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Iraqis Flee Despite Surge

Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Iraqi family

According to two humanitarian organizations, Iraqis are fleeing their homes in record numbers, despite the much touted (if difficult to demonstrate) accomplishments of the “surge.” Iraqis are increasingly separating themselves into sectarian groups, according to the data.

(h/t: Huffington Post)

New York Times:

The number of Iraqis fleeing their homes has soared since the American troop increase began in February, according to data from two humanitarian groups, accelerating the partition of the country into sectarian enclaves.

Despite some evidence that the troop buildup has improved security in certain areas, sectarian violence continues and American-led operations have brought new fighting, driving fearful Iraqis from their homes at much higher rates than before the tens of thousands of additional troops arrived, the studies show.

The data track what are known as internally displaced Iraqis: those who have been driven from their neighborhoods and seek refuge elsewhere in the country rather than fleeing across the border. The effect of this vast migration is to drain religiously mixed areas in the center of Iraq, sending Shiite refugees toward the overwhelmingly Shiite areas to the south and Sunnis toward majority Sunni regions to the west and north.

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By vet240, August 25, 2007 at 1:47 pm Link to this comment


This war, singularly declared by bu$h, Haliburton (Chainey), American Christian extremists, and American oil isn’t and hasn’t ever been about the reasons stated such as “Freedom”, “Democracy”, or the removal of an imminent threat to anyone in the vicinity of Iraq or a threat to America.

This war is about money (profit obtained legal or otherwise) by the corporate interests of America both civilian and military.

This war is about power (obtained legal or otherwise). We have witnessed the co-optation of the American executive branch by the military/industrial complex who have more real cash than the Government.

We see the obvious self-serving assessments by our military leaders to further their careers.

We’ve seen the ethical cowardice of people like Tenet, ex-director of the CIA who are more than willing to turn their backs on their Constitutional duty in order to grab some of either the money or the power.

We’ve seen other Government officials with their own spin on the need to be in Iraq like Ms. Rice-a-roni.

And finally according to my newspaper this morning, we have seen 8.5 Billion dollars out of a total of 30 Billion dollars give to Iraq (out of your pocket and my pocket) go missing in just 5 years.

And God or Allah help any poor soul who has the audacity to try to report such thievery. They end up being punished severily including incarceration and in at least one case tortured.

I have a dream! One day all god’s children will be anywhere but Iraq. Only the oil and power boys will be left.

Then we Americans can hold our heads up high and say, “See there. I told you the surge would work!!

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farmertx's avatar

By farmertx, August 25, 2007 at 12:45 pm Link to this comment

#96847 by June on 8/25 at 10:01 am
(Unregistered commenter)

Very apt suggestion. Glad you mentioned mothballs, as there is no guarantee that things will get better soon.

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By June, August 25, 2007 at 10:01 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The countries (chiefly Syria and Jordan) to which displaced Iraqis are fleeing should present the US with a monumental bill—not that we’d pay up, of course.  We’re not into accepting responsibility for any consequences of our mindless perfidy and overweaning greed. During the war in Vietnam, amid vocal and sometimes violent protests and flag-burnings, the Stars and Stripes in the Finney Chapel at Oberlin College in Ohio was quietly removed.  That’s a symbolic gesture of tremendous significance.  Instead of waving our flag now, we should carefully put it in mothballs until it again represents something of which we can be proud.

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farmertx's avatar

By farmertx, August 25, 2007 at 7:13 am Link to this comment

#96802 by RABID RABBIs FROM ISRAEL on 8/25 at 1:24 am
(Unregistered commenter)

Thanks for the figures. I had assumed it was around those numbers but wasn’t sure.

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Outraged's avatar

By Outraged, August 25, 2007 at 1:40 am Link to this comment

There’s a very good synopsis about the war and why reconstruction isn’t happening, go to:

check out the video:

Marc Ash Interviews Ann Wright

These demented, greedy neocons just have to go.

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By RABID RABBIs FROM ISRAEL, August 25, 2007 at 1:24 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

FARMERTX : by close approximations SADDAM was responsible for the deaths of about 200,000 to 400,000 people ( see , might be a propaganda figure BUT that’s the best we can get )  WHEREAS the invasion has already surpassed the 1 million killed level about 6 months ago and also add to that 4 million displaced. ( to find the number of effected people)

about the article, some of you might have already learnt that the orders given to the US military is to SHOOT & KILL INDISCRIMINATELY ( which is the reason many became consientious objectors, try to see their videos on youtube, try , ALSO IRAQIs are well aware that their land has been gravely polluted by DEPLETED URANIUM to the lever 2,000 times above tolerable, so if even if it was you , you’d leave too.  Another fact not reported in ZIONIST PRESS is that there has been about 4 million people displaced already and about 2.5 million as refugees in neighbouring countries eg SYRIA, IRAN, JORDAN, SAUDI ARABIA. AND AS THE IRAQIs know it, its not the “insurgents” to worry about BUT ITS the maurauding Americans & the MERCINARIES that definatly do not spare anyone, so if the news is, more SOLDIERS comming in, then most probably its time to get the hell out, you’d do it too.

THE SUNNIs & the SHIITEs been living with each other for ages and most probably since they have not killed each other off so far, i mean a bustling population of 30 million despite an official war with iran that killed many. this bustling population does indicate that they are not really killing each other 24/7, as many would like others to believe , only to be able to sell this war to the people who are sort of less informed.

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By THOMAS BILLIS, August 24, 2007 at 7:58 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

These moron Congressmen go on the dog and pony shows orchestrated by the pentagon and come back with these absurd conclusions that everything is working.The people who really are in the know are beating feet out of Iraq as fast as their little feet can carry them.Who do you think has the best picture of whether the surge is working or not?

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By vet240, August 24, 2007 at 11:57 am Link to this comment

This is the real reasin there is a seeming reduction in atrocities in Iraq.

It has very little to do with the “Surge” by the “Emperial Decider”.

The fact it is, there has been a massive voluntary and in-voluntary segregation going on for the last 5 years.

With the Sunnis and the Shiite seperated it’s harder for the various groups to go after targets. That and the mass exodus of Iraqis from there homeland are the real reasons for the reduction in violence.

Those Iraqis are so lucky. If it hadn’t been for bu$h, Cheney, Rove, Tenet and others they would never have experienced “Freedom and the American way to Democracy”!!! 

May their God and our God forgive us for our arragance and avarice (oil).

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By felicity, August 24, 2007 at 8:30 am Link to this comment

A definition: l. A state of society without government or law.  2.  Political and social disorder.  4.  Confusion, chaos, disorder.

It’s called anarchy.  It’s Iraq, and it’s the ideal setting for a person, a junta or another country to step in and take over.

Is this where Bush/Cheney/the neocons have been headed all along?  Certainly invites suspicion.

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farmertx's avatar

By farmertx, August 24, 2007 at 6:10 am Link to this comment

Guess the Shrubs’ plan to make prison enclaves of the various neighborhoods didn’t get started in time.
Has anyone compared the death toll of Iraqis under Saddam versus the toll under Democracy?

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