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Russian Nuclear Bombers Fly Again

Posted on Aug 17, 2007

Great—along with the United States’ ongoing (and escalating) international debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, the current administration has clearly worked its particular brand of diplomatic charm on Russia.  On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country’s air force is once again sending nuclear-equipped bombers on regular overseas patrols.

The New York Times:

Russian television showed images of sleek bombers soaring into the air, refueling and landing, though it was unclear whether the images depicted the sorties that took off Friday. Russia has 79 strategic aircraft, capable of carrying 900 cruise missiles, Russian television reported, far fewer than at the height of the cold war.

Still, the resumption of bomber flights was the latest in a series of assertive gestures by Russia, emboldened by windfall petroleum wealth and angered over what it has called American and NATO aggressiveness, including plans for a missile-defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland, analysts said.

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By innocent S. mushi, August 31, 2007 at 10:23 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Do not forget sir Issac Newton, to every action there is equal and opposite reaction. This does not apply only to physics. Also,What you want is the same that others want.What to do then?

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By Joe R., August 18, 2007 at 4:04 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The biggest and most under reported crime that the Bush bunch has committed is the re-ignition of the nuclear arms race.  Russia and China are getting ready to kick our ass and we cannot do anything about it..  Bush can not sell us out fast enough and our industry is gone.  We have been betrayed by the rich because we had the audacity to insist they clean up the environment and pay a living wage.  We need to get our military home and rebuild it to protect the home land.  We need to rebuild our industrial base and we need to mind our own business.  We also have to become involved in the process and elect leaders that don’t double cross us.  Those that do need to go to prison.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, August 18, 2007 at 2:01 pm Link to this comment

“...handfull of idiots…” about says it all.

(This has got to be my shortest ever post.)

You’re welcome.

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By great_satan, August 18, 2007 at 1:34 pm Link to this comment

I think Putin sees great opportunity here. Being old school KGB, he no doubt observed, much to his frustration, that one of America’s great dtrengths (diplomatically and economically) was to appear the “protector” of the free world. The USSR had appeared the big bully, and US the tough kid who would stand up against the bully…secretly wising to displace him, so he could snag up all the lunch money himself.
  With the rapidly declining, plummeting, world opinion of the US, the shoe is suddenly on the other foot. By stepping up now as the defensder, he can secure some advantage in his own foreign relations.

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By Peter RV, August 18, 2007 at 1:00 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Right on the money, Vet 240
Our Neo-Con zealots think they can treat Russia like some kind of Albania. What they can’t accept is that Yeltsyn’s Russia with their Jewish oligarchs is ‘all gone no more’. Berezovskys, Hodorkovskies and Gusisnskys have been swept into the trashcan of Russian history.
Russia, the proud Victor of Nazi Germany is claiming its rightful place in today’s World, and it doesn’t mater at all if the Shrub with his jewish cohorts agree to it or not.
I have been a life-long anti-communist (a fanatical supporter of Bary Goldwater) whilst there was a danger that that ideology could prevail. I supported unconditionally the U.S.A., not because it was my own country, but because I thought it stood for Freedom and Justice. This is no longer true, the U.S. having demonstrated beyong any doubts its agressive brutality towards the weak in Iraq, Palestine and Afganistan, my support and hope go towards Christian Russia, which is the only one that can block the American current insanity.
And, I think that is the patriotic duty of all Americans to wish well to Putin, if they are ever to restore their Republic.

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By CitizenDefender, August 18, 2007 at 11:58 am Link to this comment

We are a tribal society being pushed by “CENTRAL BANKING” toward a single world government. All the posturing that so-called power brokers like our administration, Russia, England is only a front for the Banking system that keeps everything operating on a Debt system. If everyone stopped relying on borrowing then the abuse by the Federal Reserve and others would come to a halt. War is of course making assholes richer. But, more importantly it feeds the CENTRAL BANK by creating more debt. They create more worthless paper notes backed up with nothing and the average citizen has no idea why they can never seem to get ahead.

Truth be told we would be much in touch with the planet if we reinstituted a BARTER system and told governments and money mongers to kiss our ass.

This is closer to the real truth than any public official we hear about in the news.

Money As Debt video and other good links

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By purplewolf, August 18, 2007 at 12:29 am Link to this comment

It’s time to prune the shrub. Clear away all the unwanted plants, flora and goverment spy type.I have the chainsaw (Weeds favorite news prop). Who wants to help clear this brush away and clean up this mess so something positive can grow out of the weed patch.

Does anyone really seemed surprised at Putin is standing up and letting the Weed know that he will not take being trampled over by some arrogant, rude, sniveling little git who thinks that he can do what he wants with the whole world.Weed should know that it is improper to force what you want on others in their own homes(lands). Would Weed like it if some other country came onto his land and decided to do the same thing to him? I doubt it. He would be ticked off.

If Weed really wants to fight the terrorist all over the world he could start in the streets and cities of America first.Only he would screw that up too.Set a good example of what a Free country is, not what he has turned us into now, and if you set enough positive examples of what we can do and are about, others might want to be like us(maybe) if not, let them live as they want. After all they might like how they live, who are we to say they are wrong. Remember, this country has already been thru a hostile takeover when the English and the Europeans invaded this land and forced the indeginous people to be just like them.Do we really need to repeat this again. History does tend to repeat itself.

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By vet240, August 17, 2007 at 11:10 pm Link to this comment

#95715 by great_satan on 8/17 at 7:46 pm
(134 comments total)

I wish it was all so noble.”

great_satan: Did my observation seem to praise Putin? Wasn’t intended.

Putin, the head or Russia is (has to be) one hard dude.

The Russians are one hard people as they demonstrated during WWII. They are not to be trifled with. They sacrificed 100K men in the attack on Berlin alone, just so they could punish the Germans as much as possible. At the end of the war they demanded all the coal Germany was capable of producing. They wanted more Germans to die from freezing and starvation.

No, Putin has done this as a clear warning that the Neo-cons seem to be in charge in America now. Their power (the Neocons) has led them to believe that we can put any type of weapons systems in Eastern Europe we want.

Putins action is simply to remind Americans including those not in power and those who have let this bunch of idiots run wild that is the shit hits the fan it’s going to get on all of us.

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By great_satan, August 17, 2007 at 8:46 pm Link to this comment

  I wish it was all so noble. It might work toward some kind of balancing and the end of the neocon delusions of some greatnew millinium of unipolar power and assertion. Could mean we and others get blown off the friggin’ map.
  Remember the big sigh of relief when the Berlin Wall came down and that 30 year threat b the tow biggest suicide bombers in history, the tactic of mutually insured destruction, was finally lifted.
  Now, do we breath another sigh of relief when Russian bombers, possibly armed with nukes dance arounf US and Brit airspace. There’s irony. There’s “the grass is always greener” applied to a world in which grass might never ever grow again.
  Ah, I awlays new that immediate post-cold war sense of “its all going to be okay, now” was a false sense of security. As if the ideologies were really the problem.
  No, there may be some benefit from bi-polar miltary power, but I doubt there is much noble in it. I see it as competing mob-bossess. Oh what a sigh of relief when the Russians finally come to kick Nazi ass in Eastern Europe. Meet Stalin.
    Putin is a hard ass, ruthless as hell, ex-cold war, ex-KGB, Iceman…100%.
    We are so easily inclined to fall into that the enemy of my enemy is my friend b.s.
  This just means one thing: there’s more than one turd in the toilet bowl.

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farmertx's avatar

By farmertx, August 17, 2007 at 5:22 pm Link to this comment

Amen Vet240.
Russia spent no telling how much money and 30+ years trying to discredit the US on the world stage.
Shrub accomplished that in less than 4 years at a cost to be determined years from now.
I really hope that is the message Putin is sending and that someone can thump the Shrub upside the head and get him and the Shootist to understand it. Doubt that, but I hope anyhow.

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By vet240, August 17, 2007 at 4:39 pm Link to this comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin is no piker unlike bu$h who is all hat and no cattle.

I believe that Putin is sending a signal to the American political parties that we had better re-establish the Constitutional powers given to Congress. The powers that many of them gave up back in 2002, giving this president more power than he can handle.

Basically Putin is saying to the American Political system that moving toward an Emperialistic Presidency will affect more than just our internal politics.

Democrats and Republicans alike must bring back the powers to make war to the Congress. Re-establish and repair our International image to one of counsultation, negotiation, and cooperation.

Face the reality that we cannot continue to spend the future or our children on delusions of being the moral police for the world. 

It would serve us and the world if we extricate ourselves from Iraq with apologies. Admit that we allowed a small handful of Zealots, nuts, and greedy men to use the tragedy of 9/11 to serve their own agenda. It should not have been our agenda.

I don’t think Putin thinks our new aggressiveness demonstrates the will of the American people. I think he realizes that a handfull of idiots have somehow found themselves in charge. Putin intends to protect the interests of his country until we can discard our trash.

Shame on those politicians who felt politically forced to approve making this arrogant, lazy, pampered, dumb little shit, Decider in chief.

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