq.  (except that’s not working out too well either).

So, while Iran certainly had nothing to do with 9-11, we know that Iraq didn’t either, and yet….there we are. The same was planned for Iran. So, that’s why they denied Mamoud the visit. They’re in the process of deciding exactly when they’re gonna blast HIS nation, so naturally they wouldn’t wanna appear at all friendly. That would be hypocritical, right?

Meantime, have a look at Will Pitts’ new piece. He’ll make you feel better about “not getting it”.

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By vet240, September 19, 2007 at 10:26 pm Link to this comment

That place is holy (as in Christian holy) to bu$h for sure. It’s where God told him he was going to get his shot at Iraq fer shur, and he was going to get to be a “War President”. Oh, he was also given the Title “Emperial Decider” at that hallowed site.

It is also bu$h’s number one photo-op location.

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By 911truthdotorg, September 19, 2007 at 9:46 pm Link to this comment

I don’t get it! Why not let the Iranian President go down there? Iran didn’t do 9/11!

Our own 9/11 mass murderer-in-chief, who WAS INVOLVED with that atrocity, has been down there! He was even cheered when he he had his megaphone moment. He is pure evil.

When are the American sheeple going to wake up??


Google videos: 9/11 Press for Truth, Loose Change 2nd Edition, Terror Storm

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By thomas billis, September 19, 2007 at 9:46 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Our politicians are outraged that anybody besides themselves would use 911 for political reasons.I am sure if the Saudi ambassdor wanted to visit where 16 of his countrymen gave their lives to topple the World Trade Center it would be no problem for this administration.What the hell they convinced the public that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 911 maybe they can bunch in Iran.Send Cheney out with some secret document that nobody knows anything about that the Iranian foreign minister was the next one in to visit Mohammed Atta in Czechkoslavakia.I am sure 50 percent of the American people would buy it.

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By rowdy, September 19, 2007 at 9:25 pm Link to this comment

iran had nothing to do with 911. the hijackers all came from our good friend saudi arabia. 911 was an inside job. the lying pig that led us into this war was trying to prove to his daddy that he has the bigger dick. he used the hole in the ground to sell us his private little war,it should be open to anyone trying to sell snake oil. what makes this hole in the ground so fucking sacred anyway? oh, right, bush prayed there, or maybe i should say bush did his best PREY-ING there. the primary holes in this country,the hole in the ground and bush’s ass.

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By gncarlo, September 19, 2007 at 9:22 pm Link to this comment

Ahmadinejad, like Mel Gibson, a man whose reputation only grows better the more his enemies reveal their petty vindictiveness and moral bankruptcy.
    I wonder if OJ had any problems visiting ‘ground zero’?
    A search of ‘Hedges’ at Truthdig still results in his July 2 post on Israel being MIA.  I guess the Chosen got to someone here.  So much for free speech! Sad….

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By weather, September 19, 2007 at 8:24 pm Link to this comment

Israel’s 9/11 tribute;another invoice for $ Billions, a nuclear powerplant of bad karma and a jar of Vaseline.

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